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The queens army, p.5
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       The Queens Army, p.5

         Part #1. 5 of The Lunar Chronicles series by Marissa Meyer
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Page 5


  Z nodded twice—once to acknowledge the show of respect, and once at his brother, so that Ran would know that he saw his disappointment.

  Then he slipped past them all and headed toward the barracks. He did not care if it was disrespectful to the queen or if Jael would be furious or if rumors of his insolence would spread throughout all of Luna by the time he emerged again.

  He knew that Jael’s pack would be chosen for the queen’s mission because of him. They would become her special, prized soldiers. Their bodies would not be tampered with again.

  With that one kill, he had ensured that she would never turn him into a monster.

  He knew it as sure as, somewhere on the surface, the long, long day was coming.

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Kayla Jackson 13 March 2018 00:49
The lunar chronicles are so good I ! ????????????????????????
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