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           Luciana Correa
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The Maze
T h e M a z e

  Luciana Correa

  Copyright 2016

  Luciana Correa






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  It’s a work of fiction and as such any similitude to reality is merely a coincidence


  To all my readers who believe that life is much more than Day by Day routine.

  Each of you helps me believe that living is worth the effort.

  Thank you all.


  About the Author

  Luciana Correa is a Brazilian writer who lives in Rio de Janeiro with her three sons and her husband. Writing has been part of her life since very young. However, she had never thought she would publish her lines. The fact is Life happens. It happened to her in the form of a brain tumor whose effects disturbed her memory, her balance, and her logical thinking. It wasn't a deadly tumor, but its consequences were tough. I can enumerate depression, headaches, confusion as the most disturbing ones.

  Following the advice of her best friend, she started to write a story, something that would force her brain to create a new path to thinking. The idea was something small, but at the end, a Trilogy was born. Fantastic characters and a plot full of twists involving love, power, faith, and old myths from different cultural backgrounds were wrapped up in a story whose end you can decide.

  Meet the Knaasts and their thirst for power. Get acquainted with Rebel Angels, the Creator's Angels and feel the thrill of their unbelievable fights. Fall in love with the Creator’s human warriors and maybe you won't resist the appeal of the handsome and cruel Knaasts' priest: William.

  Love, mystery, witchcraft and the world's destiny will shake you and you won’t be able to stop reading.

  Dive deep into Luciana's story and believe it or not, you will feel the enthralling plot drag you to her world of powerful beings, wondrous events, fear, and horror. Be her guest. Have Fun.

  Some people say it was the best thing to ever happen in her life.

  You are about to be the judge.

  Chapter One

  “Run! Run Leah! He’s gonna catch you!

  My escape fellow had gotten my hand in hers and was towing me in the corridor. I had barely registered somebody had broken into my hotel bedroom. My eyes had briefly encompassed the stranger with gray eyes who was coming towards us and I was already hot on her heels in the hotel’s halls

  “Stop! Stop or you’re gonna die!”

  The male voice hummed all over my body breaking goose bumps up on my skin and a warm feeling flooded my chest. I didn’t stop to analyze my otherwise conflicting reactions. Whenever one hears a command like that surprise is the first reaction. Fear is the second and the survival instinct kicking on is the third.

  The threatening statement was all the fuel I had needed. Our frightened fast steps were resounding off my brain cells, through my bones and in terrible nausea that was about to stop me. I needed to put distance between our persecutors and us. The farther the better. The man with gray eyes wasn’t alone, but my frightened mind got hold of his face and didn’t let go. I was lost in a strange maze of sensations.

  To tell the truth, nothing like that had ever happened to me before. I had always been the cautious kind of girl. The turbulent relationship had never been my thing. I had always been friends with watching movies with popcorn and reading books on my own couch. All of a sudden I am in that small town, a dot on the map. That place was nowhere-land indeed. I couldn’t believe I was in need of running away to save my life, but that could summarrize the facts.

  My fellow runner was a pretty woman, early twenties, I guess. Somewhere around the maze where my mind was thriving to get a grip on things, I knew she was a cleaning lady. She glanced in my direction once in a while during our running and I could see how scared she was. None of us was calm. I was sure of that.

  She grabbed my hand again and pulled me towards the river. I recall getting into the high bushes and some feet ahead we were crawling into a hole. The place seemed a cave. While I was crawling into hide I could feel something heavy weighing me down. The rough soil was skinning my hands, arms and knees.

  We were finally hidden from the guys who were chasing us. The hole was large but it had a slow ceiling. We stayed there waiting, waiting together. Breathing was the only thing to interrupt the silence and it was getting to its normal pace slowly.

  Beth put a finger on her lips, signaling silence. I nodded my agreement and put my cheek on the back of my hand. I closed my eyes. I was utterly tired and it was fogging my mind.

  Everything had been unexpected on the vacations. The most frightening part had been the running to save my life after the hotel bedroom’s invasion. Images flashed behind my closed lids. Confusing scenes, made worse by the drowsiness that was keeping me down.

  A light touch on my shoulder made me open my eyes. My fellow runner was looking at me in a weird twisted way.

  I did my best to calm her down. “They’re gone. I think we should wait a bit more nevertheless.”

  I closed my eyes again just after talking. I heard a low rustle and a sharp pain on the back of my hand. I opened my eyes scared and in a weird fog I saw my friend with her neck broken, eyes popped open because of the terror that had filled her before death.

  Soft male voice lulled me into sleep. “She can’t do you any harm now. Sleep.”

  Darkness fell on me like a blanket and I thanked it. Suddenly, the world had become and aggressive place to be. I’d rather sleep and forget.

  Chapter Two

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