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       Aly's House, p.20

           Leila Meacham
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  “[A] sprawling novel of passion and revenge. Highly recommended…It’s been almost thirty years since the heyday of giant epics in the grand tradition of Edna Ferber and Barbara Taylor Bradford, but Meacham’s debut might bring them back.”

  —Library Journal (starred review)

  “A high-end Thorn Birds.”


  “I ate this multigenerational tale of two families warring it up across Texas history with the same alacrity with which I would gobble chocolate.”

  —Joshilyn Jackson, New York Times bestselling author of gods in Alabama and Backseat Saints

  “A Southern epic in the most cinematic sense—plot-heavy and historical, filled with archaic Southern dialect and formality, with love, marriage, war, and death over three generations.”

  —Caroline Dworin, “The Book Bench,”

  “This sweeping epic of love, sacrifice, and struggle reads like Gone with the Wind with all the passions and family politics of the South.”

  —Midwest Book Review

  “The kind of book you can lose yourself in, from beginning to end.”

  —Huffington Post

  “Fast-paced and full of passions…This panoramic drama proves evocative and lush. The plot is intricate and gives back as much as the reader can take…Stunning and original, Roses is a must-read.”


  “May herald the overdue return of those delicious doorstop epics from such writers as Barbara Taylor Bradford and Colleen McCullough…a refreshingly nostalgic bouquet of family angst, undying love, and ‘if only’s.”

  —Publishers Weekly

  “Superbly written…a rating of ten out of ten. I simply loved this book.”


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  This book is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places, and incidents are the product of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual events, locales, or persons, living or dead, is coincidental.

  Copyright © 1985 by Leila J. Meacham

  Author letter copyright © 2016 by Leila Meacham

  Excerpt from Titans copyright © 2016 by Leila Meacham

  Cover design: Laura Klynestra

  Cover photo: © Lee Avison/Trevillion Images

  Cover copyright © 2016 by Hachette Book Group, Inc.

  Hachette Book Group supports the right to free expression and the value of copyright. The purpose of copyright is to encourage writers and artists to produce the creative works that enrich our culture.

  The scanning, uploading, and distribution of this book without permission is a theft of the author’s intellectual property. If you would like permission to use material from the book (other than for review purposes), please contact [email protected] Thank you for your support of the author’s rights.

  Grand Central Publishing

  Hachette Book Group

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  New York, NY 10104

  Originally published in hardcover in 1985 by the Walker Publishing Company, Inc., New York, New York.

  First Grand Central Publishing Edition: October 2016

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  PCCN: 2016941669

  ISBNs: 978-1-4555-4137-9 (trade pbk.), 978-1-4555-4136-2 (library edition hardcover), 978-1-4555-4134-8 (ebook)




  Leila Meacham, Aly's House



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