Raggedydax The Robot Comes To Planet Earth

       Lindsay Johannsen / Humor
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Raggedydax The Robot Comes To Planet Earth
Raggedydax The Robot Comes To Earth

Copyright Lindsay Johannsen 2016

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National Library of Australia Cataloguing-in-publication Data:
Author: Johannsen, Lindsay Andrew
Title: Raggedydax The Robot Comes To Earth

Cover art and design bungled by the author.
The “novels”: “McCullock’s Gold” and “The Cassidy Chronicles”
…plus some short stories and other rubbish.

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Late one night, on the dark side of Planet Earth, when the moon was somewhere else and it really was, very, very dark, a little flying saucer came gliding quietly down from space. And inside this flying saucer was a robot and two small green aliens.
The aliens' names were Dinkle and Jamjar, and the robot was called Raggedydax. And Dinkle and Jamjar and Raggedydax had warped half way across the Galaxy, all the way from the planet of Mugglepuddle – which, as everyone knows, is about a zillion billion jillion kilometers away from Earth.
Even so, it had not taken them long, for Dinkle and Jamjar were trying out the Magic Whizzmatic Galactic Hyperspace-drive engine they'd made out of Lego and rubber bands in Dinkle's bedroom the previous night. Jamjar had been sleeping-over and they were supposed to be in bed, but instead the pair had been inventing a space-warp engine under the blankets.
The next morning they put their engine in the little flying saucer Dinkle's parents had given him for his birthday. Then, while they waited for the glue to dry, they went inside to tell Dinkle's mother.
Their galactic hyperspace engine was ready to try out, they said, so would it be okay if they went off to visit another planet somewhere? …like one on the other side of the galaxy perhaps? And could they take Dinkle's Raggedydax Robot along to find out things?
Dinkle's mother said yes, as long as Jamjar's mother didn't mind and they were home again by tea time.
Jamjar lived next door. He hopped off to get permission, and came back a short time later with some sandwiches his mother had made for them. And Dinkle's mother gave them some conkleberry cookies and a hot-chocolate drink each to have along the way.
Back in the flying saucer Dinkle and Jamjar went up to the flight deck and asked the computer to find a really nice planet for them. A planet like Mugglepuddle, they said, but one on the other side of the galaxy somewhere – a planet which had people and playgrounds and big sandy beaches and places where children could buy ice creams and fruit drinks and fairy floss, a planet where they could leave Raggedydax The Robot for a while to find out everything about it. And when a planet like that had been found, the automatic pilot was to land in a park close to a playground – except that the playground had to be on the night side of the planet, where it was late and really, really dark.
The reason for this was because Mugglepuddlians are terribly shy, and Dinkle and Jamjar wanted to make sure no one would see them arrive. Landing by a playground where it was really late meant no one would be around, as all the Earth children who used it and their mums and dads and everyone else living about the place would be fast asleep in their beds. Even so, just to make sure, they had the auto pilot switch off the flying saucer's headlights and tail lights, and even stopped it from using the turning indicators!
That done, Dinkle and Jamjar went to the engine room to wind-up the hyperspace-drive's rubber bands, after which they returned to the flight deck. Raggedydax had already plugged himself into his battery charging dock, so the other two sat down and fastened their seat belts.
And then, with everything ready for takeoff, Dinkle pushed the big purple button marked "GO!", their Magic Whizzmatic Galactic Lego and Rubber Band Hyperspace-drive engine powered up … and away they went!
And so well did their invention work, that by the time they'd finished the sandwiches and cookies and the hot-chocolate drinks their mothers had made for them, they had already reached Planet Earth and were coming in to land – at a park with a playground, exactly as Dinkle and Jamjar had ordered.
The park was called "THE HAPPY HOLIDAYS CARAVAN PARK", because that's what it was: a caravan park. But it wasn't in a city. It wasn't even near a town. In fact The Happy Holidays Caravan Park was in dairy farming country, right by the sea, a long way from any town or city.
As well as the playground there were lawns and gravel paths and palm trees and garden plots full of flowers and even a duck pond with a little waterfall, while in the middle of the park there was a brightly painted red and yellow kiosk where people could buy drinks and pies and hot dogs and fairy floss and all sorts of different flavoured ice creams. Farther away, down past the playground, there was a great big sand hill that you could tumble down from top to bottom, right onto a beautiful sandy beach.
In the opposite direction was a village near a river, beyond which were some big green mountains. And during school holidays and at Christmas time, families would come to The Happy Holidays Caravan Park from far and wide, there to rent a cabin, or to stay in the caravans they were towing behind their cars.
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