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       Bound, p.22

         Part #1 of Mastered series by Lorelei James

  “Why is that making you frown?”

  “Because you overwhelm me. Maybe I’m saying this because of my run-in with Tyler, and realizing he never knew me, not in the three years we were together. You’ve been in my life less than three weeks and you already know aspects of me better than I know myself. You don’t have any problems pushing my boundaries.”

  “Are you afraid I might push you too hard?” he asked softly.

  “No. I’m afraid that I’ll find out that I don’t have any boundaries at all when it comes to you.”

  Ronin rested his forehead to hers. “You have no idea what you do to me when you say that.”

  The valet broke the moment. “Your car, Mr. Black.”

  Ronin released her and opened her car door. Then he skirted the front end and slipped into the driver’s side.

  As soon as they were on the road, he said, “You are spending the night with me.”

  Not a request. “We’ll have to swing by my place so I can get some clothes.”

  “I still have your jeans. I’d like to see you in one of my shirts.”

  “Then I guess we’ll go straight to your place.” Feeling buoyed by her confession, Amery unbuckled her seatbelt. She leaned across the console and worked the knot in his tie. “Don’t think I’ve forgotten about the equal time.”

  “My tie isn’t connected to my zipper.”

  “Want me to go straight for the good stuff?”

  Ronin gave her a look so hot it scorched the breath from her lungs. “Yes.”

  “Eyes on the road.” Amery found the buckle on his belt and unhooked it. She unzipped his pants, and his shaft jumped against her hand. “Spread your legs wider.”

  He hissed in a breath when her fingertips brushed the crown of his cock.

  With the angle of the seat, she couldn’t de-pants him and she couldn’t play with his balls, so she pulled his cock through the opening in his boxer briefs. She glanced at his hands, gripping the steering wheel much more tightly than before. She lowered her head and swallowed as much of him as she could.

  “Sweet Jesus.”

  Amery let his shaft slide back out of her mouth. She did that a few more times and his legs went rigid. “Do you wish you had my hair in your hands so you could force me to keep this cock in my mouth?”


  “Pay attention to the road, Sensei. I know how you prefer to look at me while I’m blowing you, but I don’t want to die choking on your dick after you wreck your fancy car.” Amery let her mouth slowly engulf his cock. When she started bobbing her head, the hard shaft bumped the back of her throat on every pass. She hollowed her cheeks and sucked, loving the musky tang of him and the feel of his velvety-soft, steel-hard shaft gliding over her tongue. Flicking the very tip and the thick ridge beneath the cock head before taking him deep. She circled the root and stroked up as her mouth slid down.

  “Don’t use your hands. Just your mouth.”

  Bossy man preferred her hands on his thighs or his abdomen, or gripping his butt cheeks when she was on her knees before him. Pleasing him gave her such a heady sense of power. But this time she controlled him. She pushed him to the edge at full throttle. No reason to drag this out. She wanted—no, she’d earned the right to make him soar and swallow him down.

  “Amery. Fuck. Stop.”

  She pulled her mouth away long enough to say, “No, give it to me. All of it,” before she took him back in.

  Ronin swore under his breath.

  His body went rigid. She heard his grip increase on the steering wheel. He bumped his hips up and she felt that moment when he let go. His cock hardened further for a split second and then hot, wet spurts hit her soft palate. She firmed her lips as she swallowed.

  As soon as his orgasm ended, she licked the shaft and lightly tongued the tip. He’d never given her the opportunity to nuzzle and kiss his softening flesh.

  He tugged on her hair. “Baby, you have to stop. I’m about to wreck the car.”

  Amery kissed the head of his penis before pushing upright. “Why were you going to wreck the car?” she asked innocently.

  “Because instead of throwing my head back and closing my eyes like I do whenever your hot mouth works me, I focused on the road. But my foot stepped on the gas and I don’t need a ticket for a hundred and seventy miles an hour.”

  “We were going that fast?”

  “Almost before I blinked.”

  She zipped his pants, then refastened his belt. “There. You don’t look so disheveled.”

  “I like that look.” He snatched her hand and kissed the center of her palm. “On you. And by the time I finish with you tonight? You will be thoroughly disheveled.”

  Silence settled between them, only broken by the hum of the engine.

  Amery angled her head in the confines of the car and stared at the Denver skyline as it came into view. How many of the people at the party tonight lived in the expensive high-rises with the gorgeous view of the mountains? Probably their places made Ronin’s penthouse look like a dive. But how many of them were poseurs like her? Only there rubbing elbows with Denver’s elite because of a benefactor who invited them to the fancy shindig?

  “What’re you thinking about?”

  “The ratio of people at tonight’s party who were filthy rich and how many of them were pretending to be. Tyler told me the event tickets were ten grand a pop.”

  “They are. But for all the glamour and glitz, it is a worthwhile cause. The bulk of the money goes to the organizations, not to fund a party, which is why I’m still donating to them.”

  Twenty grand. Poof. All that hard-earned cash just passed over and tucked in someone else’s pocket. Amery didn’t know if she could ever be that cavalier about money. Ronin must be doing better in his dojo than she assumed if dropping that many Benjamins didn’t put a dent in his checkbook.

  She hated that Tyler’s questions about Ronin’s finances jumped into her head.

  “Don’t fret about the money, Amery.”

  “I can’t help it. I feel like I owe you.”

  “You owed me nothing but the pleasure of your company tonight, and you provided that beautifully.”

  Amery noticed they were close to his building and he turned into a parking garage. “Did the blow job fluster you so much you forgot where you live?”

  “No. It’s the closest place to keep my car. This one doesn’t get parked on the street.” He pulled into a spot resembling a concrete bunker. After they climbed out of the car, he clamped a tire lock on the front tire. He brushed his hands and sent her a sheepish look. “I make this car as hard as possible to steal.” Then he wrapped his arm around her shoulder. “Is the jacket keeping you warm?”

  “Yes. Thank you.” She glanced at his thin dress shirt. “Aren’t you cold?”

  “Rarely. I’m pretty hot-blooded.”

  “I’ll say.”

  Ronin brushed a kiss on the top of her head. “And you ain’t seen nothing yet.”

  They walked at a decent clip to his building and her feet were starting to get sore. Ronin opened the front door instead of entering through the alley. By the time they’d reached his penthouse, Ronin took it upon himself to ignite the fire that simmered between them with an urgent kiss.

  His jacket hit the floor first. She wrapped her hands in the loose ends of his tie and pulled him closer to kiss him harder. Then she started in on his buttons.

  He didn’t attempt to undress her; he just controlled her mouth as he controlled the direction they headed.

  Once Amery had his shirt undone, her hands roamed over his torso, from his pectorals, to his rib cage, to his six-pack abs. Her thumbs traced the deep cut of his hip muscle until it disappeared into his pants.

  His intense kiss didn’t falter.

  She knew the instant they were in his bedroom. Not only did the flooring change, but Ronin changed. He ended the soul-deep kiss, but his mouth kept teasing hers with licks and nibbles and a teasing glide.

  “I want y
ou, Amery. But I want you my way.”

  “Which way is that?”

  “My way,” he repeated. “And you’ll have to trust me. Can you trust that I’ll make you feel beautiful and bold?” He tilted her head to kiss below her jawline. “Trust me to worship your body the way it’s meant to be?”

  “Didn’t I already say yes?”

  “You did.” His teeth followed the tendons in her neck. She shuddered in his arms and she felt his smile against her skin. “But I want to blindfold you so you can focus on how you feel, not on what I’m doing.”

  “What will you be doing to me?”

  A kiss below her ear. “Teasing you.” A soft kiss in front of her ear. “Pushing your boundaries.” He gently blew in her ear. “Boundaries that you claimed earlier might not be boundaries at all.”

  She wanted this sexy, intense man to make her so mindless with lust, to get her so drunk on him that she couldn’t think. She nuzzled the base of his throat. “No boundaries, Ronin.”

  He kissed her with zeal. With finesse.

  And she lost herself in him.

  “First I want to get you out of this dress.” Ronin turned her around and undid the zipper. Slowly. He dragged his fingertips up and down her spine in a featherlight touch that brought all of those nerve endings alive. He slipped his fingers across her shoulders and loosened her dress.

  Amery felt the beaded material slipping down her chest and she stopped it just before it cleared her nipples.

  Then Ronin stood in front of her. He traced the edge of her jaw. “Do you have any idea how appealing you look right now? With your hair tangled from my fingers. With your mouth so full and ripe from kissing me.” His rough thumb followed the upper and lower bow of her lips. “With your sexy little dress clutched over your breasts, attempting to conceal what’s mine tonight.”

  The man had a way with words that made her tremble.

  “Drop the dress, Amery.”

  She let go and it landed on the floor in a soft whoosh.

  “Bend over and place your hands on the bed.”

  Amery put an extra swing in her hips as she rolled herself down until her palms were flat on the mattress. Ronin stared at her ass so intently she swore his heated gaze singed her skin.

  “Head up.” Ronin nestled his groin against her ass.

  A spike of desire nearly shot her through the roof.

  Then something soft and silky covered her eyes and everything went dark. “Is that your tie?”

  “Yes.” His fingers hooked inside her thong and he slowly dragged it down her legs. Once it reached her ankles, Ronin dropped to his knees. He tapped the inside of her right calf and she lifted her foot, expecting he’d take her thong off. “No. Widen your stance with the thong where it is.”

  His commanding presence filled the room, permeating the air. His will seeped through her skin and settled into her bones. And it was like this every time they were together. Would it flame out because it burned so hot?

  “Hey, baby. Where’d you go?”

  That quietly controlled voice caused her to jump. “What?”

  “You were relaxed in a happy place and then you weren’t. What changed?”

  “I had the fleeting fear this would burn out.”

  “Don’t think.” He pressed openmouthed kisses across the backs of her knees. “Stay steady. Even when I do this.” He licked the crease of her knee, a soft tickle of his tongue while trailing his fingers on the outsides of her thighs.

  Amery was half tempted to fall face-first into the puffy mattress; her legs and arms were absolutely quaking from his wickedly talented mouth. When he swept butterfly kisses across the curve of her ass cheeks, she made a low moan of need.

  Even that didn’t hurry the man up. If her groin was closer to the bed, she’d be grinding her clit against it, trying to come. She sighed when Ronin gently urged her passion-flushed face to press against the mattress.

  “Put your hands behind your back, palms facing out.”

  Thank God for yoga. What would he do if she couldn’t hold the position he demanded? Spank her?

  That’s where she’d draw the line. She’d been spanked as a child, by her father’s hand, a ruler, a hairbrush, a plastic pipe.

  “Amery. Stop thinking.” He twined something soft around her wrists. As soon as he finished, he caressed the skin above where he’d secured her hands. Then he rested the side of his face against hers, his chest to her spine.

  Having her vision blocked heightened her anticipation. She wanted the intimacy of skin on skin so much she squirmed.

  “Stay still.”

  “I can’t. I want—”

  “I know what you want. Are you wet enough for it?”


  His hand slid around her waist and through the thin strip of hair covering her mound. That long, deadly accurate middle finger slipped inside her. “You are wet.” He plunged in and out a few more times, stroking and teasing the swollen flesh. “Wouldn’t take much for you to come.”

  “You touch me and I can’t help it.”

  “But you won’t come until I say.”

  “Are you punishing me for something?”

  “No, baby, I’m giving you this. So relax and let me.” Ronin began drawing tight circles on her clit. Immediately she started to tremble—inside, outside. He held her down and steadily increased the pace of his finger until her body tensed. When he whispered, “Now,” she went off like a bottle rocket.

  Every molecule in her body went taut, leaving her breathless and dizzy.

  Then Ronin was slamming into her as the last pulse lingered, setting off another wave of contractions in short, sweet bursts.

  His hands bracketed her hips as he powered into her with forceful thrusts. There was a frantic edge to the way he fucked her. Animalistic. Fast. He had no intention of making this last.

  As she felt the third orgasm of the night gathering steam, she didn’t care if he fucked her fast or slow or even upside down. This man knew what she needed and gave it to her without question.

  Ronin came in silence, as he often did. His pelvis slowed in rhythmic increments. The evidence of his release came in a hot wash against her pussy walls.

  When he stopped moving and returned to himself, that’s when he made the noise—a deep-throated hum of satisfaction.

  She smiled.

  He murmured, “Your skin is glowing. It’s breathtaking.”


  “Stay like this. I’ll be right back.”

  She stayed, content, sated, and yet revved up.

  Amery didn’t hear him rustling around in the room. She heard a whisper of cloth and then Ronin’s fingers were undoing the ties around her wrists.

  Then he flipped her over, teased her lips until she opened for him, letting his tongue dart inside. Their mouths clashed, tongues tangled, and he stoked the fire of passion again before the first embers had even waned.

  From the energy pulsing off him, she understood this would be a long night; they’d only finished the second course of a five-course meal.

  “Will you let me show you in my way how beautiful you are to me?”

  “You do that every time you look at me,” she said softly.

  “You’re blindfolded. How can you tell?”

  “I can feel it.”

  “You undo me.” Ronin kissed her forehead. “Hold on.” He lifted her into his arms and spun her around.

  She shrieked, “Stop, you’ll make me dizzy.”

  “There goes my plan to play pin the tail on the donkey.”

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