Heroes, p.27
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       Heroes, p.27

           Leigh Barker
Chuck parked the Land Rover right where they’d picked it up, checked that all the weapons were back in their place under the floor, locked the doors and followed the rest of the squad back towards the hotel.

  The non-kung-fu-fighting CIA agent walked towards them on the way to recover his vehicle, but gave no sign of recognition.

  “Back in the jungle,” Ethan said as he passed.

  The CIA agent glanced at him.


  He nodded once. “You’re welcome.”

  Chuck tossed him the ignition key.

  “How’d you get there and back so fast?” Loco said.

  “Ninja,” the agent said, and walked on.

  “Oh, yeah. Right,” Loco said, but was frowning as he tried to work it out.

  They walked on without looking back.

  “No way he could’ve got back before us,” Chuck said.

  Ethan shook his head. “Wasn’t him.”

  “Then who?”

  “A spook.”

  “Must have been a bunch of them,” Winter said, glancing back. “Mayhem they caused.”

  “Don’t think so,” Ethan said. “I think it was a lone wolf.”

  “I’d like to shake his hand,” Chuck said. “But only in broad daylight.”

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