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       Corralled, p.14

         Part #1 of Blacktop Cowboys series by Lorelei James

  Hank had an audition for the EBS bullfighting team? The cream of the crop were chosen for the EBS. In addition to great money, there was more travel. Which would keep Hank away from the ranch. But how could he turn down such a great career opportunity? It appeared she wasn’t the only one keeping a career change close to the vest. “When is that again?” Lainie asked casually.

  “The final tryout is in Tulsa after Cowboy Christmas. Far as I know Hank hasn’t told anyone besides me and Abe. And you.”

  But he didn’t tell me; you did.

  “So you won’t tell Hank about . . . ?” Celia asked.

  “My lips are sealed.” She pushed away from the heat, scent, and comforting white noise of the dryer. “But you need to do the adult thing and tell your brothers the truth about what you’ve been up to.”

  “I will. Soon.”

  Lainie returned upstairs. Hank sat at the eating area of the kitchen. She plastered on a smile, hoping she didn’t look like she’d been burdened with secrets she hadn’t wanted. “How’s the leg?”

  His eyes narrowed suspiciously. “Fine. What were you doin’ in the basement?”

  That tipped Lainie over the edge. Rather than stammer about talking to Celia, or make an excuse about laundry, she met Hank’s hard gaze dead on. “Fucking around with Kyle. Why?”

  “Need I remind you you’re supposed to be with me, as my girlfriend, when we’re here?”

  She didn’t say a word.

  “Why did you go down there in the first place?”

  “Because I care about him, Hank. This isn’t easy on him. I went to see if he was all right.”

  “What happened when you were down there, Lainie? Did you blow him too?”

  “And if I did?”

  Hank growled.

  She skirted the kitchen island and got right in his face. “This was your idea, remember? Yours and Kyle’s. You both swore you’d have no problem sharing me. You’d have no issues with jealousy.So you don’t get to make that caveman noise.”

  Hank jerked her against him. His mouth crashed down on hers. He pushed his tongue between her teeth, forcing her to take his brutal, commanding kiss.

  Her body tingled from her lips to her toes. As she attempted to regain her balance, Hank’s mouth brushed her ear. “Tonight I won’t have to share you. Tonight you’re all mine.” He abruptly released her and ambled off without a backward glance.

  Supper was over. The camper was loaded. Sitting outside on a gorgeous summer night, drinking cold beer, bullshitting with his friends. It’d be a perfect night if Lainie were by his side.

  The woman was flat- out ignoring him.

  Hank supposed he deserved it, after his chest- thumping behavior in the kitchen.

  “So you’re all staying in the camper? For three weeks?”

  He sipped his beer, looking across the picnic table at his brother’s best friend, Max Godfrey. “Yeah. Why?”

  “Seems a tight fit.” Max dropped his voice. “What happens when you and Lainie wanna get busy? Do you tell Kyle to take a hike?”

  “Max, leave it alone,” Eli warned.

  “I ain’t worried. It’ll work itself out.” Hank glanced at Lainie talking to Bran and Kyle on the far side of the deck. Her hair fell in ringlets around her sweet face. Damn. He couldn’t wait to thread that wild, coppery hair through his fingers as he kissed her. Fucked her. Over and over.

  “See what I mean, Eli? The way Hank watches her all the damn time. Poor Kyle’s gonna be taking lots of walks.”

  Eli grunted.

  For once Hank was glad Eli was a man of few words.

  Celia bounded toward their table. “I’m staying at Harper’s.

  We’re visiting her college friends for a couple days.”

  “Did you ask Abe?”

  “No, but I told him about it.” Celia and Eli exchanged an odd look.

  What was that about?

  He wouldn’t be around the next couple weeks to run interference between Celia and Abe, and God knew they needed it. “Just be careful.”

  Celia hugged Hank from behind and kissed his cheek. “I will.You too.”

  “You coming with us tonight, Hank?” Max asked.

  The group was cruising to Cactus Jack’s, a favorite honky- tonk in Rawlins. Hank looked at Lainie. Thought of his plans for her after he locked his bedroom door. “No. We’re goin’ to bed early, since I’m driving tomorrow.”

  “Then that explains why Kyle’s coming along.” Max stood.

  “Let’s get ’em rounded up. Eli, you the DD?”

  “I reckon.”

  After everyone left, Lainie leaned on the wooden porch post opposite him. The air between them crackled with energy.


  He held up a hand. “My rules tonight.”

  Indecision clouded Lainie’s eyes for a moment. Then she nodded and moved to him, letting her fingers scrape against the razor stubble dotting his jaw. “No pain, okay?”

  “No intentional pain. I promise.” He angled his head and kissed her palm.

  Inside, Hank stopped in the entryway. “Strip in my bedroom and then come into the kitchen.”

  “Strip . . . as in down to nothing?”


  Less than five minutes later she returned. Totally buck- ass nekkid. If the rosy flush on her body was an indication, Lainie wasn’t used to walking around in the buff. Which was damn fine with him.

  “Look at you. So pretty in just your skin.” He reached for her, cupping his hands around her neck. Kissing her, teasing her with soft nibbles, little licks, and the smooth, wet glide of his lips.

  She relaxed into him, gave herself to him.

  Eventually he allowed his hands to slide down the front of her body to those lush, tempting tits. His thumbs rasped the pale rose nipples until the tips were rigid. Intoxicated by her breathy moan, he let his fingers skim the side of her torso, slipping over the curve of her spine. He whispered, “Hold your tits together for me.”

  It was sexy as hell seeing Lainie’s hands mashing the mounds together, an offering to him.

  As he stroked the crack of her ass, he flicked his tongue back and forth, dampening the tips of her breasts. Then he blew over the wetness, making the peaks tighter yet.

  She let her head fall back. “Hank.”

  “Baby, can you do something for me?” he asked, rubbing his face into her soft, supple flesh.


  Hank clasped her hand and dragged her past the massive dining room table to a buffet against the wall. He picked up the antique china tea set, placing it next to the candlesticks on the other end. He snagged a ladder- back chair. “Use this to climb up on the buffet.”

  She looked at him in shock. “What? No. I’ll break it!”

  “It’s three- inch- thick solid walnut, darlin’. A sledgehammer wouldn’t put a dent in it, so it’s safe from your very fine ass. Get on up there. Now.”

  After she’d situated herself, Hank shucked off his clothes and rolled on a condom. He sat on the chair and scooted it between her knees.

  Lainie’s glistening sex was at his mouth level. All soft and pink and wet. When he ran his index finger through the slippery folds, Lainie’s body jerked. The china tea set wobbled on the end of the buffet. “Hank. What are you doing? I don’t want to break—”

  “You won’t. As long as you stay still while I’m tasting my fill of your sweet, sweet pussy.”

  “You can’t be serious.”

  “I am. Call it a test.” Hank had to know how far he could push her.

  “A test? So you’re not going to let me come?”

  “Why wouldn’t I let you come?”

  “Because you know how much I thrash around whenever that wicked mouth of yours is sucking between my legs.”

  Hank grinned. “Oh, you’ll come. Remaining still when you come? That’ll be a challenge for you. Think you can do it?”

  Her uncertainty disappeared and her stubborn chin notched higher. “Yes.”
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  “There’s my girl. Now lift.” Lainie carefully placed her palms flat by her hips and pushed up. Hank’s hands slid beneath her ass and he angled her lower half so it was barely resting on the edge of the buffet. Then he bent his head and licked her.

  Her hips jerked and the china rattled.

  He warned, “Steady,” and lapped at her slit from bottom to top again.

  Lainie gasped, but didn’t make any sudden movements.

  He licked the salty- sweet proof of her desire, tongue swirling through those petal- soft folds to the entrance of her sex. He suckled her pouty pussy lips. Flicked her clitoris with the tip of his tongue and plunged it deep into her channel, bathing his face in her essence.

  Hank dragged openmouthed kisses up the inside of her thighs.

  “I was starving for a taste of you, Lainie. I could spend an entire day right here, with my face buried in you.”

  “I wouldn’t survive. I- I can’t hold out much longer.”

  Neither could he. His cock dug into his belly. His hands were cramping from the grip on her ass. Plus, he had a lot more in store for her tonight. He fastened his mouth to her clit, alternating hard sucks with butterfly flicks.

  Her breathing changed from slow and steady to ragged bursts.

  Her legs trembled. He squeezed her ass in warning when the candlestick started to wobble.

  “Hank. Please.”

  The continual strike of his tongue on that spot did the trick.

  Lainie gasped, but otherwise held herself still as the orgasm rolled through her.

  Hank swallowed the sticky sweetness, prolonging her climax by keeping his mouth sealed to her cunt. He looked up, her naked body motionless after the last pulse ebbed.

  Lainie’s eyes smoldered with an intensity that would’ve hardened his cock if it weren’t already as rigid as a steel beam.

  He couldn’t fucking wait to plow into her. Sate the hard edge of his lust within her softness.

  She kept staring at him. Her chest rose and fell with every jagged breath. “Let me down. Right now. Let me touch you. I’m dying to put my hands all over you—”

  Hank stood and kicked the chair out of his way. He plucked her off the buffet so fast the candlesticks tipped over and clanked into the tea set. But he didn’t give a damn if the things shattered; he couldn’t see beyond the red haze of want need want need looping in his brain.

  Her legs circled his hips and she was kissing his neck frantically. Hot, wet, hard love bites that sent chills skittering down his spine.

  He debated laying her across the dining room table as he nailed her from behind, but he wanted those abundant curves wrapped around him. “Hold on.” He sat on the dining room chair. “Hook your feet into the bottom rungs.”

  She kept her hands on his shoulders and her knees wide. He aimed his cock, sliding the head through her wet folds before thrusting up and seating himself completely.

  Fuck, that was good. He suppressed the urge to ram into her until those gripping cunt muscles clamped down and sucked every ounce of seed from his balls. His body craved that rush. The completion of mating. Hank had to rein the impulse in sharply or it’d be over before it began.

  Give her control.

  He kissed the graceful sweep of her collarbone. “Fuck me, Lainie. Fast. Slow. Easy. Hard. Dirty. Sweet. I don’t care. You’re on top. You’re in charge.”

  Her supple lips and moist breath tortured his ear. Tingles raced from his nape straight down to his sac. “I wonder . . . can you stay still while I’m riding you?”

  Cheeky damn woman, turning the tables on him. “Whatever you want.”

  “Mmm.” Her teeth nipped his earlobe. That sassy tongue soothed the sting. “Will you really let me fuck you my way? Or were those just the pretty words of a man desperate to get off?”

  “I am desperate, but I believe in offering equal opportunities.”

  “Meaning, if I fuck you my way now, next go-around it’s back to Hank’s choice?”

  He flashed her a wolflike grin. “Yep.”

  Lainie fisted a hand in his hair and jerked his head back to peer into his eyes. “Deal.” She fused her lips to his, devouring his mouth in a fierce kiss.

  Oh, sweet darlin’, you just jumped headfirst into a devil’s bargain.

  She tormented him. Dragging out the withdrawal of his engorged cock. Letting the sweet spot below the cock head rub on the entrance to her pussy. Hank groaned every time. Wanting constant friction, wanting it faster. Being denied. She’d change the angle of entry and quickly plunge his shaft to the root. Bounce on his pole faster and faster . . . only to slow down and contract her interior muscles in a slick, intimate kiss when his cock was buried deep.

  Lainie the temptress pleased herself by grinding her clit against him. Forcing the smattering of hair on his chest to abrade her beaded nipples. Burning his ear with her throaty sighs and sexy female grunts.

  It was fucking torture. His body was coated with sweat. Slippery thighs, slick chest, drenched back. Hell, even his feet were sweating. He licked his upper lip and tasted salt. And Lainie. God, he loved the taste of her on his lips. In his mouth. Pouring down his throat.

  Her command, “Suck my nipples,” nearly set him off.

  As he tongued one tip, he murmured, “Lainie. Darlin’. You’re killin’ me.”

  “Mmm- hmm. And it’s so darn fun.”

  He groaned. He needed to come so badly his teeth ached.

  She licked the whorl of his ear and murmured, “What will get you there, cowboy?”

  “Ride me faster.”

  “Help me. Show me.”

  Hank’s hands slid around her rib cage to grab two handfuls of her ass. He lifted her up, never completely dislodging his cock, and pulled her body back down. One, two, three times in rapid succession. “Like that. Just like that.”

  The chair squeaked with her every bounce. The sound of skin slapping skin as her thighs connected with his reverberated in the air and through his body. His mind drifted into a hazy, urgent state, where nothing mattered but finding release.

  “Hank? Oh, God, I’m there—”

  He latched onto the section of skin below her ear and sucked.

  Immediately Lainie’s cunt spasmed around his cock, drawing him deep.

  And it was over. Hank grunted, squeezing his eyes shut as his dick emptied. The last pulses were squeezed out by the contractions of her pussy and they rode out the last of her orgasm together.

  Hank’s head dropped back as if too heavy for his neck. He fought the buzzing inside his brain that urged him to sleep.

  Whoa. She’d popped his top that time.

  A smooch to his chin brought him out of his sexual trance.

  “You all right?” She petted his jaw.

  “It was so fucking good I zoned out.” Hank slid his hands up her damp back. Was anything sexier than the glow of satisfaction surrounding a well- fucked woman?

  No. And he couldn’t wait to put that look on her face again.

  “What are you thinking about?”

  “You. Me.” Hank pumped his hips. “How I ain’t nearly done with you tonight. The next go- round is my choice, remember?”

  He grabbed her wrists and held them behind her back. “How do you feel about ropes?”

  “Ropes? As in, you want to tie me up? During sex?”

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