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Temptation (touch of tan.., p.1
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       Temptation (Touch of Tantra Novella), p.1

           Liv Morris
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Temptation (Touch of Tantra Novella)


  (Touch of Tantra #1.5)



  by Liv Morris


  Copyright © 2013 Liv Morris



  Cover Design by Jada D’Lee Designs


  Edited by Write Divas Editing and Marla Esposito

  No part of this publication may be reproduced, stored in or introduced into a retrieval system, or transmitted, in any form, or by any means (electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording, or otherwise) without the prior written permission of the above author of this book.


  This book is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places, brands, media, and incidents are either the product of the author's imagination or are used fictitiously. The author acknowledges the trademarked status and trademark owners of various products referenced in this work of fiction, which have been used without permission. The publication/use of these trademarks is not authorized, associated with, or sponsored by the trademark owners.

  Chapter 1

  A sense of satisfaction hits me once I have all the necessary elements for my Tantra session in place. I survey the room and watch the candles’ flickering flames bounce an amber glow over the silk tapestries. The soft music playing from hidden speakers sounds out a hypnotic beat. Like a rhythmic pulse—steady and paced. The setting and sensual ambiance are impeccable. I want nothing short of perfection for this session as it’s my client’s last scheduled visit with me. A grand finale of sorts. I’m looking forward to seeing him demonstrate his newly acquired techniques. Off with the old way, getting off with the new is my hope.

  While I adjust a wedge pillow situated on the cushioned floor mat, the front desk buzzer sounds throughout my apartment, signaling my appointment’s arrival. I leave my candlelit office, run to the in-house phone in my hallway, and pick up the receiver.

  “Hello,” I respond into the phone, winded.

  “Mrs. Delcour, Mr. and Mrs. Browning are here in the lobby. They say you have an appointment with them.”

  “Thanks, Carl. I do. Please send them up.”

  “Yes, Mrs. Delcour.” I appreciate Charlie’s formal address, but referring to me as Mrs. makes me feel so matronly.

  Being a widow at thirty-four makes me acutely aware I’m an unusual specimen. Old before my time, and very much on my own, I can’t even remember the last time I went for a wax. That’s something to add to my to-do list for later this afternoon at the spa.

  Waxing hasn’t been a big priority since I haven’t had real sex in the last two years, although the thought of it comes to mind and more often than I’d like. The familiar craving of being with a man, having him fill and possess me, fills my thoughts and arouses an aching need in me I’ve locked away.

  The problem is it takes two for the tango I have in mind, and I haven’t found a single man in this entire city of millions who has raised my temperature or interest. All the men I’ve met have been mundane, at best, with absolutely no chemistry between us at all. I need a challenge. A sparring partner. A man with passion—or at least passion for me. A tangible heat would be nice, too.

  A solid knock on the front door echoes through the marbled entryway, announcing the Browning’s arrival.

  One last glance at the hallway mirror, followed by a quick adjustment of my tight camisole, and I’m ready for the session to begin. This client is bringing his wife with him for the first time. He came to me as a referral. One of the first “it’s all about me when it comes to the bedroom” men I’ve had the pleasure of teaching how to please a woman. Mr. Browning said the results in the bedroom were so great for him; he’d be my slave for a day in thanks. I begin to chuckle at that thought as I pull the door open.

  “Hello, Ross.” I greet the two happy and eager faces in front of me with a warm smile. “This must be Lily.”

  “Good morning, Kathryn.” Ross gives me a light kiss on each cheek. His eyes dance as he pulls away from me. He’s one excited man. “This is my lovely wife, Lily.”

  “Hello, Lily.” Smiling at one another, we shake hands as I welcome her to my apartment and then motion them inside. “I’ve been looking forward to meeting you.”

  “Oh, it’s so great to finally meet you, Kathryn. First off, I have to thank you. Good God. Where do I even start?” She giggles and collapses into Ross’s side. He closes his arms around her. Their physical intimacy is apparent, and I can’t help but smile, fully satisfied at what I see before me.

  “No need to say another word. I can see you appreciate what Ross has learned.” Lily looks up at me, nodding. I wink knowingly and offer my arm to Lily. It’s time to get this show on the road.

  We head down the hallway with Ross in tow. I peer over my shoulder and give him a big smile of approval. I have a wonderfully happy wife on my arm. A far cry from what he described the day I met him.

  They are a young couple—early thirties and newly married. Recently, an old flame started making contact with Lily. It was a man she’d dated in her midtwenties. She claimed to have never been in love with him, but this old lover knew how to fuck her into oblivion, as Ross put it.

  It made him take notice of their sex life. Ross knew Lily loved him, but he felt the need to up his game in the bedroom. I found that to be quite the understatement upon learning more. I remember him confessing on many occasions that Lily didn’t climax during sex. He hadn’t really thought much about why. Lucky for Ross, I’m not a dominatrix or he would’ve left my office with a sore and red ass.

  Lily tugs my arm to get my attention. “I’ve been telling my girlfriends all about you, Kathryn. I can’t believe what’s happened in our bedroom.”

  Lily’s voice fades away at the end. I glance her way and notice she’s drifted off into her thoughts. If I wasn’t holding on to her, I swear Lily would float off in some dreamlike state.

  “I’m happy things are working out so well for you. Ross has obviously learned how to put this blissful smile on your face.” I squeeze her hand and release our arms as we stand at the entrance to my guest bedroom.

  Ross joins Lily at the door and pulls her into his side. She melts into his embrace and lays her hand across his chest. They could pass as lovesick teenagers. I have to shake my head and wonder if I could become a little sick from their sweetness before the session is finished. Yes, I might be a little jealous, I admit, but I am truly happy for them.

  “I placed a couple of robes on the bed for you.” Turning to face Ross, I continue. “Have you decided what you want to practice today?”

  Ross exchanges a knowing smile with Lily. One she quickly returns along with a deep red blush. Their reactions to my question leave me slightly puzzled and curious what Tantra technique they’ve decided to practice for Ross’s last session. I strongly suggested the Yab-yum to Ross last week, but something tells me he opted for something else.

  “Well,” Ross speaks with roguish smile. “I believe we have the Yab-yum down pat. However, I want to make sure I master the Yoni massage. I know it’s very intimate and requires the woman to be naked, but Lily has agreed to it. What do you think, Kathryn?”

  Damn. What a loaded question. I’ve studied and observed this massage of the female genitalia in teaching, even partially preformed it once for my Tantric certification. All my experience seems clinical now that I have real live people, my clients, standing in front of me. I knew someone would want to perform this massage during a session sooner or later. The joys of being a new teacher...awkward firsts.

  “I’m fine with you performing a Yoni massage on Lily.” I turn toward Lily. I need to see her approval, too. We just met, and this
massage is one up close and intimate act. “Are you aware of what the Yoni massage entails?”

  “I am,” Lily answers quickly. Her eyes are bright and alight with enthusiasm. She appears to be game. Hell, I guess I am, too. “We’ve watched all the instructional DVDs you gave Ross. The only thing we have left to attempt is the Yoni massage.”

  “What makes you want to try it today in front of me?” I’m curious to know what has motivated Ross and Lily to choose this particular act with me as their audience. It’s a rather bold move, in my opinion, since this is Lily’s first time here with me. They will have to bury every sexual inhibition to have a fruitful session.

  “I want to get it right.” Ross’s eyes are steadfast on mine and he’s dead serious. There is no wavering in his expression. He wants to please his woman. And damn if she isn’t some lucky lady to have her man want to please her like this. I stuff my jealousy away, knowing it’s time to break the sex drought in my life. Pronto!

  “All right, you two. Go ahead and change into the silk robes lying on the bed and meet me in my office.” I gently tug on Ross’s arm to stop him from following Lily into the bedroom. I need to clear up a few things before we go any further.

  “I will quietly coach you through the massage. But I’m going to be watching Lily’s reactions, and if at any time I’m not convinced she’s comfortable with me observing, then I’ll step out of the room and allow you two some privacy.”

  “Sounds fair enough.” He looks away, in thought. “I did some research on this massage, and I read sometimes a woman will cry during this massage.”

  “Yes. It’s not unusual for people to cry during any Tantra sessions. They tend to bring healing to people in the most unexpected ways.”

  “Do you think she might have trouble with this?” Ross’s voice is now a mere whisper. I take that as reason to believe Lily isn’t supposed to overhear our conversation, so I move closer.

  “I don’t think she’ll have trouble with it. She might have some unexpected responses to what happens during the massage. Be prepared and know if she cries, her tears are tears of healing.” I pat him on the upper arm in reassurance.

  “Okay. I just want the best experience for her today, though.” Sweet Ross. He wants her to feel nothing but bliss. However, he’s lost focus of Tantra’s true objective.

  “Remember the basis of Tantra is intimacy and healing. Not an orgasm being the end game, although that’s a wonderful side effect.” I nod toward the bedroom where Lily disappeared. “Let an open heart lead you in the session today. I promise Lily will thank you in the end.”

  Chapter 2

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