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       Colters Woman, p.12

         Part #1 of Colters Legacy series by Maya Banks
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  She couldn’t help it. She laughed. Then she sobered. “I hope you all aren’t making a mistake,” she said quietly.

  He tipped up his Stetson to get a better look at her. “Are we making a mistake, Holly?”

  She flinched under his frank appraisal. “I don’t want you to be making a mistake,” she whispered. “I don’t want any of this to be a mistake. ”

  “Maybe you’re rushing things,” he said. “There’s no hurry. We’ve got all the time in the world. ”

  She drew comfort from his words. And maybe she had felt rushed. As if she should immediately feel right with the situation she found herself—no, that she chose to be—in. Relationships took time, even if she had a habit of hurling herself into them. It sounded as though they were more than willing to grant her time, and for that she was grateful.

  She was surprised to see they were nearing the cabin again. She hadn’t even paid attention to their ride, so deep in her thoughts she’d been.

  They rode around to the back and stopped outside the barn. Ryan slid from his horse then held up a hand to help her down. She landed inches from him, his body heat reaching out and enveloping her. He smelled so damn sexy. Just like a man should. Of wood, leather and a hint of wildness.

  She placed her hand on his hard chest, unable to resist the temptation. His heat seared her palm. He growled low in his throat.

  “Let’s get the horses in before I fuck you right here in the snow,” he said.

  Goose bumps assaulted every inch of her body. Her nipples tightened and streaks of pleasure burned between her legs at his explicit words.

  Her hands shaking, she followed him into the barn. She watched as he groomed the horses. She imagined it was her his hands roamed over instead of the horse. Sweat beaded on her brow. She wanted him. Right here. Right now. And if she could gain the courage, what was to stop her from taking what she wanted?

  Chapter Ten

  Holly’s courage deserted her halfway to Ryan. As if sensing her approach, he turned around after locking the stall. He studied her for a moment.

  “Did you want something?”

  What a question. She swallowed. Then swallowed again.

  “I want you,” she said simply, it all coming out in a quick rush.

  He flashed her a sexy, arrogant grin.

  “Then come get me,” he said, spreading his arms out in a gesture or surrender.

  She trembled with nervousness, but she walked slowly toward him. Her gaze focused on the bulge in his jeans, the bulge that had grown larger with her announcement. She knew precisely what she wanted to do with it. She wanted to taste it again. Like she had done before.

  With shaking hands, she reached out for the button of his jeans. She heard his quick intake of breath when she worked it free. She pulled the zipper down until she could see the band of his underwear.

  “Take it out,” she whispered. “I want to see you pull it out. ”

  Somehow the image of him pulling his cock out of his pants excited her wildly. She wanted that image to come to life.

  “Get on your knees,” he rasped.

  She hastily complied, and he reached into his pants and pulled out his erection. She reached up, wanting to touch it. She curled her hands around it. It was inches from her lips, straining, hard as a rock.

  She flicked her tongue out and delicately swirled it around the broad head. He flinched and groaned then moved forward, seeking more of her mouth.

  She wrapped her hand around the base of his cock and guided him toward her lips. She let him rest on her lips for the merest of seconds before sucking him gently into her mouth.

  “Ah damn, sweetheart. That’s it. Take it all. ”

  His hand tangled in her hair as he gripped the back of her neck. His hips surged forward as he thrust into her mouth.

  She delighted in the contrast of soft, smooth skin and iron hardness. He tasted exotic, all male, like he smelled. Silky fluid spilled on her tongue as he surged to the back of her throat. She wanted more. She wanted to make him come. Make him as wild for her as she felt in his arms.

  Soft sucking noises filled the barn. They sounded erotic to her ears and spurred her excitement. She drew him in then slid her mouth back down the length of him until the tip rested against her tongue.

  “You’re a temptress,” he said hoarsely.

  She smiled. She felt like a temptress. Gloried in it. She let his cock fall from her mouth and ran her tongue down the underside, following the thick vein down to his balls. She sucked one in her mouth, loving the way his entire body tightened. She lavished attention on the other, sucking and laving with her tongue.

  “You have to stop,” he choked out. “Or I’m gonna come. ”

  She sat back on her heels and flashed him a wicked smile. “That’s the point. ”

  He hauled her up against him and slammed his mouth down over hers. Their tongues dueled. Their lips met in breathless gasps.

  “Get your damn pants off,” he demanded.

  She wasted no time shucking first her boots and then her jeans. He reached down and ripped her underwear, the slight material tearing easily from her body. Before she could register what he was doing, he hoisted her up in his arms, spreading her legs around his waist.

  In one hard plunge, he thrust deeply into her wetness. She cried out, the noise echoing over the barn. Her pussy convulsed around his cock, milking him, inviting him further.

  He held her tightly with one arm and began yanking her coat off with the other. As soon as she was free, he wrapped both arms around her waist and began thrusting into her. She felt the denim of his jeans scratch at her ass as he worked his way further into her.

  She wrapped her arms around his neck and threw her head back in abandon.

  “You are so fucking beautiful,” he said tightly.

  Buried deeply within her, he moved her back until she was firmly against the wall of the barn. Then he began to fuck her in earnest.

  He kissed and sucked his way over her shoulder to her neck, and when he reached the delicate skin just below her ear, he sank his teeth in.

  Her hands fisted in his hair. She wasn’t gentle. But neither was he. She yanked his head from her neck and fused their lips together. She was hungry. Hungry for him and she couldn’t get enough.

  He fucked harder and harder, her back slamming against the wall. She didn’t care. She wanted him deeper.

  His hands crept downward, over the globes of her ass until he cupped both in his palms. He spread her wider to meet his thrusts. She felt his fingers feather across the tight entrance to her ass, and she tightened.

  “Relax,” he whispered against her ear.

  Before she could react, he thrust one finger inside. She bucked against him, the tight pinch of pain nearly sending her over the edge into a mind-blowing orgasm.

  Then another finger joined the first. His cock was wedged tight in her pussy, his fingers pressing into her ass. It was more than she could stand. He pulled back, and then slammed into her at the same time he pushed his fingers further into her tight opening.

  She exploded at the seams.

  “Oh God, don’t stop now!” she wailed.

  He held her up, supporting her in his strong arms as he fucked long, hard strokes. Thank God, because she would have completely wilted. Her body went flying into a million directions as her orgasm consumed her. She saw bright flashes of color then she squeezed her eyes shut, no longer able to bear the sensations.

  “Oh God, baby, I’m coming,” he shouted hoarsely in her ear.

  She slumped forward onto his chest, her arms wrapping weakly around him as he flooded into her pussy. His hips bucked underneath her ass, his zipper pressing into the soft flesh of her backside.

  She rested her face in his neck, her breath coming in gasps. His arms wrapped around her, holding her close, his cock still buried deep inside her. They stood that way for several long moments until finally he pulle
d her face from his neck and kissed her gently.

  “Can you stand?” he asked huskily as he lifted her slightly so that his cock fell free.

  She nodded, though she was altogether unsure she could. He let her slide carefully down his body, holding onto her until he was sure she could support her weight.

  He tucked his cock back into his pants and buttoned the fly back up. Then he reached for her, holding her against his chest. He rested his chin on top of her head, and they stood in silence.

  As her body calmed, the chilly air blew across her exposed bottom half. She shivered in his arms and he pulled away. He hurried over to where her jeans lay in a heap on the ground and retrieved them.

  She pulled them on then found herself just as quickly back in Ryan’s arms. He bent his head and kissed her. Thoroughly, leisurely. Slower than his usual hot as hell pace.

  She sighed against his lips and sagged against his chest. She was as weak as a kitten, but completely sated.

  “Let’s get you back to the house,” Ryan said, his deep voice rumbling his chest against her cheek.

  She rummaged for her boots and coat, pulled them on then followed Ryan out of the barn. They stepped into the kitchen, stamping the snow from their feet. She shrugged out of her coat, pulled her boots off again and padded into the living room.

  It amazed her that already she sought out the presence of the others. Wanted to know where they were. Felt secure around them.

  Adam was on the computer and Ethan was sprawled on the couch watching television. She walked over and crawled onto the couch with Ethan, her confidence bolstered by her act in the barn. Besides, she wanted a good cuddle after her romp with Ryan.

  Ethan snaked his arm around her and nestled her against his chest. His brow arched as he took in her rumpled appearance.

  “You and Ryan have a good time?”

  She flushed and ducked her head, resting it on his shoulder.

  He chuckled as he smoothed her hair from her cheek. She yawned and snuggled closer against his body.

  Chapter Eleven

  When Holly awoke, she found herself alone on the couch. She blinked sleepily and looked around the room to find it empty. Yawning broadly, she sat up and squinted at the clock. At least she hadn’t slept the entire day away.

  She got up and padded to the kitchen. A glance out the pane glass of the back door told her Adam was chopping wood. She guessed Ethan and Ryan were either tending the horses or doing other chores.

  She sat down on one of the barstools and cupped her chin in her palms. What was she going to do here? What kind of contribution could she make? She knew from her talks with the men that they guided during hunting season, but she wasn’t entirely sure what they did for the rest of the year.

  A disgusted sigh escaped her. She mentally ticked off her qualities and stopped before she reached five. She wasn’t a brainless twit, but even she had to admit, she hadn’t done much in life on her own.

  Poor little rich girl. She winced at the apt description then shook her head in denial. No, she wasn’t that helpless creature any longer.

  Her parents had both been killed in the same accident when she was still a teenager. A distant cousin had overseen her inheritance until she reached twenty-one at which point she’d been solidly on her own. Only it hadn’t taken her long to seek the shelter of Mason’s authority.

  A wry smile twisted her lips. She’d been such an idiot. Thank God she’d waken up and taken steps to protect herself before it was too late. She had no doubt had she stayed with Mason, she’d probably be dead. Or worse. Completely under his thumb.

  Here, she felt free. Free to be herself. Free of her stupid past. It was a chance to start over and finally do things right. Make the right choices.

  “Don’t screw this up, Holly,” she muttered.

  She glanced again at the clock then stood up. She had time for a shower before supper. When the men came in, she’d ask what she could do to help out around the cabin.

  Holly walked into the bathroom and turned on the shower. She stepped away and slipped out of her pants then walked to the sink in just her shirt while she waited for the water to heat.

  She glanced at her reflection in the mirror and winced at the god-awful color of her hair. When they went to Denver, she was going to make a stop at a salon so she could get them to repair the dye job.

  Behind her, she saw steam start to rise from the shower. She began to unbutton her flannel shirt when the door opened. She looked up to see Ethan walk in.

  He paused for a moment before moving behind her. He cupped her shoulders in his hands and bent to press a kiss to her neck.

  She shivered, goose bumps rippling up her spine.

  “Want company?” he murmured.

  She smiled and turned around until she was cradled in his arms. “Are you offering to scrub my back?”

  “I’m offering to do a lot more,” he said wickedly.

  “Then I’ll meet you there. ”

  She grinned and shrugged out of her shirt. Then she moved around him and slipped into the shower.

  She barely had time to move under the hot spray before the shower door opened and a very naked, very aroused Ethan stepped in.

  Her eyes devoured him. Water beaded in his hair and ran down his neck then trickled down the muscled wall of his chest to his tight abdomen. From there it disappeared into the thatch of hair surrounding his bulging erection.

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