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One to the wolves on the.., p.17
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       One to the Wolves: On the Trail of a Killer, p.17

           Lois Duncan
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  2. Betty Muench, 10/08/93:

  What may we know about Rod? Does he have any knowledge that can be of help to us?

  There’s an image of an African tribal mask which is large and would seem to cover the whole body and yet this is laid down on its side as if it is not in use. Kait is shown with a look of humor on her face, and she will point this out in flowing motions much like a representative would at a product show. She does not speak but seems to be saying, “See, there is no longer the mask!” and that will mean the mask of Rod.

  There will be information which he will share. There is a key, a small and seemingly insignificant key, that he will possess, and he does not quite know what it is —something that Kait will have said to him in seeming jest, and yet it will be a key.

  3. Betty Muench, 6/22/93

  Would a focus on Dung bring any results? How best to affect his energy and bring forth some sort of movement around him?

  This truth has been elusive and will have to be “dug” up in a sense. It is necessary to find the location of certain parties and to have them watched, and they will make mistakes. They have not quit their old activities, they have enlarged them, and this makes the possibility of trapping them even more important. This is not to falsely entrap but to allow them to snare themselves by repeating certain actions.

  There is one who will be very interested in certain activities, and this will have to do with the Immigration people who will be very frustrated at certain efforts, and there will come information which will show that there is in essence an invasion of this country. Lois has an interest in something which the Immigration people also have an interest in. To tie this case in with certain other activity will be necessary at this time. This twist will be most alarming to many.


  4. Betty Muench, 9/12/94:

  What may we know about Pat Caristo and the role she is to play in finding the truth about Kait’s murder?

  There will be the sign of a teardrop shape, and that will symbolize all the tears shed in this situation. There will be this which is seemingly confined, and there will not be any further spilling of tears on this matter. Pat will be one who can bring this all together. There is in Pat the ability to utilize the information at hand which will need a certain interpretation which can be had from this more academic approach, and she will bring in certain contacts which will prove beneficial and will form the completion of the tear drop.

  She will have great ability to advocate for others in similar situations, and this will keep her thread attached. Hers is a destiny unto itself. Pat is not in this for any kind of aggrandizement, but for the concept of justice, which is her karmic purpose in this time. She will know that she will be able to make contacts in ways that others cannot, and she can get information in ways that others cannot, and thus her assistance will prove very helpful to bring about all the energy patterns necessary to bring around this total symbol of the teardrop, the completed and whole teardrop.

  5. Robert Petro, 9/20/96:

  What link do you see, if any, between the Vietnamese, the Hispanics, and certain cops?

  I feel that right in the heart of Albuquerque there seems to be some sort of garage or warehouse where they are doing alterations on automobiles. I feel that it includes local people as far as fixing up these cars, and they are changing the cars to transport out of state. I also feel that they have altered documentation and paper work, that it all appears to be forgeries. I believe that if the FBI was pulled into this case they could track the behavior of body shops, car shops, through their money in the bank. I feel they can be traced and caught.


  6. Betty Muench, 6/18/96:

  What is the true source of the seeming fear or resistance of APD to confront the Vietnamese issue in Kait’s murder?

  There is this sense of the Vietnamese energy pattern which will come out of one particular entity, and this one will seem to be then swirled into the energy of the police department and it becomes like a tornado. This will have to do with this one man, and it is someone who is middle aged and who would not be an actual part of this group that Kait was involved with. This one will be more as a community leader, and it is as if he acts as some kind of liaison for this Vietnamese community. He will seem to have influenced the police department not to open up this problem.

  This is someone who is well-meaning and who will seem to have some control over the community, but he is not strong enough to control the young so-called-warriors. There is this which the police did not want to confront, as they did not have the knowledge, and they will have been easily convinced that this was not necessary. There was the line of least resistance which the police department took on this, and justice did not seem to enter into it.

  7. Betty Muench, 1/2/96:

  What may we know about the true involvement of Roy Nolan in this investigation?

  There is this image of Lois’s head. She will seem to be a puppet and the head will turn all the way around. This will suggest that there is manipulation by some other force and this would not be what Lois would want to happen.

  This seeming manipulation as depicted in this image will be only that which some others will have tried to put into her energy pattern, and they will not have made it through. Roy Nolan will have entered into this as a means to his own ends, but he will have been manipulated himself, and he will then have pulled out. The degree of his sincerity and ability in all this is to be questioned and his pulling out under some kind of coercion will not be that important to this situation. Lois is as well off without this influence. Nolan was making things fit so that he could ingratiate himself. There is no sense of loss here, and the head of Lois will not continue to turn in this manipulation of her thoughts.


  8. Betty Muench, 10/4/95:

  What guidance can you give us about what our next steps should be in furthering this investigation and bringing it to a successful closure?

  There must now be the right-side applicant thinking, and this will go with the academic and intellectual. Lois and Pat can use the masculine forces now to further their case. It will be for Lois and Pat to think in terms of allowing the male energy to come into play, not necessarily to contrive how this will be done, but to let those available male energy patterns make their own suggestions and not simply have them voicing the opinions of the feminine aspect. Certain things are ready to go. There will be the stirring of the pot again, and there will come reactions.

  9. Robert Petro, 9/20/96:

  What do you feel about the involvement of the Albuquerque Police Department in what appears to be an obstruction of the investigation of Kait’s murder?

  To some extent that’s true. But I feel that this only involves a couple of people, that it does not involve the department in general. I feel by the time the investigation got into the hands of the police department it was already diluted and all the evidence wasn’t given to those investigating the murder. Those who collected the evidence are the ones who hid the evidence. I feel that the Albuquerque Police Department is standing and fighting, and they are right, because the evidence was tampered with even before it got to the police department.


  10. Who was the VIP Kait saw involved in a drug transaction?

  Betty Muench — 1990: “The person Kait saw is a political figure who has the podium and is very coveting of his position. He is married. He has a fear of being exposed that borders on paranoia, and this will have been part of his fear upon the observation of him by Kait. He will not have had anything to do with the actions after that, but his followers will be involved.”

  Nancy Czetli — 1992: “He’s active in both local city politics and state level politics. I think he’s been in the state legislature. He may be part of your court system. He has black hair, he’s heavy set, and is getting a little jowly under his chin. I’d say he’s in his fifties and has a very powerful voice. This man has been involved for quite some t
ime in rather extensive import-export of drugs. He did not order Kait’s killing, but his presence helped trigger it.”

  Robert Petro (channeling Kait) — 1992: “The VIP was in local government. I can’t give you the exact position, but he was a married man, well-positioned in government. But he wasn’t the only one in the place. It appeared that everybody around there was doing something with drugs. For some reason I recognized him.”


  11. Robert Petro, 9/20/96:

  The Albuquerque police arrested three Hispanic males — Miguel, Juve, and Marty. They claim they’re innocent. What is your feeling about them?

  There’s involvement. But also I feel that they have somehow been used as a scapegoat. I somehow see them connected, but then I don’t see them connected. But do they know something? The answer is absolutely yes.


  12. Betty Muench, 7/17/02:

  What may we know about Susan in regard to her cracked ice business and her motive for placing that cart in front of the import store? Were activities at the import store linked in any way with the circumstances leading to Kait’s murder?

  When Susan rented this space in front of the import store there was one with her who was very aggressive and who was supposed to be a kind of adviser, but this one could not contain his brashness.

  The positioning of the cart will have allowed Susan an insight into an operation that was not sanctioned by any owner, but which will have been under the control of someone who was under the control of the brash one. The import store was not suspect, but some of those employed there will have knowledge. This would be a good record to have access to, for there will be many names on such a list that would figure into this death of Kait. Kait thought she had some allies, but indeed they all bolted on her when she needed them the most.

  13. Betty Muench, 2/3/98:What is the key to the ending of this case?

  There is this image of a female who will have her mouth bound with a gag and it is as if she is chewing through this until her own flesh will seem to be bitten off. There is in this, however, success, and she will be freed of this gag and able to scream out.

  This is not Lois but another who will not have been able to say anything until now. The view showing the flesh being eaten away will be symbolic of her own internal stress eating away at her because of her inability to come forward.

  This one breaking the gag on herself will be the key to the ending of this long struggle in this case around Kait’s death. There is an image of someone who is coming to the end of something in her own life, and she will then want to come forward and make things balance in this investigation. This will mean that a great change is taking place, which will be outside the hands of anyone but that one person. That person is not someone who has been able to put guilt and grief behind her.

  There is in this one the key to the ending of this case, which will not be able to be completed in the expected way, as this person would not be able to come to court with this. There will be in that then for Lois only the understanding. The need to understand all this is strong in Lois and it is not so much the need for retribution. It will be the need to know what Kait will have been going thru and who will have dealt her this hand which was not played out.

  This is a story that will end with a kind of sigh, not a whimper or a bang, but a sigh all around. As others will come to also understand, there will be this which will permit Lois to lead others into a state of peace in so far as their own quests will be concerned.

  For Lois this will be an ending, a closure to this chapter of her life.

  Copyright © 2013 by Lois Duncan

  Cover Art: Kaitlyn Arquette

  Photo Credits:

  Lois Duncan, Kaitlyn Arquette, Don Arquette, Albuquerque Journal,

  Dick Klunck, Dean Garrison, Gail Feldman, William Steinmetz

  This edition published in 2013 by:

  Planet Ann Rule, LLC

  Seattle, WA

  ISBN: NOOK Edition 978-1-940018-04-1



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  Lois Duncan, One to the Wolves: On the Trail of a Killer



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