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       Corralled, p.25

         Part #1 of Blacktop Cowboys series by Lorelei James

  Finally Hank climbed out his side. He rounded the front end and opened Lainie’s door. “We seem to have lost our momentum, darlin’. Lemme see if I can get it back.” Hank didn’t just kiss her; he inhaled her. Turning her sideways on the seat, tugging her closer until she had to hold on to his shoulders or she’d pitch forward onto the concrete.

  Not that falling on top of Hank was a hardship.

  When his hands clamped onto her butt cheeks, urging her against his body, she circled her thighs around his hips. Hank never broke stride, never faltered a step as he carried her inside the camper.

  Once Lainie was on her feet again, Kyle crowded her into the bedroom. Her calves hit the edge of the mattress and she had to grip his biceps to stop from toppling backward.

  Not that squeezing Kyle’s muscular arms was a hardship.


  By the time she’d gotten naked, Kyle was already in the middle of the bed wearing a come- and- get- it grin, a bright green condom, and nothing else. When he crooked his finger at her, she pounced on him.

  Hank chuckled behind them.

  Kyle yanked the ponytail holder free and his hands were in her hair, using pressure on her scalp to keep their frantic mouths fused.

  Bracing her hands by his head, she straddled the outside of his thighs and rubbed on him like a cat. Purring at the sensation of his chest hair tickling her nipples. Dipping low to feel his washboard abs tightening against the softer curve of her lower belly.

  The bed jostled. Another pair of calloused hands drifted down her back, eliciting a full- body tremble. Fingers dipped into the dimples above her hips, then followed the crack of her ass, past her tailbone and anus, stopping at the wet mouth of her sex. Hank groaned. “Lord, woman, I do love how you heat up.”

  Kyle’s hands left her hair as he ended the kiss. “Bring them nipples up here while Hank gets you ready for us.”

  “I’m ready now,” she murmured, nipping at the cord straining in Kyle’s neck. “Really ready.”

  Hands kneaded her ass, pulling her butt cheeks apart. A slick digit brushed her asshole as Kyle’s hot mouth started working her nipple. She barely noticed when a finger breached the opening.

  But she definitely felt the second finger.

  Hank’s razor stubble scored her spine and he murmured, “Relax a little.”

  “Lift up onto your knees,” Kyle said. He placed his hands on her hips, keeping his molten gaze between their bodies. “Take me in, sugar.”

  Lainie aligned his cock to her pussy, smiling at the visual, despite the now, now, now, screaming in her head for her to just slam down until he was buried deep.

  “What’s that smile for?”

  “Talk about a Jolly Green Giant.”

  Hank’s chuckle against her skin vibrated up the nape of her neck.

  She looked at him over her shoulder. “What color condom are you sporting?”

  He grinned. “Yellow. Feel free to comment about a yellow submarine bein’ long, thick, hard, and filled with seamen.”

  Lainie couldn’t help it; she giggled.

  “Can we get to the fucking good part and save the jokes for later?” Kyle prompted.

  Locking their gazes, Lainie dropped her hips and took him in completely. She lifted and lowered, squeezing her pussy muscles around his cock. Oh, yeah. That was so good.

  Kyle groaned.

  A hand landed in the middle of her back and pushed her forward. “My turn,” Hank breathed in her ear. He circled the wet tip of his cock around her puckered entrance and was balls- deep in her anal passage in one quick thrust.

  Pain. A burning that made her want to scream. The feeling of fullness— of being overfilled— caused a moment’s panic. Lainie bore down on both cocks.

  “Sweet fucking Christ,” Hank gritted out behind her. “Do it again.”

  “It hurts.” She arched her neck and closed her eyes.

  “I’m sure.” A tender caress floated up her back. “It’ll get better, darlin’; it has before, right?”

  “Uh- huh.”

  “That wasn’t real convincing.”

  Because I’m not convinced. Just breathe. In. Out. You wanted this.

  Kyle’s hands framed her face. “Lainie. Sugar, look at me.”

  Her lids flipped open and she stared into Kyle’s eyes.

  “You want to stop?”

  Yes! “Um. I don’t know.”

  “It’s okay. Let us take care of you.” He pressed his mouth to hers and started kissing her in his take- no- prisoners way. While Kyle brought her back to the level of passion they’d started at, Hank touched her. Trailing those wonderful rough- skinned hands up her wrists and arms. Across her shoulders and neck. Zigzagging her spine from top to bottom. Even the backs of her thighs and calves received his tender caresses.

  Mesmerizing touches and hypnotic kisses relaxed her to the point that she began to move on Kyle. Slowly at first, until she realized rubbing against Kyle’s pelvis abraded her clit. The faster she moved the more intense it felt.

  “That’s it. You’re in control,” Kyle whispered against her lips.

  Hank just kept touching her, staying with her as she rode Kyle, but holding back. Reverting to the gentlemanly Hank.

  But she didn’t want to hold anyone back. She wanted to feel that burning edge of desire full force.

  Even if it hurts?

  Maybe especially if it hurt.

  Lainie lifted her mouth from Kyle’s. “Hank.”

  That was all she needed to say.

  He pulled out until his cock head rested against her sphincter and closed around the crown. Then he plunged his shaft back in to the root.

  She slid forward at the same time Hank withdrew. When she pushed down onto Kyle’s cock, Hank thrust into her back channel.

  That sharp scrape against the sensitive tissues, feeling both cocks wedged so tightly inside her, separated only by a thin membrane . . .was erotic as hell.

  A half snarl sounded and Hank’s hips pistoned faster. Lainie attempted to match his pace, but she couldn’t. So they began a countermovement— Hank’s cock in, Kyle’s out— and an entirely different, more intense sensation zipped through her blood and pulsed between her thighs.

  Close. So close.

  “That’s it, baby. Take us with you,” Kyle said. He jacked his pelvis up and his body stiffened beneath hers as he came.

  Hank followed a second later with a hoarse shout. She swore she felt the heat of his ejaculate through the latex as his cock jerked against her tight bowels.

  She shifted her pubic bone, searching for the perfect friction on her clit, and it was right there. Like a sudden storm, her orgasm burst free, tightening her pussy, compressing her anal muscles around the male flesh invading her body. Her clit spasmed and her vision dimmed as pleasure washed over her in an eruption of heat and light.

  Eventually Lainie realized hands stroked her. Words were murmured to her. She also realized she still had both of them inside her. She attempted to speak but her mouth was beyond dry and only a tiny squeak sounded.

  Hank pulled out first. After Kyle slipped from her body, he helped her to her knees. She fell face- first on the bed, spent.

  “Sugar? You all right?”

  Lainie rolled over to see that both men had ditched the condoms. Hank wore a pair of plaid boxer shorts; Kyle wore just his skin.

  Both wore identical grins. Cocky grins.

  “Smug bastards,” she muttered.

  “Now, is that any way to speak to the studs who just rocked your world? At the same time?” Kyle asked.

  “Hell, we even rocked the camper,” Hank said.

  They high-fived each other.

  “This is a first for me, but you guys act like you’ve never double- teamed a woman before.”

  They both froze.

  Her gaze flicked between their telling faces. “You haven’t?”

  Hank looked at Kyle and he shrugged. “Nope. It’s a first for us too.”
br />   “It is? Why didn’t you tell me?”

  “When we came up with the idea to share you, we weren’t exactly sure how that was gonna work. And when you agreed to travel with us, we wanted you to trust us. Admitting we were a quart low on threesome expertise wasn’t the way to win your trust, so we figured we’d wing it.”

  “You honestly thought I’d be upset that you haven’t done this before?” She laughed, but inside, she was strangely touched. “That couldn’t be farther from the truth. Thank you, guys.”

  “Our pleasure.” Kyle crawled next to her.

  “Ditto for me.” Hank flopped on her other side. “Let’s try to get some sleep. Dawn’s creeping up.”

  Covers were distributed. Bodies were situated. Lainie tossed and turned because she could not get comfortable.

  Kyle sighed. “This ain’t working for me. Too damn many people in this bed. I’ll sleep in the bunk.” And he was gone.

  Hank attempted to drag Lainie into his arms, but she wiggled away. “No offense, but I am not a friendly sleeper.”

  A long pause ensued. Then, “Would it be different if I’d left instead of Kyle?”

  “No. The night I slept in your bed at the ranch, did we wake twined around each other? No. Not the first night we were together in the camper either. Last night, when I was with Kyle? Same thing. Ask him. I stayed on my side of the bed. I’m just not cuddly. I like my own space.” She smooched his nose. “Stop worrying that I’ve been cuddling with Kyle and not you. Go to sleep.”

  She woke up completely out of it. No idea what day it was. No idea where she was. She ventured out of the bedroom and found Hank sitting at the dinette.

  He smiled. “We drank all the coffee but I can make another pot if you like.”

  “What time is it?”

  “Noon. Kyle’s already checked in.”

  “Noon! Why’d you let me sleep that long?”

  “No reason for you to get up. Plus you drove last night.” Hank sipped from a bottle of water. “Hope I didn’t overstep my bounds, but while you were sleeping I checked out the medical facilities for you.”

  Hank’s thoughtfulness gave her a warm feeling. “What’d you find out?”

  “Staffed by volunteers. Two EMTs from the local ambulance service and two doctors on call.”

  “They just told you this?”

  A sheepish look entered his eyes. “Nah. Told them I might’ve pulled a muscle in my neck. I chatted them up while they checked me out.”

  She was immediately behind him. “Let me see.”


  “Why didn’t you say anything to me about this before?”

  “Because I don’t expect you to be my nursemaid.”

  Count to ten and don’t yell at him. “Hank. That’s what I do, who I am, and part of why you and I ended up together. Part of why you like me and why you hate me.”

  He chuckled.

  “Look, I won’t think you’re weak or stupid— besides the fact that you like to tangle with bulls— if you let me check your injuries.” She ran the back of her knuckles across the rugged planes of his face. “Besides making me feel useful, I like to do it, okay?”

  “Okay.” Hank removed his shirt and draped it across the back of the chair. He swiveled his head side to side, showing her the limited range of motion in his neck. “Don’t know when it happened. Might’ve been a combination of bullfighting and sleeping in the truck cab. It’s sore as hell.”

  She traced the inflamed area with the tips of her fingers. “Have you iced it this morning?”


  “Taken ibuprofen or . . . something else?” She’d watched cowboys wander into sports med looking for a doctor to write them a prescription for “cowboy candy.” Lots of guys were addicted to painkillers due to constant pain from their bone- jarring profession.


  “Will you let me rub it to see if I can work the kinks out?”

  “Yes, please.”

  Lainie smiled. Now she was on solid ground again after feeling like she’d been adrift.

  Hank stretched out over the table and made groans and soft grunts while she worked him over. It amused her that his noises were similar to when they were having sex.

  “God, woman, you have magic hands.”

  “Thank you. Want me to spread some liniment on the area?”

  “No. I’m good. You goin’ to the rodeo today?”

  “I planned to. Thought I’d wander around the vendors’ stands to see if I can find souvenirs for my sister and brother.”

  He pushed up from lying across the table and blinked at her.

  “You never talk about them. Why is that?”

  “Mostly because I don’t know them. My mom and Marcus tried to have a baby for ten years before she got pregnant with David and Nerise. By then I was seventeen. Three months later I was out of the house and living in Oklahoma. Taking care of Grandma and going to school kept me busy. Two babies kept Mom and Marcus busy.”

  “Do you get along with your stepfather?”

  She shrugged. “I guess. He’s a nice guy. He worships my mom and he’s very involved with the twins.” She dug her fingertips into his trapezius. “Marcus never tried to take the place of my father.

  Sometimes I wonder if that was my fault.”

  He groaned when she attacked a knotted muscle. “Why do you say that?”

  “Because to some extent my mom is right. I’ve always had this hero- worship complex about my dad.” Her hands stilled. “Can I tell you something I’ve never told anyone?”


  “The reason I won’t talk about my father isn’t because it’s so incredibly painful, but because I don’t remember him.”

  Hank turned and looked at her. “Nothin’ at all?”

  “Oh, a few little things, like him taking me out for ice cream.

  Or dragging me to the rodeo grounds so I could watch him practice riding the mechanical bull. One Christmas he helped us decorate the tree. But besides that? He wasn’t around. It was just me and my mom. He was always on the road. I do remember he’d come home and drop his stinky equipment bag on the floor. Then he and my mother would disappear into their bedroom because he was ‘tired.’ I remember thinking my mom took a lot of naps whenever Dad came home.”

  He chuckled.

  “But as far as Jason Capshaw teaching me to ride a bike or coming to my Thanksgiving play, or sitting by my bedside when I had the chicken pox? That was all my mom. And she handled all those things even before he died. I wasn’t as important to him as bull riding. I guess maybe I’ve always had that girlish hope that if he had lived, he would’ve wanted to become part of my life. Stupid, huh?”

  Hank sat up and brought her onto his lap. He didn’t say a word; he just held her. Brushing his lips on the top of her head and running his hands up and down her back. Silently soothing her.

  Comforted beyond measure, Lainie sighed. “So what I know of my dad as a bull rider I learned from TV, books, and magazines.

  The rest of it I learned from my grandma. His boyhood, his teen years, the start of his rodeo career. But I know nothing of him as a man. As husband. Or as a father.”

  “Your mother didn’t fill in the blanks for you?”

  “I didn’t ask.” Guilt swamped her. “I suppose you think that makes me a horrible brat, huh?”

  “Never.” Hank kissed her temple. “I think it’s a horrible situation, Lainie. I lost my parents too, but I had my growing- up years to get to know them. To learn from them. To see all the circumstances and events that made them into the people they were.

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