The fallen one (sons of.., p.20
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       The Fallen One (Sons of the Dark Mother, Book One), p.20

           Lenore Wolfe
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  Justice sat in Second Chances for nearly two more hours—mulling over his thoughts. He considered their plans for talking to the isolated factions of rogue Vamps. The more of them they brought in, the better. They would be leaving soon—and the sooner the better.

  His thoughts turned to Jes.

  His Jes. He wished he never had to see her in battle—and knew he’d live to see that day, as surely as he was sitting here now. It didn’t matter how he felt about it—it was destined to happen. He needed to accept it, or it would affect his own fighting, and that could be dangerous to all.

  He must lead the people.

  Conrad came over and took his empty glass, returning within moments with a refill. He sat across from Justice for a moment.

  “So, you never told me what happened with that Vamp who was after our latest help-ad victim,” he said after a moment.

  Justice took a long sip from his new beer and set down his glass. “That one went much easier than expected. That Vamp had been stalking people around that part of the city, for some time. But my men were able to find him easily enough.”

  Conrad nodded. “Good. That poor girl was terrified out of her mind. He got her friend and was actually leaving notes…taunting her with crap about her being next.” His eyes were dark with anger, almost to the point of turning black.

  “It is what it is, isn’t it?” Justice commented. “And yet it keeps getting more difficult with each victim.”

  Conrad stared at the tabletop. After a moment, he got up and went back to work, giving out drinks to the thirsty men and women in his tavern.

  Justice watched him for a few moments, his thoughts returning to the last few years. He’d lost Jes once. He wouldn’t do so again. He’d do whatever he could to protect her.

  Now, he’d found her missing sister, but the circumstances were not ideal. Her sister would have to go with Dracon’s people frequently, at first, until she learned to deal with her hunger. He didn’t like that idea. But they could teach her much about that.

  He knew Jes would be happy he’d found their lost sister. The power of three would be complete as soon as they did their ceremony. Justice also knew this gave Jes the added protection she needed.

  For centuries, the Power of Three had been known—in many areas across the globe. The maiden, the mother and the crone were one example. The church also used it in the father, the son, and the Holy Spirit—or Holy Ghost—depending on who you talked to. The Three Fates was another example, well-known throughout time. And Justice knew the three sisters were stronger together than apart. The question was—at least until they dealt with these rogue factions of Vamps—how to go about getting the sisters together—and keeping them that way.

  Especially when one was—herself—a Vamp.

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