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       Corralled, p.21

         Part #1 of Blacktop Cowboys series by Lorelei James

  Almost on cue, Renner’s blue eyes sparked with recognition.

  “Capshaw . . . As in bull rider Jason Capshaw?”

  “Yes. He was my father.”

  Renner squeezed her hand. “I’m sorry. I’m sure with people asking you questions about him they forget you lost your father that day, not just one of the world’s greatest bull riders.”

  Insightful and good- looking. That was refreshing. “Ah, thank you.”

  “I don’t know if you’re aware,” Hank inserted, “but Lainie works for the Lariat Sports Medicine team.”

  “I thought you looked familiar. You worked Silver City Roundup last year?”

  Lainie tried to recall. “Probably. Why? Did I screw up or something?”

  Renner laughed. “No. I remember warning my stock handlers that I’d be watching they didn’t fake injuries so the hot female med tech would treat them.”

  She blushed, but managed, “If you need an extra hand tonight in the medical room, I’ll be around.”

  “Really? That’d be great.” He pulled a business card out of his ID badge and wrote on the back of it before handing it over. “Give this to Beau.”

  “I will. Thank you.”

  “No, thank you.” Renner faced Hank and handed him a business card too. “Good luck going up against my stock tonight. If you’re interested in specifics, Pritchett, the chute boss, could fill you in on some of the nastier ones.”

  “I might meander over there and see what’s what.”

  “Good enough. I appreciate your time and I’ll be in touch about that other matter.”

  Renner ambled off and Hank stared after him with an odd look.

  “What’s wrong?”

  “Nothin’. It’s strange how things come full circle.”

  She frowned. “That’s cryptic.”

  Hank refocused on her. “Not when you consider my mom and dad bought the Harkings’ acreage from Rona after Bill died.”

  “So it’s part of the Lawson ranch now?”

  “It was. We had it a year and then our parents died. We couldn’t make the payments so we sold it to a buyer out of Montana. It’s changed hands a couple of times since then. People claim it’s bad-luck land. So I ain’t surprised he’s curious about his grandpa dying there.” He blinked and the shadows in his eyes vanished. “Anyway, far as I’m concerned, we’re done here.”

  They exited out the back entrance and the sun scorched Lainie’s eyes. She slipped on her shades. “If you’re checking bulls, I’ll wander around.”

  “You want to meet at the camper later?”

  His tone was sexy enough to send a shiver of longing through her despite the heat. “I promised Kyle my free time today.”

  “But, Lainie—”

  “I didn’t make the rules, Hank, but I’m abiding by them. I’ll see you later.” She whirled around in the opposite direction.

  On impulse, Lainie ordered an icy cold draft of Moose Drool beer. She detoured to a secluded shady spot and took out her cell phone.

  “How’s the luckiest woman in the world?” Tanna asked in her Texas twang.

  “Great. Can you hear me enjoying my tasty beer?”

  “Drinkin’ and whorin’ in the afternoon? Dude. I could totally hate you.”

  Lainie laughed. “It’s bizarre. I cannot remember the last time I sucked down a cold one in the middle of the day.”

  “That said . . . I’ll bet you’re getting used to sucking down lots of things during all times of the day and night, huh?”

  She choked on her beer. “Jesus, Tanna, warn me next time.”

  “Now, where’s the fun in that? How’s it goin’ with your men, sugar?”


  “Just okay? How many times you been the filling in a hot and hard manwich?”

  “Define filling.” There. That should get the conversation going.

  Pause. “Now, see, it’s a good thing I know you so well, or I wouldn’t recognize your sly way of asking me for advice. So what’s the problem?”

  “This is gonna sound so . . .” Slutty? Whorish? Nah. Lainie was just . . . impatient. And that was damned embarrassing to admit.

  “Come on, girlfriend. I know those camper walls are rockin’, so it ain’t like you’re gonna shock me with your kinky tales of ménage à trois.”

  “When we stopped at Hank’s house in Muddy Gap it was easier to explain that I was just with him. I ended up spending the night in his bed. But Kyle demanded equal ‘alone’ time with me at the next opportunity. So tonight it’s just me and Kyle.”

  “I don’t see how that’s a problem. Unless . . . you’ve gotten used to bein’ with both of them at the same time and you prefer a threesome scene to one on one?”

  “No, this goes back to your filling comment.” Lainie took another drink of beer. “We’ve done variations on all of us being together, but not what I expected, where they’re both . . .”

  Silence. Then, “Ah. The old double- penetration threesome.”

  Lord. Her face heated. How could she do it if she couldn’t even say it?

  “That’s what you want?” Tanna asked carefully.

  “Yes. Wouldn’t you? I mean, didn’t you?”

  “Uh- huh. But maybe they’re leading up to it. It does take a bit

  of choreographing and some preparation, if you get my drift. And, sugar, it’s only been four nights, right?”

  Is that all? Then why was she so antsy? “Right.”

  “What happened last night with all three of you?”

  Lainie drooped against the tree trunk. “I got pissed off about how Hank and Kyle treated Hank’s sister, Celia— the barrel racer I sent you the video about? They spouted off nasty things to her. In front of me and some other people.”

  “And you always stick up for the underdog,” Tanna muttered.

  “Yes. Anyway, I locked myself in the back bedroom and made them share the upper bunk, so nothing happened. But Hank is pissy. Tonight after the rodeo, while he’s driving to Billings, Kyle and I will be alone together in the camper.”

  Tanna sighed. “Look, Hank needs to get over it. Not your job to soothe his ruffled feathers, Lainie. He had his solo shot with you. It’s only fair to give Kyle the same.”

  “You make it sound so easy.”

  “Sugar, this situation might be fun as all get out, but I never said it was gonna be easy.”

  “Great.” She closed her eyes.

  “As far as the threesome biz, tell them what you want.”

  “I should demand they give me double- rider special?”

  A deep, throaty laugh. “Put it that way and I guarantee it’ll happen before you can blink.”

  “Thanks, T. You’re the best.” Lainie shut her phone. When she opened her eyes, Kyle stood four feet away. Her stomach cartwheeled. Sometimes she forgot how sinfully hot he was, with that ripped body and chiseled face. Oh, have mercy— he was giving her the look that usually sent her clothes flying. “Um. Hi.”

  He smirked. “Interestin’ conversation.”

  “How much did you hear?”

  “Just the tail end, to be honest.” He stepped close enough that his belt buckle brushed her belly. His position blocked her from view of the casual passersby and he used it to his advantage to outline her lips with the pad of his thumb. “You have the prettiest mouth.”


  “Let me touch you, Lainie.”

  He mesmerized her. The sexy tilt to his lips. The slight flare to his nostrils. His pupils expanded. Those impossibly thick black eyelashes lowered as he continued to trace the swell and seam of her lips. “Are you looking forward to bein’ with me tonight?”

  “God. Yes.”

  “You’re not nervous, are you, sugar? We have been alone and nekkid together before. Plenty of times.”

  “True. But I have a feeling tonight won’t be like any of the other times.”

  “And you’d be right.” He rep
laced his wicked thumb with his enthusiastic mouth. Kissing her like he’d already stripped her bare and spread her out beneath his muscled body.

  “Kyle. Please. Stop.”

  He muttered, “For now. I guarantee you won’t be begging me to stop at all tonight.”

  The low timbre of his voice against her wet, trembling mouth sent a jolt straight to her core.

  Kyle eased back. “We have a little time. Let’s hit the carnival.”

  That shocked her— and made her do the happy dance inside— but surprise won out over joy. “Really?”

  His smile vanished. “What? Hank’s the only one who can be with you in public?”

  “No. It’s not that, it’s just . . .”

  “You embarrassed to be seen with me, Lainie Capshaw?”

  Lainie fisted her hand in his shirt, hauling herself up to her toes so they were nose- to- nose. “Not even close, bub. I’m embarrassed to admit that in my sheltered dating life, I never went to a carnival with a guy. Never had a guy win me a stuffed animal or a goldfish. Not only that, the rides make me dizzy and sometimes I throw up, so you should know what you’re getting into before you offer to take me.”

  Kyle trapped her face in his hands and laid a big wet kiss on her. “Let’s see if I can’t pop your carnival cherry and win you something big to remember me by.”

  Chapter XV

  What a great night. Kyle finished first in the bull riding and he finally had Lainie right where he wanted her: alone.

  The camper swayed and she gasped, blindly reaching for the wall behind her.

  “Might be a little bouncy. Luckily that plays into what I’ve got planned.”

  “Should I be nervous?”

  He traced the edges of the blindfold. “I’m hoping you’re excited.”

  Her lips curved into a purely feminine smile. “Of course I’m excited. That goes without saying.”

  Kyle began undoing the buttons on her blouse. He could’ve undressed her before he blindfolded her, but he wanted to keep her off balance. He kissed the corners of her smile, trailing more kisses down her stubborn chin and the column of her throat.

  His sweet Lainie tasted even better than she smelled. When his lips met the front snap of her bra, he sank his teeth into the plastic clasp and twisted until it popped open.

  “Oh. Man. That’s a handy trick.”

  But Kyle didn’t tongue her nipples. Or nuzzle the swells of her breasts; he kept moving southward. He unhooked the button on her jeans. Lowered the zipper. He let his breath fan the delicate area between her hip bones, watching the skin quiver in response.

  Then he shimmied the denim to the middle of her calves and left it. He jerked her shirt to her wrists, keeping the cuffs buttoned, knotting the material so her hands were incapacitated.

  “What are you doing?”

  “Hobbling you. You can’t see. You can’t touch. You can’t thrash. You are completely at my mercy. And I’ve been looking forward to it all damn day.” Swallowing her protest with a kiss, he spun them and sat her on the edge of the bed. “Lie flat.” Kyle gave her a gentle nudge.

  The camper hit a bump. He braced his hand on the wall as he stripped. “Can you wriggle yourself up until you’re in the middle of the bed?”

  “Will you be staring at me while I do it?”

  “Seein’ your tits bounce is the stuff fantasies are made of. So hell, yeah.”

  She grinned and put an extra wiggle in her movement.

  Sassy thing. “Be right back. Don’t go nowhere.”

  “You’re as funny as you are sexy, Kyle.”

  That stopped him. “Really? You think so?”

  “I can’t remember the last time I laughed so hard. I had a blast with you at the carnival today.”

  “Same goes. Although next time I’ll just take you to a toy store and buy you a damn giraffe. It’d be cheaper.”

  “But not nearly as much fun.” She emitted a sigh. “I especially loved when you swung the love hammer. Seeing your muscles straining as you hit it hard enough to ring the top bell? The whole time I just wanted to lick your biceps. Then lick the rest of you.”

  Kyle chuckled. “You did lick me in the haunted house, remember?” Lainie’s playful mood had been infectious. All afternoon she’d teased him. Feeding him cotton candy. Sneaking kisses on the Ferris wheel. Offering to give him a hand job in the Tunnel of Love— which had been damn hard to turn down.

  “I still think you cheated at the water- balloon game. No one shoots a water gun that well.”

  “Sugar, I’ve been shooting all types of guns since I was eight years old, so give it a rest. You lost.” He lightly swatted her. “We’re getting off track. Sit tight.”

  He filled a Styrofoam cup with icy water and returned with candles and matches.

  “Did I hear you rattling around in the freezer?”

  “Maybe.” Kyle set his supplies inside the small dresser drawer next to the bottle of lube and the condoms. Then he straddled Lainie’s hips and palmed her breasts.

  She stilled.

  “I ain’t gonna fuck your tits. I figured out that ain’t your favorite position.”

  “Is it yours?” she asked hesitantly.

  “Not even close. I’d rather be buried balls- deep in your wet pussy. Or your hot mouth.” He lazily stroked the edge of her areola, but avoided direct contact with her nipple. “Or your tight ass.”

  Lainie bit her lip and turned her head away.

  But Kyle wouldn’t let her. He slid his hand up her throat and he curled his fingers around her jaw, forcing her to face forward, even when she couldn’t see him. “That thought excites you. My cock stretching your ass as I plunge my fingers into your cunt so all you feel is me fucking you everywhere.”

  Her chest lifted with each stuttered breath.

  “Answer me.”

  “Yes. I want that.”

  “You’ll get it, but on my time frame tonight, understand?”

  She nodded.

  “Good girl.” He reached for the cream- colored taper candle.

  With shaking hands, he struck a match, releasing a whiff of sulfur.

  “What’s that?”

  “Your cue to hold still.” Kyle scooted back and trapped her hips between his knees. He grabbed the cup of ice and rattled it.

  When the candle built up a pool of wax, he tipped it sideways at the same time he tilted the cup of ice. A bead of hot wax and a drop of cold water landed on her belly simultaneously.

  Lainie gasped and her stomach rippled.

  He did it again. She gasped again.

  Fourteen water and wax droplets landed on her trembling flesh. Each time her belly muscles constricted, so did his balls. He gritted his teeth against giving in to his urge to fuck her hard and fast this first time.

  She held her muscles taut, her mouth parted slightly to allow harsh pants to escape. She cried out when water fell on her right nipple at the same time as wax splatted on her left nipple. “Oh, my God. Kyle.”

  “Does it hurt, sugar?”

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