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       Beyond the Mist, p.5

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unnatural. He wasn't an actual captain but an angel perhaps or a guide of some sort.

  Johanna pondered these thoughts as they drove at break neck speeds now. The island did seem perfect. The house always had plenty of their favorite food. The weather gave them a nice warm shower at the same time each afternoon. The lush greens and vibrant colors that grew there weren't a natural occurrence. The old captain referred to the island as a personal paradise. They had been given a great gift that even death couldn't stop the time to be husband and wife.

  They drove for hours, never stopping for gas, never needing to relieve themselves. Before they had what seemed like normal body functions. Johanna turned to Mack, for they had been very quiet for the entire trip. "Do you think we just had to come to an acceptance of it?"

  Mack pulled to a stop at the fateful intersection, keeping the vehicle partially on the road, pointing to the large wreath. The white flowers encircled it. The banner in the middle seemed to wavers in the breeze. There in large silver letters it read Mack & Johanna together forever. A chill raced down Johanna's spine, the memory of that day filling her mind. The sensations of the wreck were real. Mack pulled the car on away from the scene.

  "I did experience it. I remember," Johanna said.

  "Exactly. I did too. I thought it so odd to be in the midst of the noise and the pain one second and the next we're just sailing along as if nothing happened. It just didn't add up. I just know after that I had no need to go back. I think I knew then. We would have seen ourselves dead. I'm not sure what that would have done to us."

  Johanna shook her head. "No, we did the right thing. We were given a chance to find this out in a better way. But what now? Are we stuck here?" She looked at her husband. Mack shrugged.

  "I'm not sure. I just know we need to get back to the island. Of all the places we've been since it happened the island was real. We experienced life there. We had bright lights and warm water and nice breezes. We heard each other, we ate and we lived."

  "Well, not live, not sure what we're doing now. Obviously our bodies are back there in a grave. This car isn't even real," Johanna said calmly. She had come to terms with their newly found situation.

  "Everything after the wreck turned odd. I began to suspect something then, but it just seemed to, I don't know, too supernatural. I don't know why we were giving the illusion that we came through it unscathed. I don't know why we were allowed to continue on. I don't know what that captain was, but he waited for us. He kept telling us he personally knew the owners of the island and that they had said we were always welcomed there. He even suggested we just stay there. Wasn't that like heaven on earth? We lost track of time. We enjoyed each other as a husband and wife should."

  Johanna nodded. "Yeah. What now though? What if we get there and we have no way of finding the island again?" Fear began rising in her chest. Her body felt real. She took breaths. She felt her heart beating. Yet, she breathed with no asthma issues. Now her body seemed to be changing. Since they left the island earlier that day she hadn't had the need to relieve herself, or eat, or grow tired.

  Mack pulled down the little road that lead to the sea, whatever sea it was. The sun seemed to begin to peek above the horizon to the east, the light lifted in ribbons casting a faint reflection over the water. The dingy bobbed at the dock, still there as it was from earlier. Mack parked the car and they exited. He slid the key in his pocket and walked over to his wife. Together they climbed to the dock and walked hand-in-hand to the dingy. He gently helped his wife on board and he pulled the rope from the poll. He smiled at her as he placed his hand on the key already in the ignition and turned it causing the engine to hum right to life.

  "Remember the captain said if we came back the boat would be here and we could use it." Mack steered the boat out to the open water.

  "What if we can't find it?"

  "What if?" Mack said with a smile and turned to let the breeze blow past his face. Johanna whipped around as well.

  "Wait, we didn't get our bags."

  Mack laughed. "Do you really think we'll need them?"

  Johanna stared ahead as a small smile formed. "I suppose not."

  After about half an hour the dot of the island came into view. Mack remembered where to go. The compass had a star etched above where the needle now pointed. It made perfect sense. The sun slid on up casting golden light on the lush greens and the bright colors of the forest. The windows of the home reflected the light back to them, almost blinding them. They docked the boat and after Mack secured the rope he helped his wife step onto the dock. The warm breeze greeted them, a familiar briny scent wafted around them.

  Hand-in-hand they walked to the home. The windows were open as was the front door, as it had been the first day they had arrived. A delightful smell of food emanated from the doors, a welcomed fragrance that mixed with the salty air and made each feel at ease.

  Mack and Johanna walked through the front door and instead of the lovely home they had spent their honeymoon they were greeted by a very steep very tall golden staircase that came down in the midst of what was once the living room. The fragrance of the delicious food came from above. The light, a blinding light illuminated from the top way up high. The slight sound of ethereal singing floated down, the most beautiful sound either had ever heard before. Neither protested their next move. They eagerly walked to the staircase, compelled to go all the way to the top. They started to ascend, keeping hold of the other's hand tightly. Each step up made them feel more at ease, made them want to reach the top. They smiled to one another as tears misted their eyes. At long last they were headed home.

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