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       The Arrival - The Madeline Calderon Trilogy: Book 1, p.1
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           Maymi Alicea
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The Arrival - The Madeline Calderon Trilogy: Book 1
The Arrival

  The Madeline Calderon Trilogy Book I

  By Maymi Alicea

  Copyright 2015 Maymi Alicea


  Today as the sun rises a sense of completion engulfs me and I prepare for the day ahead. Another night of contemplating our first words, what will it be like to look into her eyes once again. Would she remember me in her reincarnated state or did I have the daunting task of getting her to fall for me again? In reality it did not matter, she belongs to me and I to her. Two planets set to align until the fates saw it necessary to make our planets crash. What role would I presume this time, the loyal BFF (how I hate the need adolescents today have to abbreviate words), or perhaps the great love she wishes for? Best to play it by ear and see what she is into.

  Before heading to school I had to make a stop at the airport, because today was the day she arrives, I was sure of it!

  Chapter 1

  Life in the city is exciting and noisy, luckily I have the ability to tune all sounds out especially the internal ones that tend to be the most exhausting. Despite the hustle and bustle I am going to miss my life here and my grandma. Her position as an elder in the Wiccan's counsel is an honor and one I do not want her to turn down. Living with my dad after all these years will be an adjustment but it's what's best for all. If I am being honest with myself it feels as if I am being pulled toward my new home. Perhaps it is the connection I once had with my dad, which felt like it ran deeper than DNA. Being born into a supernatural family adds a slew of challenges, but when you have a good mentor, everything starts to balance out. In New Jersey I'll have my father and Ms. Groves. Grams couldn't tell me much about her, besides the fact that she is quite powerful. The lessons she would teach are apparently priceless.

  My mom. The memories of her baking in the kitchen and dancing to whatever song playing on the radio fills my head. She was my first teacher and mentor. We did not get the chance to go over much, but she definitely covered the basics. After my mother's disappearance my "gifts" began to manifest and I was unsure how to handle them. For weeks groups of family and friends would gather at our home to form search party groups. I can remember all the thoughts running through their minds. If I had the control I have today I could have pieced together the truth of my mother's whereabouts. The truth was hiding behind the jumbled words filled with pain, anger, and uncertainty floating around. I know there are things Grams is keeping from me. I'm determined to use the time spent in my birth home finding out what.

  Over the years my powers became stronger and evolved from brief random visions to full pictures of the future and past. I have even developed my talent for cognitive healing. I have always been an empathetic kid, but the power to influence others did not come into fruition until my teenage years. One time my closest friend Natalia had a major breakup with her boyfriend, and I knew it was my job to make her feel better. "Okay, sweet pea I have brought the essentials. Ice cream, cookies, and enough ammo to do some decent boy bashing." Natalia gave me a weak smile as she reached up and snatched the pint of Haagen Daz chocolate chip cookie dough out of my hands.

  "I'm just so miserable Mads, I can't believe he would do this to me. I bet this has to do with that blonde bimbo propped on the top of the pyramid. That WHORE! Aaaaahhhhhh Waaaahhh," Natalia began wailing again. Dropping the ice cream on the floor she reached over for a cookie and balled herself up into a fetal position. My attempt of consoling her the typical way was just not cutting it. I knelt down next to her offering a shoulder to cry on and suddenly I was overcome with the urge to cry. A shiny, blue glow only visible to me appeared and Nat's crying turned into soft sobs. Suddenly she jumped right up off the floor, "Let's do some shopping!" she declared. She quickly changed out of her sweats, combed her hair, and applied makeup. A short time later we were walking through the mall, and Natalia was talking a mile a minute. "Seriously Maddie what was I thinking. He was such a loser, not even worth my time."

  "I couldn't agree more Nat. There are a number of guys at school who are dying for your attention," I said.

  "Like Andre James. He's kind of short, but he's really cute and funny. Do you remember that joke he made at orientation," Nat said with a chuckle.

  "Oh yea," I said laughing along. Truth was I had no idea what Andre said during the assembly. I was actually paying attention to the teachers. But the important thing was that she was happy again, and finding ways to get over her heartache. The thought that I had a lot to do with it made me smile. I tried my abilities on a couple of others and found I could essentially heal a broken heart, or at least steer a person in the right direction. People must sense it too, because many come to me just to talk and make sense of what is going on in their lives.

  I zip up my suitcase, tape up the last box, and look around at the room that had been my home for the last 10 years. Nostalgia immediately overwhelms my senses as I remember mastering my first spell and the pentagram of protection that is permanently embossed in the hardwood floor. I will keep all that I have learned and experienced close to my heart, because along with my journey back to my old home will be a new role. Upon conducting research Grams uncovered that witches were not the only supernatural beings that reside in Lodi, New Jersey. I would face Vampires, like my father, werewolves, fairies, and possibly some low level Demons. We worked feverously on spells, and talismans that can work in defending the innocent as well as attacking potential threats. Grams taught me how to detect the supernatural and with further advancement of my power I mastered figuring out the type.

  "Protection of things near and dear. How to open is not so clear. A caster's breeze void of fear. And thoughts held by a seer."

  Grabbing my suitcase and carryon I take one last look around and turn to head downstairs. Suddenly my vision begins to blur and the world is spinning. After a few million rotations I am sitting in a sand box watching my Grams and mother having a heated discussion. I can't hear everything but my grandmother's words are haunting.

  "Perception is at the mercy of the individual. You choose to believe the world has done you harm but it is "you" that has prevented your happy ending. The day is not over and you have not cast your last breath." My mother turns and walks away. My grandmother approaches me and works to ease my curiosity by rubbing my back. She stares into my eyes and says, "You are destined for greatness, but there are forces that will try to hold you back and take control. Unfortunately that also includes your mother. You will have to save her and others when the time comes, and I know in my heart you will be up for the challenge."

  "Are you ready dear?!" My grandmother yells up the stairs, carrying me out of my vision. I descend down the stairs and into the entranceway. "Yes, I'm ready to blow this pop stand," I add jokingly. Trying my best to mask the intensity of this vision and my desire to analyze it I tune Grams out as she asks, "Did you remember to protect all your belonging, pack all your incantation making supplies, your books so you can keep up with your studies, the?"

  "Grandma I have everything I need, and I promise I will be fine," I said. I walk into her waiting arms, and we hold each other and I am brought back to the day I arrived at her home in Dover, Delaware. As a seven year-old this large house seemed scary and intimidating. The statues of various gods, goddesses, and fairies in wrought iron line the front entrance. As you enter through the tall, red, wooden doors you find yourself in a marble entrance way with tall ceilings. They seem like they reach the heavens they are so high, or at least it seems that way to a seven year old. I was close to my grams even back then, but leaving my home and my father created a tension bet
ween us, I still till this day cannot explain. Just like me, Grams had the ability to ease a person's negative emotions. Once grandma spoke with her angelic tone all my fears diminished. Whatever she had done that day she was doing at this moment because any reservations I had were swept away. I brought our bags to the taxi waiting outside, and grandma and I took another long look at the house that was our home for so long and said our silent goodbyes.

  As we approach the airport grandma turns to the driver, "Take us to the section labeled departing private flights, please." The driver nods and heads toward the directed terminal. My father holds a high position in town and made sure that I as well as my grandmother would reach our destinations comfortably and safely. He hired two private jets, one heading toward New Jersey, and the other Massachusetts where grandma will live and assume her new role. The driver and some of the airline staff handled our bags as grandma and I spoke our final words.

  "Until we meet again sweet pea. Remember your talents will grow so it is crucial you continue to learn and practice. There are many things waiting for you, including some difficult choices. Follow your heart but let your mind take the lead." Grandma followS her speech with another tight hug and a few more choice words of protection.

  "I love you grandma and thank you for everything." "I will be sure to continue practicing and will forever keep your words in my heart and mind." I said with my head buried in my grandmother's head.

  We both headed in opposite directions and as I walk toward the small plane I could hear grandma placing a protection spell over it as well as on everyone on it. I smile as I realize how much I would miss my guardian angel, and that now it was my turn to guard not only myself but also others.

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