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           Meghan Quinn
Forever a Jett Girl (Bourbon #3)

  Forever a Jett Girl

  Book Three in the Bourbon Series

  Meghan Quinn

  Published by Hot-Lanta Publishing

  Copyright 2015

  Cover by Meghan Quinn

  This ebook is licensed for your personal enjoyment only. This ebook may not be re-sold or given away to other people. If you would like to share this book with another person, please purchase an additional copy for each person. If you’re reading this book and did not purchase it, or it was not purchased for your use only, then please return it and purchase your own copy. Thank you for respecting the hard work of this author. To obtain permission to excerpt portions of the text, please contact the author at [email protected]

  All characters in this book are fiction and figments of the author’s imagination.


  “Black Widow”


  “Why, hello, Kitten. You’ve just made my night.”

  Oh, my God, what the hell was I doing?

  Standing in front of me was Rex Titan with a look that screamed he was going to rip my panties off, not bothering to take my pants off first, and eat me up. Maybe a few months ago I would have welcomed the carnal munching, but right about now, with a heavy heart and a sad image of Jett in my mind, I wanted to run away.

  This was a mistake.

  How was I going to go through with this? How was I going to keep Rex’s dick out of my orifices? Because, right about now, I was pretty sure he would fuck my ear if I pushed back my hair. No doubt about it, he was going to want to bone-a-roni, but I couldn’t let that happen. If I let Rex touch me in any kind of way, even a good ear fucking, that would be the end of any chance I had with Jett.

  I had to come up with a plan and fast, something I should have thought of before I showed up at his front door with a bag in my hand.

  Clearing my throat, I looked up at Rex through my lashes—playing the ever-pathetic victim—and said, “Hi, Rex. Can I…come in?”

  Good stutter, I congratulated myself, knowing I was about to step up my acting game.

  Act weak, act fragile, act like you’ve been torn into shreds, I coached myself. Give him your best Oscar worthy performance! Pretend his dick is a camera and work the fuck out of it.

  “I would want nothing more than to have you in my home, Kitten. Please, come in.”

  I wanted to smack the smug look he was sporting off his face, but refrained from physically assaulting him.

  “Thank you,” I said meekly, as I stepped inside his home and took in the surroundings.

  Thanks to Carlos, my dearest bartender from Kitten’s Castle, he was able to locate Rex’s home for me and give me the address so I could follow through with my plan, my not very well constructed plan. I’ve never been to Rex’s house, and from the looks of it, I was kind of glad. Um, can you say borderline hoarder?

  While looking around, I knew he was rich, but I didn’t know he was close to Jett Colby Rich. Instead of the modern feel you get when you walk into the Lafayette Club, Rex’s style was more old money with rich red and brown tones, old leather and oak furniture with a massive amount of collectibles gracing his walls, making it almost impossible to see the paint. It was nice-ish, but it was straight-up stuffy.

  “Can I take your bag?” Rex asked, as he came up behind me and pressed his chest to my back.

  Yup, home boy was going to have to be put in his place sooner rather than later, because there was no way in hell I would be dropping trou for him.

  “Sure, there’s not much, just my suitcase.”

  “That’s fine,” he replied, while taking my suitcase and setting it down next to the grand staircase that curved up to a second floor. “Are you hungry?”

  “Oh, I couldn’t eat,” I said, grabbing my stomach. “I’m not feeling so well.”

  “Are you sick, Kitten?”

  Was I sick? I could be sick. I knew how to cough on demand, but being sick would lead to probably seeing a doctor, and then he would say there was nothing wrong with me, and then Rex would see that I was a liar, so taking the whole sick route to avoid Rex’s penis wasn’t going to work. At least, that’s what I expected.

  “No,” I answered. “It’s been a bad night for me.”

  Surprisingly, my voice choked up at mentioning my night, adding to the distress I was trying to portray.

  In reality, I really was stressed and heartbroken. I hated, hated, taking off my necklace. I felt unprotected, empty, and lifeless without it on. I felt disconnected from Jett, like a little piece of me died when I handed him back the necklace. His face was still running rampant through my mind, but I tried to squash it. I was here for a reason. I was here to take back the life I wanted to lead with Jett, and I wasn’t going to leave until I accomplished my mission.

  “Come, sit down and talk to me,” Rex suggested.

  I didn’t like how nice he was being, almost too nice. He wasn’t usually this attentive, this accommodating, but then again, all my experiences with him were a little more animalistic than talkity-talk time. Most of the time, we would forgo conversation when we met up and the only talking Rex ever really did was to tell me to bend over and take him all the way in. I mean, that’s good conversation, polite sexual conversation, you know, never talking with your mouth full of dick and all, but not the type of conversation that was necessarily trying to make a connection…well, no, it was making a connection that was for damn sure, but not the type of conversation that helped you get to know the other person.

  I followed Rex past a living area and into a giant family space. Why humans needed two “living rooms” would be something I never understood. What did someone do with two living rooms? How did one decide which one to hang out in on a given day? Did they ever feel bad that they didn’t spend enough time with one of the living rooms? Did the living rooms fight over their master?

  What stupid thoughts, I chastised myself, as I sat next to Rex on his couch. I needed to clear my head; it was show time.

  “What happened, Kitten? Why am I so lucky to have you sitting next to me?”

  Here goes nothing…

  “I feel so stupid, Rex.”


  “You know Jett Colby, right?” Have to make it seem like I know nothing.

  “Yes, we have a history.”

  “Oh, that’s right. You’re a part of his club.”

  “I was, but I’ve recently reneged on my membership. I found that ever since a certain little honey-haired girl was no longer performing, my need for my membership was useless.”

  “Oh, so you know I’m no longer a Jett Girl?”

  “I gathered that from the fact that you are here with me, and since I didn’t see you there the other night.”

  “Were you looking for me?”

  “I was, Kitten.”

  “Why?” I asked, slightly curious.

  “We will get to that. Please, continue with your story.”

  “Okay,” I felt my shield flair up, wanting to protect myself. I didn’t like the ease in his voice, like he’d been expecting me all along. I didn’t feel like I had the upper hand at the moment. “This is so embarrassing,” I shook my head and buried my head in my hands.

  “Don’t be embarrassed, Kitten. You can talk to me.”

  Bah! More like I could talk to his dick.

  Brushing my hair out of my face, I looked up at Rex and said, “I fell for him, Rex. Even though he told me not to, even though I signed a contract with specific guidelines, I still fell for him. I had hope when he started taking me to events with him, ushering me around on his arm like he was proud of me, but he was just using me.”

  “Using you?
Rex asked, as he maintained a respectable distance from me, but still showed concern. What was this mother fucker up to?

  I nodded to confirm his question as I squeaked out a tear.

  “He doesn’t care about me. He said he was using me to distract someone off of Lot 17. I have no clue what that is or who he’s talking about, but once I accomplished whatever goal he had, he let me go. Kicked me out.”

  I watched Rex’s jaw work back and forth as he mulled over what I told him. Was he angry? He seemed angry, which wasn’t the Rex I knew. The Rex I knew didn’t really care about me as a person; he just cared about my body.

  “That’s why you’re here?”

  With shame, I hung my head and nodded. “I’m sorry, Rex. I had nowhere else to go. When I left Kitten’s Castle, I lost touch with everyone. The only person I could rely on is you. If you want me to leave, I can. I would understand.”

  “No, please don’t,” he said with sincerity. “I can’t tell you how long I’ve wanted you to come here. I think about it every day, how I wish I had come to you sooner, before you were sucked into the grasp of Jett Colby. He’s a terrible man, who uses women and throws them away when he’s done. I’m so sorry you had to go through that.”

  Finally making a move, he pulled me into his chest and wrapped his arms around me. Good thing too, because I was pretty sure my eyes were spitting fire. Jett was by far the most amazing man I had ever met and he had a giant heart. He didn’t use people, he helped them, he helped them have a do-over in life, and I just despised the fact that Rex was talking so poorly about him, but to save my plan, I let the insults roll off of me.

  “Thank you,” I replied once I gathered myself. “I don’t know what to do. I’m at this crossroads in my life. When I was at the Lafayette Club, I had hope, I could see a future for myself, but now, I feel like I’ve gone back to square one but with no direction. I’m so confused, so lost.”

  Rex tilted my chin up with his finger and forced me to look him in the eyes. He was a handsome man, no doubt about that. The deep brown of his eyes almost looked sinister to me now, and the strong features of his jaw showed that he wouldn’t be messed with. He was a powerful man, and I’d only realized it recently. I was taking a huge chance by fucking with him. I just hoped it didn’t blow up in my face.

  “No need to feel confused, Kitten. Do you want to know the reason I went by the Lafayette Club the other day?”

  “Yes,” I said breathlessly.

  Seriously, award winning performance.

  Grabbing my hand, Rex stood me up and led me out of his living room.

  “Where are we going?” I asked nervously.

  “Just come with me, Kitten. You’ll see.”

  The house was dark, and as Rex led me through an unlit hallway, he flipped on the light, revealing pictures of old civil war paintings and memorabilia.

  Bleh, boring!

  Swords and old guns were mounted on the walls in glass cases, as well as documents that seemed pretty old, like they were once a piece of parchment on a scroll. I was tempted to break the glass, grab the paper and shout “Hear ye, Hear ye,” while holding it in front of me, but refrained from making an ass of myself.

  I never knew Rex was a history buff kind of guy, but by the looks of his decorations, I was pretty sure he would spring a boner if George Washington walked through the door right about now.

  Just when I was gearing up to see the Declaration of Independence pop out of a corner and bitch slap me with its old time writing, Rex led me into a private den and turned on the light. The room matched the rest of the house with its colonial style decorating, but instead of ancient swords and guns gracing the walls, they were lined with rows and rows of books.

  It was like I was in the movie, Beauty and the Beast when the Beast shows Belle his library. If I was a reader, I would be impressed, but who has time to read, am I right?

  I tore my eyes off of the books and saw what Rex brought me into this room to see. In the middle of the floor was a dark colored console table, and on it was a constructed model of a building sporting multiple rooms. This had to be Rex and Jett’s dad’s plans for Lot 17, no doubt about it.

  “What is this?” I asked, while taking it all in.

  The building was a modern looking skyscraper that twisted in the middle like someone took the building and tried to wring water out of it. The small rooms off to the side of the model were what I could only assume were different floors of the building. In one room was an almost exact replica of the Toulouse Room, where Jett Girls put on presentations, but instead of using the purple theme Jett was known for, Rex and Leo kept everything black and gold. Yeah, it was slightly bad ass. Another one of the models on the table was full of some of the equipment I saw in Diego’s club with the restraints, but where his materials looked fun to play with, Rex’s looked almost sinister, like a torture room.

  Yikes, my lady flaps cringed from thoughts of what would possibly happen in those rooms.

  Interrupting my thoughts, Rex said, “This, Kitten, is Masquerade. It’s a club I’ve been putting together with my friend Leo.”

  His “friend” Leo…pfft. I kept my breath steady as I listened to Rex, making sure to show no tells that I knew anything.

  “Wow, is it a hotel too?” I asked, observing the height of the building.

  “You’re very observant. It is a hotel, but the top floors are where all the fun happens. The club will be very much like the Lafayette Club, but will differ in the fact that the girls are naked and the men are allowed to touch and take any girl of their choice back to one of the playrooms.”

  Holy shit. Rex and Jett’s dad were running a modern day brothel. Scandal!

  Even though I was surprised, I shouldn’t be, because I knew Rex through illegal sexcapades; it shouldn’t shock me that he turned his hobby into a lucrative business.

  “Are you allowed to do that?” I asked, feeling a little uneasy about the fact that this was what Rex wanted to show me, what he wanted to talk to me about. How could this possibly involve me?

  “We’re allowed to do anything we want, Goldie. We know people in the city.”

  Nodding, I touched the model of the building and asked, “What does this have to do with me?”

  Taking my hand, Rex made me sit down with him on a couch in his office. With his deep brown eyes staring directly into mine, he said, “After observing you with Jett and hearing Leo report back to me about Jett’s interactions with you, I knew it would only take some time until he, once again, messed up something good in his life. He did the same thing with his ex-fiancé Natasha.”

  I wanted to say, “Nuh-uh, you stole her,” but I kept my mouth shut and let him continue.

  “We need a lead girl, Goldie. I need someone with experience to teach the girls we’re hiring how to please a man, how to dance for the city’s elite, who will be frequenting our club. You’re the only girl who can do that for me. You’re the only one who has experience and who I can trust.”

  He wanted me to train the girls? Bad move, because I would train them to get their asses the hell out of that club.

  Rex and Leo were running a brothel, and as I pondered that for a second, it hit me. This was what Diego was telling me when he said Rex and Leo were up to something illegal. This is what Jett was trying to find evidence for. This was how I was going to bring down Rex and Leo; I just had to figure out what the parameters were. Jackpot!

  Rex continued, “You will be compensated well for your guidance…”

  “Will I have to be one of the girls?”

  “What do you mean?” Rex asked, as he tilted his head to the side.

  “Will I have to be naked with the other girls? Will I have to go into the playrooms with the men who choose to be with me?”

  “Is that going to be a problem?”

  Uh, yeah, it was going to be a major fucking problem. I was made for one man and one man alone; there was no way in hell I would spread my legs or take my clothes off for anyone else.
br />   “It will be,” I answered honestly, trying to gauge Rex’s reaction, hoping this wasn’t going to be a short attempt at revenge.

  He sat back and studied me as his hand stroked his chin. Why did it take me so long to figure out that the man sitting in front of me was just an awful, awful man? He was manipulative and he emotionally fucked with people. I could see it plain as day in his eyes. He didn’t care about my well-being; he cared about himself and that was it.

  While looking me up and down, Rex asked, “Why are you really here, Goldie?”

  Oh, shit.

  If I answered wrong, were there going to be dogs popping out of a secret doorway to tear me to pieces? Rip my lady bits apart for a possible loin harvesting company Rex might be secretly working with? I wouldn’t put it past him to have such a connection…the man was straight up frea-kay!

  Taking a deep breath, I looked Rex straight in the eyes and said, “I’ve been used my whole life, and I am just realizing now that I can’t live my life like that anymore. I need a new start, a fresh one, and you’re the only one I know that will be able to help me.”

  Twisting his lips, he thought about my answer before saying, “No, you won’t be one of the girls. You’ll be a manager of sorts, but you will have to wear more revealing clothes.”

  “I have no problem with that,” I responded, feeling a weight of relief fly off my chest.

  “You will receive a decent salary and will be required to work more than forty hours a week at first, until we get everything started up. We are currently training in a location that will work for us, but if we are awarded Lot 17, we will be building a whole new club. You will live here with me, in my bed, and if I’m housing you, I will be requiring something in return.”

  And there it was, the one thing I wanted to avoid. I would give Rex credit for having a good set of balls and coming right out with it. If I was living under his roof, I would be paying him with sexual favors, aka, suck my dick, bitch. Yup, not something I was okay with.

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