Liphar magazine issue 4, p.18
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       Liphar Magazine issue #4, p.18

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  by Malobi Sinha

  The world is coming together even as it seems that it will be torn apart. The ugly faces of racism, and religious fanaticism, are rearing their heads even as we unmask them, and try to put the demons to their final death-beds.

  The supposed ‘war on terror’ is a paradox in itself. War itself is terror. So those practising it must be terrorists themselves, more politely put. It is the innocent, as always, who suffer.

  Sometimes we could imagine that those who have passed out of this life are better off, as it were, to be out of the rat-race and the politically-motivated madness. And then, one stops to think; there is still the opportunity to make a difference with one’s life, in positive ways. To help others, the needy, even those who think they are not that needy, with a gift here, a kind word there, a smile elsewhere.

  We were all born into this world with a purpose. That purpose, although it may be unclear at times, is to serve ourselves by being good to ourselves. And we are good to ourselves when we have a sense of self-worth, which only comes from service to others; service to men and women, our fellow brothers and sisters. In serving others we serve, and do good, to ourselves.

  There is much loneliness in many of us. This comes from the fact that we have lost touch with ourselves, and our true beliefs and wishes. It also arises from the fact that we are lacking companionship, and the ability to share our deepest dreams and wishes. It is time then to reach out to someone – whether they be friends, family, or a soul on the street. A smile does not cost a cent. Neither does a conversation, or the ability to share one’s thoughts.

  If we were all to reach out and share a thought, not only would we be helping ourselves, but also the one we reach out to, to brighten their day with some words and deeds. And, indeed, as we are all part of the same energy, so we are part of each other. And the only way we can help each other – is together.

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