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       Corralled, p.22

         Part #1 of Blacktop Cowboys series by Lorelei James

  “The anticipation is killing me.”

  “It’s good for you. Anticipation is its own reward.”

  Kyle brushed his mouth over hers to quell her protest, tasting the seam of her lips with his tongue. She opened her mouth for a tongue- thrusting kiss, but he denied her. Not to be cruel, but to ratchet her need to the highest level.

  “Let’s try an experiment. You tell me if what I’m dripping on you is hot or cold.”

  Her answering smirk was the response he’d hoped for. Little Miz Lainie thought this’d be easy- peasy. Wrong.

  Kyle watched the wax splat on the creamy section of her flesh above her left hip bone.

  Her breath caught.

  “Tell me,” he demanded.

  A beat passed. “Um. Hot?”

  “Yeah, but next time I’ll penalize you for takin’ so long to answer.” Kyle pinched her nipple at the same time wax landed above her right hip bone.

  “Hey! Not fair.”

  “Tough. All’s fair. Tell me.”

  Kyle saw her nose wrinkling as she tried to reason her way through a response. He grinned. She had no clue.

  Finally she guessed, “Cold?”

  “Wrong.” He placed the candle in the candleholder lodged inside the dresser drawer. He shuffled back on his knees and let his mouth linger above the missed hot spot. First he used his teeth to scrape away the hardened wax. Then he sucked on the pink dot with enough force to leave a love bruise.

  Lainie shrieked and tried to twist free, but Kyle held her hips down until he was finished.

  She slumped back on the bed, not relaxed in the slightest. Her body vibrated with tension.

  He kissed the hickey. “How many people did you see in sports med tonight?”

  “Ten.” She frowned. “Why?”

  “ ’Cause that’s how many times we’re gonna test your sensitivity to cold and hot.” His cock slapped his belly as he reached for the cup and candle again.

  His gaze took her in, spread out before him like the ultimate feast. The thrust of her pearled nipples atop the soft swells of her breasts. The arch of her neck that begged for the heated touch of his mouth. The sex- kittenish habit of biting her lower lip. Her made- for- sex body was dotted with dried white wax like he’d marked her as his with his come.

  A primitive roar gathered in his chest and he had to clench his teeth to keep from letting it loose.


  Then he was right in her face. But he couldn’t tell her he wished to steal her away for himself. Screw his friendship with Hank. Screw being the civilized man waiting for his turn. Screw the whole stupid fucking sharing idea.

  In his fit of jealousy or neediness or whatever fucked-up thoughts crowded reason from his brain, he accidentally splashed water on the center of Lainie’s chest.

  She smiled brassily. “Cold.”

  “Guess I’d better pay attention to what I’m doin’.”

  “What distracted you?”

  “Your nekkid body. See, whenever I’m nekkid with you, my brain schemes on how I can stay nekkid with you all the damn time.” He dribbled wax beneath her rib cage.

  She hissed, “Hot.”

  “That you are, sugar.” He sipped from the cup before he licked the sweep of her collarbone and simultaneously dripped wax on the swell of her abdomen.

  “Kyle! That’s cheating.”

  “You’ve got a fifty- fifty chance of guessing right,” he offered.



  She inhaled a sharp breath. Wiggled a bit in suspense.

  After Kyle set aside the candle and cup again, he scooted down until his feet touched the floor. He splayed his hands below the cute indent of her belly button, framing the dried wax chunk. Using his teeth and tongue, he pried the wax from her skin. He dragged his goatee over it enough times that he knew he’d have no trouble discerning the spot. He set his mouth on her and sucked without pause.

  Lainie had no prayer of staying still. With Kyle this close to her pussy, her arousal wafted into his nose, making his mouth water for a complete taste of her.

  “You’re torturing me.”

  “Uh- huh. And just think— I ain’t even half done yet.”

  She groaned.

  He tracked openmouthed kisses straight up to her mouth. His biting nips on her lower lip pushed her to that edge of pain she craved. An edge she usually brought upon herself with the sexy way she dug her teeth in. Kyle soothed the sting with his hot breath, letting it drift across her kiss- swollen lips.

  As he followed the angle of her jawbone up to her ear, she whispered, “Fuck me. With your tongue, your fingers, your cock, I don’t care. I just need—”

  “I know what you need, and I’m getting around to giving it to you.” He blew in her ear, gloating when her whole body shuddered.

  But Lainie wasn’t about to give up. “I feel your cock when you slide up my body. It’s hot and hard.” Lainie turned her head and murmured, “Let me blow you. Bring that dick up here and let me suck you dry, Kyle.”

  Just to see how far she was willing to go, Kyle let their lips meet. She poured everything into the kiss. Soft female moans. Attempting to suck his tongue down her throat. Undulating her lower body against his. While he enjoyed the hell out of it, it didn’t sway him one iota. He broke the kiss with a smile.

  “Afraid the answer is no, sugar. But I’ll tell you what I will do, since your methods of persuasion are commendable. I’ll give you a freebie for the cold- and- hot game.”

  It was apparent Lainie wanted to snap at him in frustration, but somehow she refrained. Which also made him smile.

  He grabbed the candle and tilted it so the wax dripped directly on her left nipple. Or it was supposed to, but the camper hit a bump, and his aim fell short. The wax missed its mark and slid down the slope of her breast. When she jerked up, Kyle placed his hand below her collarbone and pushed her back to the mattress.

  “Stay still,” he warned. He reangled the taper, so the next splash of wax landed on the puckered tip.

  “Oh, man.”

  “Does it hurt?” he murmured.

  “Um. No. It just surprised me.”

  “Hot or cold?” he asked as he directed more wax over that circle of rose- colored flesh.

  “Hot. Really hot.”

  Kyle shifted the candle and let wax stream down to her right nipple. He gave her credit; she didn’t squirm. Drop after drop coated the areola. Soon as he was visually satisfied— and holy fuck, was that smokin’ hot— he traded the candle for the cup and spilled water droplets on each breast. Slowly. One at a time.

  Eventually, he asked, “Cold or hot?”

  “Cold. Oh, God, is that cold.”

  “Very good.” He pressed his mouth to the section of skin where her neck flowed into her shoulder. “You oughta see yourself, Lainie.

  All those spots of wax on your tits. The shine on your skin from the water. It looks like I marked you with my seed. Sprayed you until I had no more juice left in my balls because I spent it all, coating your sexy body over and over.” He nuzzled her temple. “Does it turn you on that your body is my canvas?”

  He watched the curvy form he’d reveled in marking flush with color. Yet she didn’t utter a sound.

  “You don’t have a clue what you do to me. I want to take you in every way I’ve ever imagined. Bite you. Suck you. Mark you. Come on you. Come in you. You bring out my untamed side.”

  “Show me.”

  Kyle squeezed her breasts, watching as the wax cracked and peeled away. He brushed the tiny shards free until no trace remained. Then he set his mouth on her. He suckled her nipples so thoroughly Lainie actually came.

  After he’d petted her and brought her back down to earth, his cock screamed, “My turn!” and took control of his brain.

  His blood pounded a tribal rhythm. Perspiration beaded his forehead. His upper lip. His hairline. His body pulsed from his heels t
o the tips of his ears, as if he were about to get on the back of a bull.

  He tucked his knees under her armpits and tapped her lips with the tip of his cock. “Open.”

  Lainie’s tongue darted out and flicked the head. She sucked the knob and rimmed the tip with fiery flicks of her hot tongue. He’d gone beyond the need for foreplay, to that overpowering need for immediate release.

  Bracing one hand on the wall above him, Kyle used the other hand to hold her jaw open. He fed his cock into her mouth until his sac rested on her chin. His fingers outlined her lips, stretched around the base of his shaft. He knew that if Lainie weren’t wearing a blindfold her eyes would be locked on his. Bold, yet patient.

  Even though she was bound, with his dick in her throat, there was no doubt who had all the power. “Take me over the edge, Lainie.”

  Her hum of assent let loose the beast in him just as surely as pulling the gate in the arena released the bull.

  He let the rim of his cock head rest against her bottom lip and slammed inside that wet haven, barely allowing her time to snatch a breath before he was fucking her mouth without restraint.

  So good. So fucking good. Heat and wetness and suction.

  Kyle lasted longer than eight seconds, but not by much. His cock swelled, bumping her soft palate. He stopped thrusting, keeping the tip on the back of her tongue. “Swallow. Now. All of it.

  Harder. More. That’s it, baby. More.”

  Her throat muscles squeezed every pulse from his dick and made him groan. Long. Loudly. And without apology.

  Another humming noise, a bit sharper than before, brought him out of his orgasmic stupor. He looked down. His cock was still lodged in Lainie’s mouth. “Sorry,” he said, easing out. His hands floated over her face. “You okay?”

  “I’m pretty sure that one fell into the ‘hot’ realm.”

  What a card. Kyle grinned. “You’d be right.”

  She squirmed and sighed. But it was a different type of sigh.

  “Something wrong?”

  “Can you at least take my jeans off? They’re cutting off my circulation.”

  “The hands stay bound.” Kyle hopped off the bed, forgetting they were attached to a moving vehicle, and he smacked into the paneled wall before righting himself. He removed her jeans.

  Lainie brought her heels up on the mattress, lifting her hips, wiggling her arms slightly. “Much better. Thank you.” She turned her head, trying to figure out where he was.

  “Gotta keep my captive happy so we can continue our game.”

  Her face fell. “We’re still playing?”


  “But I thought I’d won.”

  “Nope.” Kyle sipped from the cup of ice water. He curled his hands around her knees and spread them wide. Then he placed his cold mouth right on the hot center of her and sucked. Ignoring her shrieks, he continued to run his cool tongue up and down the molten folds of her soft, juicy flesh. He raised his head long enough to ask, “Hot or cold?”

  Her mouth opened. Closed. A cunning smile appeared. “I’d have to say . . . hot.”

  “Wrong.” Kyle dropped to his knees. He licked the crease of her thigh, one side, then the other, tasting the salty sweetness of her skin. He used his fingers to keep her pussy open, settling in for a good, long torture- Lainie- until- she- begs session.

  He wowed her with every erotic trick he’d ever learned about going down and going to town on a woman. Butterfly licks and gentle scrapes of his teeth across her clitoris, combined with slurping sucks and soft puffs of air. Burying his mouth, his tongue, his fingers, his face in the wet core.

  “Oh, please. Don’t stop. . . . right . . . there.” Lainie shrieked and bucked up hard.

  Kyle kept his mouth fastened to the bit of flesh. She groaned and gasped as he sucked. Her thigh muscles were rigid, cradling his head as he stayed with her until the last pulse faded.

  Then that throaty, sated sigh emerged and Lainie went boneless.

  And Kyle went completely hard again.

  “So was that the last test? Because I totally think I aced it.”

  He smiled against the curve of her hip. “That was the last test. But we aren’t done.” He peppered kisses over her mound, straight down her slit, but he didn’t stop and wiggle his tongue in her entrance. He kept going, letting the very tip of his tongue swirl around the bud of her anus.

  Rather than jerking away, Lainie gasped.

  Kyle did it again and again, painting that tight pucker with his saliva. “I want this part of you. To be crude, I want you facedown on the bed, bound, blindfolded, spread open, and at my mercy as I fuck your ass.” He pushed to his feet and waited for her response.

  Breathing hard, ready to pounce on her the second she gave the all- clear.

  “You don’t intend to be gentle, do you?”

  “There’s that fine line between pleasure and pain. One can feed the other.”

  “Would you be as rough if this were my first time?”

  “But you’re not a virgin to anal sex. Although I’m betting it was a recent deflowering. Real recent.”

  Pause. “How did you know? Did Hank tell you all about it?”

  He fought a flare of jealousy. “No. But I’m guessing he demanded you give it up to him the other night when you two were alone at the ranch. Am I right?”

  She huffed out a breath. “Yes, but that still doesn’t tell me how you knew he popped my anal cherry.”

  “Easy. Because if I’d been in Hank’s position I would’ve demanded the same thing from you.”

  “Oh.” Another pause. “I have to ask, is this roughness you’ve warned me about punishment because Hank got there before you?”

  “Never. I ain’t mad at you or at Hank, Lainie; it was your choice. I respect that. I told you how I wanted it for one reason: I don’t think I can be gentle with this.” Kyle crawled up her body and rubbed his goatee over her neck. Under her chin. Tickling her ear and the cup of her shoulder. “Say yes, sugar.”

  She whispered, “Yes.”

  His kiss turned brutal. Almost feral. Lainie didn’t balk. In fact, she gave back as good as she got.

  He pushed on her shoulder, but she couldn’t roll without his help. Once she was on her belly, Kyle hiked her hips up. His damn cock jumped and twitched as if it had a mind of its own. He snagged a condom, the lube, and the candle. He watched half of Lainie’s beautiful face pressed against the white sheet as he suited up and slicked up his impatient cock. “What are you thinking?”

  “How strange it is, bound, knowing you’re going to fuck me hard in a place that’s not used to hard fucking. I’m still hazy and glowy from that orgasm, so I wonder if I’m dreaming. But my heart is racing. My blood is pounding in my temples, my ears, my throat, my chest, and even between my legs.”

  “Pounding in fear?” Kyle asked, squirting lubricant in a thick line down the seam between his first and second fingers.

  “No, that’s what so strange. My whole body is like one big, throbbing mass.”

  “Mmm.” He leaned over and captured her earlobe between his teeth while he inserted a finger in her ass.

  When Lainie reared up, his body absorbed the startled motion. He said, “Relax,” and inserted another finger. Once both fingers were inside her, he fluttered the slick digits open and closed, trying to stretch muscles that didn’t want to be stretched.

  She was as ready as he could made her.

  He applied gel to the pink pucker and added more lube to his cock. Aiming at the tiny entrance, he commanded, “Push out to me.”

  The second he felt that give, the slight relaxing, he plowed forward. Once. Twice. Three times. Stopping on the fourth thrust to feel the sphincter clamp down on the thickest part of his shaft.

  While he remained lodged there, Kyle plucked up the candle and slipped it between her legs.

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