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       The Madam, p.1

           M. Robinson
The Madam

  The Madam

  By M. Robinson

  Published by Kristen Switzer at Smashwords

  Copyright © 2014 M. Robinson

  Edited by Kristen Switzer

  All rights Reserved.

  No part of this book may be used or reproduced in any manner whatsoever without written permission of the author.

  This book is a work of fiction. References to real people, events, establishments, organizations, or locations are intended only to provide a sense of authenticity, and are used fictitiously. All other characters, dead or alive are a figment of my imagination and all incidents and dialogue, are drawn from the author’s mind's eye and are not to be interpreted as real.


  This book is dedicated to a very special person in my life. She entered it when I needed her the most. She is most definitely a Godsend. Thank you for everything that you do! The way you have jumped in headfirst with me throughout this whole process has been remarkable. The support you show me is something I couldn’t live without. You push me when I need it and you tell me how it is, and I love you for it. The friendship we have is one that I know will last forever. You are one of the most important people in my life.


  Kristen Switzer, you are my number one VIP. I love you for everything!


  Ben: I LOVE you. You are my everything. Thank you for always supporting my dreams and pushing me in the right direction when I need it the most.

  Dad: Thank you for always showing me what hard work is and what it can accomplish. For always telling me that I can do anything I put my mind to.

  Mom: Thank you for ALWAYS being there for me no matter what. You are my best friend.

  Julissa Rios: I love you and I am proud of you. Thank you for being a pain in my ass and for being my sister. I know you are always there for me when I need you.

  Ysabelle & Gianna: Love you my babies.

  Jettie Woodruff: You are forever the PP of my life and I love you from here to Ur-anus.

  Rebecca Marie: THANK YOU for an AMAZING cover for The Madam. I wouldn’t know what to do without you and your fabulous creativity.

  Jamie Carollo: Thank you for the love and support with everything you have done for me.

  Alexis Moore: Your brutal honesty and our witty interesting conversations.

  Jennifer Mirabelli: My dirty girl undercover! Love you.

  Hetty Whitmore Rasmussen: The support and enthusiasm you share with me.

  Heather Harton: My GILF and my friend.

  Kathy Coopmans: Mom!! Love you for being you.

  Karen Hick Benton: I LOVE YOU. The end.

  Barbara Johnson: You always make me laugh.

  Shannon Vincent Franco: My cousin, thank you for supporting me.

  Kimberly Lenae Stewart: The friendship that we share is one that I cherish.

  Mary Beth Witkop: My beautiful girl. I love corrupting you and shocking you.

  Veronica LaRoche: The way you promote me is unbelievable.

  Ashlee Marie Dirker: You are awesome!

  Julie Kerr: Your honesty and friendship mean everything to me.

  To all of my family; Rios, Robinsons, Ubillus, Barhoums, Sabis, Britos, etc...I never imagined that I would have the support that I have received from you guys to follow this career. It has meant everything to me to have the love and appreciation you have shown me. I am very lucky to be able to call you my family. I love you and thank you.

  To all the blogs A HUGE THANK YOU for all the love and support you have shown me. I have made some amazing friendships with you that I hold dear to my heart. I know that without you I would be nothing!! I cannot THANK YOU enough!!

  To all my new author friends that I have made! That has most definitely been a privilege!

  Last, but most definitely not least, to my VIP GROUP. Oh my God ladies…words cannot describe how much I love and appreciate every last one of you. The friendships and relationships that I have made with you are one of the best things that have ever happened to me. I wish I could name each one of you but it would take forever, just please know that you hold a very special place in my heart. You guys make my day, every single day. THANK YOU!!!

  To all the fans that have shown me an outpouring of love and support. I would be nowhere without you. You are forever my VIPs!!

  Authors Note

  When I started writing VIP I never imagined that I would turn it into a series. I poured my heart and soul into writing that book. The characters became like my children and family, I love them. I never understood how authors would say that their characters become real people to them until I started writing. It’s amazing how much of yourself you pour into a story. You miss time with your loved ones because you just need to finish one more chapter…a couple more words…just one more scene…etc…etc…etc…

  Writing The Madam was a unique experience for me that I will never forget. I love this bitch so much! She is hardcore and I wouldn’t have her any other way. Her story is intense, dark, erotic; it’s a roller coaster of emotions. The way I heard her voice in my head is exactly how I have portrayed her in her story.

  After I started receiving the outpour of fans wanting Sebastian and Ysabelle’s story to continue, I immediately knew that The Madam needed her own story for the series to click together. I cannot tell you how much it has meant to me to be accepted in the indie world by each and every one of you. I am incredibly lucky to be able to do what I love and have it be received with such kindness and admiration.

  I wrote this series for you.

  Table of Contents


  Chapter 1

  Chapter 2

  Chapter 3

  Chapter 4

  Chapter 5

  Chapter 6

  Chapter 7

  Chapter 8

  Chapter 9

  Chapter 10

  Chapter 11

  Chapter 12

  Chapter 13

  Chapter 14

  Chapter 15

  Chapter 16

  Chapter 17

  Chapter 18

  Chapter 19

  Chapter 20

  Chapter 21

  Chapter 22

  Chapter 23

  Chapter 24

  Chapter 25

  Chapter 26

  Chapter 27

  Chapter 28

  Chapter 29

  Chapter 30

  Chapter 31

  Chapter 32

  Chapter 33

  Chapter 34

  Chapter 35

  Chapter 36

  Chapter 37

  Chapter 38

  Chapter 39

  Chapter 40

  Chapter 41

  Chapter 42


  MVP Prologue


  You can call me whatever you want, I’ve heard it all before. But the truth is the first time I saw money, I fell in love. Money makes the world go round. It’s the root of all evil. It gives you both pleasure and pain. Greed is one of the seven deadly sins, along with envy, and my personal favorite…lust. God said thou shalt not covet thy neighbor’s wife; well God never met one of my VIPs.

  I’m not an evil woman, but I want what I want, when I want it. I do whatever the fuck I please, and at the end of the day, if you fuck with one of my girls then you fuck with me. You don’t fuck with something that belongs to me and if you do, I’ll make sure to make you pay for it. I fear nothing. Fear makes you weak and I am not a weak woman. I can be your most treasured jewel or your worst nightmare. The choice is yours.

  I don’t depend on anyone other than myself, because at the end of the day that’s all I have. I rely on no one and that’s what makes me incredible at what I do. I liv
e in a man’s world and I fucking own it. Women rule this world and the only reason we let men believe they do is because they lead with their cocks. Our pussies hold the power. We give life and are the only living organism in this world that can bleed for seven days and not fucking die.

  Love is a figment of your imagination; it’s right up there with monogamy. It’s a platonic state of mind that you program yourself to be in. It’s an illusion. The mind is the most powerful tool one can have. They say we only use 10% of our brain and if that’s the case, could you imagine what it would be like if we were capable of more?

  I’m not a selfish woman, I do share my things with others but they need to be returned to me in the exact same condition as borrowed. You break it you buy it. You think you may know me but you have no fucking idea. My namesake, I am a powerful, sexual woman. I am an enchantress on a good day, a demon on the bad, and an Illusionist for all the days in between. I am a lot like Ysabelle in the sense that I show you what I want you to believe. That’s maybe why I wanted her, why I still want her. Ysabelle really is a stupid fucking woman, but I don’t want to talk about her and her fucked up decisions. We will get to that; we will cover everything.

  I am a no holds barred type of woman. I have no secrets to keep. But a lot happens behind closed doors, and I’m about to open those doors for you. Give you a glimpse of what and who I am.

  My name is Lilith Veronica Stone, AKA Madam, and this is my story.

  Chapter 1

  The first written text of prostitution can be dated back to 4000 B.C. I’ve always hated the word “prostitution” but it truly is one of the world’s oldest professions. Women from all over the world knew early on the power that they held between their legs. They were a force to be reckoned with even back then. It’s interesting to see how the world has evolved since this taboo profession began. But of course, back then it wasn’t prohibited, it was called bartering. I’ll give you something if you give me something in return. This is how I’ve lived my life. It has been my motto, my creed, my oath so to speak.

  The psyche of the human mind is a fascinating concept. God gives us freewill, he gives us instincts, survival skills, he sets the stage and you pull the strings. One may think he is the puppeteer but the reality is, you have to blame someone for your mistakes, so why not him right? It’s so much easier that way. Although, God is a bit of a voyeur in my eyes as he likes to watch. He also sets the rules; look but don’t touch, touch but don’t taste, taste but don’t swallow.

  This is where he and I differ. Temptation is an alluring son of a bitch. I’m not a religious woman by any means, but I have been called God a time or two. I prefer Madam though. They say you learn a lot about a person through their name; my given name is Lilith meaning “of the night”. Legends say Lilith was Adam’s first wife, sent out of Eden and replaced by Eve because she would not submit to him. I was pretty much fucked the minute I was born.

  I was born June 6, 1960; yes, I know you see it, 666 the sign of the devil. Is that me? I think not, although, one can dream can’t they? That would make me fifty-four years old. I don’t look it by any means. In my eyes I don’t look a day over thirty-five. Trust me, I can fuck anyone under the table in more ways than one. Everyone has a creator and we are put on this earth for a purpose; some believe that once that purpose is served, you’re done. Game over, do not pass go; do not collect $200.

  I say fuck that. Women are put on this earth to be cherished and treated as a queen; men are our worshippers and will do anything by whatever means possible to make our wishes come true. If they don’t, we deserve the right to make them suffer; after all, we did create them. Doesn’t that give us leeway?

  I know what you’re asking yourself. What made me this way? Why am I a sadist bitch? It’s all right; you can say it. I actually prefer it. I am a sadistic bitch, but get one thing straight; I am “the sadistic bitch”. When I walk into a room I expect you to turn and watch, when I talk I expect you to listen, when I say something I expect you to do it, no questions asked. It’s all very easy; you just need to follow my rules. I set the guidelines.

  In my mind, I am your God.

  I may be coming on too strong, but like I said, I will share everything with you. I have nothing to hide or to be ashamed of. The decisions and choices I made were given to me, I was not forced, I was chosen. Just like I choose my girls.

  For you to understand my life you need to live it. I don’t know if reading about it will do it justice, nonetheless, I am going to try. There are always three sides to every story, yours, mine, and the truth. I deserve a chance to explain myself. Love me or hate me, it’s who the fuck I am. The Madam.

  VIP can be dated back to the prohibition. When alcohol and VIP took over the world. It has been in my family for decades and generations have run it since the 1920s, all handed down from woman to woman. Never has a man laid his fingers on VIP; many have wanted to, offering millions upon millions of dollars, never standing a chance to control it. Not one piece of the action. My great female ancestors saw an opportunity with their pussies; one that many women bartered for food, clothing, shelter, my family decided that money would be the key.

  Money controls the world. And guess what? Sex sells in every language. Everyone and anything has a price. You’ll sell your first born if the price is right; trust me, I speak from experience. I do not lie. I am a lot of things, but I am not a liar. Withholding the truth is not lying, neither are secrets, or skeletons in your closet. Everyone has them; it just comes down to how good you are at keeping them there.

  VIP started like any other business; from nothing. A woman had an idea and went with it, slowly but surely, it became something greater than she could have ever imagined. It blossomed into a life of its own. Men came from all over the world for a taste of a VIP. It’s not named Very Important Pussy for nothing. The women were not created, it was in their blood, like they were born and put on this earth to serve that purpose and that purpose alone. It was innate to them, each and every chosen VIP is never taught to please, they are guided.

  Not just anyone can be a VIP; it’s not an organization that is based off interviews or applications. You’re chosen, selected, picked, and taken; you are the elite. By the time I was born, VIP was a multibillion-dollar corporation. What started in salons, alleys, and vehicles, became mansions, private jets, yachts, and every motherfucking luxury known to man. My mother was the owner at the time, and she was the strongest woman I have ever known. My father was a very high profile businessman, and he had another family of his own, but my mother was his vice. My father was a devastatingly handsome man. He had jet-black hair with emerald green eyes, a strong jaw line that accented his thin lips and perfect white teeth. He was muscular, fit, and nearly cleared 6’3. He wore business suits every time I saw him, and never drove his own car. From afar, my parents looked like they were meant to be in magazines and print out ads; they looked perfect together. The embodiment of the perfect Miami power couple.

  My mother never saw herself as the other woman though. She used him. He was her play toy to do with as she saw fit, and growing up I saw her use and abuse him daily. My mother loved four things; VIP, herself, money, and me. She was an amazing mentor to me, taught me everything I know. I was born into a life of luxury. I never had to want for anything, never had to ask for a goddamn thing. It was all handed to me on a silver-fucking platter with a bright red bow.

  I never took anything that I had for granted. My father played an active role in my life; I knew what he and my mother were to each other. That had nothing to do with me. See, my father’s other family had all boys; I was his only girl, his princess. Both my parents loved me in different ways and they both said it often. I wasn’t born into a hollow existence. My parents never played me against each other and they never pretended to be something they weren’t.

  I never met my other siblings and I was my mother’s only child. The first time I realized that my life was different, was when I was five years old. I was like any
other little girl, very curious of everything around me.

  I secretly watched through the gap of my mother’s bedroom door with my doll in my arms and my hair in pigtails. She sashayed across the room in her black knee length silk robe, pulling her hair up to expose the crook of her neck as she perched herself on the corner of her king size bed.

  “I told you time and time again, Vivian, that I don’t want Lilith exposed to this lifestyle,” my father stated as he ran his fingers through his hair.

  “And I’ve told you that I don’t give a flying fuck what you want. Lilith is mine and you’re lucky that I even allow her to be in your life,” my mother carelessly said, leaning back on one of her elbows, looking calm yet threatening at the same time.

  “Allow her? Vivian, you can play this Madam card with everybody else, but you can’t fuck with me. If I wanted to take her from you, I could. Nobody in their right mind would leave a child to be raised in this environment.”

  My mother viciously laughed. “And what environment may that be Charles? The one you partake in any chance you can get? The place where you can get fucked in the ass with a strap on and no one will think less of you? Or where I sometimes bring you a man? Is that the environment that you speak of, because from where I am sitting, you have more to lose than I do. Your bi-sexual tendencies will be the end of you, darling, we always knew that. Now get one thing straight, Lilith will take over one day. The faster you realize that she is my heir to this ‘environment’ the better it will be for all of us,” my mother threatened with intensity that I had never seen or heard before.

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