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Mistress christmas, p.7
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       Mistress Christmas, p.7

         Part #1 of Wild West Boys series by Lorelei James
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Page 7

  Author: Lorelei James

  “Buried balls deep inside you, right now. ” Curling his hands around her butt cheeks, he said, “Hang tight,” and lifted her against the door.

  A surprised squeak escaped. Her legs automatically caught his h*ps and her arms circled his neck.

  He aligned his c**k to that sweet, wet hole and gritted his teeth, aching to ride her hard from the start. But when he struggled to get the first couple inches in, he was relieved he’d ignored his baser impulses. Holly was unbelievably tight. He swallowed her mewling noises, working himself inside her little by little, until the gripping heat of her sex surrounded his cock.

  As her body adjusted around him, he began to kiss her slowly, craving her surrender, heating her up to the point she melted into him.

  Holly pulled his hair to break his lips free from hers. “Show me that passion. Fast and hard, Nick. Make me burn. ”

  Holding her gaze, he withdrew and slammed deep. Three. Four. Five. Six solid thrusts.

  “Yes. God. Just like that. ”

  With his hands clamped on her ass, Nick continued to stare into her eyes as he flexed his hips. “I’m glad we’ve got all night because this first go-round is gonna be short. ”

  “That’s the only short thing about you, cowboy. ”

  He placed his lips against her ear. “Now who’s the sweet-talker?”

  “Not sweet and no talking. ” She lightly bit his jaw. “Fuck me harder. ”

  The next three plunges sent Holly into orbit. Her fingernails dug into his shoulders. Her pu**y muscles tightened around his cock. Her head thunked into the door, exposing the long line of her throat.

  Nick sucked on the tempting arc of her neck as she shuddered and moaned, her body thrashing against him and the door. He lost himself in her vanilla scent, the faint taste of salt on her skin and her unrestrained response.

  When the last pulses of her orgasm faded, he lengthened his strokes.

  So close. More. Dammit. No. He wanted this to last.

  Her husky whisper, “Let go,” amidst suckling kisses on his earlobe pushed him right into a sexual overload.

  He pounded into her as his balls lifted, sending streams of liquid fire up his shaft. Nick squeezed his eyes shut, letting his inner beast take control, grunting his pleasure as her wet lips traced the straining cords of his neck. Her breathy murmurs tickled his ear, sending shivers dancing across his skin.

  Nick’s head spun. He could scarcely catch his balance or his breath, or absorb the reality of this soft, sexy woman trembling in his arms.

  Eventually damp kisses tracking his hairline roused him back to planet Earth. “Nick?”


  “Can you unstick me from the door?”

  He tipped his head back and looked into her passion-glazed eyes. “In a minute. This first. ” Nick settled his mouth on hers and kissed with all the gentleness and sweetness he could muster.

  When he released her lips in tiny, nipping increments, she sighed dreamily.

  “You ready for the second item on my Christmas wish list?”

  “I thought you were supposed to be fulfilling my fantasies, Not-So-Saint Nick. ”

  “I am. But I think me tasting your sugar plum to my heart’s content will fulfill both our fantasies, don’t you?”

  Holly’s pliant body thrummed with anticipation as Nick carried her to the bed and laid her flat on the cushiony mattress.

  “Sit tight. I’ll be right back. ”

  Her gaze swept the hotel suite. Nick certainly hadn’t skimped. The room was a step above typical, even for a suite. The wall sconces emitted a soft golden light across the enormous bed and a Christmas tree glowed in the corner.

  The toilet flushed. Water ran. The bathroom door opened.

  Nick held a washcloth in his hand and wore a sheepish expression. “You sore? I…ah…was a little rough. ”

  “I told you I didn’t mind. It was exactly what I wanted. ” You’re exactly what I wanted went unsaid.

  He crawled next to her and pressed his lips to hers at the same time the cool cloth pressed against her swollen sex. Nick swallowed her surprised gasp and stroked his hand up her belly, smiling against her mouth when those sensitive muscles between her hipbones quivered. The tip of his thumb dipped into her navel, brushing circles around the indent and journeying upward. When he reached her ribs, she giggled and pushed him away.

  “Stop. ”


  “Terribly. ”

  “Will I hafta restrain you when I do this?” Nick’s tongue traced the bend in her waist up to her armpit and under the lower swell of her breast.


  “What?” He did the same thing down the other side.

  Holly tried hard not to laugh but it was hopeless. “God. That tickles. ”

  Before she figured out the method to his madness, he’d moved and hung above her. He lowered his mouth until she could feel his rapid exhalations on her skin. Then that wicked pink tongue licked just the very tip of her nipple.

  She completely forgot about laughing as she watched him lap circles around the distended tip. Each pass wider than the last. Wetter than the last. His eyes drew darker. His breaths more jagged. Oh she wanted that mouth closer. She arched her back, hoping he’d read the deliberate invitation.

  His hazel eyes locked to hers. “No coyness allowed. Tell me what you want. ”

  Holly clamped her hands on the side of his face. “I want you to suck on my nipples. On both of them. Hard. Make me squirm. Make me wet. ” Then she yanked his head down.

  Nick did exactly as she asked. Suckling her so deep she swore her nipple hit the back of his tongue. He squeezed and fondled one breast, tracing the point across the top curve, teasing the underswell with his fingertips while working the other over with his mouth. He switched sides numerous times and seemed to take immense pride in her every twist, every whimpering, begging moan.

  She’d never come so close to orgasm from a man taking such enjoyment strictly from her breasts.

  His head lifted. “I made you squirm. Now let’s see if I can make you wet. ”

  “You already did. ”

  “That’s what I wanna hear. ” He removed the washcloth and kissed down her belly to the center of her body. Upon reaching the single, almost invisible strip of reddish-brown curls on her mound, he grinned. “It’s like an arrow pointing to my destination. Handy. ” Large hands landed on the inside of her thighs. “Spread ’em. I wanna taste every inch of this bare-skinned pussy. ”

  Heat flooded Holly’s face. It was hot as hell, hearing Nick call a spade a spade—or a pu**y a pussy, in this case. She flexed her heels and slid them across the satiny sheets as wide as she could reach.

  “Damn, woman. ” Nick’s eyes were molten with desire. “You are flexible. I bet I can bend you every which way, can’t I?”

  “Probably. ”

  That gorgeous cowboy grin flashed. “I fully intend on testing that theory later. For right now…” He thoroughly licked the length of her slit, groaned deeply, smacked his lips as if he’d tasted ambrosia and did it again. And again.

  When Holly bumped her h*ps for more, he stopped, gazing at her across the n**ed length of her body.

  “Huh-uh. No fast get-off. I’m taking my time. You’ll come when I’m ready for you to come, not until. And when you do come”—he jammed his tongue inside her channel and wiggled it before withdrawing completely—“you’ll scream my name. ”

  Her whole body trembled. “But, Nick—”

  “No negotiations. Hands above your head. ” His eyes twinkled. “Or you can play with your tits. Your choice. ”

  Her legs went rigid as his head disappeared between her thighs again.

  “Lord, what it does to me to see this sweet cream dripping down faster than I can catch it,” he mumbled against the crease of her thigh.

  That naught
y tongue mapped every crevice. Every hidden fold. He suckled her pu**y lips, letting his teeth lightly graze her clit. He repeatedly kissed the strip of hair, rubbing his chin and cheeks over it, almost…marking her. He kissed, licked and sucked every smooth section of her freshly waxed skin.

  Her stomach fluttered. Her whole body burned hot. Even her damn toes twitched with pleasure. There wasn’t a doubt in Holly’s mind Nick enjoyed driving her to the brink and was memorizing her reactions and filing it away for future use.

  For future use? Wishful thinking, Holls. This is a one-night-only deal. Tomorrow morning you’ll both walk away chock-full of fully realized triple X-rated Christmas wishes.

  Her enthusiasm sagged at the thought of not seeing the sexy, raunchy Not-So-Saint Nick again.

  When he bit the inside of her knee, she gasped, “What was that for?”

  “I lost you there for a second. Thought I might be boring you. ”

  Holly propped herself up on her elbows. “Not bored, just figuring out the best way to beg you to finish me off. ”

  “That’ll do it. Lay back. I’ve gotcha. ”

  She moaned when Nick gently latched onto her clit. He hummed over that bundle of nerves, sending a fresh set of shivers rippling through her body.

  A finger slipped into her wet channel. At the added stimulus and the feeling of fullness, she expelled a soft, appreciative sigh. Nick chuckled and inserted another finger.

  When he did a swirly flick over her clit, she couldn’t help but pump her pelvis and whisper, “Please. ”

  As Nick stroked the spot inside her sheath underneath her pubic bone, he fastened his lips around that protective hood and sucked. And kept on sucking until her clitoris spasmed and her shoulders bowed off the bed as she ground her sex into his face.

  Holly’s body had never known pleasure so sharp, a synchronized throbbing in her head, her pussy, her clit, and her ni**les that made a mockery of her previous sexual experiences.

  She tried to push Nick’s clever mouth away even as she clutched his head to hold him there forever. He didn’t budge until the last twinge pulsed against his tongue. She sagged into the mattress, helpless to do anything but try to find her sanity, kick start her lungs, and formulate a decent marriage proposal.
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