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       The Van Alen Legacy, p.1

         Part #4 of Blue Bloods series by Melissa de la Cruz  
The Van Alen Legacy



  The Blue Bloods books are the most fun and rewarding books to write, and I wouldn't be able to write them without the help, love, support, patience, and devotion of many people.

  First off , thank you to my husband, Mike Johnston, for reading all the same books I did as a teen. My name is on the front cover, but these books are ours together, in every possible way. Thank you to Mattie for being the light of our lives. None of this would mean anything without the two of you, but you guys already know that.

  Thank you to my lovely editor, Jennifer Besser, for being such a champion of the books and for gasping on the phone about the Bliss chapters. Yay! And thank you to everyone at Hyperion: Go, team! Thank you to Jennifer Corcoran for the fabulous publicity, Nellie Kurtzman and Ann Dye for the awesome marketing plans, Elizabeth Clark for the gorgeous covers, and Jonathan Yaged for the faith, Simon Tasker and Dave Epstein from the sales force (a true force to behold!). Thank you to my agent, Richard Abate, for keeping me focused and for the above-and-beyond handholding. Thank you to Elizabeth Yates, Melissa Myers, and Richie Kern at Endeavor, and Kate Lee and Larissa Silva at ICM.

  Thank you to my mom, to whom this book is dedicated, especially for saying, 'the books are so exciting. I forget that you had written them?" Now THAT's a compliment from your mom! Thank you also to the rest of my wonderful, fabulous, and infinitely supportive family: Pop, Aina, Steve, Nicholas, Joseph, Chit, Christina (most of whom run the promotion/Web/fan mail side of the business with a lot of good humor and ideas).

  Also thanks to Mom J, Dad J, and all the Johnstons. A big thank-you to Tita Odette, Isabelle and Christina Gaisano. (There, you can show it to all your friends now, Tina!)

  Thank you to my BFF, Jennie Kim, who always likes to be mentioned in these things. ( Jennie, you can show this off too. Heh-heh. ) And thanks to my NY and LA main girls and main gays Katie Davis, Tina Hay, Tom Dolby and Drew Frist, Gabe Sandoval, Tristan Ashby and Jeff Chu, Tyler Rollins and Jason Lundy, Andy Goffe and Jeff Levin, Peter Edmonston and Mark Hidgen, Kate and Harold Hope, and the ever-cool Kim DeMarco.

  I would also like to thank the late Miss Jean Murphy, who taught history and art history at the Convent of the Sacred Heart, and who brought the world of ancient Rome to life in a dusty classroom. Miss Murphy always said it was like history's greatest soap opera. I know she's up there with the greats.

  Most of all I would like to thank the Blue Blood faithful, just the most amazing, enthusiastic, intelligent, and gorgeous bunch of kids I have ever met. (I mean it: I am always so blown away by how smart AND goodlooking you all are!) Thank you for bringing my story of the reincarnated vampires into your lives. Thanks for following the journey, and hope to see you at the next stop!


  "It is said that Allegra¡?daughter will defeat the Silver Bloods. I believe Schuyler will bring us the salvation we seek. She is almost as powerful as her mother. And one day she will be even more powerful. "

  "Schuyler Van Alen. . . the half-blood? Are you certain she is the one?" Charles asked.

  Lawrence nodded.

  "Because Allegra had two daughters," Charles said, in a light, almost playful tone. "Surely you have not forgotten that. "

  The Elder Van Alen's voice turned cold. "Of course not. But it is beneath you to make sport of such a serious matter as Allegra¡?first born" Charles dismissed Lawrence's rebuke with a wave. "My apologies. I meant no offense to the dead. "

  "Her blood is on our hands,' Lawrence sighed. The events of the day were tiring him, as were the memories of the past. "Only, I wonder. . . "


  "As I've wondered all these years, Charles, if such a one could ever be truly destroyed. "

  The New York Times Obituary

  LawrenceVan Alen, 105, Philanthropist and Philosopher, Dies

  Lawrence Winslow Van Alen, a professor of history and linguistics at the University of Venice, died last night in his home on River side Drive in Manhattan. He was 105. His death was confirmed by Dr. Patricia Hazard, his attending physician. The cause of death was listed as advanced age.

  Professor Van Alen was a descendant of William Henry Van Alen, known as the Commodore, an American icon and one of the richest men of the Gilded Age, whose wealth came from steamships, railroads and private investment and brokerage businesses.

  The Van Alens founded the New York Central Railroad Line and what is now Grand Central Terminal. The family's charitable trust, the Van Alen Foundation, was a cornerstone in the development of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Metropolitan Opera, the New York City Ballet and the New York Blood Bank. Lawrence Van Alen is survived by his daughter, Allegra Van Alen Chase, who has been in a coma since 1992; and his granddaughter, Schuyler Van Alen.

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