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           Lita Bronwyn
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  By Lita Bronwyn


  Copyright ©  2016 Lita Bronwyn

  All Rights Reserved

  James, Jesse and Sophia,

  Thank   you for your love, support and understanding.

  I love your guts






















  J was at a red-light when his cell phone rang. He pulled through the intersection and into Xtra Mart’s parking lot and answered.

  “Hey girl, what’s crackin?” he sang

  “My nose is actually, can you come by and pick me up?’

  “Oh god, not again” J said

  “This is the last time. Trust me.” she promised

  “On my way sweets, I’m so sorry. I’ll be there in like five minutes.”

  “Don’t be sorry J, just get here. I’ll be waiting.” with that, she clicked her phone off.


  She woke up on the bathroom floor. Aching, stiff, semi disoriented, and in a puddle of her own blood. How long had she been out? And how badly was her nose broken this time? She pulled herself up off the tile and started to get cleaned up. She moved slowly, because of the pain, and because she wasn’t sure if he was still in the house or not. This was it. This was the last straw. She finally realized that he had no right. No right to put his hands on her, no right to leave marks on her body. She was going to make her way to the door, and she was never going to come back. And that’s exactly what she did.



  Once in the car, that’s when the tears began to flow.

  “I mean don’t get me wrong, I’m not crying because I’m sad, or injured, I’m crying because I am so beyond frustrated with myself. Once was an accident, a moment of chaos and a blur of screams.

  Twice, is thinking its ok because the first time was forgiven.

  “He was so apologetic, he said he didn’t mean it, that he didn’t know what came over him.”

  “I know what came over him, J spat “a case of asshole- itis.”

  “I just can’t believe it. I never thought I would ever be in this situation. I feel like such an idiot.”

  “Don’t say that Mel, you just wanted to see the good in him, and for a while, you did. That does not make you an idiot. If you stayed there after waking up on the floor for a third time, then you’d be an idiot.”

  “I’m so glad I have you J.” she said

  “Mel, you will always have me” J said as he reached out and took her hand.

  She sat back in the seat and closed her eyes. She was never going to speak to Ed ever again.

  This was the end.









  “But I don't wanna" she whined like a little girl. "Oh come on girl, it'll be fun" J promised, "don't be such a sissy pants. I'll even treat.”

   "Good damn thing" she thought to herself, "cause I'd never pay for a load of crap."

  "Fine." she relented. "But you go first." "Yaaay!" J clapped his hands excitedly, "You'll thank me later." he sang

   "Doubt it." she thought.

  Just then, the fortune teller came out from behind a red velvet curtain.  She looked ancient. She wore her gray hair free flowing down around her shoulders and was dressed in a floor sweeping peasant skirt with blouse to match. Bracelets all up and down her arms, charms jingling as she glided out into the open space of the shop.

    "Hello darlings" she purred. "Are you here to learn of your futures?"

   "Absolutely!" J exclaimed. 

  "Well come right in darling, and you, she turned to Amelia, “can make yourself right at home, we shan't be long."

  "Okay, thank you." She replied. J gave her the thumbs up as he slipped behind the curtain with the old woman.

  She sat on an old gold Victorian looking love seat and twirled a piece of her long auburn hair between her fingers. As she looked down at the fabric of the sofa, she noticed that it almost matched her honey brown eyes perfectly. She'd always liked the color of her eyes, it was the hair she was constantly changing, and why not she figured, it's just hair, it can become any color she wants. And these days any color of the rainbow was stylish.


   She was too antsy to just sit there, so she decided to poke around the small shop. She saw crystals of every size, color and shape strewn everywhere, what looked like dried herbs in jars up on a shelf, bottles of brightly colored fluids, which she looked at with wonder. It all together actually looked kind of beautiful. Like a magical fantasy world right there in front of her. Everything was so shiny, and brightly colored and most of it she had never seen before.

  In the jewelry case she spotted beautiful pendants with crystals right on them. Some of them had little cards next to them explaining what the crystal was used for. Rose Quartz it read, wear to help soften a hardened heart, also to learn self-love. Interesting, she thought. She moved on to another piece that caught her eye, like she was drawn to it .It was the very same stone hanging from her own neck.  This one's card read Moonstone ~ allows positive energies to flow smoothly, associated with Selene a moon goddess as well as the moon it's self. In ancient times, wedding vows were oft said over moonstones, to ensure a lasting love, for as long as the moon shone in the night sky. The Stone was beautiful. All this time, and she had never even thought to look up info on her necklace. She had had it since she was 12. Hers was much more beautiful than the one in the showcase, and she suddenly felt even luckier to have it.


  That's when she realized that J had called her name. "Huh?' she asked, dazed.

   "I said your name like five times, where's your head at girl?"  J asked.

   "Oh, sorry," She muttered, I was just checking out the jewelry, it's really quite nice."

   "Look at it when your turn is done, no avoiding, Miss Lady, you said you'd have your fortune told."

   "Oh I will, I just really like one of these necklaces in the case here." "Later" J scolded, as he took her by the shoulders and turned her toward the old woman, who suddenly didn't seem to look quite as old as she had before. "Okay, I'm going she replied.


  "Right this way" the old woman invited, from her place next to the curtain. She followed the woman, but not before glancing back at J who gave another thumbs up.

   "Why did I let him talk me into this?" she muttered. Behind the curtain was a very small, dimly lit room that looked much like the rest of the shop. Crystals, some as big as her head adorned the shelves on each wall, as well as several candles lit all around the small space. It smelled amazing, like something so familiar, it was comforting almost, but Amelia couldn't put her finger on just what the scent was, but it was heavenly. The woman sat down at the small table, and motioned for her to do the same. 

   As she took a seat, she felt warm, and her face flushed, an uncommon occurrence for her.

  She was a girl who didn't blush, flush, or anything of the sort. The feeling made her a bit uneasy. She tried to settle herself, as the woman began.....

  "Let me see your hands, palms up" the woman asked. "Hmmmm" she mused, as every fortune teller begins a reading Amelia was sure.

   "Do you know where you
come from?" the woman asked.

   "Um, yeah Providence" Amelia stated.

  "What the hell is with this lady?” she wondered.

  "I didn't ask where you were born, I asked if you know where you come from?"

  "I don't think I understand the question then." Amelia replied.

   "You're adopted, aren't you?"

   "How did you know that?" she asked.

   The old woman replied" If I had a dollar for every time I heard that, I'd be doing this gig in the Maldives. I know because I have a sight that was gifted to the women in my family centuries ago. A gift that has allowed me to be my own boss and help people for all these years."

  "Well I don't need help, I know I'm adopted, I've known since I was eight." Amelia retorted.

   "But do you know why?" the woman asked.

   "Well the best I can figure it, is that my birth mother couldn't care for me, so she found a family that could."

  "Know what? She stopped. Thank you for your time, but I just don't think this is for me. As she stood, she placed a twenty on the table.

  The woman said "But your friend already paid for you."

   "It's okay, think of it as a tip." As she stood from the table and turned to leave the woman stopped her.

  "There is much you need to know, come back and see me when you realize that."

  "Not likely" she thought. "Have a nice day." and with that she pulled back the red velvet curtain and stepped out into the normalcy of the sunlit shop once again.


   "So? How'd it go? J asked excitedly.

  "I'm sorry you wasted your money J, that broad's a crackpot."

   "Why, what did she say?"

   "I'll tell you later, right now, there's a certain necklace calling my name. she grinned. They walked over to the jewelry counter and looked down at the moonstone necklace. "Wow," J said, that's gorgeous Mel!" "I know right? and it's just like mine!" She exclaimed. Just then, the sales girl came over to help them. "May I help you with something from the case?' she questioned.

  “I was just admiring this moonstone pendant, it’s similar to my own.” Amelia said as she motioned to her own necklace.

  "What a beautiful piece" the salesgirl commented.

  “May I?” she asked

  “Oh, sure” Amelia said as he unclasped it and handed it to the girl.



   Amelia held it in her hands and it felt so familiar to her, the cool feel of the silver just felt right. She examined the stone. Iridescent white with seas of rainbows floating across its surface. She turned it over to the girl.


   She noticed some kind of markings on the back of the silver. It was apparently very old, because she could hardly make out what it said. It sure didn‘t say .925. It was so old that the letters were hardly visible, like they weren‘t carved in very deep. It looked like it said MDXL. “MDXL, what does that mean?” the girl asked.

  “I have no idea, thought I have wondered for as long as I have had it” Amelia answered

  “Maybe it‘s initials of some kind“J offered

  “Pretty strange initials“

  The salesgirl was handing the necklace back to Amelia, and stopped. "Would you allow me to cleanse it for you?” the girl said.

   "Uh, okay, thanks” Amelia said, puzzled.

   The salesgirl took the necklace in her hand and then lit a piece of what looked like a silvery dried leaf of some kind,  In the swirling smoke that arose the girl passed the necklace through  it, mumbling something under her breath. “What are you doing exactly?"  She wondered aloud. "Cleansing the energies of all others that have handled the stone." the girl explained. "Every person has their own vibration, and often negativity, that will stay with the stone if it remains uncleansed. This was so it will be clean and ready for you and you alone."

  "Wow, that's kinda cool." She said thanking the girl.

  "All set, it's cleansed, maybe your boyfriend would like to put it on for you?" the girl said.

  "Oh honey, lawd no, I am not her boyfriend. But I will do the honors." J said as he bowed in front of Amelia.

   "Just put it on me J." He lowered the stone in front of her eyes and she watched the rainbows dance across its surface, then he clasped it. As soon as the stone touched her skin, she felt that same flush just like earlier. This thing was such a beauty, it could have turned her green and she'd still have worn it.


  They were going to stop for lunch but it was already getting late and they had a long drive ahead of them, so they opted for a pizza on the go. “Great idea J, I don't think I have ever had pizza while driving before she laughed.

  “Just pay attention, only take bites when we stop." J offered.

   "Don't worry She said, I pay attention to the road."

  "So, she asked, tell me about your reading with Madame Crackpot?"

  "She is no crackpot, let me tell you" J declared, "She knew all about Roberto from last summer, I was so embarrassed!"

   "No way, did she really?"

   "Oh yes she did, and she knew lots more too."

  "Like what?" Amelia asked.

   "Oh like, how we've been best friends since we were four, that I'm working on my third black belt, that I hate Thai food.." he chuckled "That lady is the real deal Girl, I'm telling you"

  She sat back in the driver's seat, shocked.

   "What's with that face?" he asked her.

  "Well, she knew I was adopted, but she was asking if I knew where I came from. It was weird, I told her Providence, and she said that's not what she meant, and that I would be back when I realize that's there's a lot I need to know."

  "Ooh girl, sounds juicy to me. Make sure you let me know when you're ready to go back." "Honestly, I don't think I ever will. I guess we'll have to wait and see."


   An English Lit major, she had tons of free time to do as she pleased, especially since she was in her last year of school, Words and language have always come easily to her, so assignments were almost never a chore for her.


  With all thoughts of the fortune teller gone from her mind, on Friday night she came home and plopped down on her bed, exhausted. It had been a long day. Her roommate, Sara was Skyping with her boyfriend back in Cali. Why that girl ever left the fun and sun of the west coast to come to Rhode Island was always a mystery to her. There were great schools all over the country. She'd lived here all her life and would jump at the chance to be elsewhere. With graduation, that's exactly what she was hoping for.


  "Hey Sara, hey Tommy." she called from her face down position on her bed, she heard Sara and the guy on the monitor both say hey back to her.

   "Hope I'm not interrupting anything, I just need to lay here and chill out for a few." she apologized.

   “You could never be an interruption Amelia.” Sara beamed. She really liked Amelia, and had since they first met almost four years ago at orientation day. They were assigned a room together and became fast friends, so they kept it that way ever since.


  Girl woke up to darkness.

  "Oh my god, how long did I sleep for?" she asked aloud looking at the red glow of her clock that now read ten pm. That's when her phone buzzed. She grabbed it and saw that she had six missed calls. "Oh crap! I was supposed to call J to go out tonight!"

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