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       STROKED LONG, p.19

           Meghan Quinn

  The drive home was silent. Our easy banter nowhere to be found, and even though I could have turned the radio on, I didn’t. I couldn’t. My mind was fixated on that kiss. Fuck, can she kiss.

  There was no holding back when she asked me to kiss her. I thought about it for a few seconds, hating how incredible it felt to have an open invitation given the baggage trailing behind me, but seeing her lips glisten under the street lamp did me in. I needed to taste her, to know what it felt like to have her body pinned against mine.

  And fuck if it wasn’t the most intoxicating thing I’ve ever experienced.

  Shrugging her shoulders, probably not sure what to do, she opens the door and says, “Okay, I’ll catch you later.”

  Looking into the dark night, I realize I don’t want her walking around by herself, even though her apartment is only a few feet away, so I get out and jog around the truck to meet her. Her surprised look doesn’t go unnoticed.

  “It’s dark and late; I don’t want you walking around alone.” Taking her hand in mine, I walk her to her apartment door.

  “That’s not necessary,” she protests as we move forward.

  “It’s not negotiable,” I reply sternly. I’ll be damned if I let anything happen to her.

  Silently, we make our way to her front door and pause while she fishes out her keys from her purse. Their jingle echoes in the vacant hallway, and I don’t like how it signals our night is coming to an end.

  “Thanks for walking me to my door.”


  Not moving, we both stare at each other, the weight of our kiss resting heavily between us. Was it a mistake? Did it change everything now? Is she regretting it?

  Fuck, did she not enjoy kissing me?

  Was I too demanding? Hell if I can remember. I was so consumed by the feel of her body, the way she slightly rocked against me in conjunction with the sweet strokes of her tongue, that I can’t remember my own damn actions.

  Maybe I turned her off completely. Is that why she didn’t talk all the way home? Did I really fuck this up?

  “Goodnight.” She faintly smiles and unlocks her door. I stand in place, unable to move. Is this how this night is really going to end?

  Right when I think she is going in, her shoulders fall and she sighs while turning toward me.

  “Bodi . . .”

  I don’t give her a chance to finish her sentence. I grip the side of her face and pull her close, connecting our mouths once again, praying she doesn’t push me away.

  The distinct sound of her keys hitting the floor spurs me on, as her hands clasp around my neck and pull me closer. Her lips part; the soft, sweet taste of her tongue meets mine and I’m lost once again, letting my other hand wander to her lower back, just above the swell of her ass. She has curves but she’s small, and my hand practically spans across the entire width of her back.

  “Fuck,” I mutter, pushing her against the door jamb, hoping I don’t hurt her. “You’re addicting.”

  Her answer is a moan, followed by her chest puffing out against mine, her nipples perked and hard as stone, pressing solidly into me.

  I’m overcome with emotions as I clasp tighter to her hip, holding her in place. I don’t want to let go. I don’t want to say goodnight. I want to hold her, cherish her, brand her. My Rubes.

  “Come inside,” she says in between kisses, causing me to pull away.

  Did she just invite me in? My dick hardens from the mere thought of continuing what we started, pushing past using only our mouths.

  In desperation, I search her eyes, making sure this is what she really wants. Expecting to see uncertainty, I’m greeted with a heady glaze in her beautiful eyes. This is real.

  Letting her pull me into her apartment, I grab her keys, shut and lock the door, taking an extra second to make sure it’s secure. Since her apartment is so small, it doesn’t take long to get to her bedroom, which is illuminated by moonlight.

  Time stands still, the tension in the air is thick with lust, and the energy between us is palpable, spurring me to take what I want. I reach for her hand but she pulls away, confusing me.

  She doesn’t say a word. Instead, she tosses her hat to the side and lets out her loose braid, her golden locks falling over her shoulder in beautiful waves. I’m so entranced with her hair bouncing in time with her movements I miss her fingers pinching the hem of her shirt, which she pulls over her head and tosses to the side.

  Standing in front of me, Ruby is confident in her body. She unzips her shorts and tosses those to the side, leaving her in minuscule lingerie. And holy fuck, I harden with each scan of her gorgeous body. Not only does she have beautiful curves to grab on to, but she seems to have a penchant for microscopic lingerie, a fact I admire. Because, fuck, she’s hot.

  Strutting toward me, the quirky, somewhat clumsy Ruby I know disappears, and in her place is a lust-filled, sexy-as-sin woman with her eyes trained on me. Me. My breath catches in my throat the minute her hands find their way under the hem of my shirt, her fingertips dancing across my abdomen where she slides them to my pecs, taking my shirt with her. With quick maneuvering, I toss my shirt on the floor to join her discarded clothing and grip her hips so she can explore my chest a while longer.

  Awe fills her eyes with each pass of her hand over my defined muscles. Her hands run from my pecs to my shoulders, her thumbs caressing my nipples, turning them into hard nubs, and lighting a burning fire inside me.

  “You’re so handsome, Bodi.” I’ve never seen that look in a woman’s eyes before. They’re bright, shining, as if in wonder. “Not just your body, but your heart too.”

  And just like that, I can’t hold back. With what little finesse I have left, I slide one of my hands to the back of her neck and bring her lips to mine.

  Her mouth opens on command, and I ease my tongue in, meeting hers, stroking it, reveling in the feel of her melting into my body. The need to move faster, to demand more, is overwhelming, but I want to take this slow. I want to remember every moment I have with her, every touch, every moan, every cry of ecstasy. And I plan to hear many of those.

  While I take advantage of her fuckable mouth, she moves her hands to the waistband of my jeans and undoes them, grazing her hand over my eager bulge. The minor friction she creates elicits a moan from deep within me.

  It’s been so fucking long.

  Needing to let her know, I separate our mouths and say, “I haven’t, uh, done this in a long time.” Three years is too fucking long.

  Understanding shines brightly in her eyes. “Me either, so we can go slow.”

  “Not sure how much I will be able to hold back,” I reply honestly. “You’re gorgeous, Rubes.”

  She sighs, as if her lifelong crush just told her he likes her. It’s adorable.

  “And here I thought you didn’t find me attractive.” Her eyes cast down, breaking my heart in two. How the hell could she think I didn’t think she was attractive?

  Maybe because you’re awkward as fuck and can’t show real human emotions.

  Hating myself for making her think such a thing, I step forward, determined to show her how attractive I think she is.

  Running my hands to her back, I find the clasp of her bra, and with a flick of my fingers, I undo it. The shoulder straps loosen and the garment falls into a puddle between us. Looking at her eyes, I take a deep breath and glance down, only to be privy to the most beautiful pair of breasts I’ve ever seen. They’re not too big, just the perfect handful with little pink nipples that I can’t wait to get my mouth on.

  “Fuck,” I mutter, running my hands up her waist, stopping just below her breasts. “Ruby, there is no way I could not find you attractive.” Barely grazing her, my thumb rubs under her breast, making her entire body shudder. She clasps my cheeks and brings my mouth to hers, and I get lost in the feel of her tongue slowly sliding against mine. It’s so fucking seductive that the crotch in my jeans starts to get uncomfortable.

  Backing her up against her bed, I gentl
y help her down, never breaking the connection with our mouths. My jeans are unbuttoned, my fly down, giving Ruby perfect access to slip her hand in, which she does delicately, timidly. The tips of her fingers graze the tip of my cock, causing us both to gasp in shock.

  “Shit.” I breathe heavily, unlocking our mouths for a brief moment. “I’m so fucking hard for you, Ruby.”

  Uncertainty coats her face as she reaches into my jeans. “You’re not wearing underwear.”

  I smile at her cute remark. “I wear tight swimsuits most of the time, so got to let things loose, Rubes.”

  She gulps, the column of her neck working up and down while her mouth falls open. “That’s,” she pauses and bites her bottom lip, “that’s hot, Bodi.”

  And now I’m smiling like an idiot. Ruby Hearts thinks I’m hot.

  Gaining a little more courage, Ruby slides her fingers farther into my jeans, circling my thick cock with her small fingers. The sensation is nothing I’ve ever experienced. I’ve been with women before, but there is something different about Ruby’s touch. It’s tentative, weary, almost as if she touches me wrong I might disappear. I’ve always assumed I would never find anyone I would feel comfortable with. Be real. Let my guard down with. I’ve felt mild attraction—physical attraction—making the act of sex possible. But touching and being touched by Ruby? My Ruby? It’s incomparable. Completely incomparable. There is something different about Ruby’s touch.

  She has to know I’m not going anywhere.

  Reciprocating her touch, I move my hands to her slim waist, skimming my hands over her stomach and up her breasts. Her breathing hitches, pausing momentarily until my fingers graze her breasts slightly, just the faintest touch.

  “Oh God,” she moans and arches her back. Fuck, and I didn’t think I could get any harder.

  The need to feel her completely in my palm is overwhelming, but I want to take this slow. Need. To. My self-control is wearing thin with the way her body is rocking against mine, her hips seeking contact, her chest popping into the air, and her hand gradually working its way into my jeans until . . .

  “Oh fuck,” I gasp, lowering my head to the divot between her neck and shoulder. Her hand grips my cock, tight.

  My lips wander up her neck, to her jawline where they gradually find their way to her mouth. I hover mere millimeters over her mouth, grip her breast fully in mine, and then claim her mouth, evaporating her moan. I’m rewarded with a stroke of her own along my rigid cock.

  There is a grandiose urge to pump my hips into her hand, to make her stroke me harder, faster, tighter. I need release. I’m fucking craving it right now, but not yet, not fucking yet.

  I swipe my tongue across Ruby’s lips, mimicking the motion I want to make against her nipples, then travel down, applying pressure to her breasts with each passing kiss until I’m at her collarbone. Her once-timid strokes have now turned into nothing, leaving her hand motionless in my jeans, but I’m okay with that because it means I’m clearing all thoughts from Ruby’s mind so she can feel what I’m doing to her. Moving down, I nip at her skin, plucking her nipples tightly with my fingers, rolling the nubs and pulling up only to release them and repeat the torture all over again.

  “Bodi, you’re teasing me.”

  Fuck yeah, I am.

  And there is no way I’m going to stop.

  My cock dances, hard as a fucking rock from the tiny mews coming from Ruby, from the feel of her soft skin against my water-toughened hands, and from the sweet taste of her mouth that’s now imprinted in my brain.

  Wanting to see her writhe under me, I play with her nipples, plucking them and squeezing harder, causing her chest to lift with each pull, and focus my mouth on kissing down her stomach.

  So fucking soft, every single inch of her. I get to her belly button and spread her legs, making room for my bulky body; she understands my intention. And wants it.

  My Rubes knows exactly what she wants.

  The last few inches I take very slowly. Nipping and sucking on her stomach, her waistline, just above her pubic bone, she is panting, squirming under me to position my head where she wants it. Still covered in her little thong, I grip the edge with my teeth and pull it down, exposing her pussy . . . her fucking wet pussy.

  Shit. I could come in my pants right now from the sight of her, from the scent of her.

  Needing extra help, I spare one of my hands from her nipples and shuck her thong to the side; she lies completely naked in front of me. Fuck. What a sight.

  The swell of her hips gives me something to grab on to. The roundness of her breasts gives me something delectable to play with, especially those hard nipples of hers. And then there are her lips—pouty, swollen, sweet as fuck. She’s slowly branding me with her body and her beautiful heart.

  I pull away, getting off the bed to shuck my jeans. The tortured look in her face makes me chuckle. Her eyes are hooded, her lips parted, her body trembling, aroused. Mine.

  “What are you doing?” she asks, her voice shaky.

  “Losing the pants, Rubes. I’m not going to last very long after I fuck you with my tongue.”

  Her eyes widen in surprise from my brazen response, making me even harder.

  Wanting to give Ruby a show, I slowly slip my hands in the front of my pants and squeeze the tip of my dick, sending a fucking rocket of pleasure down my spine. Moaning, my head falls back. I can feel the strain in my neck, in my chest muscles, in every inch of my body.

  This. Something I’ve had to do many times since getting to know Ruby. Especially during the Olympic trials from her text messages. But touching myself in front of her?

  “Holy fuck,” Ruby mutters, pulling my attention back to her. There is no questioning it. She wants me. Hardened nipples, glistening pussy, mouth agape, and a wandering hand now fondling her own breasts.

  With precision, I lower my jeans all the way, step out of them, and move them to the side. Standing tall, my erection must not disappoint from the sharpened look in Ruby’s face, her gaze zeroing in on my cock.

  I take it in my hand and stroke a couple times, fucking torturing myself. Ruby’s expression is priceless. I move forward, hand still on my cock as I lower myself. Releasing my hand, I scoot her to the edge of the bed by yanking on her ankles, bringing her pussy to just the right level. Hooking her legs over my shoulders, I start to run kisses up her inner thighs. When I get to her center, I skip over and start kissing down her other leg, making her grunt and thrash above me.

  Despite my throbbing cock pressing against the bed, I love every minute of prolonging the inevitable with Ruby.

  “Bodi,” she groans. “Please.”

  Her voice is so strained that I give in, moving my lips back to her center. I kiss her pussy, loving how wet she is, and then part her with my fingers, exposing her soaking clit.

  Fuck. Me.

  Reminding myself to go slowly, at a snail’s pace, I lick her. Her entire body shoots up from the connection, a scream coming from her mouth.

  Pure male satisfaction surges through me as I push my tongue against her again, this time flattening it out and licking upward.

  “Oh God, yes! More,” she pants, her hands gripping the bedding underneath her.

  I move my flattened tongue around her, wishing I could feel the throbbing of her clit against my mouth. Her head is moving from side to side, her nipples harder than ever, her stomach concaved, pushing her pelvis forward. She’s close.

  Wanting to feel more, I put two fingers at her pussy and slide them in only to find out how fucking tight she is, with a vise-like grip sucking my fingers in.

  Shit. My cock aches with need.

  Pointing my tongue so it lightly flicks her clit, I pump into her with my fingers, part her with my other hand, and move at a rapid pace, licking, sucking, pulling that little nub into my mouth only to let go, and then do it all over again.

  Like a tidal wave, her entire body rolls off the bed, quaking with pleasure as she screams my name . . . screams.

nbsp; “Yes!” she shouts, her hand on my head, keeping me in position so her hips can ride my tongue until every last ripple of ecstasy leaves her body.

  Holy fucking shit. I’ve never experienced a moment like that before. Watching Ruby coming. Knowing I did that to her. How much she loved that. Fuck. Me.

  Her hips slow down, her hand releases from my head, and her body lies sated on the bed. She better not fall asleep because I’m nowhere near being done.

  Covering her face, she lets out a low moan and sits up on the bed, her eyes looking directly at my cock. Licking her lips, she starts to move forward, but I stop her. I quickly ease the worry in her eyes.

  “I’m about to come after watching you fall apart on my tongue. I would rather come inside you than in your mouth.”

  A shy smile appears. And thank God she is more than happy to make that happen, because I need inside her. Now.

  I push her back down on the bed, scooting her back and positioning my body between hers. The tip of my cock hits her wet pussy, and it takes everything in me to not blow right there.

  I cup her face with one hand and prop my body up with the other. Leaning forward, I take her mouth in mine and let my tongue once again explore.

  Can she taste herself on me?

  Can she taste how sweet she is? How addicting she is?

  I sure as fuck hope so because that will not be the last time I let her come on my tongue.

  Underneath me she’s so small, eclipsed by my muscular build. She’s petite, dainty, completely and utterly feminine in every inch of her body. I’ve never felt this consumed by a woman before. I’ve never opened myself up to a woman before.

  I like it.

  I’m becoming addicted to it.

  To this connection I share with her, this burning desire to not only be intimately connected with her, but to be intellectually and spiritually connected as well. I want our hearts beating the same beat. I want our souls to meld together.

  “Need to be inside you,” I groan out, just about to spread her legs more when I realize I don’t have a condom. I never carry them with me and going into tonight I never expected to end up here. “Shit, I don’t have a condom.”

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