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         Part #2 of Unspoken series by Maya Banks
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  “I don’t want things to be awkward for us. We’ve been friends too long for that.”

  He leaned in and brushed his lips across hers. His goatee rubbed softly on her chin. Bubbles of excitement took flight in her chest. She relaxed against him, and he deepened the kiss.

  Her shirt parted as his hands slid underneath the material and cupped her breasts. His thumbs worked over her nipples, and his hands moved down her skin.

  Shedding her inhibitions, she wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him back, letting her tongue roam playfully over his.

  It was a different experience kissing Wes. He was more gentle than Luke but every bit as sensual. If she gave herself time to analyze the situation, she’d likely retreat in mortification, but it felt right.

  Wes wrapped his hands around her waist and hoisted her upward until she sat on the countertop.

  “Much better,” he murmured.

  Her breasts were now level with his mouth, and he took advantage. His tongue rubbed lightly over one nipple. It puckered and her muscles tightened in response.

  He cupped her breasts with both hands and held them up for his mouth to devour.

  “I never knew you had such a wild side, Gracie. I like it. The rings are hot.”

  She moaned as he sucked her nipple into his mouth, his tongue toying with the ring.

  “She needs to eat,” Luke interjected.

  Wes slowly pulled away, and it was all Gracie could do not to insist she wasn’t hungry so they’d take her to bed. Her stomach contradicted her by rumbling.

  Wes lifted her down as Luke set a plate on the table for her. She walked unsteadily to her chair and sank down into it. She pulled her shirt tight around her, suddenly giving up the idea of making Luke crazy. He’d completely turned the tables on her.

  The two men sat down on either side of her and proceeded to polish off their plates of food. She managed to nibble down a small amount, but her stomach was in full somersault mode, and she knew she wouldn’t do much justice to her food.

  “If you’re done picking at that, I know something we could be doing that’s a whole lot more fun,” Wes spoke up.

  She flushed and pushed her plate away. Wes held out a hand to her and pulled her from her chair. Luke walked toward the bedroom, and Wes swung her into his arms and followed.

  Wes deposited her on the bed, her shirt falling open. She quickly pulled her shirt off and tossed it off the bed. Wes and Luke stepped back and began stripping out of their clothing. She watched, not missing a single detail.

  Her heart beat a little faster as Wes moved toward the bed. His cock was impressive. A size that would make a woman stand up and pay attention. It brought to mind all sorts of yummy questions. Would it fit? How delicious would it feel to accommodate all of him?

  Wes grabbed her ankles and pulled her toward the edge of the bed. Her legs fell open, baring her pussy to him. He made a sound of appreciation as he bent his head.

  Just the anticipation of him touching her with his mouth had her ready to burst. When his tongue finally rubbed over her delicate folds, she nearly came on the spot.

  “You taste as good as you look, Gracie,” he said. “Sweet.”

  She arched her back and moaned as his tongue delved deeper. The bed dipped and swayed as Luke climbed up beside her. He bent his head to her breasts, and she cried out as both men tormented her with their mouths.

  Wes slid a finger into her pussy. “God, you’re so tight, Gracie. I don’t want to hurt you.”

  He left her for a brief moment then his finger slid back into her, gliding easily inside. He smoothed lubricant into her, easing his fingers around the walls of her pussy.

  She heard the crackle of a condom wrapper and the sound of more lubricant being squeezed out. Then the head of his cock butted gently against her entrance.

  Luke moved from her breasts to her lips, kissing and sucking at her mouth. His hands feathered over her nipples, tweaking and pinching at the taut peaks.

  Wes slid easily into her, and she gasped at the fullness. He came to rest deeply within her, and she struggled to process the bombardment of sensations.

  “Am I hurting you?” Wes rasped.

  “God no,” she managed to get out.

  Never before had she felt this way. Wes was seated deep within her pussy while Luke kissed her, toyed with her breasts. It was the most exquisite pleasure, every one of her most sensitive spots being teased and touched.

  Wes began to move, gently at first and then with more force as she arched her hips to meet his thrusts. Her tongue tangled with Luke’s, and she wrapped her arms around his neck, holding him close to her.

  Wes pulled away from her and ran his hands over her legs. “Turn over on your hands and knees,” he said.

  She scrambled over, allowing Wes to position her to his liking. Luke sprawled out in front of her, his cock in perfect position for her to bend down and take it in her mouth.

  Gentle hands spread her thighs then Wes mounted her, sliding into her from behind. She closed her eyes and moaned. Luke smoothed her hair from her face as she rocked back against Wes. God, it felt good.

  She opened her eyes then slowly lowered her mouth, letting her tongue slide over Luke’s hard cock. His hand tangled in her hair, and he groaned as her mouth closed around the head.

  So far the reality of a threesome far surpassed her lame fantasies. Being between two men, their focus solely on her, their hands and bodies touching and pleasing her, it was a ride on the most exhilarating roller coaster.

  “Gracie, honey, you drive me crazy,” Wes said in an agonized voice. “You’re so tight, so beautiful.”

  “Very beautiful,” Luke murmured below her.

  Luke stroked her hair, running his fingers through the strands as she sucked his cock.

  “We want to take you at the same time, Gracie. Are you up for that?” Luke asked.

  She shuddered, her orgasm lurking so close. Just the image of them both buried in her body had her teetering on the edge.

  Wes withdrew, and Luke gently pulled her away from his rigid cock. Then Wes moved to the side of her and lay down on the bed, his legs hanging over the edge and his feet planted on the floor.

  He reached for Gracie, his big hands positioning her over his cock. “Ride me, Gracie.”

  She let out a moan as she slowly lowered her body onto his erection. He slid in, the friction nearly unbearable. God, he was so big, she didn’t know how Luke would accomplish the feat of taking her too.

  “Just relax, sweetheart,” Luke said as he ran his hands over her ass.

  She felt the cool shock of the lubricant over the seam of her ass and flinched as Luke slid one finger inside. Wes played with her nipple rings as she held herself still on his cock.

  “We’re going to take this slow and easy,” Luke said. “I won’t hurt you, Gracie, I swear it.”

  “I trust you,” she whispered.

  He eased more lubricant inside her, stretching her slightly with his fingers. After several minutes of stroking and preparing her, he positioned his dick at her tight opening.

  “Breathe deep,” Wes said. “Breathe in and relax. That’s it, baby.”

  Wes’ fingers found her nipples again, pinching and plucking at them, distracting her from the burning and stretching of her ass.

  She gasped as the muscle gave way and Luke penetrated her anus. He stopped and gave her time to adjust before slowly moving forward again. He inched his way into her until finally, she felt his hips press into the flesh of her buttocks.

  Both men were fully sheathed within her body. She began to shake uncontrollably.

  “Easy, sweetheart,” Luke soothed. “Make it last. Make it good.”

  She leaned forward in Wes’ arms, letting him support her weight as Luke began to move inside her. Soon they found a rhythm, moving in unison. They both pressed forward, filling her, stretching her, bringing her unbelievable pleasure.

  How she managed to accommodate them both, she’d never kno
w, but she’d never enjoyed herself more than at this moment.

  “Are you all right?” Wes whispered close to her ear.

  “Very all right,” she replied. She nipped his ear, and he groaned in response.

  Wes’ hands slid down her waist, gripping her hips. Luke’s hands grasped her shoulders, and they held her against them, captive to their embrace.

  “I can’t last any longer,” she gasped. She fought against the rising tidal wave, but knew she only had seconds.

  “That’s good because I can’t either,” Wes said. “Let yourself go, we’ve got you.”

  Luke surged forward, burying himself in her deepest regions. Wes bucked upward until she gasped at the pleasure/pain of his penetration.

  “Oh God!” she cried.

  Her body began to spin out of control. Her vision blurred and she writhed between them, unable to bear the pressure building within her. She erupted with such force that Wes slid out of her.

  He grasped her waist with one hand while he used his other hand to position himself between her legs once more.

  The two men rocked against her, each straining with their own release.

  She screamed. She couldn’t help it. She’d never ever had such a powerful orgasm, and it scared and thrilled her all at the same time.

  She fell forward onto Wes’ chest, and he wrapped his arms around her, holding her and soothing her as she fought to catch her breath.

  Luke surged against her ass, pressing her harder onto Wes. He slumped against her for a few seconds before easing out of her and rolling to the side.

  She lay panting on Wes. She couldn’t move, couldn’t speak even if she wanted to. His hands slid gently up and down her back, and he kissed the curve of her neck.

  “You are one incredible woman, Gracie.”

  “That she is,” Luke agreed. “I may never walk again after this weekend.”

  Wes rolled Gracie to the side, still cradled in his arms. He pulled out of her and started to sit up.

  “Let me get cleaned up, and I’ll be right back.”

  As Wes got up to discard the condom, Luke pulled her into his arms and tucked her head under his chin.

  “Was that good?” he asked.

  She stretched and yawned like a contented cat. “I’m not sure I could deal with it if it got any better. Thank you, Luke. I don’t even know what to say. That was fantastic. I can’t believe you went to so much trouble to make my fantasies real.”

  “Trouble? More like my pleasure,” he said. “You’re an incredible woman, Gracie.”

  Wes climbed on the other side of her and scooted in close. He pressed a kiss to her shoulder and slid his hand down the curve of her waist.

  “Rest up, Gracie girl, and we’ll do it all over again.”

  Chapter Eleven

  Gracie lay in bed between Luke and Wes and stared up at the ceiling. The euphoria around her had yet to dissipate. Her body still felt tingly and alive on the heels of the most fantastic sex of her life.

  She glanced over at Luke, unable to control the softening in her chest. The past week with him had been unbelievable. He’d taken their conversations and pieced together her fantasies. He’d made them come alive, and he’d done it because he cared for her.

  She wasn’t sure exactly when she’d fallen in love with him. In retrospect, she couldn’t remember a time when she hadn’t felt deeply for him. But the past week had brought it together and shoved it to the forefront. She wanted to be with him.

  As if feeling her gaze, he turned his head toward her, his blue eyes glowing with contentment. He reached out a hand to cup her cheek.

  “I thought I’d light a fire in the fireplace,” he said.

  She nuzzled her cheek into his palm. “Hmmm, I’d like that.”

  “Give me five minutes and I’ll be back for you.”

  She watched as he got up and pulled his underwear on. Then he disappeared out of the bedroom.

  A warm hand slid over the curve of her hip, over her belly and up to cup one of her breasts. She closed her eyes, enjoying Wes’ caresses.

  He nibbled lightly at the curve of her neck as he fingered her nipples.

  “Did I hurt you earlier?” he asked. “I worried I was too big for you.”

  She smiled and turned over in his arms. “You won’t find me complaining about your dick size,” she teased. “I thought I’d died and gone to heaven.”

  He kissed her lightly, and she felt the penis in question stir to life against her stomach.

  “I can’t wait to taste it,” she said in a sultry voice.

  “Shit,” Wes muttered. “I can’t wait either.”

  “We have about three minutes before Luke is coming back to get me,” she said wickedly. She slid her body farther down the bed until her mouth was even with his erection.

  This was the first time she’d gotten this close, and her eyes widened in appreciation. The man was stacked. She licked her lips in anticipation, and Wes flinched beside her.

  “God, woman, quit teasing me.”

  She laughed huskily and lapped her tongue over the head. He flinched again and dug his hands into her hair. She slid her mouth over him, sucking him deep.

  “Oh yeah, baby, suck it. Just like that. Damn.”

  She took him as deep as she could, and his breath left him in one long hiss. She pushed him over onto his back and knelt over his hips, shoving her hair out of the way.

  She wrapped her fist around the base of his cock and moved her hand up and down with the motion of her mouth.

  “Stop,” he moaned. “Baby, stop before I come.”

  He pulled gently at her hair until he was free of her mouth. His chest heaved with exertion, and his eyes glittered brightly as he stared at her.

  “Fire’s built,” Luke said from the doorway.

  She turned to see him leaning against the doorframe, watching her and Wes. She uncurled her legs and stood up beside the bed. Wes got up as well, and they walked out of the bedroom into the living room.

  She curled onto the couch directly in front of the fireplace and sighed in pleasure. To her surprise, Luke sat down beside her and pushed her chest down to the cushions. He pulled her arms behind her back and tied them with the same rope he’d used the previous night.

  “Totally and completely at our mercy,” he murmured.

  She closed her eyes and clenched her teeth against the tide of desire rolling over her body.

  Luke stood up and pulled her up to stand beside him. He guided her around to the side of the couch then bent her, belly down, over the arm of the sofa. Her feet left the floor, and her cheek rested against the soft material of the couch. Her ass was in the air, vulnerable.

  She heard the jingle—of a belt? Seconds later, she felt the sting of leather across her buttocks. She gasped and squirmed. She had no idea who was administering the spanking.

  Again the slap of the belt, the sound of it striking flesh, the delicious burn across her ass. After the fourth stroke, she panted for breath. After the fifth and six, she was begging. After the seventh, she felt hands smooth over her burning ass. Fingers curled roughly around her thighs and spread them.

  A cock nudged then rammed into her. Wes. Oh God. He wasn’t as gentle as he’d been earlier. Maybe he knew now she could accommodate his size. He thrust hard, sending her spiraling into a world of unbelievable pleasure and the thrill of erotic pain.

  He paused for a moment, so tightly wedged into her that she couldn’t move if she wanted. Then he forced himself deeper and she cried out.

  He slipped from her body, and Luke slid into her, immediately replacing Wes. He squeezed and kneaded her ass cheeks as he thrust into her again and again. Then he slapped her butt with his hand, and she yelped. The skin, so sensitive from the belt, tingled and singed under his hand. He rode her harder, spurred on by her cries. His hand rained down again and again until she sobbed her release. And still he continued.

  Unbelievably, her body reacted to his demands. She felt herself climb tow
ard another orgasm even as tears streaked down her cheeks from the first.

  Then Luke stopped. He smacked her ass one more time before pulling out.

  “No!” she cried out. They couldn’t stop now. Not when she was so close again.

  She heard a chuckle and wasn’t sure who it came from. Then she felt her ass being spread, the cool lubricant soothing over her anus. She trembled from head to toe. Wes stepped between her legs. She recognized his touch. Oh God, surely he wasn’t going to take her ass.

  “We’re going to take this nice and slow, Gracie girl,” Wes said soothingly. “You’re going to take all of me.”

  She closed her eyes as he positioned his cock and pushed forward. Slowly, the pressure agonizing. Pleasure ripped through her abdomen even as the pinch of pain unsettled her. It was a heady combination.

  The couch dipped and Luke picked up her head and slid underneath her. He fisted his cock in his hand and curled his other hand into her hair. He slipped his cock between her lips just as Wes plunged into her ass.

  The momentum carried her forward, forcing Luke’s dick deep into her mouth. The tightness in her ass was nearly unbearable. Then Wes smacked her cheek with his hand and she bucked against him.

  “I’m going to ride you now, Gracie,” Wes said as he began moving within her. “I’m going to ride your ass while Luke fucks your pretty mouth.”

  Gracie closed her eyes, her body tightening and spasming uncontrollably at Wes’ erotic language. She was wild with need. She wanted more. She was helpless between them, unable to move. Her body was theirs to do with what they wanted, and she loved it.

  They fucked her mouth and her ass, foregoing their earlier gentle style. This was raw sex, hard, sweaty, the kind she’d dreamed about. They were unrelenting as they made demands of her body. They owned her, they used her, and she never wanted it to stop.

  She cried out, but Luke thrust deeply into her mouth, halting all attempt at making sound. She closed her eyes, squeezed them tightly shut as her body splintered and broke apart under their relentless assault.

  The wet, sucking sounds of their fucking filled the room. Luke’s hand wound tightly in her hair, pulling her head closer to his groin. Then Wes grunted behind her and let out a shout as he came.

  “Swallow it, Gracie,” Luke murmured. “I want you to swallow it all.”

  He moaned and jerked against the back of her throat then flooded her mouth with his cum. She sucked greedily, wanting to please him in a way she’d never wanted to please a man.

  Wes carefully withdrew from her quivering body as Luke finished in her mouth. Wes reached over to untie her hands, and Luke pulled her into his arms.

  She lay on his chest, eyes closed, too worn out to form a coherent thought. Luke hugged her closer as he stood, lifting her with him. He carried her into the bathroom and started the shower.

  He washed her gently, taking care with the tender parts of her body. When he was finished, he wrapped her in a towel and carried her to bed.

  She burrowed into his chest and was vaguely aware of Wes spooning against her back. Gentle hands soothed over her skin, petting and caressing her. She yawned and allowed herself to drift away.

  Chapter Twelve

  Gracie opened her eyes, a smile on her face. She sighed and snuggled a little deeper into the covers. It was dark outside, so she’d been sleeping for several
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