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         Part #2 of Unspoken series by Maya Banks
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  She slid out of the truck and met Luke around the front. She’d shed her jacket and hopped a bit to keep warm in the cold air.

  “Let’s get inside before you freeze,” Luke muttered.

  As soon as they stepped inside, the fast beat of the music swelled and pounded. It vibrated the floor beneath their feet and exploded off the walls. Her pulse quickened as the beat invaded her veins.

  “Let’s dance,” Luke shouted beside her.

  He tugged her out toward the crowded dance floor. Couples moved and gyrated in time with the music, their bodies meshed in sensual poses.

  Gracie hesitated, unsure of herself for the first time.

  Luke leaned in toward her ear. “Pretend for a minute that I’m one of your boyfriends. You’ve brought me here to dance. Come on, Gracie, what would you do?”

  He was taunting her, daring her. And damn it, she never backed down from a dare.

  She looped her arms around his neck and swung her pelvis into his groin. She moved and swayed, getting into the heady beat. She closed her eyes and threw her head back as she rubbed her breasts across his chest.

  After a few moments, she rotated in his arms, grinding her ass into his hard cock. Oh yeah, she could feel the bulge against her behind. She leaned into him and reached up, twining her arms behind her around his neck.

  She writhed against him, bumping and thumping as he moved in sync with her. His hands crept around her, moving slowly, seductively over her belly.

  She shivered as a flash of need, centered in her abdomen, shot out in ten directions. Her pussy tightened, her nipples beaded and the hunger within her grew.

  His hands moved up inching closer to her breasts. Would he touch her in public? She knew the club goers here were about as uninhibited as they came, but she wasn’t sure if Luke would feel comfortable indulging in that sort of activity.

  Then he cupped both breasts through the thin material of her shirt and she gasped at the erotic sensation that bolted through her body. He massaged and plumped them both, lightly caressing the sensitive flesh.

  One of his hands dropped, sliding down her body as the other kept kneading her breast. Lower still until his thumb brushed over her belt loop and caught there. His fingers dipped to the juncture of her thighs until he touched her pussy through her jeans.

  Her body jerked in reaction and she moaned softly. He continued to rub up and down, dipping farther between her legs. She ground her ass against his cock, her movements becoming more restless by the minute.

  “Undo your jeans for me,” he said close to her ear.

  “Here?” she asked.

  “This is your place, Gracie. You wouldn’t have brought me here if you hadn’t wanted this to happen.”

  She gulped nervously and reached down with shaky fingers to undo the snap of her jeans. Around them, the dancing continued and no one seemed to notice or care what she and Luke were doing.

  “Arms back up now,” he ordered.

  She slid her arms back up over her head and wrapped them around his neck until she was once more locked in his embrace.

  The hand he had on her breast lowered to the hem of her shirt. He dipped underneath until his hand came into contact with her bare skin. Then he slid his hand back up toward her breasts until he flicked over her nipple.

  The nipple ring dangled and he plucked gently at it.

  “Very nice,” he said in her ear.

  She’d forgotten all about the nipple rings and how he might react to them, but based on his response, he was far from turned off.

  He continued to play with the nipple ring as his other hand delved into her pants. She sucked in her breath as his fingers found her clit and began rubbing in a slow, torturous circle.

  “I want you to come for me, Gracie. Right here, right now.”

  Oh God, if he only knew just how close she already was.

  He pulled harder at her nipple ring and bent his head to nibble at her neck. His fingers moved faster over her pussy, separating the folds and flicking at the button between them.

  Her breathing sped up. Then just as he sank his teeth into her neck, he pulled sharply at the nipple ring and he pinched her clit.

  She exploded against him in a rush of heat. She sagged heavily in his arms, and he caught her against him, holding her tightly. Wave after wave of exquisite pleasure poured over her as the music swelled in the background. Her legs shook, and she felt weak all over.

  Finally he eased his hand from her pussy. He let his other hand fall from her breast and carefully withdrew it from her shirt. He reached around her with both hands and redid her snap before arranging her shirt for her.

  “Maybe we should get a drink now,” he suggested.

  She nodded numbly and followed him off the dance floor. They took a table far enough from the dancing and music that they might actually be able to hear each other without shouting.

  “What the hell was that?” Gracie asked after they placed their drink order.

  Luke fixed her with one hell of a sexy stare. “I should be asking you that. Didn’t you set me up for that?”

  She opened her mouth but couldn’t think of a single thing to say. “No, I mean yes, but no, I wasn’t setting you up. I just wanted to see…”

  “If I’d run scared if you took me to a place like this?” he finished.

  “Yeah,” she finished lamely. “Something like that.”

  “I’m not like your other boyfriends, Gracie.”

  “No, you’re not,” she said truthfully. “That was, honest to God, the hottest thing that’s ever happened to me in my life.”

  Luke grinned. “Honest. Yep, that’s what I love about you.”

  “You didn’t…you didn’t mind the nipple rings?”

  He stared strangely at her. “Mind? I was turned on as hell. I can’t wait to see them. I bet you look incredibly sexy with them dangling from your nipples.”

  She grabbed for the drink being delivered and drank greedily. God, she had to do something to cool off or she was going to go up in flames.

  Finally she put it down and stared intently at Luke. “Is that where we’re headed, Luke? Are we going to have sex?”

  “I could lie and say no, but I won’t. That’s precisely where we’re headed, Gracie.”

  Delicious tickles licked up her spine. Her insides quivered and her nipples tightened. For the first time in a long time, she looked at sex and had no idea what to expect.

  “Not right away,” he continued. “I want to see you a few more times. I’m having fun seeing you as more than a buddy. You’re a beautiful woman, Gracie, and I’m enjoying you very much.”

  He leaned in toward her until his mouth was inches from hers. “Would you trust me enough to go somewhere with me for the weekend? For Valentine’s Day?”

  “Valentine’s Day?” she echoed.

  “Call it our fantasy weekend,” he said. “Make plans to get next Friday off work. I’ll pick you up Friday morning, and we’ll spend the weekend together. I promise you won’t regret it.”

  She sat back in her chair and stared at him open mouthed. Spend an entire weekend with him. Having sex. A fantasy weekend. Her entire body tingled at the thought.

  “Do you trust me?” he asked.

  She nodded. “You know I do.”

  “Then let me plan this. Say you’ll go.”

  She must be out of her mind. No one did this sort of thing after two dates. But this was Luke. Not some schmuck she’d just met. She knew he wouldn’t hurt her and would probably give her the best sex of her life.

  “Okay,” she said. “I’ll do it.”

  “Good. That’s just next weekend. Not long at all to wait.”

  “No,” she agreed. “So what do we do in the meantime?”

  “We get to know each other better,” Luke said. “And we dance some more.”

  He gestured toward the dance floor. “You ready for round two?”

  Chapter Seven

  “So what is Jeremy doing for you for Valent
ine’s Day?” Gracie asked as she leaned against Michelle’s kitchen counter. She, Ellie Turner and Michelle were all gathered in the kitchen while the men sat in the living room ready to watch the fight.

  Michelle stopped stirring the tea and set the pitcher aside. She smiled ruefully. “Nothing romantic I imagine. He’ll probably finish painting the baby’s room and we’ll probably go pick out the crib.”

  “Sounds exciting,” Gracie said dryly. “What about you, Ellie? If I know Jake, he’s planned something terrific.”

  A blush worked its way over the pretty brunette’s face. “I don’t know exactly,” Ellie said. “He told me not to make plans.”

  Michelle grinned. “Jake does plan the most wonderful surprises.”

  Gracie nodded. “Lucky bitch. What I wouldn’t give for a man to look at me the way Jake looks at you, Ellie.” Even as she said it, the memory of the way Luke had stared at her on their date sent a slow burn straight up her spine.

  Ellie laughed and blushed again. “I’m not complaining. I’m so lucky to have him.”

  Michelle reached over and patted her arm. “No, honey, he’s lucky to have you.”

  “No doubt,” Gracie agreed. “Who else would put up with all that testosterone?”

  “Oh, I don’t know, Gracie. You have to admit all that bottled he-man stuff is awfully sexy,” Michelle said cheekily.

  “I swear those pregnancy hormones are raging. You must keep Jeremy awfully busy,” Gracie said dryly.

  Michelle blushed. She actually blushed. Gracie crowed in delight. “Busted!”

  The three women dissolved into laughter.

  “What about you, Gracie? Got any plans with Luke?” Michelle asked pointedly.

  Gracie felt her cheeks heat, but damn it, she was not going to betray herself like the other two women. “Yeah, we’re spending the weekend together.”

  Michelle raised one eyebrow. “The weekend as in you’ll have a couple of dates or the weekend as in spending every minute together?”

  “The latter,” Gracie replied.

  “Wow, you guys move fast. Going anywhere special?”

  “I don’t know exactly. He’s planning it. I just know it involves sex.”

  Michelle pinned her with a questioning stare. “You nervous?”

  “Of course I am. This isn’t just any guy. I don’t want to screw things up.”

  “You’ll do fine,” Michelle soothed.

  “Luke’s a great guy,” Ellie interjected.

  “What are you girls doing in here?” Luke asked as he walked into the kitchen.

  “Gossiping, of course,” Michelle said lightly.

  Luke dropped a kiss on Michelle’s cheek. “How are you feeling, sweetheart?”

  Michelle smiled at him. “I’m doing good. Baby’s growing like a weed.”

  He turned to Ellie and gave her a quick hug. “What about you? Jake treating you good?”

  Ellie’s smile lit up her entire face.

  “I’ll take that as a yes,” Luke said.

  Then he turned his attention to Gracie.

  Gracie felt an odd shiver as Luke reached to pull her into his arms. He kissed her lightly on the lips before pulling away.

  “The fight’s starting. I wondered if y’all needed help with the snacks,” he said.

  The girls put it into high gear. Gracie shoved a tray at Luke while Michelle collected the tea pitcher and the bags of chips. Ellie grabbed the glasses of ice and followed everyone else into the living room.

  It was a familiar scene. One that brought Gracie comfort. All of them gathered at Jeremy and Michelle’s to watch a UFC fight.

  “Hey, Gracie, come sit,” Wes called. He patted the spot beside him on the couch.

  Luke sat down on the floor in front of her and leaned back between her legs so his back rested against the couch. Ellie sat nestled in Jake’s arms, and Gracie felt a pang of longing at the couple’s obvious devotion.

  They spent the evening laughing and having a good time. Luke didn’t go out of his way to latch onto her in front of the others, a fact she was grateful for.

  She didn’t want to flaunt her budding relationship with Luke. She still felt awkward about it and didn’t want to extend that discomfort to the rest of the group. And to everyone else’s credit, they’d acted completely normal.

  The fight had been over a few minutes when the doorbell rang. Jeremy got up and disappeared from the living room to answer it. A few seconds later, he reappeared.

  “Gracie, Keith is at the door for you.”

  Gracie stiffened. Why now of all times? Did he never think to call or at least go by her house if he had something he wanted to say? Why he was fond of making a scene in front of her friends, she’d never know.

  “Has he been drinking?” Gracie asked as she got up.

  Jake’s eyebrows shot up, and his face darkened.

  Jeremy shook his head. “I don’t think so, and he’d be a damn fool to show up here if he had.” He winked at her. “I gave him my best cop stare and told him he better not start any shit.”

  Gracie grinned. “Thanks, Jeremy.”

  Luke put a hand on her shoulder as she got up from the couch. “I’m going out with you.”

  She hesitated for a moment then nodded. As they left the living room, Luke slid an arm around her waist and squeezed reassuringly.

  When she opened the front door, Keith, who was standing on the porch with his back to her, turned around. His lips curled in distaste and his eyes glinted with a little fear as he spotted Luke.

  “What do you want?” Gracie asked.

  “I’d hoped we could talk alone,” Keith said, looking pointedly at Luke.

  Luke pulled her closer up against him, his hand resting possessively on her hip. “Whatever you have to say to Gracie can be said in front of me. Isn’t that right, sweetheart?”

  “So you’re with him now?” Keith demanded.

  “It would appear I am,” Gracie said calmly.

  “Damn it, Gracie. You don’t even give a guy a chance,” Keith complained. “You can’t expect to spring shit on me like you did. I know I reacted badly, but what did you expect?”

  Gracie raised her eyebrows. “Expect? I don’t guess I expected anything from you at all, Keith. I’ve said all I intend to say on the matter. We’re finished, and I’d really appreciate it if you’d quit coming over to my friends’ house.”

  “So would I,” Luke drawled.

  Keith ran his hand through his hair and swore again. “All right, Gracie. If that’s what you want. Your loss.”

  He turned and stomped off the front porch toward his truck. He peeled out of the driveway and left in a cloud of dust.

  “Dumbass,” Gracie muttered.

  “What did you ever see in him?” Luke asked as they walked back into the house.

  “Don’t rub it in.”

  Luke laughed. “Okay, I’ll shut up now.”

  “Good idea.”

  “Everything okay, Gracie?” Jeremy asked as she and Luke entered the living room.

  “Yeah, he’s gone,” she said.

  “Maybe you and I should pay Keith a little visit in the official capacity,” Wes said to Jeremy. “We could tell him to leave Gracie the hell alone.”

  “Is he bothering her?” Jake asked with a scowl. “Do I need to go beat his scrawny ass?”

  “I can take care of myself just fine, Jake,” Gracie said. “But thanks. You guys are the best.”

  “Who wants a beer?” Michelle interrupted.

  Gracie looked gratefully at her, and Michelle winked back.

  “Who wants to watch the fight again?” Jeremy asked as he picked up the remote.

  Chapter Eight

  Gracie leaned back in Luke’s truck seat and tried to settle her nervous stomach. They were headed out of town to a cabin on the lake Luke and Wes shared ownership in.

  She’d been out before. They’d gotten together for fishing trips and stayed weekends at the cabin, but she’d never gone with the idea o
f having sex with Luke.

  The week leading up to the weekend had been terrific. She and Luke had spent every day together. The sexual tension between them had grown into an enormous entity, but more than that, their relationship had developed beyond their casual friendship.

  And now they were adding sex to the equation. It seemed so important to him that she trust him. She did. She’d always trusted him, and it felt right for them to be together. Somehow she knew Luke would satisfy all her needs and desires.

  “You’re quiet,” Luke said beside her. “Having second thoughts?”

  “No, not at all.”

  She slid her eyes sideways to look at him. The heat in his gaze peeled a few layers of her skin off. No, she had many thoughts, but she wasn’t regretting her decision to see where the weekend would take them.

  He reached over and curled his hand over hers. “I’m glad. I’m really looking forward to this. To us.”

  She smiled. “Me too.”

  Thirty minutes later, they pulled up to the cabin overlooking Sam Rayburn Lake, and Luke cut the engine. He turned sideways in his seat and looked intently at her.

  “I’ve planned a lot for us this weekend. If you ever feel uncomfortable with the direction we’re going or I’m doing something that you don’t want, just say so. I’ll stop. Otherwise, I expect you to do exactly as I tell you.”

  A full body shiver worked its way over Gracie’s skin. She nodded, her mouth too dry for her to speak.

  He leaned in and kissed her, his lips working hot over hers. When he pulled away, his eyes were half-lidded, and desire burned brightly, making his eyes a darker blue.

  “I want you to go inside to the bedroom. Remove your clothes and lie down on the bed. Wait for me. I’ll be in with our bags.”

  She swallowed and nodded again.

  He handed her the keys, singling out the one to the cabin.

  “Just leave them on the coffee table in the living room and head to the bedroom. Our weekend starts now.”

  She got out of the truck and headed for the door. She inserted the key into the lock and went inside. Luke had evidently been here in preparation for their weekend. The cabin was warm, and she could hear the hum of the heater. A fire had been laid in the fireplace, just waiting to be lit.

  She set the keys down on the coffee table and headed for the bedroom. Once
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