The fallen one (sons of.., p.19
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       The Fallen One (Sons of the Dark Mother, Book One), p.19

           Lenore Wolfe
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  Mira poured herself a cup of coffee and sat at the kitchen with a newspaper. There had been a lot of violence in the city of late. This city always had a lot of violence—but there was a lot more than usual of late. Which was why Justice decided to move them to one of the mansions owned by the Alliance. As she sat there reading the paper, she agreed with that decision.

  Mira felt someone else enter the kitchen, but she didn’t pay a whole lot of attention to who it was. They shared this house with a lot of people—not to mention all the people who went back and forth to the other two houses. It was getting to be ridiculous. As far as she was concerned, it was one more reason why they needed to go to the mansion Justice mentioned.

  When the person, who entered the kitchen, sat across from her, setting down their cup of coffee, Mira looked up—and she jumped out of her chair so fast it went crashing to the floor.

  “Amar…!” she stammered.

  “Hello, dear,” her grandmother said, smiling.

  “So, everyone was right—you’re not dead,” Mira mumbled.

  Her grandmother grinned at her. “No, dear. I assure you, I’m very much alive.”

  “Cara—I mean—mom—told me as much—but I saw you die…”

  Her grandmother laughed upon hearing this. “No, dear. You let your human upbringing convince you I’d died. But you should know that with magick—anything can happen.” She picked up her cup and took a sip of her coffee. Looking at her granddaughter she said, “I simply moved into another dimension.” She shook her head. “You saw us do something similar when we crossed into the Land of the Fae. Did it not occur to you that I might have done something like that?”

  Mira nodded. It had occurred to her—and her grandmother was right—her human upbringing prevented her from seeing the truth in this. “I guess I was afraid to hope….”

  Amar smiled at her, then shook an old, crooked finger at her. “You told Jes…”

  It was Mira’s turn to grin, causing Amar to give her a dark look. “Things have changed Amar—I mean—grandmother,” her tone turned serious. “I had to take a chance on her. It’s important Jes remember—now—not later. Time has run out.”

  “Okay—granddaughter, you have made your point—for now,” Amar said to her. “But when this is over, we will revisit this again.”

  Mira grinned at her. “So, is that why you’re here?”

  Amar nodded. “Yes.” She took another sip of her coffee, blowing across the surface first. “I’m here to train the three of you.”

  “In the way of the wise?” Mira asked, suddenly excited.

  Her grandmother nodded again. “And to help Jes to make this transition. There are some things that provide us with a magickal assist and might be of use in helping Jes regain her full memory.”

  Mira’s mouth fell open—and she closed it. “And you waited until now?” Then, something else occurred to her before Amar could answer. “Wait! You could have helped me to remember too?”

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