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       Corralled, p.6

         Part #1 of Blacktop Cowboys series by Lorelei James


  Kyle felt the tops of his ears burning. “Yeah. Maybe that makes me lame or something—”

  “I’ve never done this either,” Hank blurted out, which was unlike him.

  They stared at each other. Then they both laughed. Hard.

  Tension broken, Hank drawled, “Three threesome virgins—

  imagine that.”

  “So do we let Lainie know we’re greenhorns?” Kyle asked.

  “I guess we’ll see.”

  “I’m thinking we keep that info to ourselves unless she asks.

  But we gotta act like we know what we’re doin’.”

  “How do you propose we do that, Kyle?”

  He shrugged. “Just like this morning. Take charge. If we don’t let her overthink every move, chances are we won’t either. We’ll just go with it.”

  “True. But I keep thinkin’ we’ll get to her room and she’ll have changed her mind,” Hank said.

  “We’d hafta actually get out of the damn truck to figure out if that’s true or not,” Kyle pointed out.

  Hank straightened his hat and grabbed the door handle. “Let’s do this thing.”

  Inside the hotel at Lainie’s door, they looked at each other.

  Hank nodded and Kyle knocked.

  Locks disengaged and the door swung open. Lainie stepped back and jammed her hands in the pockets of her jeans. “Um. Hi. Come in.”

  Man. She was nervous. That made three of them.

  For some odd reason, it calmed Kyle. There were no rules. No right or wrong way to approach this. For all he knew maybe they’d sit around and watch TV tonight.

  But then, looking at her lush lips and breasts, Kyle threw caution to the wind. He vaguely heard the door slam when he cupped Lainie’s face in his hands and kissed her.

  He didn’t devour her mouth; he kept the kiss soft and easy, laced with heat and intent. She leaned into him without taking her hands out of her back pockets. Kyle broke his lips free in tiny biting increments. “Mmm. That’s what I’m talking about.” He sidestepped her, curious as to how Hank would react.

  Hank didn’t play it cool. He swooped in, picked her up, and gently tossed her on the closest bed.

  Lainie’s shriek of surprise was muffled as Hank kissed her thoroughly, leaving her arms trapped behind her.

  Kyle knew Hank had taken the right tack. Tipping Lainie off balance from the start, making the situation light and fun. No pressure. No discussion. No time for nerves— from any of them.

  “See what we have here, Kyle?”

  He leaned over and peered at Lainie. “Yes, I do. But you’ve got way too many clothes on, hot stuff.”

  “You get her boots off while I make sure those hands of hers stay right where they are,” Hank said.

  Thump. Thump. Boots hit the floor. “Now what?”

  “You work on her bottom half and I’ll work on her top half. Up you go, sweetheart.”

  Once Lainie was standing again, she spoke. “Guys, I’m not sure—”

  Hank briefly pressed his mouth to hers. “We are. Trust us.”

  Kyle was impressed by Hank’s take-charge stance; Lainie complied immediately. But that didn’t mean he’d allow Hank to call all the shots. Kyle said, “Drop your hands by your sides.” He worked the button and zipper on her jeans. The instant he caught a glimpse of her pink bikini panties, his cock went from semihard to fully erect. He dropped to his knees and placed a kiss on the alluring section of skin above the waistband.

  A soft gasp escaped from her parted lips.

  “Help me yank these off,” Kyle said to her. She seemed strangely shy after her jeans hit the ground and she stood in front of him in her panties. He looked at Hank. “Your turn.”

  Six loud pops from the pearl- snap buttons and the floral Western shirt hung open, revealing a pink bra. And all that pearly skin.

  He peeled the shirt down her toned arms. Hank’s breathing had changed, but Kyle wasn’t about to check out the crotch of Hank’s jeans to see if Hank was sporting wood.

  Kyle hooked his fingers beneath the elastic band of her panties.

  And slowly— very, very slowly— he tugged the lace down her legs, letting the coarse tips of his fingers scrape against her soft skin.

  “Your turn,” he said hoarsely to Hank.

  Hank stood behind Lainie. He unhooked the bra and allowed the shoulder straps to ease down her limbs with the same painstaking precision Kyle used removing her underwear. But Hank mixed it up too, dragging his mouth across the slope of her shoulder as he rid Lainie of her last scrap of clothing.

  Kyle knew what he wanted to do next: bury his face in her pussy.

  But Lainie demanded, “Take off your shirts, both of you.”


  “Because if I’m gonna be the filling in a Hank-and-Kyle sandwich, I want to feel every inch of those hot, hard chests against my front and my back.”

  That was when Kyle knew Lainie was truly in. Her bossy surrender was typical; she never did anything half-assed. He wanted to fuck her like a madman, but he kept his motions unhurried as Hank nibbled and licked down the side of Lainie’s neck.

  As soon as he’d doffed his shirt, he fell in front of her. He pressed his mouth into the sweet-smelling mound. At her soft moan, he looked up.

  Hank squeezed and cupped her tits, pulling at the nipples until the tips were long and hard. He expected Lainie would let her head fall back, giving herself over to the moment. But she watched Kyle with those mesmerizing copper- colored eyes.

  Keeping their gazes connected, Kyle licked from the top of her slit down to the hot, wet heart of her. Once. Twice. Three times.

  She trembled.

  Three more agonizingly slow passes of his greedy tongue.

  Then Hank said, “Switch.”

  Hellfire and damnation. He’d just gotten his mouth close to paradise. Forcing him to move seemed like a cruel power play on Hank’s part. But Kyle also understood Hank’s reasoning: proving to Lainie her pleasure was a team effort. Either man could call a halt or switch it up at will. And Hank could be damn sure Kyle would also exercise that option.

  Kyle rose to his feet, following the curve of her upper body until he reached her succulent mouth. By the time he stepped behind her, she was rubbing her legs together.

  She cried out and Kyle knew that bastard Hank had gone straight for her clit.

  Fine. If Hank got her off first, Kyle would be first in line to fuck her. And he wouldn’t tone down his aggressive side. If Lainie expected sweet lovin’, Hank could give her that. Kyle would be the one to give Lainie fire.

  “Hank. I’m so close; don’t stop.”

  Kyle alternated between watching Lainie’s blissful expression to watching Hank’s head moving between her thighs. Seeing Hank in that position wasn’t as weird as Kyle had imagined. In fact, it was sort of hot.

  As Lainie started to come, Kyle pinched her nipples and used his teeth against her throat. She moaned one of the sexiest sounds he’d ever heard.

  Once Kyle was sure Lainie was stable, he said, “Get on the bed, sugar.” He toed off his boots and stripped down. Holding a condom, Kyle looked at Hank and said, “Switch.”

  Hank’s mouth opened. Then closed. His jaw tightened. He nodded and leaned against the wall, arms crossed over his chest.

  Fair was fair.

  Lainie reclined on the bed on her elbows. Her lips parted. Her eyes looked dark and sated. Color dotted her cheekbones. Those crazy curls surrounded her face, giving her the appearance of a tousled angel.

  Kyle ripped open the condom and put it on.

  She shot a worried look at Hank, then at Kyle. “How does this work? I mean, am I supposed to—”

  “Relax; we’ll ease into it. We ain’t gonna jump on you with the double- rider special first thing.”

  A slow smile curled her lips. “Appreciated, although I am looking forward to it.”

  Kyle circl
ed his hands around her ankles. “Lookit this body. Shame you ever have to wear clothes, sugar.”

  Her gaze dropped to his erection. “You’re not so shabby yourself.”

  Hank didn’t utter a sound, but they were both completely aware he was in the room.

  “Get up on your hands and knees facing the end of the bed.”

  She smirked. “You do like to do it from behind.”

  “Is that a complaint?”

  “God, no. You know I love it this way.”

  “Mmm. There’s something mighty appealing about watching my dick pounding your pussy as your ass is shaking.”

  “Don’t forget how much you like to wrap your hands in my hair while you’re watching my badonkadonk shake.”

  “Sure shocked me to figure out you liked that tiny bite of pain.” Kyle leveled a soft slap on her ass as he positioned himself behind her on the bed. He loved the upthrust angle of her ass. The curve of her spine. The dimples above those sexy rounded butt cheeks. He bent forward and tongued the indentations, tickling the fine hairs with his goatee and breathing across the damp spots.

  She moaned.

  He kneed her stance wider and layered his chest to her back, basking in the power of this position. Normally he didn’t get off on power- play stuff, but with Lainie, his dominant side pushed front and center. Kyle followed the line of her spine with his tongue from tip to bottom.

  “Kyle. Stop teasing me.”

  “I’ve only just started to tease you.” He took himself in hand, swirling the head of his cock through the cream gathered at the mouth of her sex.

  Lainie pushed her hips back, trying to impale herself.

  That action earned her another swat on the ass. “Naughty girl. Behave. You don’t get to be in charge. At all. I’m tempted not to fuck you.”

  Hank snorted softly at Kyle’s half- assed bluff.

  “No. Please. I’ll . . . behave.”

  “Since you asked so nice.” He squeezed her hips in his hands, holding her steady as he plowed into her pussy in one stroke.

  She arched hard. “Yes. God. Just like that.”

  He grinned as his shaft eased out. When just the tip of his cock rested against the opening, he slammed back in.

  And stopped.

  Her strong interior muscles attempted to draw him deeper into her cunt. But Kyle didn’t budge.

  Movement out of the corner of his eye caught his attention.

  Hank strode toward the end of the bed as he loosened his belt. The rasp of his zipper sounded loud in the room, as did the rustle of his jeans and boxers hitting the floor.

  Kyle kept still, but not as still as Lainie.

  Hank centered himself in front of Lainie. His free hand threaded through her curls and he tilted her head up. “How about you wrap those pretty lips around my dick?”

  Lainie’s pussy clenched around Kyle’s cock.

  “That’s it,” Hank murmured. “Open wide, baby, and suck me in.”

  It was sexy as shit having Lainie at their mercy. Kyle saw the appeal of threesomes— lust, flesh, urgency, power. He waited until Hank pulled out of her mouth and he mimicked the movement, easing from her gripping channel. When Hank snapped his hips and buried his cock between Lainie’s lips, Kyle plunged to the hilt in her cunt.

  Meeting Hank’s eyes as they enjoyed the same woman didn’t freak Kyle out. Hank either, apparently. Hank grinned. “I need it faster. You?”


  Hank placed both hands on Lainie’s face and pumped his hips in a quicker rhythm. “This hot fuckin’ mouth of yours makes me crazy. Send me over, Lainie. Send me over and swallow every drop.”

  Lainie’s answering head bob caused Hank to snarl.

  Kyle knew he should reach around and stroke her clit, but his selfish side took over. He pounded into her harder and faster, greedy for the quickest path to blowing the seed from his balls. He closed his eyes when he heard Hank’s hoarse shout and the sounds of Lainie swallowing.

  Four hard thrusts later, Kyle clenched his ass cheeks as pulses of heat shot out the end of his dick. He grunted as he came with each thrust, keeping a tight grip on Lainie’s butt cheeks so he didn’t fall off the damn bed. Oh, yeah. Fuck, yeah. That was what he needed. Just like that. He slowed his thrusts to short and shallow, feeling too damn good to withdraw.

  She moaned, “Yes, Hank. Faster.”

  Whoa. Hank? Had Lainie already mixed up their names? Kyle opened his eyes and saw Hank standing at the side of the bed, his left hand braced in the middle of Lainie’s back, his right arm moving below her as he stroked her clit. Hank murmured in Lainie’s ear as he brought her off. Again.

  That’s two he’s given her, pal, and none from you.

  Dammit. Lost in an orgasmic haze, Kyle hadn’t even noticed Hank had moved. Nor that Hank’s fingers were mere inches away from Kyle’s cock.

  You would know if you’d been an attentive lover.

  Rhythmic spasms of Lainie’s cunt clamped down on his softening cock as she climaxed. Fuck. That was almost enough to get him hard again.

  She sighed contentedly, nuzzling the side of Hank’s face as he murmured in her ear.

  Probably sweet nothings. Silver- tongued motherfucker.

  There it was. Kyle realized he’d have to step up his game if he wanted to keep up with Hank.

  He withdrew and retreated to the bathroom. As soon as Kyle returned, Hank took his turn cleaning up.

  Which left Kyle alone with Lainie. She’d already slipped on an old T-shirt and chosen the bed farthest from the door. The first night they’d spent together, he’d expected Lainie to be cuddly as a kitten after sex, but she definitely wanted her own space.

  Kyle crawled next to her, not caring whether it pissed Hank off. First come, first served. Hank would get his chance, but not tonight.

  Hank sprawled in his lumpy hotel bed— alone— listening to the whir of the air conditioner and Kyle’s snores.

  Kyle, that opportunistic bastard, had gotten into Lainie’s bed while Hank had gone to take a leak.

  You’da done the same thing, hoss.


  It just proved he’d made another tactical error. This situation with Lainie wasn’t as simple as Hank first believed. He’d rather cockily imagined he had a leg up on his buddy because he’d been with Lainie longer. Apparently Hank had also deluded himself that their rockin’ hot sex would weigh in his favor too.

  Now Hank knew why Lainie had strayed with Kyle: Kyle ratcheted sex to a level Hank hadn’t.

  Didn’t that feel like a kick in the balls.

  Hank flashed back to the times he and Lainie had been naked together. He’d eked sighs and moans of sexual satisfaction from her every damn time. Several times. As soon as the hotel room door closed, they’d always been crazed to get their hands on each other. But Hank realized that somehow he always slowed it down.


  A mistaken belief that all women needed extended foreplay?

  Because he feared he’d be too quick on the trigger if he didn’t pace himself? No, the truth was, Hank had never gotten sexually inventive with her. He’d considered her too sweet to be interested in doing the darker, kinkier things he’d imagined.

  So he’d played it safe. And in playing it safe, Hank damn near lost her. He could still lose her. Kyle had brought his A game to the bedroom and Hank had rested on his belief that he had it in the bag.

  Christ. He was a twenty- eight- year- old man with plenty of sexual conquests under his belt. He’d had no complaints. Still, he was worried. How could he take this to the next sexual level? He’d never been a book guy, so reading up on the thousand ways to please a woman in the sack wasn’t happening. He’d watched a fair amount of porn. Too bad he couldn’t remember specifics, now that he needed knowledge of acrobatic or unusual sexual acts.

  Or . . . did he? Was that what Lainie wanted? A different sexual scenario every time? With props, crops, cuffs, and toys? That wasn’t what h
appened with her and Kyle. So what had Kyle given Lainie that put such a wanton look on her face and a whimper of anticipation in her voice?

  Demanding her obedience? Showing her who was in control?

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