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       Corralled, p.27

         Part #1 of Blacktop Cowboys series by Lorelei James

  from the cup of her shoulder down her biceps, past the bend in her elbow to her wrists. God. She loved the way his hands felt on her skin. He’d memorized every hot spot. Sweet spot. Ticklish spot. Running those rough- skinned palms and fingertips across her quivering flesh blanked everything except her anticipation of his next thorough touch.

  Then those same strong fingers braceleted her wrists and he pulled them behind her back. “Hold still. Keep your hands like that.”

  Something abrasive brushed her knuckles.

  He coiled the rope from the base of her clasped hands, past her wrists, stopping midway up her forearms.

  Lainie shot him a sardonic look. “How long have you imagined tying me up?”

  “Or tying you down?” Hank tossed back. He spun her forward.

  “About since I figured out you’d let me.”

  Ooh. Snap. “Is this one of those scenarios where I regret giving you guys free rein?”

  “No.” He framed her face in his hands. “Hell, no. But you have to trust us.”

  “I do. Or else I wouldn’t be outside in the middle of the damn day, trussed up like a turkey, stark nekkid, covered in body fluid.”

  Hank grinned, sweeping his thumbs over her lips before letting his hands fall away. “Sounds kinkier yet when you put it that way, darlin’.”

  The camper door slammed. Hank squinted at Kyle. “You ready?”

  “Yep. I see you’ve got our girl all geared up.”

  “Maybe I’m not raring to go for a scenario that involves lube and a saddle,” she said.

  “Too bad.” Hank stood and Lainie recognized that the conversation was over. He crowded her until she started to move back.

  He kept his gaze locked on her eyes as he lowered his face until she couldn’t see anything but him.

  The simple press of his mouth to hers brought that uncontainable passion to the surface again. Her skin sizzled from the sun.

  From anticipation.

  He tormented her mouth with barely- there brushes of his lips.

  Hard. Soft. Flirty. Clinging. Fleeting. Without the use of her hands, Lainie couldn’t grab him. He merely chuckled against her lips at her disgruntled growl.

  Kyle said, “My turn,” and turned her around. He clamped his hard- skinned hands around her biceps, hauling her to her toes for the type of consuming kiss she craved. He whispered, “I love the taste of my come on your tongue.”

  Before the pure deliciousness of Kyle’s desire kicked hers up another notch, Kyle returned her to Hank.

  Passing her back and forth, Hank and Kyle tried to outdo each other with their possessive kisses. Gentle caresses morphed into insistent touches. The pinch of her nipple. Wandering fingers and avid mouths were fogging her brain.

  On the next pass, she braced her feet and held her ground.

  “Enough.” She glanced from Hank’s face to Kyle’s, a bit uneasy at the silent communication passing between them.

  Hank quirked a brow at Kyle. “First go. Header or heeler?”

  “Header. Definitely.” Kyle’s wide, almost feral grin twisted her gut into knots.

  “Come on, let’s mount her up. The saddle’s already on the sawhorse.”

  Before she asked what the devil they’d conspired, the men lowered her across the saddle. Her belly rested on the curved seat. Her chest hung over the edge. Her feet almost didn’t touch the ground, forcing her on her tiptoes.

  Definitely kinky. Especially since neither had undressed, merely unhooked their belts and dropped their jeans only far enough down their thighs that their cocks sprang out.

  “Comfy?” Kyle asked sweetly.

  “No. Did you guys see this girl- spread- over- a- saddle scenario in Western porn?”

  “No,” Hank said behind her. “A few years back I saw a couple of bull riders demonstrating this with a buckle bunny. Except she was blindfolded. Oh, and they used a riding crop. Man, that chick loved getting her ass smacked.”

  “No ass smacking,” Lainie warned. Though, if she was entirely truthful, she wondered if a spank or ten on her bottom would . . . enhance an orgasm.

  Kyle’s cock, sporting a bright purple condom, was right in her face. “You’re not as opposed to the idea of a few controlled love smacks as you’re claiming, sugar.” He reached down to pluck her nipples. He tweaked the right one with more force than she expected. Lainie reared up; her mouth opened at the sharp sting. Kyle used the opportunity to slide in until his balls slapped her chin. “That’s it. Stay still a minute, and mind those teeth.”

  Then Hank’s hands were caressing her ass as he adjusted the angle of her pelvis. Without warning he impaled her with one snap of his hips.

  God. They’d kill her with pleasure. It felt so damn good. All of it. She moaned around Kyle’s cock.

  He hissed, “Do that again.”

  She did.

  His hands fisted in her hair, forcing her head up so their eyes met. “I prefer ridin’ your face bareback, watching you swallow all of me.”

  For the first time, Lainie wondered why he wore a condom when they’d never used one during oral sex.

  Hank’s fingers dug into her butt cheeks and he made a soft growling noise.

  Kyle withdrew until the rim of his cock head rested on her bottom lip. Hank mimicked Kyle’s position, his dick resting at the mouth of her sex.

  They slammed in simultaneously. Over and over.

  Sweat coated her skin. A hazy veil shimmered behind her closed lids. Then all action stopped when Hank said, “Switch.”

  Kyle held her jaw as his cock slipped free.

  Hank withdrew from her pussy.

  Lainie struggled to move, but when she was wedged in the saddle, arms tied, legs spread, it was pretty much a moot point.

  They switched places. Hank stood in front of her, his orange-latex- clad dick bobbing happily. He pinched her chin down and worked his shaft into her mouth.

  “That’s it, baby,” Hank crooned. “Show me how much you like having my dick in your mouth. Can you taste yourself?”

  She moaned and nodded.

  While slamming in and out of her cunt, Kyle snaked a hand between her legs and toyed with her clit. Pinching slightly, which sent a jolt up to her nipples.

  Belly, ass, mouth, cunt, legs tightened. The climax teetered so close. They teased her to the point that she couldn’t stop whimpering. Her hips bumped up, but Kyle held her down, pushing his palm into the middle of her back. She arched her neck, but Hank put pressure on the top of her head, keeping her mouth at the angle that allowed him to drive his dick into her throat.

  Lainie was utterly at their mercy.

  And she loved it.

  “Switch,” Kyle said.

  Her body was momentarily void of thrusting man parts. She slumped forward, letting her neck muscles loosen. Taking advantage of inhaling slow, full breaths when a cock wasn’t stuffed in her mouth. She yelped when her hips were hiked up and her feet left the ground.

  “Put your feet on my boots and give your legs a break.”

  “But that’s the only break we’re giving you.” Kyle’s groin appeared in front of her face. She smelled her own arousal. Saw the proof of it clinging to Kyle’s purple- covered cock.

  “How many times are you going to switch?”

  “As many as it takes to keep you from coming,” Hank said. “Because, baby, when we do get you off, it’ll fucking blow your mind.”

  Kyle braced his hands on either side of the saddle and rose up on the tips of his boots. “Turn your head, sugar, and suck my balls.”

  While Lainie rolled the tight globes over her tongue, using gentle tugs of her mouth to elicit Kyle’s groans, he brushed his fingers over her face with a gentleness bordering on reverence.

  Hank wrapped his left arm around her waist to hold her in place, but it also gave him total access to her clit. Which he teased mercilessly.

  “That’s enough,” Kyle said. His shallow thrusts matche
d Hank’s controlled flexing of his pelvis as he thrust only halfway into her channel. When Hank began rimming the seam of her ass with a slippery thumb, in tandem with the steady stroking of her clitoris, that lovely, fluttery, ethereal feeling hummed in her blood. She braced herself for a world- class orgasm.

  They both quit moving entirely.

  She made a wild sound of aggravation that was completely foreign to her.

  Kyle said, “She’s close.”


  “I can’t take any more,” she whimpered. Feet shuffled. Sweat gathered on her belly, gluing her skin to the saddle.

  Hank forced her chin up to meet his gaze. The raw look of possession in his eyes sent goose bumps skittering across her skin, even though the hot sun beat down on her. “I know, baby; brace yourself.” Then he rolled the condom off.

  Kyle spread her ass cheeks and coated her hole with lube. One finger, then two twisted inside the tight entrance.

  She arched up and gritted her teeth against the sharp, and yet not unwelcome, tinge of pain as he stretched her.

  Hank stroked her clenched jaw. “Sure glad my dick wasn’t in there when your teeth snapped shut.”

  Lainie snarled at him, which made both Hank and Kyle laugh.

  Mean little masculine chuckles. Torturous bastards.

  You love it.

  More lube. Then the tip of Kyle’s cock circled her hole. She clenched when he started to feed his cock in.

  “Lainie. Sugar, relax.” Kyle stopped and put his hand in the middle of her back between her bound arms. “Lemme feel you breathe in.”

  But her breath stalled in her lungs.

  “Put the vibrator in her pussy to distract her, Kyle.”

  Vibrator? What the fuck? “Were you snooping through my stuff?” she demanded.

  “Yep. I was looking for toothpaste.”

  Hank choked back a laugh.

  “Great idea. It’ll almost be like we’re havin’ a four- way. Me, you, her, and her battery- operated boyfriend.”

  “You call him Bob?” Hank asked with a snicker.

  “Nah, I’ll bet his name is Dick,” Kyle said.

  More laughter.

  Then Kyle inserted the buzzing shaft into her channel and she groaned.

  “That’s a girl. You like that. You’ll like this too when I’m balls deep in your ass. Now push out when you breathe out. That’s it.

  Let me in. You’re hot as sin, sugar; let us make you feel good.”

  She curled her hands into fists as the plump head of Kyle’s cock teased the tight ring of muscle. The blood- rich nerve endings pulsed. Protested. Relaxed. Throbbed in sweet agony.

  He seated himself fully in her ass with one push.

  God. That did hurt, but in a way that made her eager for the next stroke. She lifted her head and said, panting, “No more switching.”

  Kyle chuckled.

  Hank murmured, “No more switching, I promise.” He ran the back of his knuckles across her swollen lips. “Wrap your pretty mouth around me.”

  She suckled the broad crown. A hint of the taste of latex remained, but underneath was the familiar taste of Hank. He filled her. Ignited her need.

  “More. Take all of me.” He held her head in his hands and fucked in and out of her mouth, in a different rhythm from Kyle.

  Harsher. More determined. More possessive.

  Kyle countered every stroke in her ass with a flick of her clit. A deep thrust in, a tissue- rasping withdrawal. With the continual buzzing of the vibrator, Lainie felt her orgasm gathering. She’d started to drift away, anticipating that moment when everything synchronized into a glorious explosion.

  “Shit. I’m there,” Kyle said. “Tighten around me baby, that’s it.”

  Groaning, Kyle flexed his hips. Even with the vibrator buzzing against her vaginal walls, Lainie felt every plunging twitch of his cock as he roared out his climax.

  Hank retained a tight grip on her head and switched from deep- throated thrusts to shallower dips where her tongue constantly sought the spot below the head. He swore, pressing the tip in the middle of her tongue, forcing her to swallow convulsively as her mouth filled with his seed.

  As she hung suspended with her front and rear still impaled, the buzzing of the vibrator increased. A finger rapidly flicked her clit. Rough fingertips plucked her nipples hard enough to bring the sting of tears.

  “Have we overwhelmed you, darlin’? You need a little more to get you there?” Hank asked, letting his cock slip free.

  She nodded.

  “Close your eyes.”

  Lainie heard Hank step sideways and mutter to Kyle. Then something cracked across both her butt cheeks.

  She gasped.

  Another blow landed in a different spot and she yelped again.

  But with the next blow, something happened. All that energy and expectation loosened, so the next lash sent her careening into a continual stream of pleasure the likes of which she’d never experienced. Tingling, stinging sensations coalesced into a breath-stealing, mind- bending orgasm that veered off the charts. She screamed and thrashed, wanting the delicious torture to stop as much as she never wanted it to end. She floated. Soared. Crashed.


  Lainie went limp. She’d probably end up with a sunburn on her lily- white ass, but she was too blissed out to care.

  Chapter XIX

  Holy shit. We fucked her until she passed out.”

  “I don’t know whether to be proud or appalled,” Kyle admitted as he untied Lainie’s arms, rubbing the red rope marks.

  “Got her shoulders?” Hank asked.

  “Yep.” Kyle placed his arm across the front of her thighs and lifted her, rolling her until she was cradled against his body.

  “Here. I’ll take her,” Hank said, reaching for her.

  “I’ve got her,” Kyle snapped.

  “Guys. Don’t fight. Especially not after that stupendous orgasm. And sorry to burst your egos, but you did not fuck me until I passed out.”

  Kyle kissed her forehead and glared at Hank. “How about if I pop you in the bath while Hank cleans up out here.”

  “Sure.” She snuggled into Kyle’s chest with a sigh. “Just don’t let me fall asleep in the tub and drown.”

  “No worries.” Kyle headed up the cabin steps, feeling the heat of Hank’s stare on the back of his neck.

  Inside the cabin, he held Lainie on his lap as the tub filled. She wasn’t sleeping, but she didn’t attempt to talk either. When he shut the spigots off, she stood and stepped over the edge of the old- fashioned claw- foot tub. She sank beneath the surface of the water with a long, deep sigh.

  Kyle couldn’t help but twine one of her corkscrew curls around his finger. “Need anything else?”

  “I’d ask for a beer but that’ll definitely put me to sleep.” She trailed her fingers across the surface of the water. “What time is it?”

  “A little after four.”

  Her eyes widened. “No wonder you wore me out. You guys fucked me for over an hour.”


  “Not hardly.”


  “I imagine you’re leaving for the rodeo pretty quick.”

  “Yeah.” He released her hair. “You change your mind about coming
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