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       Circle Seven, p.1

           Manu Amun
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Circle Seven

  For a world full of lies the truth will come to light, even in our darkest hours for all great things come from the darkest place.


  To my children may the words of this book never hold you back but inspire you to even greater heights than even my imagination could fathom.



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  There was a chill in the midnight sky that crept through my bones to accompany the nervousness felt in every limb. I was not sure what the outcome of this decision was going to be in my brain but there was a vision that when focused on brought a sense of peace. “This is going to be epic” my brother Bilal said. “No this is necessary” my sister Nyema said. Ever since our return she has been more out of this world than usual.

  Screams were still heard in the streets of New York as the New Year was being celebrated. But our vision was perfect and our sights in focus. I did not understand the hoopla of the whole New Years; people were living in fear more than ever before since the events 8 years ago where the government ordered marshal law on the people to get containment on the new rise of insurgence in the population. Ever since we have been in the center of the Milky Way galaxy everything has been subtle. At first it was not easily noticeable but over time the changes grew more apparent. My parents were the first people we saw it in.

  My father was a mystic in his own mind. He was the inquisitive type who questioned everything and came off as aloof to mostly everyone except those who knew him best and understood his brilliance. It was difficult for him because although he never showed it, all he wanted to be was normal which is why he had his moments of idleness so everyone could catch up. But he was finally able to overcome himself and get out his own way right before the martial law was placed on the streets of the world over. “You cannot expect to be extraordinary by doing ordinary stuff” he would always say. He beat this in our minds because he was sure that we were the keys to the world and ultimately the universe although it was not made known to us.

  But imagine growing up like this where so much was placed on you by someone who had not showed such greatness consistently in himself. Needless to say he did not always see eye to eye with us. But he did try, always giving us books to read and encouraging us to meditate with him. “Life is the moments in between the breaths” he would say. Yeah he had a lot of quotable phrases. He dropped gems but they appeared only as coals at the time until the pressure of the world made us realize the diamonds he was really giving us.

  My mother was different, but they complimented each other perfectly. For my father’s head in the clouds view of life, my mother was more grounded and practical helping all of us understand what we needed here to be successful. She encouraged greatness be achieved by appreciating each moment and treasure the gifts of daily experiences as they were presented because time is a fleeting thing always moving away from the physical body as it slowly moves toward infinity where your energy coalesces into a different form.

  My mother loved us dearly and helped our father to understand how to reach us. I wondered what they would think of what we were about to do. I want to say given the circumstances of my father’s untimely departure he would be proud but I am certain my mother is afraid of what lies ahead for her exceptional children.

  “You ready?” Bilal asked with a calmness that was almost frightening given the circumstance. As we were able to get out the detonation radius we saw the explosion go off like a summer day in the fourth of July. But this was that Statue of Liberty we were blowing up, the Peace Keepers and the de facto government of the United States of America was going to come for our heads. But we were prepared for this road to revolution that was preceded by a road to illumination.



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