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Keeping her wet, p.1
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       Keeping Her Wet, p.1

           M. Robinson
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Keeping Her Wet

  Table of Contents

  Chapter One—VIP

  Chapter Two—The Madam

  Chapter Three—Tempting Bad

  Chapter Four—Two Sides

  Chapter Five—Complicate Me

  Chapter Six—Forbid Me

  Chapter Seven—Undo Me

  Chapter Eight—Crave Me

  Chapter Nine—El Diablo

  Chapter Ten—Road to Nowhere


  My eyes closed as I sank into the fizzing bubbles, feeling the tension release with every sinking inch. The heat permeated my skin, relaxing the tightness in my lower back and shoulders. Taking a deep breath, the lavender steam filled my senses, and I sighed in contentment.

  Happy for the moment of alone time.


  Pinching the thin part of my nose, I groaned, “What, Lilah? You’re supposed to be in bed.”

  “My daddy say no.”

  I pulled in my lips to keep from laughing at her. Once that happened, I was done. She was hard-headed like her father without giving her any ammunition. The last thing I wanted was to start a battle with this little monkey, especially when Sebastian wasn’t home yet. He'd let her get away with murder. She could do no wrong in his eyes, which is why most of her replies started with, “My daddy say no.”

  “Your daddy isn’t home yet. That’s why Mommy’s bubble bath is being interrupted. Again. What do you need now, Lilah?”

  My three-year-old teenager wobbled into the bathroom with her messy bedhead and pink princess pajamas. “Me have a bad dream.”

  Sighing, “You need to be sleeping in order for that to happen.”

  “The monster is under my bed. He gonna get me, again.”

  “Lilah, we talked about this. There is no monster under your bed. Go back in your room, I’ll be right there to tuck you in again in a few minutes. Let me get dry.”

  “But the monster, Momma. He gonna—” We heard the garage door opening and that’s all it took for Lilah’s eyes to light up, knowing it was her father. Just like that, she was gone. My cool bubbles and I had been replaced by the love of her life in the blink of an eye.

  “Daddy!” She didn’t give me a second thought and took off as fast as her chubby little legs could carry her.

  I shook my head, stifling a laugh. Grabbing my black silk robe from the back of the bathroom door, I put it on, making my way behind her. A laugh escaped my lips when I heard her giggle, jumping into her daddy’s arms.

  “Hey, princess. What are you still doing up?” Sebastian asked, kissing the top of her head as she held him tight against her tiny frame.

  “Daddy, the monster under my bed is back. He gonna get me. I scared,” she whimpered, tucking her head into the nook of his neck. Nestling up closer to him, allowing him to hold her tighter.

  “I see.”

  This was all Sebastian ever wanted. It was like he was born to be a father. He was the best one I’d ever seen. Sometimes I thought he was a better parent than I was, he was just a natural at it.

  He walked them over to the counter and sat her up on the edge. Kissing the top of her head one last time before grabbing her chin, making her look up with those puppy dog eyes that did it to him every time.

  “I sleep wif you, otay?”

  “Princess, remember we talked about this? There are no monsters under your bed. I check every night just to make sure.”

  “They leave and comes back when you gone, Daddy.”

  He sighed, glancing over at me for the first time. Arching an eyebrow when he saw me leaning against the wall, still wet and amused. My silk robe clinging to my curves, leaving little to the imagination.

  “Sorry, I’m late. We ended up spearing more fish as the sun was going down,” he explained, never taking his eyes off my body.

  “Did your group have fun?”

  “Don’t they always?”

  I laughed. “The restaurant was packed today. I’m exhausted, babe. I—”

  “Go to bed. I got her,” he interrupted, looking up at me.

  As much as I hated leaving them, my body was just done. Don't get me wrong, life on the island was amazing, both our businesses were flourishing, but at times we could barely keep up. Sebastian added a few more charters and captains to his company. I opened up two more restaurants on other parts of the island. Adding Lilah into the mix was proving to be taxing, and our once steaming hot sex life had taken the biggest hit of all.

  “I love you,” I stated, wishing I could keep my eyes open long enough to spend a little more time with him.

  “I love you, too. I’ll be in as soon as I can.”

  Which meant he would fall asleep in Lilah’s bed like he did on most nights when she woke up. He was adamant about not letting her sleep in our bed, so he always took her back to hers and ended up passing out in there, nonetheless. He was just as exhausted as I was.

  No sooner than I had closed my eyes, I smelt his intoxicating scent hovering above me. The caress of his callused fingers stroked the side of my face.

  “Watching me sleep is still stalkerish, Sebastian,” I mumbled while opening my eyes. Teasing him with an old but familiar joke.

  He laughed, wiggling out of his shirt, taking off his pants and sliding in behind me. His fingers immediately dug into my tense shoulders while his lips found my back, instantly reminding me why I loved him so much.

  “Oh, God. Don’t ever stop doing that,” I moaned, loving the way his fingers deeply massaged my sore muscles.

  My eyes began to shut more and more with each second that passed between us. Until I couldn’t hold them open any longer and passed the hell out.


  “Daddy, I’m gonna miss you and Momma. Why can’t I go agains?” Lilah questioned, cocking her cute little face to the side. Sitting up on the counter, watching me cook her breakfast.

  She reminded me so much of Ysabelle. I resisted the urge to tell my wife how much I wanted another baby almost every night. Especially now that Lilah was getting older.

  “Because who will play with Devon and Brooke?”

  “Oh yeah! They needs me.” She nodded happily, understanding.

  I chuckled, setting her plate of food in front of her. I took a seat and listened intently to everything she shared with me, not letting me get a word in. Moments like that reminded me how much I loved our time together.

  When I was finished with my plate, I left Lilah with the nanny, needing to wake up Ysa. She would sleep all morning if I let her.

  “Mmm… five more minutes,” she grumbled into the pillow, throwing the sheet above her head when she heard the door shut behind me.

  I didn’t think twice about it. I slid underneath the blankets in a slow, steady stride, crawling my way toward her pussy like a starved man. Before she knew what I was doing, my face was in between her legs.

  “Sebastian,” she breathed out as soon as I sucked on her clit, long and hard. Her hands pulled at my hair while her back arched off the bed seconds later.

  “Lilah?” she simply stated, grinding her pussy into my mouth.

  “You like that, baby? Does that feel good? Huh? Tell me, tell me it feels good,” I huskily urged, ignoring her question. “Don’t worry about Lilah. Just lay back and let me fucking eat you.”

  Her hands began fisting the sheets, and I had barely started touching her yet. My mouth already sending her body into a frenzy. I was being gentle with her, taking my time to devour her sweet pussy, making her nice and wet for me. Sucking her clit side-to-side, forcefully, urgently back and forth, up and down. Pulling back the hood of her clit till her legs started to shake from just the mere graze of my tongue. I knew her body better than she did.

  She was almost fucking there.

  “Oh God,”
she whimpered in pleasure, throwing the sheets off both of our bodies.

  My hands moved their way up to her breasts, kneading her hard nipples, lapping at her pussy, and eating her like she was my favorite fucking meal. Making her go crazy with passion and desire.

  Feelings only I could ever produce.

  I licked her one last time before stopping. Peering up at her with hooded eyes, I ordered, “Let’s go.”

  Her eyes widened, shaking her head no.

  I grinned. “If you’re a good girl. I will finish what I started later.”

  “Sebastian, this is bull—”

  My tongue was in her mouth, shutting her the hell up before she got the last word out. Making her savor the taste of herself all over my lips and tongue. I grabbed onto the back of her neck, pulling her closer to me. Placing her exactly where I wanted her.

  Completely underneath me.

  She licked and sucked on my tongue, panting, moaning, and scratching at me to keep going.

  I didn’t.

  Instead, I abruptly grabbed a fistful of her hair, causing her to yelp from the sudden intrusion on her scalp. “Let’s go,” I demanded in a much harsher tone, not wanting to have my way with her just yet.

  I had other plans that involved her being in a string bikini, completely at my mercy.


  I kissed her one last time before letting her go and getting off the bed. Adjusting my hard cock and balls in my jeans once I was standing.

  “You got five minutes to get dressed and packed, or we’re leaving without it,” I informed, leaving her wet, naked, and wanting.

  I walked into Lilah’s room, thanking Devon and Brooke for coming to stay with her for a few days on such short notice. I needed time with my wife. I wanted to spend a few days with her, just us.


  I wanted to fuck her seven ways to Sunday, in every last corner of my new 50-foot Viking yacht. She didn’t even know I’d bought it for her.

  For us.

  Ysabelle was walking toward Lilah’s room with her bag in hand as I was walking out, shutting the door behind me.

  I shook my head no, stopping her dead in her tracks. “Lilah sees you, she’s going to throw a goddamn fit. We don’t have time for meltdowns if you want to continue what I started. And by the look on your face, I know you can’t wait to have my face deep in your pussy. Fucking you with my mouth.” I closed the distance between us, taking her bag from her. “She’s fine. I said goodbye to her for you. I’m sure she will be all too eager to Facetime with you later.”

  “Sebastian, this is—” Placing her bag on the floor next to me, I pulled out a black tie from the pocket of my jeans. Rendering her speechless, I walked behind her, wrapping the tie around her eyes so she couldn’t see.

  Whispering in her ear, “Do you trust me?”

  Her breathing hitched. “With my life.”

  I smiled at her response, picked up her bag, and grabbed her hand, leading her out to the garage. I helped her down into my Ferrari, sliding on her seatbelt, and kissing her luscious lips one last time before closing the door.

  “So are you going to tell me where we’re going? Because I’m pretty sure this is considered kidnapping,” she said, breaking the silence between us as I pulled out of the driveway.

  “It’s not kidnapping if it belongs to you, Ysa.”

  She smirked, leaning her head back against the headrest. Relaxing for the first time in God knows how long.

  We pulled up to the marina about two hours later. I planned to island hop for the next few days so I had the captain I hired meet us closer out to sea.

  After getting Ysabelle out of the car, I picked her up unexpectedly, hurling her over my shoulder, once again leading us to our final destination. Throwing her into a fit of giggles.

  “Where are we going?” she questioned, realizing I was taking us somewhere else.

  “Where I can have my way with you.” I spanked her ass, stepping onto the yacht and nodding to the captain to take off again, silently ordering the crew to leave, too.

  I placed her down on the ground, removing her blindfold. Her eyes fluttered open, adjusting to the bright light all around her.

  “Oh my God!” she shouted, surprised to see a whole spread of breakfast on the back table. She grabbed some fruit, making her way inside. I followed close behind her, wanting to see the look on her face as she took in her new surroundings. “Whose yacht is this?”

  “Yours,” I simply replied.

  She glanced over at me. “What?”

  I grinned, loving the way her eyes lit up from my simple response. I shook off the sentiment, grabbing her hand again, and leading her toward the front bow. Nodding to the side once we were standing in the perfect spot.

  She leaned over, taking in the name.

  “You named her after me!” she shouted, immediately turning around and jumping into my arms. Much like our daughter always did. “I can’t believe you did this! Lilah is going to love it. You know how—” I kissed her, silencing her.

  “No more talking about Lilah. For the next few days, you’re all mine. Do you understand me? Just Ysa. My wife. My VIP.”

  She laughed so hard her head fell back. “Oh… is that what this is about? You want me to be your whore? Well, I hate to burst your bubble, but you couldn’t afford me.”

  “I did once before,” I reminded, even though it brought back bad memories.

  For her.

  She was always fucking mine.

  “I’m more expensive now.”

  “Is that so?”

  She proudly nodded. “You see, Mr. Vanwell. I discovered the love of a man. It’s going to take a lot more than just money for me to spread my legs for you.”

  I backed us into the bow wall, pressing her up against it with my right arm locking her in place by the side of her face. While my other hand went right for the inside of her thigh, her short cotton dress making it easy for me to do so.

  “You had the love of a man back then, too,” I recapped, kissing down the side of her neck. My fingers grazing higher and higher up her long, silky legs.

  “That’s not how I remember it.”

  “Are you trying to provoke me?”


  “You don’t need to provoke me to make me fuck you, Ysa. I’ve wanted to fuck that saucy little mouth since this morning.”

  She sucked in air, startled by what I’d just said. I continued my gentle torture for a few more seconds, moving closer to where she wanted me to touch her the most. I brought my other hand up, grazing her cheek with the tips of my fingers, placing a fallen piece of her hair behind her ear.

  The gesture made her lips part.

  “I thought I’d take you out for a ride. Don’t you want to ride me, baby?” I asked, purposely trailing my fingers down the slit of her pussy. “You’re beautiful when you blush like that.” I lightly brushed my fingertips further down her slit, gliding them into her opening. “I love how fucking wet you always are for me.”

  Our gazes stayed connected the entire time, her eyes showing me everything I wanted to hear. Even after all these years, they still spoke volumes. I cocked my head to the side and stepped in toward her, it didn’t take much for my mouth to be close to hers. I pulled her closer to me by the nook of her neck, and she didn’t cower. If anything she stood taller.

  She bit her bottom lip, enticing me, using her sexuality. Reminding me exactly why she was the best VIP.

  Ysabelle was made for sex.

  I started to move my fingers, aiming them directly toward her g-spot. “No one can see us out here,” I whispered close enough to her mouth that I could feel her breath upon my lips. “But does it excite you that someone could walk out and see us? You’d let me fuck you right here and now, wouldn’t you?”

  “I was never one for being shy.”

  I gripped the front of her neck, my thumb and index finger clutching her pulse points. “No one sees what’s mine but me. I know what you feel lik
e when you come. I know that your face gets flushed. I know you stop breathing just slightly before your pussy starts to pulsate so fucking tight that it pushes my fingers out.” I bit her bottom lip and then kissed her softly. “I know what you taste like. What you feel like being wrapped around my cock all night long.”

  She swallowed the saliva that had pooled in her mouth. Her breathing elevated, showing me that I was getting to her. I slid my middle finger out from her hot cunt, bringing it up to her lips, and running it along her pouty bite. Enjoying the feel of her slickness against my callused fingers.

  “That’s how fucking wet I make you,” I growled, licking her lips clean. Needing to taste her with an urgency I felt every single day.

  She was like a drug to me. Since day one. I couldn’t ever get enough.

  I was addicted.

  She kissed me, soft at first, testing the feel of my mouth on hers. Seeing if I would respond the way she wanted me to and I didn’t. I wouldn’t. The way her lips claimed mine told me she wanted me to make the first move, so I did, but not with her mouth.

  With her pussy.

  I pushed my middle and ring fingers back into her wet pussy and she moaned into my mouth, shoving her tongue in at the exact same moment. Letting me savor both the taste and feel of her. How her body angled perfectly beneath mine. She melted against me, taking everything I was giving her and wanting more.

  Wanting everything.

  “Do you want me to fuck you?” I said in between kisses. “Do you want me to make you come?


  “Tell me…” I urged, pushing my fingers deeper into her sweet spot.

  She panted, “Right there.”

  “Where?” I cocked my head to the side, still not moving our lips apart. “Here?”


  “Tell me.”

  “I love you,” she moaned, trying to glide her tongue back into my mouth. I jerked back, not allowing her that satisfaction. Not yet.

  She whimpered in disapproval, craving my mouth, my taste, her taste. Her pussy betrayed her, tightening around my fingers. Releasing her juices that slid down the palm of my hand. So close to coming apart.

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