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Luck of the claw, p.1
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       Luck Of The Claw, p.1

           Matthew C. Gill
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Luck Of The Claw
Luck of the Claw

  Matthew C. Gill

  Copyright 2013 Matthew C. Gill

  Table of Contents

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  About the Author

  - Episode 1 -

  There is a subtle music woven into the forest; it can be heard in the sound the leaves make when the wind blows. It is a form of magic, in a way. That is what Trinity had always thought on clear cool mornings like this. She liked to close her eyes and then let the wind blow her hair as she imagined herself singing magical songs of her own as well. Oh, to be up on a stage and have all eyes excited to see you there! The very thought of it was her idea of heaven. Standing here beside a crude dirt path that cut its way through the woods to serve as a makeshift road and left to puzzle over where her brother had gotten off to was not.

  "Where could Camden be anyway?" Trinity asked herself. "Please, don't be getting into trouble," she started repeating to herself. It never seemed to do any good, but Trinity always secretly hoped that maybe the next time she might get lucky and find her brother actually not causing mischief.

  Unfortunately, there was an approaching sound from over the hill that could only mean one thing; Camden had done it again. It sounded like someone was particularly angry and they were passionately chasing after whatever it was that had caused their unhappiness. Just as predictable as the sun rising each morning Trinity spotted Camden flying over a hilltop and heading her way.

  "No time to talk Trin," Camden managed between gasps for breath. "We best be off!" With a free hand her brother grabbed a hold of his sister and took off into a full run diving between trees. As usual luck was smiling on them possibly almost big enough to rival the one on Camden's face - an arrow missed them both to thud into a tree behind them.

  "What have you done this time?" Trinity demanded as she tried to keep up. He was always doing this to her, every time she wasn't looking he was doing something that led to them both running for their lives. She was certain she could have been on her way to being famous by now if not for Camden.

  "Don't worry Trin, I remembered breakfast," Camden explained with a chuckle. "I got your favorite; roast chicken!" In his other hand he held up his prize for her to see and sure enough it looked like he hadn't been joking. As much as he could frustrate her, she had to admit Camden did do his best to look after them in his own weird way.

  Right now though, they needed to escape this angry farmer first. While Camden liked to act first and think second (or never) Trinity preferred to think first. And as it just so happened, she did have an idea to save both of their skins. If she wasn't mistaken, and she rarely was, they were close to the perfect spot. Very few people dared to venture near the Pool of Tears and for good reason. It was a both a sacred place and surrounded by steep rocky walls.

  With a quick giggle Trinity told her brother: "follow me, I have an idea!" Camden always hated it when she had one of those.

  - Episode 2 -

  Ever since he could remember Trinity had always been trying to tell him not to do this or how to do that. Never-mind her being his sister or a tiny bit older, it could drive anyone mad he figured. She was always worrying over how to do something or busy daydreaming she missed the opportunities that Camden could spot.

  Like this food for example. There it had been, just sitting there waiting for someone to eat it. Well, if the farmer couldn't appreciate the delicious food he had available to him then Camden would just make sure it went to someone who would; namely him and his sister. It wasn't the first time he had to take something to feed them and probably might not be the last either.

  He couldn't say he didn't enjoy it, though because to be fair he did like the thrill of being chased. Camden may not be a careful planner like Trinity but one thing he could always count on was thinking on his feet. There had been many a tight spot he had seen his way out of by just reacting on instinct. To him it reminded him of how he saw a fox one time get away from a hunter's trap. The fox had never seen it there but when he realized it was about to catch him it just reacted and managed to escape. No elaborate plan, just instinct and good reflexes - just like him.

  They had been on their own for as long as he could remember. Trinity often tried to tell him they had ran away from a home for orphans when they were smaller but he didn't like to believe her. No, instead he liked to imagine that they had been taken from their parents in the night by people seeking revenge on them. Surely his father had to have been some kind of hero or something and had been killed. There just was no way they were simple orphans.

  Camden was determined that one day he would find out what happened to their parents. That and he would become a legend himself - he was already pretty good with a blade. All he needed now was some kind of adventure that could lead him to fame, treasure and perhaps someplace they could call home.

  "How about that plan Trin, any time now it might be good to hear it!" Luck was a great thing to have on your side but eventually it had a tendency of running out and Camden didn't like to think of that happening right now. "Almost there," Trinity answered and then pointed to a section of rock. "As soon as we pass through there, hit the ground and slide."

  Camden decided that maybe next time it would be best if she didn't tell him her plan after all. Because this was fast becoming less and less fun. When they passed through the opening in the rocks he obediently did just as she had said though and found they were both sliding down a slope fast.

  "Trin, I don't think I like you very much right now," Camden decided to mention. "It's alright, love you too," came her reply. Before either one of them knew it the ground below their bottoms came to an abrupt stop. Volunteering to replace it was the Pool of Tears.

  The only problem; the water was beneath them and the wind was already whistling in their ears as they plummeted to meet it. Yeah, Camden really didn't like his sister much right now.

  - Episode 3 -

  High atop FrostThorn tower Baron Samael sat awaiting an important message. He gazed out carefully watching for some sign that one of his crows might be on its way with news. But nothing approached his dark stone tower.

  Any day now he should receive word, he was sure of it. The Baron had been setting his plans carefully into motion for a very long time now and the thought that they were all about to be coming together excited him. Some unfortunate fool had already found the Vault of Echoes and that meant very soon his minions would deliver to him a key element of his plan.

  The Vault
had been an ancient site used to lock away dangerous and powerful items of magic. Legend said it was lost to the ages forever and would never be found again. Only it was. And Baron Samael planned to use the power it contained to enhance his own magic. Then, nothing could stand in his way of taking over everything for as far as he could see.

  It really was getting damp in this old tower, the Baron noticed. He had been so preoccupied of late he had managed to miss it. With a single gesture arcane energy snaked from his finger as it reached forth to summon one of his servants to him. This wouldn't do, he couldn't allow even the smallest task to be overlooked. If he did, well the next thing he knew they might begin to think they should be free as well.

  A small slender figure appeared in the doorway before the Baron careful not to speak or look up at him. Green fire flew forth in a flash to torment and burn at the servant’s flesh who barely managed to keep from crying out in pain. All the servants had learned painful lessons of their own as well as from watching what happened to the others who didn't. The silence was fortunate for them since the Baron despised weakness.

  Satisfied the lesson was firmly engraved upon his servant, the Baron turned his gaze back to the skies. "See to it that the entire tower is cleaned and dried of
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