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           M. S. Willis
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  “Fuck! I knew that mouth of yours was going to be my weakness.” His head fell forward to look at me as I licked and sucked at his most intimate part. “Look at me, Paige. I want you looking at me when I spill into your throat.” His voice came out in a dark drawl and my eyes dutifully peeked up through my lashes. His eyes narrowed before he roared out his release. I swallowed all that he gave me and when he was done I pulled away, only to lick my lips. His eyes held mine as I looked up at him, smiled and said, “Delicious.”

  His eyes widened slightly just before one corner of his mouth curved up revealing one of those delectable dimples on his cheek. “My turn, Damsel. Lay back.” When I didn’t lay back fast enough, his hands gently pushed against my shoulders to hurry me along. He reached for my hands and gripped them together in one hand before pinning them to the mattress above my head. His eyes met mine as he instructed me to stay in such a dominating tone that I had no choice but to follow his instructions. Once he was satisfied that I would remain in place, he reached behind my back to quickly remove my bra. Tossing that aside, his hands eventually found the button of my jeans and, with one swift maneuver, those too joined the rest of our clothes on the floor. The silken cloth of my underwear was removed next and I lay there, bared to him as his eyes raked over my exposed skin. His gaze was possessive and confident, yet soft and worshipful at the same time. My body writhed under the intense stare and my nerve endings ached for his touch; hard or soft, it didn’t matter. I needed every part of him, mind and body, in this moment. My head swam with my need for him and I was unsure if I could ever feel that I’d had enough. I was selfish in my desire for him, only him and all of him.

  He stepped back and I started to protest at the loss of his touch. He placed one finger over his mouth to indicate that I needed to be silent. Once I stilled, he said, “Open for me, Paige. Show me every beautiful part of you.” My legs trembled as they fell open. My position was submissive and vulnerable as I was laid out and displayed to Daemon.

  His eyes slowly caressed every inch of my body before suddenly shooting to mine. His face was feral and seductive as hell. He dropped to one knee and then to both and I felt open and exposed. The candlelight from the sconces gave Daemon just enough light to see every detail of my body, including my most intimate of places. The warmth of his mouth as he pressed his tongue against my folds sent waves of pleasurable tremors through my body. My hips undulated at the contact and as my head fell back, I couldn’t contain my cries. His tongue found that bundle of nerves causing me to unravel and lose control. I shamelessly rotated my hips into him, desperate for his touch. He responded by licking his way down and spearing his tongue inside me. My hands gripped the sheets above me and I writhed in response to his actions. That blessed fire was building within me and my back arched in pure ecstasy. Just as I was within reach of that peak, Daemon stopped just long enough to bring me down from that edge before starting again and driving me back towards it. I cried out in frustration and my hips bucked in reaction to his teasing. “Daemon! Please…please finish. I need you to…fuck…just, please?!” I had been reduced to begging; and not just any kind of begging, no, I was reduced to begging with incoherent jibberish. I was so wound up that my poor brain couldn’t even formulate a complete sentence. He was driving me to the point of insanity.

  He reached up to roughly grip my hips and hold me in place. “Hold still my sweet Damsel, or else I might have to draw this out even longer.” He softly chuckled before adding, “I can do this all night.”

  Daemon began again and tears welled in my eyes from my desperate need for him to finally push me over that peak. My hands hurt from clenching at the sheets above me. I didn’t dare move, knowing full well that Daemon would stop just to get me back under control. I realized in that moment that Daemon had been truthful in what he said at Tomb. He was controlling me, and he was doing so without the use of any type of restraint or tools of any kind. It was strange how Daemon had overpowered me in every way, only because he was completely in control of himself. I had surrendered everything to him already, and yet, all I wanted to do was give him more.

  Finally, when Daemon had driven me to a state of absolute madness, he pushed me over that peak. The violence of the tremors that tore through me caused my body to arch up uncontrollably while my head fell back into the mattress. My fingers were so tightly curled around the sheets above me that I used that grip to level my body against the torrent of pleasure shooting through me. When I felt like I was about to come apart from the sheer ecstasy of the release Daemon shoved two fingers inside me while using him thumb to toy with that bundle of nerves, causing a second violent wave to wash over me. My eyes rolled back into my head and I thought my throat would go raw at the sheer volume of my cries.

  Daemon moved his hand in perfect rhythm with my body as I slowly came down from my climax. Small quakes rippled across me and my breathing eventually calmed from its formerly spastic state. When I had finally lowered to a point of sated bliss, my eyes opened lazily. My body jumped when my eyes met Daemon’s raw stare. A trace of fear developed in me from the obvious intent that was written across his expression. This man intended to continue pleasuring me until I was utterly and completely exhausted. I was still shaking slightly from my last release and my head shook back in forth in weak protest. I wasn’t sure I could take much more. I pulled my arms down and started to push up onto them when one corner of Daemon’s mouth quirked and that dimple did me in. My body instantly fell back to the mattress and his smile brightened. Two dimples. You could have stuck a fork in me, I was so thoroughly done.

  Daemon reached down and guided my body to the center of his massive bed. He crawled over to me, giving me the most breathtaking view. He truly was art brought to life and I bit down on my lip as he approached. His hands moved up to spread my legs apart and he settled himself against me. His voice was husky and slightly raw when he locked his eyes with mine and said, “I want you to let yourself go now, Damsel. Touch, grab, pull, scratch, I don’t care. Just show me what I’m doing to you. Understand?”

  My breath hitched at his words. He was not going to go easy on me, I could tell. His voice, his body language, the very energy that rolled off of him onto me told me exactly what he intended to do. And I smiled. I couldn’t wait and luckily, I didn’t have to. Once Daemon recognized the anticipation written across my face he filled me with one hard thrust. My hands instantly went up to entangle my fingers in his messy hair. I pulled slightly to move him towards me and a low growl escaped him as his mouth crashed against mine. I held so tightly to him as he powered into me. He held himself above me with one hand while his other found its way to my throat. His grip was strong, but painless, and he took that opportunity to control my breathing. I never struggled for air, but the euphoria caused by the small amounts of oxygen I was allowed only added to the growing explosion within me. He controlled every part of me at this point, the release was so overpowering I wasn’t sure I would survive it. I let go of Daemon’s hair and ran my hands all over his rock solid body, gripping at him each time he pushed into me. I wanted to let go, but waited. I’d already learned to let him tell me when it was time.

  Just when I thought I would tear apart from the force of the climax Daemon was building within me, he leaned down and whispered in my ear. “Come for me, Damsel. Let me see how good you feel.” I was undone by his words. When his hand let go of my neck, oxygen rushed in my lungs and an orgasm tore through my body with such violent intensity, stars burst before my eyes and every muscle within me seized. My throat burned from my cries and I felt him tense before finding his own release. Sweat ran down his body and glistened over his skin. We floated back down and I struggled to regain my senses. Daemon leaned down and placed his mouth over mine and his kiss was tender and soft.

  “You are so beautiful. I will never stop enjoying watching you lose control underneath me.” His voice vibrated from its low pitch and my body shivered at the sensation. Daemon placed one quick peck on my lips befo
re rolling over to release me from his weight. His arms wrapped around me and he nuzzled his face into my hair. We laid there quietly for so long our hearts beat in time with each other. My body was languid and my eyes began to grow heavy from the utter relaxation and safety I found in his arms. I reached an in between stage and was just barely floating along on the edge of sleep when I swore I heard Daemon speak. His voice was so soft, I could barely hear him.

  “I’ve missed you, Paige. I’ll never let you go again.”

  Chapter Nine

  Three weeks had passed since David arrived at Daemon’s and Chris had still not been apprehended. I was becoming restless from the wait so I used my time formulating a plan on how to find him. David and I would hang in my room while Daemon worked from home and we would discuss the details of our mission. We knew Daemon would insist on joining us at the flea market and we decided that David would act as a distraction while I talked to people who worked there.

  After our plan was finalized, we woke up this morning and told Daemon that we were going to the flea market to do some antiquing. Just as David and I had assumed, Daemon demanded on escorting us to the flea market. He also questioned our motivation of wanting to go, but David saved the day when he starting rambling on about his ever growing collection of trinkets and baubles that he has decorating his room. Daemon became so bored with David’s explanation that he eventually relented without further questions just to shut him up. I was impressed with David’s tactic and noted it for future use.

  Fortunately, David settled into Daemon’s house nicely and it’s been enjoyable having him here. I was pleased that my boys were able to get along with each other and Daemon was always in brighter spirits when David was around. I’ve been on my best behavior with Daemon and have tried not to argue with any of his ridiculous directives or buck against his dominating personality. He’s raised an eyebrow a time or two when I quietly went along with what he said without argument.

  I believe my accommodating behavior has worked because Daemon started to entrust me into the care of David two nights a week so he could go check on Tomb. For some odd reason, Daemon believed that if I really wanted to leave, David could stop me. Ha! Like that could ever happen. However, in keeping with my need to convince Daemon I was ‘tamed’, I stayed home and patiently waited for his return on those nights. On most nights, he worked late and I fell asleep in his massive bed before he returned home. Some nights, I would wake up to him working my body into an absolute frenzy and others I would wake to find myself wrapped tightly in his arms. Oddly, the nights he chose to hold me to him as close as possible were my favorites.

  I was getting ready for our day out and David lounged on my bed as I choose my clothes. Knowing that I would have to charm people into giving up information, it was important that I appeared innocent and also attractive. People, men especially, tend to have no problem giving a girl information when she has cleavage clearly visible. I choose a red halter-top sundress and paired the dress with black wedge sandals. I held the clothes up so that David could see and he smiled and nodded in approval.

  “That is a perfect look, Paige, except, I thought the idea was for me to distract Daemon. It would be difficult enough for me to divert his eyes from you on a normal day. If you are dressed like a red hot siren, it’s going to be that much harder.”

  I turned to hold the dress up to myself in the mirror and took my bottom lip between my teeth while considering David’s comment. He was correct that dressing down would help him get Daemon away from me, but on the other hand, I needed to heat up my appearance to loosen the lips of the people I questioned. I decided to go with the dress and answered David. “Well, I suggest you go make yourself extra hot, David, because I’m going to wear the dress. Maybe you should go style your hair, or put on a tighter shirt. It might distract Daemon’s eye from my fine self.” I winked at David through the mirror.

  He laid back on the bed and threw his arm over his eyes dramatically. “I wish and as if! That man is hopeless for you. I knew you had a strong love spell, my little Paige, but I had no idea it was maximum strength. Between Alex and Daemon, you have entranced two stunning specimens of the male population.”

  My face fell a little at David’s mention of Alex and David noticed and quickly apologized. I gave him a weak smile and shrugged a shoulder. “I need to get dressed, David, so it’s time for you to skedaddle. Go make yourself irresistible.”

  David pushed himself off my bed and smiled as he responded, “Well, I wouldn’t go that far, Paige. It wouldn’t be fair to all the other people in the flea market if I made myself look that good. I think I’ll keep it toned down and go with looking absolutely enticing.” I laughed at his words as he made his way across my room and closed my door behind him.

  After David was out of sight, I pulled on my dress and went into the bathroom to do my make-up and hair. I left my hair hanging loosely down my back and I applied cream eyeshadow and a light black liner. I used a hint of red lipstick just to fill out my lips and spritzed on a floral scent.

  I made my way into the living room to find Daemon pouring a cup of coffee in the kitchen. He was dressed in a tight black t-shirt tucked into dark, distressed jeans. A thick black belt held the jeans hanging perfectly off his hips and my mouth watered at the sight of him. My mind was instantly torn between wanting to slowly look over the stunning man standing by the counter and wanting to run to the coffee pot and suck down every last drop. I decided to have my cake AND eat it too by walking over to Daemon, pecking him on the lips and grabbing his cup while he was distracted. His eyebrow arched up at me and I gave him my most innocent smile while walking over to add creamer and sugar to the cup. He walked up behind me and wrapped his strong arms around my waist while nuzzling into my neck. His body softly rumbled as he chuckled at my thievery.

  Daemon eventually let me go and leaned back on the kitchen island. I could feel his eyes sliding over my body and I half turned to look at him. His eyes were heated and he had a small smile revealing my favorite little indentations. I turned towards him fully when my coffee was finished and he shook his head while saying, “I’m not sure I can take you anywhere dressed like that, Damsel. I’ll have to rip any man in half that dares to look at you.”

  I sipped from my coffee and peeked at him over the rim of the cup. I placed the cup on the counter and answered. “Oh please, Daemon. You and I both know that I can handle myself…”

  He arched an eyebrow and I sighed.

  “…Well, you know, in most cases, I can handle myself. There will be no man-ripping while at the flea market.”

  Daemon opened his mouth to respond when David came bouncing into the room. He wore a forest green, button up shirt and black jeans and his hair was styled in a perfectly messy way. “Are we ready to do this? I can hear the knick-knacks calling me already.” He walked over to Daemon and I and leaned a hip against the counter. “Oh, Daemon, you can help me find cat statutes to add to my collection! I’m particularly interest in finding a Russian Grey and a Calico.” I laughed at David’s suggestion because I knew damn well he didn’t collect cat statues. I had no idea what he planned to do with them if he actually bought them.

  Daemon pushed up from the counter, walked towards the living room and swiped his sunglasses and keys off the breakfast bar. “Sounds great, David. Really. I can’t think of a better way to spend my day.” The sarcasm dripped of off Daemon’s words and David shot me a quick thumbs up while winking.

  I followed behind Daemon as he walked to the elevator and shook my head as David skipped beside me. He was excited to be part of a “spy mission,” as he referred to it, and he insisted that I give him a code name after he proved himself worthy. When the elevator dinged and the doors opened, we rode quietly down to the garage and were quickly on our way.


  The flea market was busy for a Friday and I hoped that it wouldn’t be too difficult to talk to vendors or other employees with the amount of people who were shopping today. The environment w
asn’t absolute chaos, but it was enough to act as a separator while David dragged Daemon off so that I could talk to people. When we first arrived, Daemon wrapped his arm around my shoulder and walked me through the aisles. David flitted between tables and examined the odd antiques and other items. Eventually, I removed myself from Daemon’s arm and pretended to be looking through a rack of vintage clothing. I kept an eye out for any vendors that looked like they would have been friends with Chris. Remembering that Chris was an obvious prick, I quickly determined that the women would have avoided him, leaving the obvious choice to question the men.

  The booths were arranged in long aisles down the length of the market, leaving plenty of walking room in the middle. I walked back and forth between the right and left sides in an attempt to put some space between Daemon and I. There were so many oddities being sold at the market, I laughed at the little bobble head toys of famous celebrities and political figures and shrank back in fear at the clown doll table. I swear their eyes followed me as I moved along and my step picked up somewhat as I attempted to escape. It didn’t help when David came up just behind me as I walked past the booth and started making scary carnival noises causing me to shudder.

  After walking through the market and weaving through the maze-like halls, I spotted a janitor cleaning up a blue slushy that had been spilled in the walkway and a light bulb went off over my head. Perfect. Having spotted my first potential information candidate, I quickly turned and grabbed David away from a display of knock-off, designer watches.

  “Hey! Watch it, Paige. Some of those look real!” David stumbled over his feet as I dragged him closer so that I could whisper.

  I donned my serious voice as I whispered, “Shut up, David. I want to talk to that janitor over there and I need you to distract Daemon.”

  We both turned and looked as Daemon played with little, metal perpetual motion toys. I chuckled to myself as he went from each toy and attempted to get it to sync with the motion of the others. He had accomplished getting all toys but two in time with each other and was busily working on the last ones.

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