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Wanderlust hours of th.., p.1
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       Wanderlust - Hours of the Day, p.1

           Luann Jung
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Wanderlust - Hours of the Day

  Poems by Luann Jung


  Wanderlust - Hours of the Day

  by Luann Jung

  All rights reserved

  Copyright 2013 by Luann Jung

  No part of the publication may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording, or otherwise, without written permission of the publisher. For information regarding permission, email [email protected]



  With evil smiles

  You pull me apart

  Cast me away

  Break my fragile heart

  Crack all the windows

  Let it escape

  Then laugh at me trying

  To fix time with tape

  The tears that I've cried

  All were in vain

  You never noticed

  That I was in pain

  I build a dam

  To stem all the hurt

  You knock it over

  Ground it to the dirt

  You're plainly jealous when

  Nice people come around

  They pick me up after

  You push me down

  So when revenge comes

  I won't be to blame

  It will be your fault

  For starting the flame

  The flame that will burn us

  Dancing with guile

  Yes, I'll get back at you

  Beware evil smiles


  One by one we all will die

  Collapsing under this cold dark sky

  The souls of the people, up they will rise

  Broken over evil, and greed, and lies

  Down to the ground, our bodies will melt

  Down to the ground, upon which we once knelt

  The hard-packed dirt, brown and cracked

  The deep cool recesses, where sunlight is lacked

  The memories we've had, will disappear like light

  That is overpowered, by the dark that holds tight

  The goals that we had, now they are pointless

  Dancing away, they'll merrily taunt us

  What used to matter, won't anymore

  Instead they will be, just a simple bore

  And things we once needed, are useless by now

  Because what we want for, we'll get with a bow

  The king of the deceased, will welcome us soon

  To all kinds of sickness, we will be immune

  Most of our loved ones, lying beside

  Will meet us again, because we all died

  3 - TO ERASE

  It helps me everyday

  My eraser that is pink

  But to my great dismay

  It won't erase ink

  I messed up on my homework

  With a pen of beautiful blue

  I thought I was sure on the subject

  But oh! How little I knew!

  So I gave the pen away

  For a pencil it was traded

  On my desk the pencil lay

  It was very much hated

  For I still love my eraser

  It’s the best of all of them

  Pencils and pens are just pebbles

  My eraser is a gem

  But my eraser broke in half

  Now it is a tiny thing

  One half is a regal queen

  The other is a royal king

  Every day they reign over

  All their loyal men

  The only one they can’t control

  Is the naughty pen


  Concrete, concrete, concrete wall

  Who is the queenliest of them all?

  Be it me or be it her?

  In looks and mind who is better?

  Who possesses a face unflawed?

  Who possesses eyes to be awed?

  Who possesses hair like silk?

  Who's skin is pure, cream and milk?

  Who's lips are redder, like blood against snow?

  Who's brain has knowledge, how much do they know?

  When tragedy falls, what will she do?

  Maybe greatness for us is just the prelude

  Who is a leader? Courteous and brave

  To rule all her people, 'til she rest in the grave


  Have you ever asked yourself,

  Why the sky is crying?

  All this time I felt the truth,

  The truth I was denying

  These skies cry 'cause they can feel

  The pain that we are hiding

  Behind tall walls of dignity

  Pride that is misguiding

  These skies cry because we don't

  Does it seem unfair?

  Yet, because of us they can't

  Deny their deep despair

  We betray . . . we lie, we cheat,

  Turn others' dreams to dirt

  Then we dare to turn around

  Complain that we’ve been hurt

  We're all connected through our pain

  Enemies' tears can be our own

  We don't want to be ignored when filled with grief

  Yet we let them grieve alone

  No one is perfect or ideal

  Our lives are drenched with blame

  Still we turn away from friends

  When we know their shame

  Letting loved ones slip away

  By what we did or didn't say

  Then pretend it never happened

  Ignore it 'til our hair is gray

  My eyes are full of tears because

  My heart's not made of stone

  And, aside from yours, my friends

  My sky never cries alone

  6 - SHINE

  A North Star rises each day in her eyes

  A beacon of light shining in the night skies

  The dark of her irises; is the midnight

  A speck of pure light is a star shining bright

  Her lids, they lower when silent or angry

  Snuffing out the glow, that helps us see

  At day when it's bright; the shine of the sun

  Those stars disappear, for darkness they run


  When you look to the sky, it seems as blank

  And open as a canvas

  Clear. Simple.

  Without the clouds, or the lightning, what would the sky be?


  The thunder rumbles and the rains pours down

  The crumbling sky falls in drops all around

  The flashing light burns curious eyes

  Crackling down until the rise

  Dark, dangerous, when over we're glad

  This is the sky, on days when it's mad.

  The sunny white rays that float smoothly over

  The clouds making shapes; a big four-leaf clover

  The soft gentle whiteness, complemented by blue

  "Come to this big airy space!" the clean sky seems to woo

  "Go ahead, tell the others, be their envoy."

  This is the sky, today, full of joy.

  The fire that hurtles down to the Earth

  The chunks of large rock, tearing a wide berth

  Through the fabric of the air, ripping it open

  Colliding with us, 'till the surface is broken

  The meteorites fall down from the sky

  This the sky, and she says goodbye.


  It's raining bullets today

  I look out the w
indow, and I see gunpowder sprinkling over the battlefield

  I see flowers keeling over after being shot

  Thunder rumbles; lightning strikes through the clouds

  Water falls like an endless bomb

  The noise and light, they're battles in the sky

  Swords and cannons clashing and booming in the distance

  Volleys of bullets, slicing towards the ground

  Misty smoke snaking up the ladders to Heaven, taking lost spirits with it

  Sunlight is impossible, it's an illusion. An illusion like the slivers of hope the soldiers hold

  It's raining bullets today, and I hope it ends soon


  Shocking, shocking, shockingly cold

  In that lone shrine there was ice to behold

  Her dress of calico, his shirt of white

  The clothes on their backs, and one match to light

  The eremites lived out in the wood

  In a small home where just three walls stood

  Always in harmony, did they remain

  When parched by the sun, or drenched by the rain

  Dirt was the floor and thatch was the roof

  With simple beef bones to cook in their soup

  Harvest the plants that grow in the mud

  And tend to the small, beautiful flower bud

  His hair as brown as dark chocolate

  Her hair resembled a fox's a bit

  His haunted look shows years of struggle

  Her wild spirit has still yet to crumple

  However opposed these two may be

  They found life and had to agree

  In compatible silence they lived out their days

  Dwelling in the forest under the sun's rays


  [3rd person]

  Inside his soul was sorrow pure

  Nowhere on Earth was there a cure

  Distress at fate and mourning grief,

  His sadness was beyond belief

  [1st person]

  Although you're gone as gone can be

  I know I'll keep you here with me

  Deep in me you'll be alive

  Though sick at heart I might survive

  [2nd person]

  Somewhere in the deserts dry

  A healing rain falls from the sky

  Once hidden in recess of mind

  Freedom of thought you now will find


  When I look into the sea

  So sapphire, sapphire blue

  My sadness's key

  Is one last 'I love you, too'

  As herons fly about

  In the places where they live

  It makes me want to shout

  To you nothing I can give

  To me your blue, blue eyes

  Whisper 'Please, forget me not'

  But it's only me who cries

  For it's you who still forgot

  Love will be a bruise

  Always hurting; mourn and fear

  We're people meant to be in twos

  And now I'm the one left here

  The lemons will be sour

  The daffodils will sing

  Yet I can't count all the hours

  Forth for you tears I will bring

  So an apple is like blood

  And a heart could be lipstick

  Ashes left from fiery loves

  Wilted flowers left to pick

  A tiger lily in my hand

  A mango at my lips

  Smooth can be as rough as sand

  Lives are silk that easily rips

  With an emerald jewel before us

  And a blue sapphire for you

  I must be a topaz

  And I'll always, love you too

  12 - MIRRORS

  You're looking all over for the monster

  The one that haunts your dreams

  Over and over again until you're sure-

  You'll rip painfully at the seams

  Searching on forever

  Realizing you've missed a place;

  Dread the walk to the mirror

  To find it in your face


  She whispered to her shadow

  But her shadow did not hear

  Cold men sitting in the gallows

  Blank stares invoking fresh fear

  But her shadow did not hear

  Of the dangers in the night

  Blank stares invoking fresh fear

  Darkness covering the light

  Of the dangers in the night

  Only one did not apply

  Darkness covering the light

  Misty ghosts still passing by

  Only one did not apply

  Life was beating in his veins

  Misty ghosts still passing by

  Crowding through the empty lanes

  Life was beating in his veins

  In his hand he held a knife

  Crowding through the empty lanes

  Silent shrillness like a fife

  In his hand he held a knife

  Blank stares invoking fresh fear

  Silent shrillness like a fife

  But her shadow did not hear

  14 - SECRETS

  A secret smiles slyly as soon as it’s released

  Then runs into the darkness, where it cannot be chased

  The dark harbors a forest, filled with thorns and dread

  Yet secrets find old friends in there--recite what has been said

  It breaks the silence among its kin but doesn’t speak out loud

  It leads you to the lonely place where things once lost are found

  Whether or not this secret is, something good to hear

  This secret whispers . . . beckons softly, right beside your ear

  A secret knows a million things, for that it has to hide

  But still it longs to be discovered, somewhere deep inside

  To kindle the fire could be harmful, so don’t speak a word

  After all, secrets, even through silence can easily be heard


  That happy feeling left me

  When I stumbled upon that place

  It was nothing more than a dusty road,

  Filled with crystal light and crisscrossed with shadows.

  There was a tranquil golden glow,

  Though the day was still dim

  It was a quiet, lonesome place,

  Caught up in a leafy, brown autumn.

  That road looked empty, it did. With only the trees, the fence, and the sunlight.

  But just as I dared to walk down it,

  I saw the two people, talking by the fence, and watching me

  So I turned around slowly, going back the way I came.

  That happy feeling left me

  When I stumbled upon that place

  But it was just a dusty road, caught up in the colors of autumn


  It swallows up the world at night

  It muffles lonely cries of fright

  It blinks with stars that dot the sky

  It clouds like ink, and spreads like lies

  From under its cover we lie in wait

  For light to bring us back our fate

  It takes our soul and makes it fall

  It is the dark that conquers all


  It's a lucky charm, you see.

  Blue, delicate, and shining with dew-

  a flower--don't ask me what kind, I wouldn't know

  It's very beautiful, and grants all my wishes

  Too bad it won't last


  18 - MONSTER

  I look in the mirror . . .

  and I see a monster.

  But when I look a little closer,

  I can see myself hiding underneath.

  When you see me, I tell you:

  “Please leave.

  I can't have you see me like this.

  You know, I'm sorry to be such a disappointment

  And I know I’ll be waiting here for nothing.

  In the mist, cold as frost.

  I'll be waiting for my old self . . .

  to come back to me.

  I've changed.

  And I can't bear to change you too,

  just by being around you.

  You're too perfect the way you are.

  And I'm just what I am;

  A monster.


  Can you see her sorrowful eyes?

  Sorrow buried beneath easy lies

  Eyes that feel so heavy sometimes

  With tears that only cry inside

  With eyes as big and blue as the sea

  Do you really believe that she’s happy?

  Or do you know things aren’t what they seem

  With her eyes that whisper, “Set me free,”

  Do you fall for her charade?

  The perfect act that she creates?

  Or do you realize that she’s decayed

  Beneath her cheery, bright facade

  Do you notice her hollow laugh?

  That’s so cold and empty it starts to chafe

  What you see is only half

  Of this girl whose sadness overcomes at last


  I love you the way

  I love an extra finger

  Till' I cut it off


  The great waves rush on

  Swallowing up the white sand

  And leaving nothing

  22 - STARS


  summer reminds me of leaving, of stars blowing up, of frosted cakes, and of midnight kisses bathed in moonlight. the stars are so beautiful, but they’re really just pieces that will fall apart some day.


  two years ago I met a boy that I thought was my soulmate, who called me his beautiful spring girl. (though we always cherished our summers more.) he seemed so uncontrollable at times, and every now and then it scared me, but when he kissed me softly and whispered that helovedme hewantedme heneededme I forgot all about that side of him.

  and before I forget, “just like stars, everything beautiful and precious always fades away too quickly”

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