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Matt and mark the farmh.., p.1
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       Matt and Mark: The Farmhouse Adventure, p.1

           Laurie Jackson
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Matt and Mark:  The Farmhouse Adventure

  Matt and Mark:

  The Farmhouse Adventure

  Copyright 2014 Laurie Jackson

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  The Farmhouse

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  Matt and I were teenage brothers who thought we knew everything. He and I were no strangers to trouble. As we grew up, we were told so many times to stay away from the old farmhouse at the end of the road. An old farmer and his wife used to live there and they had not been friendly at all. During the day, the farmer took care of the animals and the crops. By night, strange odors and noises came from their house. Time went by and the old couple died. No one went near the farmhouse because they were too frightened. Matt and I were tired of being told to stay away from there, though...

  The Farmhouse

  It was a cold, rainy night when Matt decided that we should visit the farmhouse.

  “C’mon, Mark! Let’s go see why we are supposed to stay away from the farmhouse.”

  “Okay. I’m nervous, though.”

  “Well, I’m going. Do what you want.”

  The farmhouse looked huge as it stood in front of us. We could hear strange noises from inside the house.

  “I’m going in,” said Matt. He walked up the front steps toward the front door. It suddenly swung open for him to enter. I watched Matt disappear into the house. Time went by and I was getting scared. Matt had not returned. Then, I heard a scream from inside the house. The noise made me jump. I ran inside to find Matt.

  “Matt, where are you? Matt?” I waited to see if I heard a response from him. I heard nothing. I ran around in the dark to look for my brother. In doing so, I tumbled down the basement steps. When I stood up, I saw what looked to be a number of candles lit in the distance. I walked closer to the lights and that is where I found Matt strapped to a large table.

  “Matt! Are you okay?” I struggled with the straps but they were so tight. Suddenly, a shadow fell across both of us. I saw a huge creature in front of me. The lower part of the body was sheep. The neck up was that of a pig. It snarled at me. I was so scared I passed out.

  When I woke up, I found myself in a corner, curled up. I sat up and looked around. “Where is Matt?” I thought to myself. I heard a faint groan nearby. I had to let my eyesight adjust to the darkness. Matt is still strapped to the table. As I approached the table, I asked, “Matt, are you okay?”

  Matt moans “Help me.” While I helped Matt off the table, we heard a chanting noise. It came from the next room.

  “Let’s go in and see what’s making that noise,” said Matt.

  “No way, let’s get out of here!”

  “Mark, stop being a baby! We’re in the house and might as well look around.”

  “Fine,” I said. My curiosity won out.

  We crept over to the closed door. When Matt tried to open it, we found it was not locked. The door swung open. The room was dark except for all the hundreds of candles that were lit. There was a huge red candle lit in one of the corners. Matt walked into the room toward the red candle. He did not see the spider web in front of him, so he walked into it.

  A deep voice cried out, “Get out of here! Get out of here while you still can!”

  Matt and I jumped. Matt thought it was a spider but with a closer look, it was part ant and part fly with spider legs. Matt turned to me and said, “There’s no way that thing spoke.”

  We noticed that the chanting was still going on. In the far corner of the room, a red glow caught Matt’s attention. He walked toward it to find another huge red candle. The flame of the candle flickered.

  “There must be a draft of cold air from somewhere. There’s a door. Mark, come here.” He motioned for me to come closer. As I approached, we could see the door was slightly opened. Chanting noises came from inside the room. Matt looked to see what was going on.

  “Oh, my god!” murmured Matt.

  “What? What is it?” I asked.

  Matt pushed open the door so that I could see. There on one table laid all sorts of various bones and animal heads. Hung from the ceiling by ropes were skeletons. On another table, lay a strange creature. Matt was curious. He pushed open the door further. The door creaked. We did not know something was watching us while we looked at the stuff in the room.

  Suddenly, the creature jumped forward and snarled at us. Matt and I screamed. I ran out of the room. I turned around and Matt had not followed me.

  “Great! Now where did he go?” I thought. I walked back to the room where I saw that creepy creature. Through the door I saw Matt was caught again. The creature stood over Matt and chanted something that I did not understand.

  “I have to save my brother. What can I do?” I thought to myself. I looked around for something to distract the monster. I found some rocks on the floor. I threw them away from Matt into the darkness. The creature looked up and snarled. It walked over to where it heard the noises.

  I helped Matt from the straps and helped him get off the table. There was something different about him this time.

  “What is wrong with your eyes, Bro? Why are they red and puffy?” I asked. Matt didn’t answer me. He is too interested in the glow from the huge red candle. As Matt walked toward the candle, I heard him chanting. It was the same chant the creature had said.

  “Matt is in a trance! Oh, great,” I mumbled to myself. I tried to get Matt to go through the door but he refused. Meanwhile, the creature came back and found that Matt was no longer captured. It was angry. It snarled, growled and waved its arms around.

  “Run, Matt!” I screamed. Matt just stood there in a trance. It was as if he couldn’t move at all. I looked around in the dim light and saw a long stick in a corner. I grabbed and poked the creature with it.

  “Leave my brother alone! Leave my brother alone!” The creature got very angry with me. It turned toward me. Before I knew what happened, fire shot out of its fingers. I dodged but not quickly enough. I felt my arm burn.

  “You want to play, monster? Let’s play.” I said loudly. I thought for a moment and an idea came to me. I tried to chant the words the creature had been saying to Matt. I kept saying it over and over and louder and louder. I could tell the creature was mesmerized. While I had chanted, I had been unstrapping my brother from the table. The strap across Matt’s stomach was tight. I had saved that strap for last. While I worked on that strap, the creature seemed to know what I had been doing. It started waving its arms at me, snarling and snapping its teeth at me. I got so scared, I ran away. I ran until I found myself in the room with the bug-eyed spider.

  “I told you to run away! Now, you’re in trouble!” I jumped and looked around. I saw nothing.

  “I am talking to you. Go away and never come back,” said the spider.

  I couldn’t believe what I heard. I took a close look at the spider. It blinked at me and I jumped.

  “You can talk?”

  “Yea, now get outta here!” said the spider.

  “I can’t leave my brother! He’s under a spell or something. What am I supposed to do?”

  “There is a room down the long hallway where the old farmer used to
work. Go there. Search for a book with spells in it. Now leave!”

  By this time, I was so confused that I did what the spider told me to do. I carried a candle down a long narrow hallway. I found the door and pushed it open. I held up my candle to see what was in this room. It looked like a laboratory of sorts. Tubes and books lay all over the room.

  I searched for candles so that I could have more light in the room. I found some lying on a shelf and lit them. I searched for the book the spider told me about. I stumbled across a huge book that lay on a pedestal. I flipped open the book and came across a spell for trances. Upon further investigating, I came across a spell that puts creatures of any kind in a trance. I tried to pick up the book but it was too heavy for me to carry.

  “Guess I’ll have to just remember those spells and hope they work.”

  I walked back down the hallway to where Matt was. I screamed after I saw what had happened. The creature had hung Matt from the ceiling with rope. I didn’t see the creature but suddenly I felt something grab me. I couldn’t run. The creature held me tight. The next thing I knew I laid on the table where Matt had been. I was scared and I panicked. I calmed down and took a deep breath. I chanted the spell that I thought would put the creature in a trance. It looked at me like I was crazy. The pig/sheep creature was angry. Fire shot out of it mouth and
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