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           Mae Nunnally
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Into The Night - Part 2

  Into the Night

  Part 2

  By: Mae Nunnally

  Copyright 2016 Mae Nunnally

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  Chapter 3

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  Chapter 3

  Thanks to Veronica, Meredith had made it in to see Dr. Reid. The check up had went well, but she had to leave the brace on and continue to keep as much weight off of it as possible.

  It was Friday and she was waiting for Owen to show up. To her surprise she was looking forward to the time at the cabin. She wasn't going to kid herself though, she did wish it was with Carmine and not Owen.

  She was startled from her thoughts by a loud knock on the door. She slowly and carefully made her way to the window. After seeing that it was Owen she hollered, “Be right there.” She reached over and unlocked the door before saying, “You can come in.”

  Owen stepped inside and shut the door behind him. “You ready to go?”

  She had already called and spoke to Mack, arranging for him to care for the horses and Mitzy. “Whenever you are.”

  Owen looked around, not seeing a bag he asked, “Wouldn't you like to bring a change or two of clothes? We are going to be there until Monday night.”

  Meredith figured he'd ask, however she hadn't expected the feeling of embarrassment. “Most of my stuff in upstairs in my bedroom. I'm still unable to make it up the stairs and I didn't want anyone but Mack from the Damn Yankee to know that I wouldn't be home all weekend.”

  Owen smiled, well she had one of three choices. “Well you can go without, have me pack you a bag, or I could carry you upstairs so you can do it yourself, then carry you back down.” He saw her face get even redder and she was staring at the floor now fiddling with her fingers. He decided to make the decision for her. “I'll go pack you three sets of clothes.”

  He turned and headed for the stairs before he heard her say anything. “There's gym bags in the closet and the rest is in the top two drawers of the dresser.”

  Owen took the steps two at a time, it took only a short time to find her bedroom, he was surprise that it wasn't all feminine. Instead it was earth tones. When he opened the top dresser drawer he was surprised to see that Meredith's undergarments were cotton and not lace. He just grabbed three sets and placed them into the bag. He also grabbed shorts and t-shirts as Meredith had instructed. He was tempted to look in the other drawers, but just smiled and shook his head. Somethings were better off not knowing. He quickly stepped into the adjoining bathroom and grabbed a bottle of body wash as well as an all in one shampoo / conditioner bottle. On his way back out of the bathroom he noticed her hair brush and grabbed it too.

  By the time Owen rejoined Meredith downstairs she was stretched out on the couch asleep. He hated to wake her up just yet, so he took the bag he had just packed out to his truck as well as her crutches and Carmine's paramedic jacket. Once back inside he found her keys and slipped them in his pocket before walk over to Meredith.

  He stood just looking at her when she became restless and she started talking, at first he couldn't make out what she was saying it was gibberish but then her voice raise and he heard her heartbeat increase and she yelled out. “No, no, nooooooooo, don't go, don't leave me here alone.” He bent down and puller her into his arms. All he could think was is this what Carmine hadn't told him. He held her close and spoke softly, “Meredith wake up. It's okay, you are not alone. I'm right here.”

  He watched as her eyes slowly opened and blinked a couple of times before she said, “Carmine?” She closed her eyes again and kept them closed as she said, “I'm so sorry Owen.”

  All Owen could do was smile and say, “Its okay, Carmine is much prettier than I,” and then he laughed as he picked Meredith up and carried her out to his truck and carefully put her in the passenger side. “I'm just going to lock up your house and then we'll be on our way.”

  Meredith couldn't believe she had called Owen, Carmine. She was glad that he hadn't questioned it or said anything other than he did. She would give anything to forget that night two years ago. She really needed to talk to Carmine.

  Carmine was glad that he had took Owen's advice and head out to the cabin last night. There was no one around for miles. They even kept the vehicles a good ways away in an old barn that they had reinforced on the inside. From the outside it just looked like an old ass barn that had been forgotten about.

  Last night was the first time he had slept decently in a long time. He had actually slept until well after the sun coming up. Now it was ten o'clock and he was sitting on the porch enjoying the outdoors and his third cup of coffee.

  It wasn't the voices or even the sound of movement that he noticed first it was the heartbeat. He shook his head, there was no way Meredith should be here, unless... He listen closer and caught the voices on the wind, Owen and Meredith. He was going to kill his brother, just what did he think he was doing?

  There wasn't anything he could do about it now, so he continued to sit and drink his coffee. Then a thought occurred to him, there was no way Meredith would be walking, which meant Owen was carrying her. Jealousy was bad no matter what but jealousy anger towards one's brother never turned out a good thing.

  Carmine, set his coffee mug down and started toward them. He checked his anger as he saw them come into view. Seeing them together and with her arms wrapped around Owens neck surprisingly didn't anger him further, but he did pick up his pace. He wanted her in his arm, to feel her warmth surrounding him once again.

  He waited until they were just a few feet apart before saying, “I'll take her from here,” and held out his arms.

  Meredith left go of Owen and willingly went into Carmine's arms. She looked over at Owen and smiled and politely thanked him.

  Owen nodded before turning his attention to his brother. “I just need to go get our bags and a few other items from my truck. You kids gonna be okay?” He already knew he had some explaining to do to Carmine, so he decided to keep things light.

  Carmine had already forgave his brother, but he still wanted to know why he brought Meredith here. He looked down at Meredith and asked, “We okay?” He saw her nod before she rested her head against his chest. Then he answered his brother, “Looks like.” He watched as Owen turned around and headed back toward the barn.

  Slowly and carefully Carmine began to carry Meredith to the cabin. He had only taken a few steps when she whispered, “I'm sorry, I didn't know you were going to be here too.” Carmine tightened his arms around her before replying, “No worries, there's plenty of room for the three of us, the cabin was built big enough so me and my three brothers could hang together. And for the record I didn't know you would be here either, but now that we are we'll just make the best of it.”

  All Meredith could think was, there's two more of them? Were the others just as good-looking as Owen and Carmine. “Must be nice to have brothers to spend time with.”

  He could hear something in her voice, but wasn't sure what it was. “Yes, besides Owen there is Jaxon and Donovan. I also have a sister, Stella.”

  “Well at least I have Sheldon and Ronnie, so I'm not completely alone.”

  He knew who Sheldon was, but he wasn't sure who Ronnie is, but something told him they weren't family
. “They your brothers?” He asked as he adjusted her in his arms.

  “If only, they are both just good friends. I've know them both since elementary school. Sheldon was always looking out for me, still does. Veronica, her friends call her Ronnie is more like a sister than a friend. I owe them both so much.” She snuggled into Carmine's neck for a while before adding, “I'm an only child, my parents and grandparents live over in Lancaster.”

  Nothing more was said mainly because Meredith had dozed off in his arms as he walked the rest of the way to the cabin. He didn't want to wake her so he sat on the swing and continued to hold her. He could have taken her inside but he figured the outside might do her good. It was a pleasant day at the cabin with all the tree coverage, it made the temps in the high sixties which was nice for late September. The light breeze that was blowing helped too.

  Carmine still sat holding Meredith when Owen returned with his hands full. Carmine motioned for him to come closer. When he did he grabbed the crutches and leaned them against the cabin. “She fell asleep while we were still making our way here. I don't want to wake her just yet. There's coffee already made inside.”

  Owen could help but smile, the two of them looked perfect together. “I'll put her things in the master bedroom, that way she has her own bathroom and won't have to roam the place at night.”

  Carmine nodded his agreement and continued to hold Meredith as she slept.

  Owen had rejoined him on the porch and they were quietly talking when Meredith woke. He was still holding her close but loosened his hold around her. He looked down and she was looking up at him and then he saw the smile appear on her lips. He looked over at Owen and said, “Miss Sleepyhead has finally awoke.” He looked down at her and asked, “Would you like a coffee?”

  Meredith had almost forgot that they weren't alone, that Owen was stay a with them. Without thinking she said, “I need to pee.”

  Figuring she had been carried enough, he helped her sit along beside him on the swing before handing her, the crutches. He watched as she stood and gained her balance before saying, “Your room is inside to the right, there's a bathroom connected to it. It's where you'll be sleeping.”

  She started to head toward the door to go inside when Owen stood. She stopped and looked at him and said, “Please don't treat me like a cripple, I understand not wanting me to navigate the woods, but this I can do on my own.” She waited until he sat back down before continuing inside.

  It was a few minutes later when they heard her yelling. For a few seconds Owen and Carmine just looked at one another. “You go,” Owen said and he didn't have to say twice. Carmine was thru the door and at the bathroom door in no time at all.

  “Meredith is everything alright?” He asked.

  She was embarrassed, but she was glad that it was Carmine that had come. “You can come in.” She waited until he did so and that she could see him. “There's no toilet paper, could you get me some?”

  It was the one thing he hadn't done, but then he didn't expect anyone to use the master bedroom or bath. He walked over to the vanity and took out individual wrapped roll and handed it to her. He reached back under and grabbed a bar of soap and placed it up top before asking. “Anything else?”

  She felt the heat rise in her cheeks as he looked at her, but managed to say, “Privacy?” She knew he wouldn't see anything he hadn't seen before, but she was pretty sure he hadn't seen hers before.

  “Yes, of course. Help yourself in the kitchen. The mugs and glasses are above the coffee pot in the cupboard.” As he walked away all he could think was, this going to be an interesting weekend. He needed to keep his distance from Meredith or things were going to happen.

  Meredith made her way to the kitchen and noticed that it mid afternoon and she hadn't ate yet today. She pulled open the frig and was surprise to see that it was fully stocked. She pulled out a pack of chicken thighs along with potatoes. Then went in search of the other things she needed.

  She had the potatoes on to boil for mashed potatoes and was waiting on the oil to come to temperature to fry the chicken. She was leaning against the counter checking her messages when she heard someone enter. Without looking she said out loud, “I'm in the kitchen.” When the footsteps continued to come closer she looked up to find both Owen and Carmine looking at her. She smiled and said, “I was hungry and when I saw the time I figured I'd cook for all of us.” She hoped she hadn't over stepped, Carmine had told her to help herself. “I hope that's okay?” Her smile faded a little but not completely.

  They both spoke at the same time, “You don't have to.”

  She ignored they're looks of concern and instead of continuing with the current conversation she asked, “So, who's idea really was it to bring the crippled girl to the party and then expect her to just sit on her ass?” She was no child or a crippled and she would not be treated like neither.

  “Mine.” Owen said, then continued with, “I thought you might want to get away, and with not one but two medical professionals here, you should be fine.”

  “Okay, but why not tell us that the other was gonna be here?” Meredith said point at Carmine and herself.

  All Owen had to say to that was, “I think you both know why.” He looked from one to the other. “I'm going to go pick up some beer, is there anything I can pick up for you Meredith?”

  “Morgan David, Blackberry wine, any liquor place should carry it, if they don't just grab some vodka.”

  “Got it, I'll be back,” and he left.

  Meredith turned back to pan of oil to check to see if it had reached temperature. A few seconds pasted before she heard Carmine ask, “Can I give you hand with that?” Without turning around she said, “Sure, would you mind doing the frying?”

  Carmine stepped around the island and grabbed the leather apron from the peg. “I'd be happy too.”

  Grabbing the tongs hanging on the wall Carmine began to fry the first couple of pieces.

  Meredith watched him after preparing the next couple of pieces. She couldn't help but notice that it apparently wasn't his first at this. The silence stretched on between them for a while until Meredith asked, “Can I ask you something?”

  “Sure, ask away.” He kept his back to her waiting for the question.

  “It was you in the alley two years ago, wasn't it?” She meant to word it differently, but it was already asked now.

  He expected the question and he knew the answer he would give, but it was the following questions that he was worried about. “Yes, it was.” He turned to face her before continuing, “I'm sorry for leaving you lying there.” He turned back to the chicken and exchanged the done pieces for the next ones.

  Before Meredith could think it thru she asked, “Why? Being that you are a paramedic, why didn't you stay?”

  And that was the question he feared the most. How could he tell her and not lie to her. He flipped the chicken giving himself a few more seconds to think of an answer. Turning towards her again he said, “I was exactly fit to be seen, let alone preforming any kind of medical treatments, so I called 911 and directed them to you.”

  “I see,” was all she said and he was surprised that she would just drop the subject. He felt he needed to say more, “since that night it has never happen again. There isn't a day that goes by that I didn't stay by your side. Again, I'm sorry.”

  “Did you stay nearby though? Before you left me you said you would be nearby until help arrived.”

  “Yes, I was nearby until the police arrived and you were being put into the back of the ambulance. I couldn't leave until I knew you were safe.” He turned the burner off and put the tongs down before turning to Meredith. He took a step closer to her and gathered her into his arms. He whispered, “please tell me you can forgive me.”

  She had never been mad at him, how could she be after what he did. He had saved her life that night. She took small step back and raised her hand to his cheek before saying, “I was never mad at you. It's just for two years now I've been wanting
to find you and thank you for being there that night. If you hadn't shown up...” She left her words trail off because of all the possibilities of what could have happen that night. She turned and leaned against the counter.

  Carmine stepped behind her and gathered her back into his arms. “Don't think about what could have happen, it didn't, I did.” He dropped his mouth her neck and nuzzled and kissed it before letting her go.

  She turned in his arms and looked up into his eyes wanting those lips on hers. She started to moved closer to do just that, but he took a step back and said, “There is so much more you need to know about me.” He looked at her and gave a little smiles before returning to the chicken,removing the last couple of pieces from the oil.

  Meredith went to follow him, but before she could take a step she heard the front door and Owen saying, “I'm home, I'll give y'all thirty seconds to get decent.”

  Carmine yelled back, “No need.”

  “I know your my brother, but I really don't want to see anything that swings on you.”

  Carmine stepped into the living room before saying. “You are such a dork. We've been frying chicken, not a good think to be naked with things swinging around hot oil.” He saw the grin on Owen face and picked up a pillow from the couch and flung it at his brother.

  “Okay fine, whatever you say.”

  Meredith made her way to the couch and sat before saying, “I hope you two can handle dishing up everything.”

  Owen and Carmine both turned and watched as Meredith made her way to the couch. Carmine walked over to the pillow he had thrown at his brother and picked it up, before take it over to Mere to rest her leg on it.

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