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           Lauren Jackson
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A Day to Remember: The Best Thing for Me Sequel

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  The Best Thing for Me

  A Day to Remember

  A sequel

  By: Lauren Jackson

  © Lauren Jackson 2014

  “If you take any longer, I’m going to come in there and uppercut you in the spine.”

  “Thank you, that was extremely descriptive.” I rolled my eyes back, sliding on my last earring. “You had all day to get ready. I had less than thirty minutes!”

  “Full of excuses, as always.” Mel sighed dramatically, staring down at her glistening diamond watch that suited her perfectly. “Could have had a nap at the time you- oomph!”

  My hand connected with her abdomen and she sucked in a breath of surprise. She swiveled her head towards me, her eyes narrowed. “If you weren’t pregnant, I would get you back ten times worse.”

  “Bite me.”

  “Don’t make me.” She challenged back.

  “Are you ready?” Jason asked, appearing around the corner.

  My lips parted slightly as I stared at him. He had dark dress pants on and a light, blue shirt tucked into the waist. His eyes perfectly contrasted with the shirt. A massive grin spread across my face. I walked to him, making it obvious I was giving him the once over.

  “Well don’t you look handsome.”

  Without even realising it, we had colour coordinated. Again. This tends to happen a lot. I had a light blue coloured dress which wrapped around my body, my hair falling in loose curls down my shoulders. I had simple, silver accessories on and had finally mastered wearing heels.

  Currently, we were getting ready for the going away party for Chase and Britney that I organised because they were going to spend eighteen months in America. I had been so busy preparing all day that I left myself hardly any time to get ready, if you couldn’t tell with Melanie’s constant complaining.

  “Ugh, let’s go!”

  Jason smirked at her, knowing full well that she was annoyed. Therefore, he did everything in slow motion. Her cheeks grew red, her lips spreading into a thin line.

  “You’re really pushing it mate.” She growled.

  He chuckled, exchanging a glance with me. I rolled my eyes, linking arms with him. “Let’s just go before she has an aneurysm.”

  “Funny!” she spat.

  Luke remained silently observing, knowing that when she was in a bad mood, it was best to stay out of her way. Unless you were Jason and got a kick out of stirring people up. She clutched Luke’s hand and dragged him toward the car. I let out a laugh, rolling my eyes.

  Mum and Dad babysat Courtney tonight, while we all went out, so they finally had a night free. You think she would be happy. I climbed into the passenger seat, resting back. Absently, I placed my hand on my stomach. It still hasn’t sunk in that in eight months, I would have a child of my own.

  “Hey,” Jason murmured softly, reaching for my hand. “You okay?”

  “Yeah, fine.” I smiled back. “Just thinking.”

  I glanced back to where Mel was bickering with Luke. Surely, if these two could raise a child, Jason and I could. Sometimes I questioned whether Courtney was more mature than Mel.

  It was pretty quiet on the way there. I rested my forehead against the cool glass, just watching the side of the road. Pulling up steadily, I tumbled out of the car, making sure my hair and dress were sitting right, starting to feel a little excited about the party. As I had to duck out and get ready myself, we weren’t the first people here. Once entered, I saw Britney’s glistening, blonde hair straight away. As quick as I could manage in these heels, I scuttled toward her. Embracing her from behind, I gave her a tight squeeze.

  “Oh my God Emma, this is amazing!” she gushed, her eyes lit up. Her cheeks were flushed and she had a massive grin planted on her lips. “I can’t believe you put all this together.”

  I shrugged nonchalantly. “I just hope you like it.”

  “I love it.” She smiled, her eyes watering slightly. “Thank you. I’m honestly going to miss you so much.”

  “Don’t, or I’ll cry.” I laughed, feeling the familiar stinging sensation of tears well in my eyes. I didn’t want to ruin my makeup this early into the night.

  More people began to arrive, so I let Britney go mingle. Spotting Jason, I sauntered my way toward him, wrapping an arm around his waist. He was in conversation with one his mates from the work, who knew Chase quite well.

  “Honestly, don’t know how you put up with this guy. His jokes are terrible.” He told me, shaking his head at Jason. His face was flushed from laughter, which means they mustn’t have been too bad, but I could only imagine. Knowing Jason, his jokes would have been funny because they’re just that pathetic.

  “Look, if I’m honest with you, it’s a challenge. But someone has to do it.”

  Roger laughed. “I like this one.”

  “Oh good, I have been waiting for your approval.” Jason retorted.

  He then launched into another series of incredibly bad jokes and I excused myself. I’m glad Jason had some people to mingle with, since he still isn’t Chase’s biggest fan. Sure, he will be polite to him, but he still is holding a grudge from high school. Feeling a little tired, I wandered over to one of the spare tables and sat. My back begun to slightly ache so I was more than happy to sit for a few moments.

  “You alright?” Mel asked, sitting down elegantly beside me.

  “Yeah, how are you? Mrs. Grumpy Pants.”

  She laughed. “I just wanted to come here and get drunk. Now I don’t even feel like doing that.”

  “Oh? Are you not feeling well?”

  “Not really. I don’t know, I think I might have food poisonin
g or something. I vomited this morning and have been feeling a bit off for a few days now.”

  “Have you eaten anything out of the ordinary?” I asked with concern, squinting at her. It was hard to tell since she looked very nice, with her makeup and hair done beautifully, but you could still tell she was a little pale.

  “Not that I can think of, but you never know.”

  “You couldn’t be pregnant again, right?” I asked her quietly.

  She laughed at first. Her laughter quickly died away as she thought about it. She turned her head, her mouth falling open. We blinked wordlessly at each other for a few moments.

  “Oh. Crap.”

  “Crap as in this is a possibility?” I squeaked, eyes wide.

  “Not again…” she trailed off, looking at me in panic. “I can’t be pregnant at the same time you are. We can’t look after each other!”

  “Calm down, why don’t we get through tonight and get you a test first thing tomorrow? Let’s not freak out until necessary.”

  She looked like she was going to be sick. “Yeah, okay. You’re right.”

  “I’m always right.” I joked lightly. “Come on, let’s go dance.”

  Begrudgingly, Mel rose to her feet. All I really wanted to do was sit. I was exhausted, but I think Mel needed a distraction. I began swaying to the beat. Jason soon appeared behind me, wrapping his arms around my waist. I turned, smiling at him.

  “I need to talk to you later. But first, just dance with me.”

  “Is everything alright?”

  “Yeah, fine.” I slithered my arms around his neck and lent against him.

  He tightened his hold on me and I sighed, feeling content with tonight. Personally, I think the decorations and theme looked awesome. It was gold and turquoise, which I think was an awesome decision on my behalf, if I do say so myself. I breathed a laugh. Imagine me knowing that I would be engaged to Jason Mayor, pregnant with his child, at a party that I organised for Britney. The whole idea of it seems incredulous and yet, it was reality.

  “You really did an amazing job tonight.” He murmured in my ear.

  “You think so?”

  “Yeah, everyone is having a great time. It was really nice of you to do this for them.”

  I beamed up at him. “I feel so old. Here I am, at this awesome party with my friends, and all I want to do is curl up in bed.”

  “You’re pregnant, you get tired easily. That’s understandable. You had a big day today, cut yourself some slack.”

  “Okay, Dad.” I laughed.

  The rest of the night cruised by uneventfully. I couldn’t get the idea of Mel being pregnant again, out of my head. I was happy for her. It’s refreshing to know that I won’t entirely be going through this journey alone. My best friend will be right there with me, going through the exact same thing. I smiled as I thought about us doing prenatal classes together, and other cute soon-to-be mother activities.

  I suppose we will find out tomorrow.

  “Luke is going to kill me.”

  “He will not.”

  “He is not going to want to go through this again!” she cried out desperately, clutching the test in her hand.

  I was a little shocked still. It was hard to believe that she was pregnant, again. A smile broke out on my face.

  “Why are you smiling?” she exclaimed.

  “Because we get to do this together! You know how terrified I am. It will be so much easier with you by my side.”

  “I would be by your side regardless!” she argued.

  “This is a good thing. You’re just freaking out right now, but it is good. Luke will love this, because he loves you. You guys have spoken about having another child anyway; it just came sooner than you planned.”

  She sighed, rubbing her face. “Mum is going to go nuts at this.”

  “She will be ecstatic!”

  Silence fell and we both sat there, not really knowing what to say. I gently placed my hand on my stomach and touched Mel’s with my other. Without a word, she did the same. We stared at each other, a small smile on each of our faces.

  “We’ll do this together. I promise.” I murmured.

  “Together.” She smiled. “Like always.”

  Everything was going to be okay.

  A Year and Four Months Later

  I stared at my reflection, hardly recognising the girl I had become. So much had changed within me as a person. Coming from a shy, nobody at school, to getting married to the most amazing guy I could ever ask for, was incredible.

  My long, blonde hair was curled in tight ringlets down my shoulders. My lacey dress hugged my upper body tightly, before flowing down to the floor elegantly. My makeup was amazing, credit to Mel’s mother. My usually short, scuffed nails were long with French tips, matching my dress. My tan was golden, contrasting well with my hair. It was crazy to think how much has happened.

  Mel emerged through the door, looking amazing as ever. She held up a bottle of wine, shaking it slightly. “This may help with the nerves.”

  “Give it to me.” I laughed, holding out my palm.

  “You look stunning babe.” She smiled at me, sitting down. “I am so proud of you.”

  “Thanks,” I breathed, filling sick with nerves. I clutched the wine glass with sweaty palms, having a few sips.

  It was only a small wedding, but that’s how we wanted it. Close friends and family only. It was affordable and nicer that way, I think. Mel and I had been excited for months. It was all we could talk about for so long. Now that I was here though, I was completely and utterly terrified. My hands were trembling as I took another sip.

  “You’re okay.” Mel murmured, grabbing the glass from me. She pulled me into a rib breaking hug, which I returned instantly.

  “I am so scared.”

  “Don’t be. There is literally nothing to be afraid of. You’re just reinforcing your love for Jason. That’s all this is. It’s not as scary as you think. Trust me, I’d know!”

  “You were petrified on the day of your wedding too!”

  “I know, but now I can tell you it’s not that bad once you’re out there, surrounded by the people you love. Don’t be scared of anything. We’re all here for you.”

  “Thanks Mel.” I hugged her even tighter, before reluctantly letting go. “Is it time to go?”

  “Sure is!”

  Today was the day when my dreams were coming true.

  The day had gone by in a blur, but I loved every second of it. The “I do” part was done and dusted, with me having stammered through my vows of course. Jason smooth talked his way through, like always, while I was a nervous wreck. I think I managed well, considering with being, well, me. I had downed a couple glasses of champagne and definitely was feeling the buzz from it, which I was thankful for. It took off the edge a bit, which was refreshing.

  I had been talking non-stop to people all day and dancing. Today could not have been better, honestly. I had had such an amazing time. Jason twirled me around again, the room spinning once more. I threw my head back with laughter.

  “Today has been the best day of my life.”

  “Mine too.” He smiled, kissing my cheek. “Shall we get you another drink?”

  “We certainly should.” I laughed, although I probably didn’t really need another drink. He tugged me after him and let me sit down, while he went off to grab drinks. I grinned, looking around at everybody I loved. The only thing that was missing was Britney and Chase, but I was happy for them. They would be coming back to Australia within the next couple of months, so I’m sure they will make up for lost time then, which I was looking forward too.

  I was so consumed in my own thoughts, I didn’t realise someone was standing behind me. A throat was cleared and I got to my feet, ready to mingle once more. My jaw dropped when I saw who it was. Blinking a few times, I felt the need to slap myself.


  “Hello Emma.” He smiled. “You look beautiful.”

  Well those were some wor
ds I never thought I would hear come out of Daniel’s mouth.

  I heard he was released from jail, but hadn’t had a chance to see him. I continued visiting him, but it wasn’t all that often and they weren’t continued once he got out. I had no way to contact him, so I just thought we wouldn’t see each other again. We got along better but our relationship would always be unstable, since he tried to rape me, tormented me greatly and then saw his Dad die in my arms. I’m not sure how he even knew about the wedding, since I had no address of his to send the invitation to.

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