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Alive in a dead world, p.1
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       Alive in a Dead World, p.1

           Mark Tufo
Alive in a Dead World

  Zombie Fallout V: Alive In A Dead World

  Zombie Fallout V: Alive In A Dead World

  Mark Tufo

  Electronic Edition

  Copyright 2012 Mark Tufo

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  Editing by:

  Teri Gibson

  [email protected]

  Cover Art:

  Shaed Studios,


  To my wife who makes all of this possible and still puts up with me! (Even if she didn’t like that one scene with the sc…oh wait you guys haven’t read that yet…never mind) Honey I love you, I write it even though I know written words cannot truly express the meaning.

  To the men and women that serve our great country, I will always appreciate the sacrifices you perform on a daily basis, a salute to each and every one of you.

  To the New York Giants (2012) YES!!!!

  To my most awesome of readers, without you folks I am merely someone poking at a keyboard with two fingers if you’ve ever contacted me you already know how I feel about all of you! To those that signed up to be mentioned here, good luck in finding your name! (So just remember I typed as CAREFULLY AS I COULD no editor went over these, if I misspelled your name please let me know!)

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  King Henry

  Table of Contents


  Chapter One

  Chapter Two – Mike Journal Entry 1

  Chapter Three – Mike Journal Entry 2

  Chapter Four – Mike Journal Entry 3

  Chapter Five – Mike Journal Entry 4

  Chapter Six – Mike Journal Entry 5

  Chapter Seven – Mike Journal Entry 6

  Chapter Eight

  Chapter Nine – Mike Journal Entry 7

  Chapter Ten - Paul, Brian and Deneaux

  Chapter Eleven - Ron’s

  Chapter Twelve – Mike Journal Entry 8

  Chapter Thirteen – Paul

  Chapter Fourteen – Mike Journal Entry 9

  Chapter Fifteen – Mrs. Deneaux

  Chapter Sixteen

  Chapter Seventeen – Mike Journal Entry 10

  Chapter Eighteen

  Chapter Nineteen – Mike Journal Entry 11

  Chapter Twenty

  Chapter Twenty-One – Mike Journal Entry 12

  Chapter Twenty-Two

  Chapter Twenty-Three - Mike Journal Entry 13

  Chapter Twenty-Four

  Chapter Twenty-Five

  Chapter Twenty-Six

  Chapter Twenty-Seven

  Chapter Twenty-Eight


  Blood Stone - Part 2


  Hello Dear Reader,

  If you find this journal, let us start with the basics. My name is Michael Talbot; I am/was the owner of the material you now hold in your hand. My life has been one living hell after another since the age of around eighteen, when I tripped on some bad mushrooms and cursed to the gods about my lot in life. Since then, I have been relegated to alternate horrific realities. In some I am younger, some I am older, some I live through and some I don’t. (I still have a hard time writing down that I have died on no less than three accounts.)

  The only constant is that I am aware of what is happening, but the people I encounter along the way are not. Some are threaded throughout my lives and show up constantly, like my soul mate, Tracy and my best friend, Paul. Some appear in one reality but not another for some reason, like Mrs. Deneaux (thank God for that, at least). Some enemies remain the same, like Durgan, others not so much. I have been hunted down by zombies, aliens, ghosts and a few other creatures from the depths of a mad god’s deranged mind.

  I can’t imagine that the Big Man has taken any interest. My guess is that I have pissed off one of the lesser gods (imagine that), one of the Greek or Roman deities who have been relegated to paganism since Christianity took hold. I’m not even sure if the true God is aware of my plight and if he is, why does he not rein his wayward children in?

  So I write these journals down, mostly to keep my mind from addling and to keep my multiple horrors compartmentalized. So when you feel the need to complain about your lot in life, be careful who is listening and be very specific on what changes you would like to have made.

  Each misadventure that I have, in no way reflects on the other. They are not a continuation of any other story. One does not need to read my Zombie Journals to know what happened on Indian Hill or even at The Spirit Clearing, but they should be aware that the main person (me) is always present. I do not know when this god will tire of his plaything, if ever. For me, the nightmare has been going on for decades. For him (or her--it wouldn’t be the first female I’ve pissed off), it may only be seconds. I look forward to one day having a normal life, if such a thing is still possible. So if you find this and you are a pious person, I would welcome your prayers to whomever you deem a higher authority. Maybe your entreaties will not fall on deaf ears like mine have.

  Chapter One

  “What now, sister?” Tomas asked.

  “We kill Michael Talbot, his family, and his friends and then we rule this world,” she said absently as she fingered the locket around her neck.

  “You’ve gotten more than you could have ever asked for, Eliza. Why not just leave him alone?” Tomas asked with chagrin.

  “Why, dear brother, are you concerned for him? Do you still carry some vestiges of your humanity? Do not worry; that will fade with time,” Eliza said with a sneer, her canines flashing menacingly.

  “You have it wrong, Eliza, it is not him I am concerned about. It is us, he has shown over and over that he is unwilling to yield to death.”

  Eliza struck so fast, Tomas did not have time to defend himself against his sister’s slap, and it rocked him on his heels. “He is a pathetic human,” Eliza spat. “I will never fear him or any of his kind again! Do you understand me?”

  Tomas nodded, dumbfounded.

  “You, Tomas, are now the reason that we have something to fear from him; without our help, he will never die. Once his family dies and is ground into dust, we,” Eliza said, pointing to him and to herself, “will become his sole mission in life. He will blame us for every one of their deaths. No, we must kill him while he still has weaknesses walking on this planet. You, Tomas, have prevented Michael Talbot from eking out the rest of his existence in relative peace.”

  Tomas knew his sister’s words for the lie that they were, but still they stung. “Eliza, break the stone,” Tomas said pointing to the blood locket. “We can leave this world like we were supposed to lifetimes ago.”

  Eliza looked at Tomas long and hard before she began to laugh, much like a wolf laughs at the rabbit before devouring it. Cold, cruel and with no mirth. “That’s rich, Tomas, for a second, I almost believed you. Not that I would have done it, mind you, but I almost believed in your sincerity. How cunningly perfect of you! I break the locket, you rule the world unimpeded.”

  “I do not want the world, Eliza, I want my sister,” Tomas begged.

  Eliza’s laughter encompassed his soul as he spun on his heel and walked away.

  Tomas was about a city block away before the echoes of her laughter faded.

  “Tomas,” came so clearly in his head, he stopped and looked around for the source.

  “Mr. T?” Tomas asked.

  “Tommy?” came the question.

  “He’s in here somewhere, Mr. T, he…I…we’re so tired.”

  Michael’s heart sank, hearing the pain in his adopted son’s voice. “Is there anything I can do?”

  “Kill my sister so that I can be released.” Tomas could “hear” the gasp from the other end of the connection.

  “I never thought I’d hear those words from you, Tommy. Does it work like that? Will all those bitten by her revert back to their former selves, like in the movies?”

  “No,” Tomas said, shaking his head silently and conveying that gesture to Mike. “But it will release me to join her.”

  Michael got the message. If Eliza were to die, Tomas would join her in the afterlife. “Where do us soulless ones go, Tomas?” Michael asked, his fear shining through the words brightly.

  “Nowhere near the garden, Mr. T. It is a lonely, dark place we are destined for, but even that is preferable to the hell I walk in now.”

  “How charming,” Eliza said as she approached Tomas. “We will have to talk, Tomas, about your choice of friends. I do not think Mother would approve.”

  “Eliza, the pleasure I receive when I finally sever your head from your body will only be trumped by the look of shock on your fa…”

  And, like an old AT&T operator, Eliza thought she severed the connection.

  “I will kill him, Tomas, and you will help if I have to drag you kicking and screaming through the blood and guts of the mortals.”

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