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       Chased by Love (Love in Bloom: The Ryders): Trish Ryder, p.28

           Melissa Foster
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  Claimed by Love

  Chased by Love

  Rescued by Love

  Swept Into Love


  Tru Blue (Set in Peaceful Harbor)












  Includes characters from Love in Bloom series

  Catching Cassidy

  Discovering Delilah

  Tempting Tristan

  Chasing Charley

  Breaking Brandon

  Embracing Evan

  Reaching Rusty

  Loving Livi

  Standalone Books by Melissa

  Chasing Amanda (mystery/suspense)

  Come Back to Me (mystery/suspense)

  Have No Shame (historical fiction/romance)

  Love, Lies & Mystery (3-book bundle)

  Megan’s Way (literary fiction)

  Traces of Kara (psychological thriller)

  Where Petals Fall (suspense)


  I had a blast writing about Trish and Boone and learning all about Hurricane, West Virginia, although I have taken fictional liberties with the town, the people, Main Street Music, and Greenhouse of Teays Valley restaurant. Heaps of gratitude goes to Eric Reckard, the owner of Greenhouse of Teays Valley, and his brother, Joe, the executive chef, for allowing me to bring them into our fictional world.

  Several characters in Chased by Love are from other series in the Love in Bloom big-family romance collection. You’ll read about Drake Savage, Carey, and a few of the others in my upcoming Bayside Summers series (releasing 2017). The Ryders were introduced in The Remington series (FLAMES OF LOVE, Cash Ryder and Siena Remington, and READ, WRITE, LOVE, where you meet Blue Ryder), and you learn more about them in the Seaside Summers series. Find out more about The Remingtons and Seaside Summers on my website.

  A special thank-you to my fantabulous street team member, and friend, Alexis Bruce. And to my friends Nina Lane and Clare Ayala, thanks for brainstorming at a moment’s notice. If you haven’t joined my street team yet, please do!

  The best way to stay abreast of Love in Bloom releases is to sign up for my monthly newsletter (and receive a free short story!)

  Follow me on Facebook for fun chats and giveaways. I always try to keep fans abreast of what’s going on in our fictional boyfriends’ worlds.

  Thank you to my awesome editorial team: Kristen Weber and Penina Lopez, and my meticulous proofreaders: Jenna Bagnini, Juliette Hill, Marlene Engel, Lynn Mullan, and Justinn Harrison.

  Meet Melissa

  Melissa Foster is a New York Times and USA Today bestselling and award-winning author. Her books have been recommended by USA Today’s book blog, Hagerstown magazine, The Patriot, and several other print venues. She is the founder of the World Literary Café and Fostering Success. Melissa has painted and donated several murals to the Hospital for Sick Children in Washington, DC.

  Visit Melissa on her website or chat with her on social media. Melissa enjoys discussing her books with book clubs and reader groups and welcomes an invitation to your event.

  Melissa’s books are available through most online retailers in paperback and digital formats.



  Melissa Foster, Chased by Love (Love in Bloom: The Ryders): Trish Ryder



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