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       Fever, p.29

         Part #2 of Breathless series by Maya Banks
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  He groaned. Alcohol definitely made her less inhibited. She was adorably shy, but tonight the alcohol had given her liquid courage and he may not survive it. He was already about to come in his pants, and he was nowhere near inside her yet.

  He had to pace himself. It was something he constantly had to remind himself or else he’d toss those killer heels over his shoulders and fuck her brains out right here and now. And if she knew what he was thinking, she’d be encouraging him to do just that. Tonight she was an impatient, greedy wench and he loved it.

  Lowering his head back down he began to lick and eat more boldly, applying more pressure, touching her in the places he knew she was particularly sensitive. He knew every inch of her body. Knew she loved when he slid his finger into her pussy and pressed just so against her G-spot. She loved when he rolled his tongue around her clit, but she didn’t like when he sucked it too hard. And she loved to have the rim of her pussy opening toyed and teased with his tongue, his fingers and his cock. The quickest way to drive her insane was to fuck her with very short, shallow strokes with barely the head of his dick inside her.

  “You are a genius with your mouth,” she said dreamily. “I gotta tell Mia about this. All she said was that Gabe fucked her just inside the door, but I bet she doesn’t get this.”

  He raised his head, leveling a baleful stare in her direction. “Not cool, baby. Not cool at all.”

  Her eyes danced merrily and she giggled, momentarily releasing one knee to cover her mouth to stifle her laughter.

  “Hands,” Jace growled.


  “And while I’m giving my beautiful submissive her orders, do not mention my sister while we’re having sex. Ever.”

  “Yes, sir,” she said primly. “Or maybe I should say ‘yes, master.’”

  “Cheeky wench,” he said with no heat.

  He loved the lighthearted exchange. Loved the fun, flirty mood they were enjoying. Bethany had enjoyed herself tonight and it showed. He was seeing another side of her. He was seeing her happy. It made him ache because here and now he was getting a glimpse of the future. Of how things would be between them. And he loved every goddamn minute. It made him hungry for more and he was a greedy bastard where Bethany was concerned.

  He licked her roughly from her opening up to her clit, rolled the nub with his tongue and then flicked repeatedly until she squirmed and went rigid beneath him. He worked a finger gently through her swollen, damp flesh and as he teased her clit, he pushed in to the knuckle, flexing the tip of his finger into the wall of her pussy.


  “Want you to come,” he said roughly. “Going to work you right up to that point and then I’m going to suck you dry while you come all over my tongue.”

  “Oh God,” she said weakly.

  She convulsed around his finger and bathed him in a flood of quick moisture. He caressed the slick, velvety tissues while he worked her clit with his tongue. When her breaths grew desperate, like she was starved for oxygen, he pulled his finger out and quickly put his mouth over her entrance, shoving his tongue deep and sucking.

  She went off like a rocket, hips bucking, her hands flying off her knees to tangle in his hair. She gripped the strands so hard that it was nearly painful, but she held him tightly against her pussy as if she were afraid he’d let her go right in the middle of her orgasm.

  She arched and rose, pushing herself more firmly against his mouth, her movements frantic. He sucked and licked, eating like a man starved. When she began to relax and her pussy quivered against his tongue, he nuzzled more gently, working her down from her explosive release.

  Lapping slowly and leisurely, he alternated swipes of his tongue with tender kisses to the still-trembling flesh.

  “Can I pass out now?” she moaned.

  He chuckled against her pussy and then lifted his head so he could meet her gaze. She looked even drunker than before, her eyes glazed over, cheeks flushed and her words slurring past stiff lips.

  “I’m still going to fuck you, baby. Whether you’re conscious or not. I’d prefer you be awake for the event.”

  “Mmmm, me too. Jace?”

  “Yeah, baby.”

  “I’m drunk.”

  He laughed. “I would have never guessed.”

  “But it was worth it to have you fuck me in these shoes.”

  “Haven’t fucked you yet, baby. I’m getting to that part.”

  She let out another dreamy sigh. “I like these shoes.”

  He grinned. “I like them on you while I’m fucking you.”

  “You gonna fuck me now?”

  He laughed at the pouty impatience in her tone. Then he moved up and over her, her breath quickening as she stared up at him, the flirty lightness gone, replaced by lust.

  “I’m going to fuck that pretty mouth of yours just as soon as I get rid of my clothes.”

  She licked over her lips and his dick screamed for him to get out of his fucking pants.

  “Hurry,” she whispered.

  “That I can do,” he murmured. “While I’m undressing, I want you to lie on your back, head toward me, and slide over the edge so the back of your neck is on that edge. Wait for me like that. Going to fuck your mouth just like it was your ass on the edge of the bed, your pussy all spread out for me to fuck.”

  Though he’d told her to do it while he undressed, he stood next to the bed until he was certain she wasn’t going to fall on the floor. He helped her position her head and made sure she was comfortable before stripping out of his clothing in record time.

  His dick sprang free, painful as hell after spending so much time stuffed into his damn pants. His balls ached and he was ready to dive deep. Knowing he planned to fuck her three ways before he came in her ass made him temper his movements. They were both going to enjoy this even if it killed him.

  He palmed her face, holding her steady as his dick bobbed just above her lips.

  “Open your mouth, baby,” he ordered. “I want you to relax and let me do all the work. Just lie there while I fuck you.”

  Her lips parted on his command and he pushed inside her liquid warmth. The tip slid over her tongue and his eyes nearly rolled back in his head. Jesus, he was going to come all undone in two seconds flat.

  He arched over her, pushing up in a position of dominance. He flexed and slid deep, gliding over her velvety tongue. To the back of her throat, resting a moment before retreating in slow, sensual thrusts. She lifted her hands, reaching back tentatively to curl around his thighs until her fingers teased over his ass, almost as if she were asking permission to touch him. He liked it too damn much to tell her to put her hands forward, and she was gloriously uninhibited, determined to explore and delight in her inebriated state.

  Low, sexy sounds hummed from her throat, vibrating around his dick every time he sank deeper. As his movements became more forceful, wet sucking sounds filled the room. It was hot. Everything about tonight pushed every one of his buttons. He’d never fucked a drunk woman before. It was a definite no in his book because he never wanted it to be construed that he’d taken advantage of a woman who wasn’t fully cognizant of her actions.

  But Bethany was with him. She wanted this. Hell, she’d all but demanded to be fucked in her shoes, adorably tipsy, eyes glowing and cheeks flushed. And he was going to give her what she wanted, absolutely.

  He closed his eyes, rocking up on his toes, his palms tightening on her face and then sliding to tangle in her hair as he pulled her to meet his thrusts. Long, slow and deep, he drew out his pleasure, feeling every lick, every suck, every time her cheeks hollowed and then puffed out.

  Then he stopped, his breaths tearing raggedly from his chest. She made a low murmur of protest when his hands left her face and he smiled down before leaning in to drop a kiss on her upturned lips.

  “Want to fuck that pussy, baby.”

  She sent him a goofy grin, her eyes lighting up. “I want that too. How do you want me?”

  The simple
request sent a dark thrill through him. So submissive. So willing to please.

  “Turn around and give me those gorgeous legs. I’m going to wrap them around me and then I’m going to hold those heels, spread you wide and fuck you hard.”

  She shivered uncontrollably, her nipples puckering so delectably that he couldn’t control the urge to lean over her body and suck each one in turn into his mouth. She moaned and arched into him as he licked and teased.

  “Like that, huh,” he said with a low chuckle.

  “Mmm hmmm.”

  He helped turn her around, smiling at the drowsy, drugged droop to her eyes. She fell back onto the bed, her legs sprawling apart. One of her shoes was hanging precariously from her toes and he slid it back over her heel before gripping her ankles and hauling her roughly to the edge of the bed.

  Bending her knees back, he wrapped her legs around his waist and entered her in one hard thrust. She gasped. He gasped. So tight, but she was wet around him, easily taking him to the balls. He stayed that way for a long moment, collecting himself so he didn’t come.

  Then as he’d promised, he reached back to unhook her legs, pushed her knees toward her body, spreading her wide. His hands glided over the expensive, glittering heels and he grasped the thin four-inch spikes.

  “Ready?” he ground out, his voice cracking every bit as much as his control threatened to shatter.

  She nodded solemnly, her eyes glittering and heavy with the effects of the alcohol.

  He began to fuck her. Hard, forceful thrusts. He lunged into her, his body slapping into hers as his grip tightened around her heels. Her pussy tightened and then fluttered around him, signaling her impending orgasm. But he didn’t want her to come yet. Not yet. Not until he was deep in her ass. If she came again so quickly, she wouldn’t be ready to take him in her ass. It would only cause her discomfort and he wanted this to be perfect for them both.

  “Try to hold off, baby,” he whispered. “Going to fuck you a little while longer. Love this pussy. But then I’m going to have that sweet ass and that’s when you get to come.”

  “I want on top,” she said, her lips pouty and cute.

  He raised an eyebrow. “Think you can take me in your ass that way?”

  Her bottom lip pushed out more until all he wanted to do was kiss her senseless and suck on that luscious, full mouth.

  “I wanna be on top and fuck you with my heels on. Know I said I wanted you to fuck me in these heels, but I’m thinking I could fuck you.”

  He chuckled and pushed in, taking her breath in a gasp. “You have to know I can’t ever tell you no, especially when you’re so damn cute when you pout.”

  Her eyes brightened with excitement. He leaned over her, blanketing her body as he let her heels fall down his legs. He nuzzled and sucked at her nipples, tasting and rolling the puckered tips with his tongue.

  “I love that,” she sighed. “You have such an amazing mouth. Even when I’m not drunk.”

  He laughed and shook against her body. “Thank fuck for that, baby. I’d hate to know I was only good in the sack when you were three sheets to the wind.”

  She pushed impatiently at him and he bit back another grin. He was supposed to be in control here but she was determined to have her way and she wanted it now. Far be it from him to ever hold back a lusty, gorgeous, drunk woman who wanted to have her evil way with him.

  He lifted himself off her and then reached for the lubricant in the nightstand. He crawled onto the bed and reclined on his back, reaching his hand to help her climb up over him.

  He handed her the tube, his expression going serious for a moment. “Know you’re having fun, baby, but I don’t want you to hurt yourself. Make damn sure you use enough lubricant and take it slow and easy until I’m inside you.”

  She sent him a dazzling smile that made his gut tighten.

  “Love you,” she said, slurring the L and drawing out the you until it became two words.

  He went soft all over. “Love you too, baby. Now have your fun and take your man. I’m just going to lie here and let you do your thing.”

  “Oh, I like the sound of that,” she purred.

  She concentrated intensely on applying the lubricant to his dick. She covered every inch until he was about to lose his mind. If she didn’t hurry, he’d never make it inside her.

  When she seemed satisfied with her effort, she tossed the tube aside and then planted her palms on his chest, her unfocused stare finding him, gravely serious.

  “I’m not at all sure what I’m doing,” she said as if imparting something of great importance. “I might need your help.”

  He suppressed a chuckle and then reached down to grasp his slippery cock.

  “Just hold on to me like you’re doing. When I tell you, start to ease down and take it slow. I’ll take care of you.”

  She sighed and sent another dazzling, heart-stopping smile his way. “I know you will. You take such good care of me.”

  He guided her hips down with his free hand and then held his cock firmly in position. He reached down to part her ass and tucked the head at her puckered entrance. Her eyes widened when the tip pressed into her tiny entrance.

  “It’s all up to you now,” he said.

  Her lips tightened in concentration and her palms dug into his shoulders as she began to push downward. Thankfully, with the amount of lubricant she’d applied and the fact that he was hard as a fucking stone, he penetrated her easily. She paused when he was halfway in, her expression almost comical.

  “You’re huge,” she whispered.

  He laughed. “I haven’t gained size in my dick, baby. It’s the same size it’s always been.”

  “Okay, but it feels a lot bigger,” she grumbled.

  And then she pushed down, taking him to the balls. He groaned at the instant pressure surrounding him. She gripped him like a fist, squeezing and milking his dick like she wanted every drop of his cum.

  “Oh hell,” he muttered. “Need you to move, baby. This is going to be fast.”

  She shook her head and frowned. “Not until I say.”

  He lifted an eyebrow in question.

  “You can’t come until I say,” she said with a fierce glare.

  He laughed again and gripped her hips, holding her down in place. “Then you better say soon or you’re going to have an ass full of my cum and there won’t be a damn thing you can do about it.”

  She looked disgruntled but then she sat back, her hands sliding down his chest to his abdomen. She rotated experimentally, twitching her body this way and that until he was to the point of begging her to stop. She was going to be the death of him.

  Then she found her rhythm and began to move up and down, his dick coming halfway out before she’d slide back down, taking him fully. He helped keep her steady so she didn’t pitch over sideways and he lifted his hips to aid her movements.

  “This is nice,” she breathed.

  “Nice?” He had to laugh again. “Wouldn’t call it nice, baby. It’s fucking torture.”

  She gave him a wicked, crooked smile, her eyelids half closed and sexy as hell as she studied him.

  “Do I get to come now?” she pouted.

  “Hell yes, as long as I get to come with you.”

  “I need some help in that department,” she said. “If I pick up my hands, I’m gonna fall off and I don’t want to do that.”

  His body shook with amusement. “No, I don’t want you falling off either. You just keep holding on. I’ll take care of you, baby.”

  He moved one of his hands from her hip to slide between them so his finger caressed her clit. She immediately tensed over him and her eyes closed dreamily.

  “’Kay, you can come now,” she declared.

  If his dick wasn’t about to explode, he’d chuckle again, but he was too far gone to laugh at how damn cute she was being. Instead he increased the pressure on her clit and began to surge upward, burying his cock as far into her ass as he could manage.

  She came
first, her head thrown back, his name a cry on her lips. He had to catch her as she fell forward, her entire body going limp as a dishrag. He wrapped both arms around her, holding her tight as he continued to arch into her. He closed his eyes and clenched his jaw and then he let out a roar that vibrated the walls as he exploded inside her.

  Jet after jet pumped into her body. He came violently, an endless stream, his balls tight, his dick straining until it neared the point of pain. He lifted his hips one last time, holding himself as his back bowed.

  “Jesus,” he muttered as he collapsed back onto the bed, her body blanketing his.

  She was warm and sated, limp and completely his. His cock twitched inside her and she nuzzled her face against his chest.

  “Gonna have to do this again,” she slurred, her words barely audible. “I like when you fuck me in my sexy shoes.”

  His body shook and his grip tightened around her, holding her close, hugging her to him, never wanting to let her go.

  “Baby, I like fucking you any way I can, but the shoes are definitely a plus. I’ll buy you a different pair for every day of the week if this is what I have to look forward to.”

  chapter thirty-six

  “Still no sign of Kingston?” Jace asked grimly.

  “No, sir,” came Kaden’s brisk reply. “I’ve had Trevor poking around down where he and Bethany used to hang when she was on the streets. Haven’t seen any sign of him and he hasn’t been back to the apartment.”

  Jace sighed. “Okay, keep me posted.”

  He disconnected the call and leaned back in his chair. As he lifted his gaze, he saw that Ash stood in the doorway, a frown marring his face.

  “Trouble?” Ash asked as he sauntered in to take a seat.

  Jace shook his head. “Well, yes and no.”

  He studied Ash closely, looking for the usual anger in his eyes he wore around the holidays. Though Ash’s family typically only bugged him through New Year’s, this year they’d been persistent even after the holidays and it had only made Ash’s mood blacker.

  “Anything you want to talk about?” Ash asked.

  “Not much to discuss,” Jace muttered. “Kingston is still a no-show. Which is good, don’t get me wrong. I’d be happy if he disappeared from Bethany’s life permanently. But Bethany is sick with worry and it’s starting to wear on her.”

  “Didn’t she go out and hang with Mia and her gaggle of girls?”

  Jace couldn’t help the smile that attacked his lips at the memory of Bethany drunk and cute as hell and thoroughly bent on seduction. His body still came to life remembering the lusty way she’d made love to him that night.

  “Yeah, she went out with them a week ago. Had a good time. Got drunk as hell and wanted me to fuck her in her heels,” Jace said with a grin.

  Ash shook his head. “Not cool, man. I get that I’m not even allowed to think about her anymore, but you giving me images of her drunk off her ass and teetering around on fuck-me shoes? Not cool.”

  Jace held his hands up, grateful they could now joke about the fact Ash had slept with her.

  “Problem is, after she slept off the hangover—and we fucked again,” he added, just to needle Ash. He was rewarded with another glare and he chuckled. “Anyway, problem is, while she was out with Mia and her girls, she wasn’t thinking about Jack. When she was fucking me, she wasn’t thinking about Jack. And when she realized she hadn’t been thinking about him, she felt guilty. And now she’s more worried than ever because he’s disappeared.”

  “That sucks,” Ash muttered. “What an asshole.”

  “Maybe he’s trying to do the right thing. Between you and me, his feelings for her were not brotherly. She doesn’t know that, but then, she’s so naïve about shit like that. She saw him as a brother. I know that absolutely. She didn’t have feelings for him beyond that. But he, on the other hand, saw her as a woman. A woman he wanted, and he didn’t like it too much that she hooked up with me because that took her away from him. So I figure he’s either sulking and doesn’t want to see her knowing he can’t have her, or he’s actually trying to do the right thing and bow out of her life so she can move forward and be happy. Problem
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