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       Corralled, p.17

         Part #1 of Blacktop Cowboys series by Lorelei James

  Lyle shook his head. “I encourage you to audition for them.

  I’m glad they see the talent in you we’ve always seen. But before you take their offer, will you give us a chance to counter?”

  How bizarre. Hank never imagined his services were worth a price war. “You speaking for the CRA now?”

  “No. I’m speaking as your sponsor. Bear in mind the EBS

  has their own set of official sponsors. Their bullfighters are only allowed to wear those names— on and off the dirt. So if you choose to go with them, I’ll have no choice but to sever our sponsorship.”

  That sounded almost like a threat, which never sat well with Hank. “Lemme ask you something.”

  “Go ahead.”

  “If I’m worth more money, why hasn’t it been offered to me before now?”

  Lyle grinned a greasy banker’s smile. “Because you never asked.

  Also, we assumed you were content working at the level you’ve stayed at the last five years.”

  “The level I’ve stayed at?” Hank repeated.

  “Filling in where needed. Even though you’re immensely qualified, you’ve never been selected for the AFR or the Circuit

  Finals. But only because bullfighting seems more like your hobby than your vocation.”

  Much as the truth stung, Lyle had a point. Hank’s main responsibility was to the ranch. So why hadn’t Abe protested when Hank told him he was flitting off for three weeks?

  Good question. Hank never wanted to be a hobby rancher any more than he wanted to be a hobby bullfighter. But it appeared he was both. It smarted that it’d taken someone like Lyle Barclay to point it out.

  Hank stood. “You’ve certainly given me plenty to think about.

  Right now, I have to get my head in the game for tonight.”

  “The stock contractor definitely brought rank stock. Be careful out there.”

  “I will. Thanks.” Hank reseated his hat and ambled out of the tent, more confused than ever.

  Lainie was sated after the sexy interlude with Kyle.

  Sated and completely unapologetic.

  Lord. When Kyle had looked at her like that, green eyes hooded beneath sooty lashes, lips parted, everything feminine inside her purred. Roared, actually. She’d acted on that animal instinct without hesitation.

  No awkwardness lingered after they’d slipped their clothes back on. They’d laughed and eaten lunch. Explored every nook and cranny of the camper.

  The place was bigger than she’d thought. The narrow living and dining area was bookended with a bedroom at the back and another bed in the crawl- up sleeping compartment above the truck cab. The kitchen boasted an almost full- size refrigerator, a sink, and a two- burner cooktop. A minuscule bathroom contained a toilet, a sink, and a shower stall that seemed cramped even for someone her size. She had no idea how Hank fit in there.

  Kyle had stretched out on the bench seat with his hat low over his eyes.

  It’d been so long since Lainie had leisure time she had no idea what to do with herself.

  “Why you so antsy, sugar?” Kyle said without moving.

  “I’m always doing something. Sitting here feels like I’m wasting time.”

  “Welcome to life on the road.”

  She crossed her arms over her chest. “What do you do on the road?”

  “I’m either driving or sleeping or at the grounds.”

  “That’s it?”


  “I won’t survive three days, let alone three weeks,” she muttered.

  He pushed his hat up and looked at her. “Maybe you oughta rest up. Me ’n’ Hank ain’t gonna be too happy if you’re too tired and cranky to be with us when we get done rodeoin’ tonight.”

  That made her blush.

  Kyle smirked and tugged his hat back down.

  She unpacked her bag. She found two drawers beneath the bed frame that were already half full of hunting shit. She consolidated the stuff into one, which left her with a puny drawer. Damn good thing she hadn’t overpacked. She kicked the drawer shut and attempted to hang her clothes in the shallow closet. But the door kept sticking and she had to slam it a couple of times to get it to shut.

  When Lainie turned around, Kyle leaned in the doorway. He wasn’t sporting his usual devil- may- care grin. The glint in his eyes sort of scared her. “What?”

  “You done makin’ enough noise to wake the dead?”

  “It’s not my fault the cabinet door is broken—”

  “Enough,” Kyle said with a sharp edge she’d never heard from him. “You’re bored. I get it. I’ve got a cure.” He advanced on her. “Strip to nothin’ and lay on the bed.”

  Lainie’s heart started beating faster.

  “Not a request, Lainie. Get cracking.” Kyle unhooked his belt. Toed off his boots. Kept staring at her as he unzipped his jeans.

  “What are you doing?”

  Off went his shirt. “I’m solving the boredom problem for you by giving you something to do with your mouth and hands.” Off went his Wranglers.

  He wasn’t kidding. His cock bounced against his belly. He was already fully erect.

  They’d just had sex an hour ago. Why was his unusually high-handed behavior turning her on?

  “Last warning, woman. Or I’ll get the cuffs out.”

  Kyle had brought handcuffs?

  The camper door slammed. Two seconds later Hank stood in the doorway. His gaze moved over Lainie— still fully clothed— and then to Kyle, who was buck- ass naked. “What’d I miss?”

  “Little Miz Lainie is bored.”

  Hank’s eyebrows winged up. “Already? We’ve only been here five hours.”

  “I was fixing to focus her restless energy. Wanna help?”

  “Damn fine idea.” Hank’s clothes flew off him.

  Lainie’s clothing should’ve gone up in flames from their fiery gazes, yet she remained locked in place.

  “I warned you. My warnings ain’t idle, sugar. Come here,” Kyle said.

  She backed up, but there was nowhere to go.

  Kyle and Hank laughed.

  “Hank, get her nekkid. I’m grabbing the cuffs.”

  Hank folded his arms over his bare chest. “I’ll count. When I hit fifteen, whatever clothes you’re wearing will be cut off. We clear?”

  She nodded.


  It was hard to undo buttons with shaking hands because Hank’s deep voice enunciated every number. She swore the deep sound vibrated in her blood and pulsed between her legs.


  Lainie kicked off her jeans. “Done.”

  “Good. On the bed. Arms above your head.”

  The mattress had no give when she bounced butt first. Her breasts jiggled, which caught Hank’s attention.

  Then Kyle clicked a set of steel handcuffs around her wrists after he’d threaded the links through the headboard. She automatically tested them. Like the bed, there was no give.

  If the look in Kyle’s eye was any indication, there was no give in him either.

  This darker edge inflamed her and she swallowed hard.

  Kyle straddled her chest, tucking his knees under her armpits and his cock in the valley of her cleavage. His shaft rubbed the soft swells while his thumbs strummed her nipples.

  “Where do you want me?” Hank asked.

  “Your choice. I’m gonna fuck her tits and then her mouth.”

  His matter- of- fact tone dispatched another jolt of desire from head to toe and everywhere in between.

  “Hand me a pillow.”

  Kyle yanked up both pillows and tossed them to Hank.

  “Lift your hips,” Hank commanded. “This pussy is mine.”

  Lainie obeyed, keeping her eyes on Kyle’s face— not that he was looking at her.

  “Hand me the lube,” Kyle said to Hank.

  The tube was passed. He squirted a line between her breasts.

  Then his hands were squeezing the fleshy globes together as his cock pushed in and out of the tight tunnel he’d created. “Ah, fuck. I like that.”

  Hank used his finger in a side-to-side motion on her clit as he worked his cock into her pussy.

  More, more, more, echoed in her lust-addled brain. She tried to arch up to force Hank to sink into her completely, but his grip on her hips kept her locked down. He growled at her.

  Kyle’s eyes were riveted to her chest as he snapped his pelvis.

  Driving against her pliant flesh. Thumbs strumming over her nipples. Focused on the visual of his cock disappearing into the narrow channel he’d created, then watching as the head peeped out below the hollow of her throat.

  The sexy look of need on his face was almost enough to get her off.

  “This isn’t working,” Hank said. Kyle stilled as Hank scrambled to his knees. He adjusted the pillows under her ass and she let him angle her lower body, placing the backs of her thighs against his muscled chest. He withdrew and slammed back in.

  Lainie gasped. Goose bumps dotted her legs, creating a tightening in her groin. God, yes! she thought, but didn’t shout, because Hank would probably stop fucking her, just because he could.

  Hank groaned. “That’s better.”

  “She likes it too,” Kyle murmured.

  Her hands clenched into fists and she jerked against the cuffs as the men fucked her. Showed her who retained control. Who was in charge of her pleasure.

  Being bored had never been so good.

  The humid, heady scent of sweat and sex, mixed with the sounds of harsh male breathing, turned the room into a sultry playground of carnal delights. Both men were lost to sexual greed.

  Skin— slapping, rubbing, sliding, gliding— against skin.

  Abruptly Kyle released her breasts and rose up on his knees.

  He brought one hand beneath her neck, using the other to guide his cock to her mouth. “Suck the head.”

  Her lips closed over the crown, beneath the rim, and she flicked her tongue back and forth over the sweet spot.

  “That’s it. Faster. I’m fucking close.”

  He stayed still, one hand braced on the wall, the other behind her neck, eyes avid as her mouth worked his cock. Kyle’s musky, masculine scent overwhelmed her, as did her need to please him.

  To hear that grunt of satisfaction as he came. To know she’d brought him there.

  Then it happened. He growled, “Open,” and shoved deep.

  She’d barely gotten control of her gag reflex when he started coming down her throat.

  “Swallow,” he demanded. “All of it.”

  She watched Kyle’s face. He threw back his head, closed his eyes, letting his mouth go slack as his cock pulsed on her tongue.

  His grip loosened on her neck as he gave himself over. An incredible feeling of power rolled through her at seeing his lack of control.

  When their eyes met, he grinned widely, tracing her lips still wrapped around the root of his cock. “You look so gorgeous with my dick buried in your mouth.”

  Hank snorted.

  That was when Lainie realized Hank hadn’t moved at all while Kyle had gotten off.

  “You done?” Hank asked.

  Kyle glanced over his shoulder at him. “Impatient much?”

  “Fuck, yeah. I was bein’ polite, not letting her come so she didn’t sink her teeth into your dick.”

  “Thoughtful.” Kyle caressed Lainie’s face as he pulled out.

  Then he moved and lay alongside her.

  “My turn.” Hank curled his big palms over the tops of her thighs above her knees and hammered into her.

  As much as Lainie loved the driving force of his thrusts, she needed direct contact with her clit. “Touch me.”

  “Eventually.” Kyle toyed with her nipples. Dragging his rough knuckles up and down her damp skin until that skin quivered beneath his roving touch. Flirting with her bikini line, but his fingers never breached the curls covering her mound.

  Lainie made a disgruntled noise.

  Then Kyle’s grinning face was inches from hers. “Still bored?”

  Hank laughed.

  Somehow she stopped herself from cursing at both of them.

  A slippery finger skated across her clit. She gasped as it happened again, but on a slower pass. A more thorough pass.

  Then it stopped.

  Dammit. She moaned and thrashed, to no avail.

  Hank grunted and stroked two more times, shoving deep on the last plunge. “Fuck.”

  Lainie felt his cock lengthen inside her. Even through the condom she felt the pulses of his cock head jerking against her swollen tissues. She bore down on him, hoping that extra stimulation would kick her into orgasm.

  “Jesus, Lainie, keep doin’ that.”

  She squeezed and released. Hank emitted a whimpering moan she’d never heard before, which made her forget about her own lack of orgasm and focus on giving him one that would utterly blow his mind.

  He slowed. Stilled. Hank pulled out, dropped to his knees, and settled his mouth over her clit at the same time Kyle licked her nipple.

  “You’ve been very obedient,” Kyle murmured as he pressed her breasts together to tongue both her nipples at the same time.

  “We should reward that.”

  “Yes. God. Yes. Please.”

  Hank’s lips nipped at the flesh surrounding her clit. A teasing scrape of his teeth. Then he suctioned his mouth over the throbbing heart of her and began a full- out assault with his clever tongue.

  Lainie screamed as the orgasm flattened her. Throbbing pulses zapped her body as she thrashed against the hungry mouths devouring her most intimate spots. She wanted more, and yet the stimulus was too much. The handcuff chain rattled as she attempted to jerk free to push them away.

  Then the twinges faded. And stopped. She floated into a fuzzy state where sleep beckoned.

  Low male voices teased the edges of her subconscious, but movement to or away from the sound was impossible. Two clicks echoed and her arms were freed. She immediately curled up on her side.

  “I think we plumb wore her out.”

  “I reckon you’re right. Lainie? You okay?”

  “Tired. Just wanna rest my eyes a bit.”

  Two sets of hands skated over her skin. She sighed. A blanket covered her. A pillow was tucked under her head.

  More male chuckles, and then nothing.

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