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       Colters Woman, p.18

         Part #1 of Colters Legacy series by Maya Banks
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Page 18


  “That answer your question?”

  A tug at her waist prevented her reply. She turned to see Adam cutting in, a cocky expression on his face.

  “You’re hogging her, little brother. ”

  “Later, babe,” Ryan said, promise etched in his eyes.

  Adam tugged her into his arms, a wicked grin on his face. “You two trying to make it on a public dance floor?”

  She blinked innocently at him.

  “Oh, I saw your hands down his pants, baby. ”


  He grinned. “Hell yeah. Only I don’t want your hands there. I want those sweet lips wrapped around my dick. ”

  Her body jolted at his explicit words. Her nipples hardened to the point of aching. He smiled a slow, satisfied smile. “Are we turning you on, baby?”

  “Is this a plan y’all have hatched?” she demanded. “Try to make me as horny as possible in the middle of a restaurant?”

  “Is it working?”

  “Hell yes,” she muttered.

  He chuckled and nipped playfully at her ear with his teeth. “Good. ”

  Another tug at her waist, and she moaned in protest. “This isn’t fair and you both know it,” she complained.

  “Are you wet?” Ethan whispered as he took her into his arms. “Are you imagining the three of us licking, sucking, biting, fucking…?”

  She groaned low in her throat. “Oh my God, you have to stop,” she said weakly. “Can’t we skip dinner?”

  He laughed, low and husky. “Oh no, doll. We have all night. ”

  She closed her eyes and thunked her head against his chest. “I’m so going to make you all pay for this. I’m gonna give prick tease a whole new definition. ”

  He threw back his head and laughed. “Somehow I think I’ll enjoy whatever punishment you come up with. ”

  He picked his head up and looked over her shoulder. “Food’s here. ”

  She looked over to where Adam was motioning to them.

  She walked back over and wilted into her chair. She shot them all dirty looks and ignored their innocent grins.

  “Ohh, this smells heavenly,” she said as she sniffed the delicious aromas floating over the table.

  “Try mine,” Ryan offered, holding a fork out to her.

  She examined his offering. “What is it?”

  “Bacon wrapped shrimp in butter sauce. ”

  “Mmmmm. ” She opened her mouth and he gently tucked it between her lips.

  “Such a sweet mouth,” he murmured.

  He extended his finger and wiped a small bit of butter from her lip then slid his finger into her mouth. She sucked at his finger, swirling her tongue around the tip.

  “Witch. ”

  She withdrew, smirking at him.

  She cut into her steak and savored each and every bite of the tender meat. In between bites of her own food, the men gave her samples of their entrees, each one given with a dose of sensuality that left her weak and aching. She’d never existed in such a haze of sexual awareness. Each look, each touch sizzled and burned, awakened a powerful yearning within her.

  She knew they were drawing attention from nearby tables, and she didn’t care. Let them look. How could she possibly feel awkward about something that felt so intrinsically right? Never in her life had she felt with such absolute conviction that she was where she needed to be.

  “What are you thinking about, doll?”

  She smiled at Ethan, allowing the full force of her contentment to shine.

  “I was thinking how perfect this evening is. ”

  “And to think it’s just getting started,” Ryan murmured.

  Adam slid his hand over to rest on her thigh. His thumb drew lazy circles above her knee, and his fingers slipped further between her legs.

  “I’m glad you’re having a good time, baby. ”

  She leaned back in the chair, her glass of wine in hand. She sipped leisurely at it.

  “Anyone up for dessert?” she asked.

  Three pair of eyes sizzled over her skin. She shivered in reaction.

  “I know exactly what I want for dessert,” Ethan drawled.

  Her cheeks blazed, and her legs clenched together to squelch the unbearable tightening in her pussy.

  “I can’t wait to taste you,” Ethan whispered. “So sweet. Soft. ”

  “Maybe we should go,” she mumbled.

  “Something wrong?” Adam asked.

  She shot him a dirty look. Then she leaned over, brushing her breasts against his arm. She dipped her hand low, slid it over his thigh, between his legs until she cupped his bulge in her hand. She squeezed gently, kneading and fondling.

  “Not a thing,” she said sweetly.

  He stood and hauled her up next to him. “Never let it be said I didn’t accommodate a lady. Let’s go. ”

  The ride home was quiet. Tension radiated throughout the vehicle, and Holly’s legs stayed tightly pressed together. Her clit pulsed and hummed. If she so much as touched herself there, she’d go off like a rocket.

  When they arrived at the hotel, she walked to the elevator on shaky legs. Once inside, Ryan pulled her against him, his hands fumbling with her jeans.

  “Off,” he ordered.

  “We’re in an elevator,” she whispered.

  He gave her a wicked grin as the elevator did a slow rise to the third floor. “Don’t make me rip them off you. ”

  She swallowed then quickly shucked her shoes and jeans. Oh God, don’t let anyone be going up!

  Ryan unbuttoned his jeans, pulled them down then hoisted Holly up in his arms. In the time the elevator climbed to the sixth floor, he had sunk his cock deep inside her.

  She wrapped her arms around his neck and buried her face in the curve of his shoulder. His palms cupped her ass, squeezing, lifting as he plunged deeper.

  She wasn’t going to last. She was too aroused from the night of teasing.

  The elevator whooshed open and Ryan started forward, his steps measured as he worked around his jeans that were pulled down to his hips.

  She’d never experienced such a rush. Ryan buried deeply within her pussy, walking down a public hallway of a hotel, knowing someone, anyone could walk out and see them at any time.

  Adam walked in front, and behind them, Ethan carried Holly’s shoes and jeans.

  She moaned, biting her lips to keep the cries of pleasure at bay. She gripped Ryan harder and rocked her hips closer in to him.

  Adam opened the door and Ryan walked inside, carrying Holly. Ryan pressed her to the wall next to the bathroom, reminiscent of their interlude in the barn. Holly couldn’t hold on any longer.

  Her stomach tightened, her pelvis constricted, every muscle in her pussy exploded in pleasure. She cried out as Ryan’s mouth smashed into hers. He rocked her against the wall, driving harder.

  She was adrift in mindless pleasure, her body drawn as tight as a bowstring. And still she kept climbing.

  Ryan’s mouth slid down her neck, nipping and sucking as his hips rocked between her thighs.

  “Let go,” he whispered. “I’ll catch you. I’ll always catch you. ”

  His words, so heartfelt, were her complete undoing. She splintered into a hundred different pieces, each going a different direction. The room blurred and slipped out of focus, and she went limp against Ryan.

  He gathered her tighter in his arms, his body going rigid as his own release gripped him. Slowly, with extreme care, he lowered her until her legs released his waist and her feet hit the floor.

  As Ryan stepped away, Adam curled an arm around her waist and guided her toward the bathroom.

  “First a nice, hot shower. Then we have plans for you. ”

  “You mean there’s more?” she asked weakly. Honestly, if there was much more, she was going to live a very short life. How much pleasure could one woman stand?

  He kissed the tip of her nose. “Oh yeah, baby. The night is just begin
ning. ”

  Chapter Seventeen

  Holly closed her eyes as Adam gently washed her body under the hot spray of the shower. He kissed and sucked in between rubs and strokes until she was very nearly out of her mind with pleasure.

  When his hands slipped between her legs, delved into the soft folds surrounding her clit, her entire abdomen clenched and spasmed. He ran his fingers through the layers, thumbing her clit as he gently soaped the curls.

  “Please,” she begged.

  “Please what?” he asked as he removed his hand.

  “Oh God, don’t stop!”

  He chuckled and reached over to turn the water off. He stepped out of the shower, and she watched in unabashed appreciation as water beaded and ran down his muscular body.

  He quickly ran a towel over his naked skin then reached back into the shower for her. He wrapped the large towel around her body and pulled her into the front of the bathroom. He dried her skin then her hair then tossed the towel aside, leaving her naked in front of him.

  He wrapped his big hands around her waist and hoisted her up onto the counter by the sink. She looked at him in surprise as he gently spread her legs, baring her pussy to his hands and his eyes.

  “I’ve wanted to do this for some time,” he said as he reached into the small overnight bag that housed their toiletries.

  She watched in fascination as he took out a razor and a small can of shaving cream.

  “Just the thought of your pussy all pink and bare, smooth and soft…makes me hard every time,” he said in a husky voice.

  She shivered, small goose bumps dotting her skin.

  He slid a finger into her wet center then moved it upward, parting her folds as he went. Then he bent his head and sucked her clit into his mouth.

  She nearly shot off the counter, her body convulsing at the out of control sensation that shot through her belly.

  He lifted his head back up and grinned.

  “You’re so mean,” she complained.

  He laughed then wet a washcloth in the sink beside her. She closed her eyes and leaned her head back against the mirror as he began applying the cream to her pussy.

  His strokes were feather light, each one making her clench her teeth a little harder. Teasing, soft, not hard enough to make her come, each touch drove her crazier with lust.

  Several torturous minutes later, he stepped back. He ran a finger over her bare skin and murmured his satisfaction.

  “Ethan and Ryan are going to be very pleased,” he said.

  “And you?” she asked softly.

  “Oh baby, I couldn’t be any more pleased with you. ”

  He reached forward and plucked her off the counter and carried her into the sitting area of the suite.

  Ethan and Ryan both sat sprawled on the couch. Naked. Looking so absolutely delicious, she wanted to run her tongue over their entire bodies.

  And then it hit her. She had to be dreaming. None of this was real. She’d wake in a few hours, be back in the mess that was her life, drenched in sweat from the most wonderful dream she’d ever had in her life. Depressed as hell because it was all a fantasy.

  Ethan must have seen the dismay on her face. His eyes darkened in concern. “What’s that look for, doll?”

  She glanced between both of them, then to Adam who still held her tightly in his arms.

  “Is this real?”

  She had to ask. What woman could possibly believe such a fantastic thing could happen to her?

  Adam’s hand slipped over her hip and pinched hard on her ass.

  “Ow!” she exclaimed. “What was that for?”

  He laughed. “I pinched you. Still think you’re dreaming?”

  She shook her head in amazement. “If I am, I hope I never wake up. ”

  “Put her down, Adam,” Ryan drawled. “I want to see the finished product. ”

  She slid down Adam’s body until she was on her feet. Ethan crooked his finger at her, and she walked to where they sat on the couch.

  She felt bare. Exposed. The current of air that blew over her bare skin tickled and tingled.

  Ethan leaned forward, sliding a finger over her belly, around her navel, down the centerline of her body to the newly shaved skin of her pussy.

  “Just like I imagined. Pretty. Pink. So soft. I can’t wait to taste you. ”

  Ethan pulled her down to him until she straddled his big body. He sucked one taut nipple into his mouth then the other. Then he swung her over until she lay on the couch between him and Ryan, her head on Ryan’s lap. Ethan slid down until his mouth was level with her hips.

  Firmly, with hands that sent sensation racing up her body, he parted her thighs. He blew gently over the swollen skin. A chill crawled up her spine until she shook to rid herself of it.

  His tongue darted out, and she moaned as it made contact with her quivering pussy. He used his fingers to part the flesh, and his tongue delved deeper.

  “Sweet. So sweet,” he murmured.

  He folded her legs and pushed her knees to her chest, completely baring her to his touch and sight. His fingers explored her, then he sank one inside her. Withdrew. Then two took the place of one.

  He moved his fingers back and forth as he sucked her clit into his mouth, swirling his tongue around the taut flesh. She quivered and shook, her legs going weak, her belly convulsing.

  Ryan’s hands went to her breasts, tweaking her nipples until they were stiff and erect. Adam stood to the side, his arms folded across his broad chest.

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