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       Corralled, p.15

         Part #1 of Blacktop Cowboys series by Lorelei James

  When she said it in that breathless, hushed tone, his cock twitched inside her.

  Lainie’s eyes enlarged. “The idea of tying me up makes you hard?”

  “Completely.” Hank pressed his lips to hers. “But that ain’t really news, Lainie. Even when I’ve just had you, I can’t see beyond the next time I can have you again.”

  She let her eyes drift shut and Hank sensed her surrender.

  Instead of roaring his masculine satisfaction at her silent submission, he kissed her, keeping it soft and easy. Until she began to demand more. Fast dueling of tongues. The escalated breaths of endless openmouthed kisses. Their heads constantly adjusted to find the best angle to take the kiss deeper yet.

  The tight clasp of his dick inside her cunt loosened. Heated.

  The aroma of her renewed arousal drifted up from where their bodies were still joined.

  Hank’s lips nibbled. Teased. Slid over to her ear. “Lainie.”

  “I love your voice. Especially when you whisper in my ear as you fuck me.”

  “You like it when I whisper naughty nothings?” he murmured.


  “I have a specific naughty in mind.” He lightly sucked the air from her ear. “I want what no other man has had. I want to grind my cock into that hot little ass of yours.”

  Lainie’s body stiffened.

  “Me ’n’ Kyle will both be taking our turns in your ass. You had to expect that, getting involved in a threesome.” Hank nuzzled his lips up a fraction of an inch. “One of us has to have the privilege of being first, and I want it to be me.”

  Chapter XI

  Why you?” she asked breathlessly.

  “You want prettied- up words, or the God’s honest truth?”

  “Find a way to give me both, Hank.”

  He smiled against her cheek, enchanted by her response. “Because I was with you first. Because I was a little vanilla in bed with you. I’ve seen the error of my gentlemanly ways”— he licked the shell of her ear— “and let’s see if you can handle my rougher side.”

  She looked at him with clear desire. “I can.”

  He needed her to say the words. Out loud. “Tell me what it is you want me to do to you so there’s no misunderstanding.”


  “Say it,” he demanded.

  “I want to feel you in my ass. No time for me to think about it or change my mind. I just want you to do it.”

  Hank growled. “Bedroom. Now.” He carefully lifted her, holding her up until her feet touched the ground. She flounced off, that perfect ass shaking with her every step. He couldn’t wait to watch his cock disappearing between those soft, round cheeks.

  Needing a minute to compose himself, Hank wiped the top of the buffet with a dish towel. Righted the candlesticks and the tea set. Shoved the chair back where it belonged. Satisfied he’d left no sign of their sexcapades, he picked up his clothes. In the bathroom, he ditched the condom, washed his hands, and splashed cold water on his face.

  Jesus. His skin was on fire. Hank peered at his reflection in the mirror. Eyes wild. Jaw set. Pulse jumping in his throat. Breath sawing in and out of his lungs. Cock slapping his belly. He’d be goddamn lucky if she didn’t put a halt to this upon seeing him so reckless with need.

  Lainie wants this just as much as you do or she would’ve said no.

  He must’ve looked calmer than he felt when he entered the bedroom, because Lainie smiled at him from the edge of the mattress.

  Her smile slipped when he slammed the door shut and locked it behind him.

  Feeling far edgier than his ambling walk suggested, Hank snagged an unopened tube of K- Y and another condom from the top drawer in his dresser. He tossed the whole shooting match beside her and climbed on the bed.

  “Umm. What about the ropes?”

  “Another time.”

  She scrambled backward as he stalked her across the mattress.


  Hank got right in her face. “Because I’m impatient as hell. Because it’ll be so much more satisfying that you’re giving me this, rather than me tying you up and just taking it.”

  Her kiss- swollen lips formed an O of understanding.

  “Get on your hands and knees, Lainie, before I lose my ever-lovin’ mind.”

  His eyes feasted on her, noticing the strength in her shoulders.

  Her slim torso flaring into the beautiful curve of her hips. The deep dimples above her ass. The sleek line of her shapely thighs flowing into muscular calves and tiny feet.

  “You look as gorgeous from the back as you do from the front.”

  She arched her neck and waggled her rear, reminding him of a mare in season.

  Hank donned the condom and popped the top on the bottle of lube. “Widen your stance. Good. Angle your hips so I can reach you.” Kissing between her shoulder blades, he traced the crack of her ass and swept one lubed finger over the snug little pucker.

  She hissed in a breath.

  “Breathe out, baby. Relax.” On her next exhale he wiggled his finger inside to the webbing of his hand.

  Christ, that was tight. He moved that finger in and out until she seemed to relax. Then he added more lube when he inserted the second finger.

  “Shit. Hank. That hurts.”

  He placed a string of soft, wet kisses down her spine. “It’ll get better.”

  “For you or for me?” she shot back.

  A laugh rumbled out. “Oh. Definitely for me.” He shoved both fingers in knuckle- deep. He put his lips on the back of her neck and breathed, letting the air drift across the dampness.

  She shivered.

  “If you wanna stop, Lainie, say so now. Because once I get goin’, I ain’t gonna hear anything beyond the pounding of my flesh as I fuck this virgin hole until my balls burst.”

  A pause. Then she said, “Don’t stop.”

  Hank kissed her nape. “I’ll make it good for you. And if I can’t do that, I’ll at least make it memorable.”

  She laughed delicately. “No vanilla?”

  “Definitely not. Hard and fast and dirty.” He plunged his fingers in and out, biting back his growl of pleasure at how firmly those untried muscles clamped down. After twisting the digits deep, then scissoring them wide, he decided Lainie was as loose and ready as he could make her.

  He wouldn’t last long once he’d buried his dick in that hot, snug passage. He thoroughly slicked up his shaft. Grabbing a pliant butt cheek in each hand, he positioned the head to her hole, watching the muscles tauten, trying to deny him entry.

  “Lainie. Don’t tense up. Push out. Breathe out. Lemme in.That’s it, darlin’.” He popped the plump cock head past the ring of muscle.

  “Is it in?” she asked, panting.

  “No.” Hank lifted her hips higher so he could watch his cock pushing through her resistance, an inch at a time, until her sphincter was stretched around the base of his cock. “Now I’m in all the way.”

  “Fuck. That burns.”

  “It’ll get better.” Hank couldn’t tear his eyes away as he pulled out. Completely out. He circled the spasming hole and rammed in.

  Lainie started to raise herself up, but Hank centered his palm in the middle of her back and shoved her down until her chest rested against the mattress. “Steady. Relax, okay?”

  She nodded and sucked in another breath at his slow withdrawal and harsh plunge.

  His brain was stuck on a continual loop of pleasure. In: slick, tight, hot.Out: Dragging across the sensitive tissues, he felt the squeeze of her muscles tightening.



  “Why did you slow down?”

  Hank’s balls were tight. His body was sweating, shaking. His brain focused on the basics: the primal need to come and the hot release dangling just out of his reach. “Because I don’t want to hurt you.”

  “You’re not. Give it to me the way you promised. Fast, dirty, and hard. I’m ready.”

  With a snarl, he jackhammered into her, lost in that primitive male need. His fingers clutched her ass as his cock reamed her. A line of fire zigzagged from the top of his head down through his spinal cord, zapping his balls into giving up the goods.

  He held himself still as he came, locking his knees, his jaw, his ass as her rectum constricted around his spasming dick and he lost himself to the haze of release.

  The clouds behind his eyes cleared. The fog in his brain lifted.

  He blinked. “Holy fuckin’ shit. That was . . . Wow.”

  Lainie hadn’t said a word. She hadn’t moved at all.

  Like she could with the goddamn death grip you’ve got on her with your dick embedded in her ass.

  He glanced down. Damn. He’d probably left finger- shaped bruises. Would it bother her to see the marks on her skin? Would it bother Kyle?

  He fought a snarl. He didn’t want to fucking think about Kyle right now.

  Maybe you oughta think about Lainie right now, dumb ass.

  Hank stretched across her back and kissed her shoulder. “Baby, you all right?”

  “You weren’t kidding about rough, were you?”

  He froze. “Did I hurt you?”

  She angled her head to rub his cheek. “Yes. But it was inevitable. At the end it was a good kind of hurt.”

  “That’s a relief. Hang on.” He slipped out of her anal passage and retreated to the bathroom to clean up. When he returned quickly with a warm washcloth, he gently rolled her over. “Open your legs. This will help a little.”

  She smiled but didn’t open her eyes. “You’re sweet beneath that gruff bullfighter exterior.”

  He snorted and wiped her tender and swollen flesh. After he’d cleaned her, he kissed the baby- soft section of skin between her hip bones. His mouth meandered south and he ran his tongue along her slit.

  “Hank. I—”

  “Let me see to you. I’ll be gentle, I promise.”

  Lainie sighed. “If you insist.”

  “I do.” Hank took his time and savored her. Delving into the soft pink folds. Suckling. Licking. Lapping at the sweet cream pouring from her sex. Tickling her clit with the barest tip of his tongue. Not teasing her. Just enjoying her and the trust she’d bestowed on him tonight.

  “I’m close. Don’t stop.”

  He latched onto her clit with soft suction and tongued that nub until her hands squeezed his scalp.

  “Yes. Yes!” She arched and came in throbbing wet pulses against his tongue.

  He stayed right where she needed him until her body relaxed.

  What a beautiful sight: her skin flushed, her limbs trembling, her hair strewn across his pillow.

  Lainie belonged in his bed. But not just for a night.

  She pushed up on her elbows wearing a goofy grin. “That was fantastic. Thank you.”

  “My pleasure.”

  “But I’m done in. No more.”

  “I’m pretty done in myself. You want me to shut off the lights?”

  “Yes.” She yawned and hopped up to dig through her duffel bag. She yanked on an oversize T-shirt and crawled between the sheets. “Good night, Hank.”

  “Good night, Lainie.”

  Yep. He knew this woman was right where she belonged. And he had three weeks to convince her.

  The next morning, Kyle and Lainie flipped a coin for shotgun, since Hank was driving. She won. But Kyle’s consolation prize was a lingering, soft- lipped kiss. Not a bad way to start his day.

  “What time is check- in?” Lainie asked.


  “This is a two- day event?”

  “Yep. Rodeo starts at seven.” Kyle rested his forearms on the bench seat and looked at Hank. “I don’t imagine you’re any more used to waiting around beforehand than I am.”

  “Depends. Sometimes I have a meet and greet with sponsors.

  Usually I roll in a couple of hours before showtime. Give myself time to limber up.” He offered Lainie a sly grin. “Or get my injuries checked out ahead of time by my favorite med tech.”

  Kyle rolled his eyes.

  “I’m always busy before the event starts,” Lainie said. “I’ve either been on the road or in a plane. Then I’m helping wrap injuries or applying salve. Or listening to Doc argue with cowboys about why they shouldn’t be competing.”

  “Do they listen?”


  Hank and Kyle laughed.

  “You planning on stopping by the medical room to offer your services?” Hank asked.

  “Maybe. I brought my official Lariat badge. Doc said at the smaller rodeos the event sponsors use local doctors as medical volunteers. Or they have an ambulance standing by.”

  “Most promoters put their money into the purse and the stock contractors. Everything else is volunteer. I’m imagining Lariat gets a big chunk of money from the CRA,” Hank said.

  “Almost as much dough as we get from the behemoth known as the EBS,” she said sarcastically.

  Kyle said, “Why does it sound like you’re not a fan of the EBS?”

  “It’s not that.” Lainie looked over her shoulder at him. “The EBS’s demands increase every week. The money is excellent. But I predict in the next year Lariat will have to choose between providing services for the CRA or the EBS. The EBS is always adding new venues to the schedule, usually second tier. We’re continually short staffed, which is partially why I’m bounced between both circuits.”

  “I hope they’re paying you well, sugar.”

  Lainie blushed and faced forward.

  Hank cast a questioning look at Kyle. After Lainie’s conversation with her mother, he and Hank discussed whether Sharlene’s concerns were valid or if Lainie refused to listen to reason simply because of the source of information. It didn’t sit well with either of them that Doc might be taking advantage of her, especially since he was supposedly a family friend.

  Seeing that Lainie was uncomfortable, Kyle changed the subject. “Hank, do you remember that prick Marshall Townsend?”

  “The guy from outside of Rawlins?” Hank asked, meeting Kyle’s eyes in the rearview mirror. “Who wouldn’t let us hunt on his place after we helped him with two days of haying?”

  Kyle nodded. “He tried to corner me last night.”

  “What’d he want?”

  “Who the hell knows? He was drunk as shit, babbling about some damn thing. Know who else I ran into? Harper Masterson.”

  “Harper? Was Celia with her?”

  “No, which was weird, because didn’t Celia leave early last night because she was goin’ somewhere with Harper for the weekend?”

  “Was there a live band? And dancing?” Lainie asked. “I like to dance. That band in Lamar the other night was good. What I heard of it, anyway.”

  Kyle sent Lainie a suspicious look at her abrupt subject change.

  Sounded like she was covering for Celia. But that didn’t make sense.
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