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           Meghan Quinn

  “What don’t I have? They all involve you, naked, and in various positions. Do you ever think of me . . . that way?” Why am I sweating? Am I nervous to hear her answer? I know she likes me, there is no question about that, but does she like me like I like her? My fondness for her runs deep. I thrive with her. She’s gentle, has a kind heart, and her understanding and nurturing beguile me.

  “If I did, would you tease me?”

  “Fuck no, I would think it was hot, and I would want to hear about your fantasies.” I gulp, feeling my dick starting to get hard just from the thought of her having naked visions of me. “What kind of fantasies do you have, Rubes?”

  I hear her shifting, the phone rubbing against something until she settles.

  “What are you doing?”

  She’s silent for a second and then squeaks out, “Getting comfortable in bed . . . with my vibrator.”

  And now I’m hard as stone. Shifting my shorts down, I run my hand along my rigid cock and restrain the groan that wants to pop out.

  “Tell me your fantasies, Rubes.”

  “This,” she breaths out. “Having phone sex with you, pleasuring myself to your rugged, deep voice, listening to you tell me what to do so I can get off, just from the mere sound of your voice.”

  Fuck, yes. My girl knows exactly what to say to tear me in half with lust for her.

  “Take your clothes off,” I rumble through the phone. “Be quick.”

  There is some more rustling and jostling of the phone and then I hear her sweet voice. “Okay.”

  “Are you naked, Ruby?”


  “Are you under your covers?”


  “Where is your hand?”

  “Holding my vibrator, waiting for you.” She sounds breathless.

  “Don’t touch yourself yet,” I command, even though I’m already gripping my cock, my eyes closed, and envisioning my beautiful Rubes naked in her bed. “Tell me, how do the sheets feel against your skin?”

  “Cool, silky.”

  “How do you feel being naked in them? Does it turn you on, Rubes? Rubbing your body against the soft fabric? Can you picture the fabric that’s caressing you as my hands run up and down your body? Can you feel the warmth of my touch, the teasing sensation against your nipples?”


  “Are you squirming in the sheets, are your legs open? Are you wishing I was there, letting you come on my tongue?”

  She groans and I feel my dick jerk in my hand. Fuck, I’m going to come a lot faster than I thought. I ease up on the pressure I’m applying to my cock so I don’t blow too soon.

  “God, Bodi, I want you so bad.”

  “What do you want, Rubes? If I were there with you, what would you want me to do?”

  “Everything,” she says, avoiding the question.

  “Be specific, baby. I want to hear the dirty things roll off your tongue.”

  I’ve never been this kind of man, vocal in the bedroom, but with Ruby . . . I can. She makes me want to know everything going through her mind; she makes me want to express everything going through mine.

  “I want you too.” She pauses, I can hear nerves in her voice, reminding me how vulnerable and adorable she is, not that I really need reminding. “I, uh, would want you to suck on my nipples while you fingered my clit, applying just enough pressure that I wouldn’t get off but just sit on the edge.”

  “Do you like it when I edge you out, Rubes? Do you like it when I frustrate you?”

  “It makes it so much better, so much more worth it. Waiting for you has made it worth it.” I don’t miss the second meaning in her sentence. Fuck, waiting for her has been worth it as well.

  “Are you frustrated now? Are you wet, Ruby?”


  “How do you know? Are you touching yourself?”

  “No, I can feel it with ever stroke of the sheets across my skin. The feeling is addictive, sensual, almost as good as your hands. I can’t stop my body from squirming, letting the sheet rub against my hard nipples, against my spread legs. I’m tingling everywhere, so turned on. Every sense I have right now is heightened, just waiting for your command.”

  Goddamn it. My dick swells and I have to stop holding myself altogether. Visions of Ruby, naked, and in bed are clouding my brain, seeing her squirm, her legs spread, that pretty pussy spread and waiting for me.

  Fuck. Me.

  “Where is your vibrator, Rubes?”

  “Next to me.” Her breathing is heavy. I’m definitely saying all the right things.

  “Pick it up and place it against your clit but don’t turn it on. Got it?”


  “Tell me when you’ve done what I’ve told you.”

  “I’m there. Are you touching yourself?”

  I didn’t think I was until I feel my hand sliding up and down my dick. Shit, I have no self-control. “I am.”

  “How is that fair? Can I at least move the vibrator?”

  “Don’t you fucking dare. Hold it still and take a couple of deep breaths. Close your eyes and feel the sheets rub against you with each breath. Feel their cool touch scrape against your nipples. Feel the press of the vibrator against your clit, think of it as my tongue, just resting there, edging you so fucking hard, baby.”

  “Oh God, Bodi. I’m throbbing with need. Everything in my body is numb, please let me turn it on.”

  “Not yet, Ruby. Be patient, beautiful. Now take a few more deep breaths while you slowly, and I mean fucking slowly, move one of your hands up your stomach. I want you to feel the contour of your hips, your belly button until you’re just below your breast. Can you feel the weight just above your hand? That soft, silky skin, teasing your finger?”

  “Yes,” she moans.

  “Move your index finger along the underside of your breast, the vibrator still placed against your clit. Tell me what you’re feeling.”

  “I feel like I can’t breathe. My clit is pounding with need, Bodi.”

  “Are you picturing me? Can you see how hard I am for you right now? How much you turn me on? Fuck, Ruby, my cock is unbelievably hard right now, I can’t help but squeeze the tip of my cock, envisioning my hand as your tight pussy, barely pulling me in. Only the tip.”

  “Bodi, please.” There is a small cry in her voice and I can tell she’s on the verge of losing it, just where I want her.

  “Run your finger up to your nipple and pull on it, Ruby. Pull on it hard. Roll your nipple between your fingers, just like I do.”

  “Yes, oh God, yes. I’m going to come soon, Bodi.”

  I’m pulling hard on my cock now. I can feel the strain in my neck, the burn in my forearm from my vigorous pumping. I’m going to come right along with her.

  “Turn on your vibrator, Ruby.”

  “Fuck,” she draws out, the faint buzz of her vibrator sounding off in the background. “Oh God, yes. Yes, Bodi. Fuck, I’m coming.”

  Her cries are my undoing. I squeeze my cock hard, allowing my seed to coat my stomach, as everything around me turns black, and all I hear are Ruby’s moans, and all I feel is pleasure rippling through my cock.

  “Fuck, yes, Ruby. Fuck it’s so good.”

  We both ride our orgasms, our breathing heavy into the phone, our moans echoing in our rooms. I just pray I wasn’t too loud. Given the shitty build of the dorms, anyone could probably hear me.

  The silence resting over us is broken by a little giggle coming from Ruby.

  “What’s so funny?” I ask, hoping I didn’t moan like a fucking nerd. Who knows, I totally lost control, I could have screamed like a girl for all I know.

  “We just had phone sex.”

  “Yeah, I don’t find that funny. I find it fucking sexy.”

  “It was sexy, but it’s also funny because even from thousands of miles apart we still can’t keep our hands off each other.”

  “Technically my hands weren’t on you.”

  “In my head they were.”
  “Where are they now?”

  She sighs. “Wrapped around me with your nose buried in my hair.”

  “One of my favorite positions to be in with you, only second to being balls deep inside that sweet pussy of yours.”

  She giggles. “My, my, my, Bodi Banks, such the dirty talker. I never would have guessed.”

  “Neither would I. You bring it out of me, Rubes.”


  Ruby: I’m here! Even though I lost my sock, don’t ask, I’m here! I can’t wait to see you. When do I get to see you?

  Bodi: You lost your sock? For some reason I’m not surprised. I have two heats to swim today, think you can get away tonight?

  Ruby: I think I can manage that. I’m staying at the Miramar Hotel, not far from the venues.

  Bodi: The same hotel I have reservations for after the races.

  Ruby: I can’t wait for those two days.

  Bodi: I do have the dorm until the end of the games though, if you really want to live in luxury . . .

  Ruby: I will pass on having spiders and rats climb up my who-ha while peeing, but thanks for the offer.

  Bodi: There are no spiders and rats.

  Ruby: Yet. There are no spiders and rats yet. All in good time Bodi Bear.

  Bodi: I try not to think about it.

  Ruby: You’re crazy for staying there.

  Bodi: Tradition, Rubes. I don’t break it. I have to get going. See you tonight?

  Ruby: Yes, I can’t wait. And don’t worry, I will shower before you see me.

  Bodi: Wear a dress. It’s what I like you in best.

  Ruby: I like you best nude, can I request that?

  Bodi: Not so much.

  Ruby: And where are we on the benching of the penis?

  Bodi: Never. Going. To. Happen.

  Ruby: And here I thought you would do anything for me. *sigh* I will see you tonight, handsome. Good luck, not that you need it.

  Bodi: Thanks Rubes. Can’t wait to see your gorgeous face. xoxo

  Ruby: *fans face* did you just ex oh ex oh me? This girl can’t take the cuteness.

  Bodi: Annnnnd last time I do that.

  Ruby: What? Why?

  Bodi: I’m not cute. I’m rugged, handsome, sexy as fuck, not cute.

  Ruby: It’s not like I was calling your penis cute.

  Bodi: You better not. My cock is anything but cute.

  Ruby: You’re right, on its girth alone it’s more like a bulgy Hulk arm.

  Bodi: Bulgy Hulk arm, huh? Well, said appendage can’t wait to see you.

  Ruby: Bulgy appendage better be dying to see me. Ask it if it plans on waving to me while I’m in the stands. I would appreciate a little wink from your green noodle.

  Bodi: Why do I even continue these conversations with you?

  Ruby: Because you crave them.

  Bodi: More like I’m wondering what the hell you’re going to say next.

  Ruby: I once bruised my tailbone while making a sad attempt at playing basketball. For a week I had to sit on a red “doughnut” and carry it around school. It was humiliating.

  Bodi: . . .

  Ruby: I called it Sebastian. It was the same week I killed my baby egg in English class. Bad week for this girl.

  Bodi: I honestly don’t know what to say.

  Ruby: Maybe something like you have my condolences?

  Bodi: Fuck, I miss you.

  Ruby: That works, too. See you tonight, Bodi.

  Bodi: xoxo

  Ruby: *sigh*

  Chapter Twenty-One


  “I’m starving. I’m not going to lie, I snuck some of Satan’s mistress’s Tic Tacs while on the plane. I ran out of Swedish Fish. I was desperate,” Paisley said, scanning her menu. “I don’t know what any of this says.”

  “Hey, I would have done the same thing if I had anything to snack on. I would eat a cow’s tongue right about now,” Melony responds, also looking very confused while scanning her menu.

  Bellini is upstairs in her room sleeping, which is where she will be all night according to her rant in the car on the way to the hotel. Pocket has the lucky job of taking care of Pope Francis, Bellini’s beloved dog, who is actually such a sweet little guy. How he got stuck with such a horrible owner is beyond me. At least she is nice to him.

  “Does Pocket creep anyone else out?” I ask, settling on what looks to be tortilla soup on the menu. “When I dropped my stuff off in the room, she stared at me from the hallway, didn’t even flinch. Pretty sure she’s going to murder me in my sleep.”

  Paisley and Melony exchange glances. “She’s kind of creepy.”

  “Kind of creepy?” Melony counters. “Paisley is just being nice. Pocket is a weirdo. I want to feel bad for her, given the type of abuse she endures from Bellini on a daily basis, but I’m almost positive she thrives off it.”

  “Sounds about right,” I say. “If I get scared in the middle of the night, can I room with you two?”

  “We demand that you do.” Melony puts down her menu and points at me, her eyes as serious as ever. “Listen to me, Ruby, if at any point of time you wake up with Pocket staring at you, you don’t say one word to her, you just grab your stuff and come share a bed with us, okay?”

  I nod. “Thanks. I’m pretty sure that’s going to happen.”

  Paisley pats me on the hand. “Yeah, I’m not going to argue with that.”

  The waiter takes our order, which consists of us asking a thousand questions, the waiter not understanding us, us not understanding the waiter, and finally all settling on the soup that we’re praying doesn’t have any random meat in it.

  “I’m so excited to watch the races tomorrow.” I’ve kept my phone close by so I can check in on Bodi. He made it easily into the semi-finals without breaking a sweat, something I wasn’t worried about.

  “Me too,” Paisley lights up. “Just sucks that we have to watch it with Bellini. I have a feeling she’s going to be a real pill about it.”

  Melony nibbles on a piece of bread. “She’s a real pill about everything. You know,” she reflects, a longing in her eye, “if I wasn’t desperate for this job and its pay, and afraid of destroying my reputation, I would shave a chunk of hair off Bellini’s head. Maybe a reverse Mohawk. I would have no qualms about it.”

  “She would be like Regina George from Mean Girls. You could do something terrible to her and no one would be none the wiser, as they would all just do the same thing,” Paisley says, sipping her drink.

  Not even paying attention to Paisley, Melony adds, “Then I would take her shaved hair and stuff it down that nasty trap of hers.”

  “Now that’s something I would like to see,” I say, laughing at the image in my head. “Pocket would come to her rescue.”

  “Or Pocket would sprint for the razor, cut off her hair, and imitate the nasty wench,” Paisley says, making us all laugh.

  “How did we get here?” Melony shakes her head. “I mean, are we really that desperate that we have to follow around this horrific human being because we need money and have nothing better going on for us?”

  Staring at each other, silence falls between us as we all think about Melony’s statement. At the same time, we start laughing and nodding our heads.

  “Pretty much,” Paisley says.

  “Money is nice when you have bills to pay,” I add.

  “I like pretty things.” Melony shrugs. “So sue me. That Pothead Pizza bank is making it that much easier for me to buy them.” Pothead Pizza is the sole reason Bellini is rich, that and her father getting humped on national television.

  “At least we are all on the same page about her being hideous. I would die if you two actually liked her,” I say.

  “Could you imagine?” Paisley asks. “I think her dad and Pocket are the only ones who like her. But enough about Bellini, who is ready to see some hot men in tight suits?” She claps her hands in excitement.

  “I wouldn’t mind glancing around tomorrow,” I say, playing it cool. Both Melo
ny and Paisley eye me with a knowing look, and I wonder if they know about Bodi and me. I don’t think we are telling people so I keep quiet but from their intense stares, I get the feeling they’re waiting for me to say something.

  But I withhold to their chagrin.

  “Melony thinks Hollis is hot,” Paisley blurts out.

  “Paisley!” Melony reprimands, a blush staining her cheeks.

  In all honesty, I don’t think there is one woman on this planet who wouldn’t think Hollis Knightly, Olympic diver, isn’t hot. He’s amazingly ripped and has the best set of abs I’ve ever seen on a man, even better than Bodi, and I hate admitting that but it’s true. Pair those abs with his dark scruff and short man-pony, he’s a walking sex stick diving off the ten-meter platform.

  “I think he is too,” I agree. “Reese King . . . oh, and Bodi Banks,” I say nonchalantly as an afterthought, but by the look in their eyes, they don’t buy it. “Got to love waxed man chests, am I right?” I shrug and take a sip of my drink, hoping their knowing eyes turn away from me.

  “Anything you would like to share with us?” Paisley asks, leaning a little more forward than I would like.

  “Yeah, any certain men you want to swoon over?” Melony adds, pressing her finger against her chin, a smirk on her face.

  I look between the two of them and feel myself start to wilt under their glare. I’m not going to say anything. No way. My relationship is between Bodi and me. Nope, not going to crack.


  Yup, that’s all I say, but that’s all they need. They got their answer from my awkwardness. From my avoidance of all eye contact, from my one-worded sentence. It’s plain as day.

  I don’t just think Bodi is hot. Nope, I love that damn man, and I’m pretty sure if I looked in a mirror right about now, it would be written all over my face.


  Bodi: Where are you?

  Ruby: On a bench by the beach, right outside the hotel.

  Bodi: By yourself?

  Ruby: Yeah . . .

  I stare at my phone, waiting for a reply but receive nothing. Was I not supposed to meet him? He sent me a text earlier, letting me know he was done with his required press interviews and his end of the day chat with his coach.

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