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       Secrets of Sanctuary Hospital Andrew and Mia's Encounter, p.1

           L.A.A. Law
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Secrets of Sanctuary Hospital Andrew and Mia's Encounter
Secrets Of Sanctuary Hospital Andrew and Mia’s Confrontation

  L.A.A. Law

  ©2015 by L.A.A. Law

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  This book is a work of fiction. The names, characters, places, and incidents are products of the writer’s imagination or have been used fictionally and are not to be construed as real. Any resemblance to persons, living or dead, actual events or organizations is entirely coincidental.


  Although Mia has returned to the safety of Sanctuary and the loving arms of her family, she struggles to merge the psychiatrist and mother she was with the surgeon and woman who was singularly focused on bringing the only thing that made sense in her existence to life, the children’s wing of the hospital she left behind. With her sudden disappearance, the wing is in jeopardy and Dr. Davis is fighting to ensure that all of her efforts instead go to his plastic surgery facility. To save what she held so dear and what brought her back to Andrew, Mia needs to return to the existence she forged without Andrew and her children to resume her role as Jonathan’s bride.

  Determined to assist Mia in this endeavor, Andrew assumes Jonathan’s identity and they return to New York with everyone required to play a role and assume an identity which is not their own. To assist Mia in ensuring that the wing goes forward, Jeff returns as a visiting physician while Andrew ensures that the real Jonathan’s wishes are carried forward for the son of his girlfriend. The children enroll along with Jeff’s children in a new school where Grant, Julian and Paul have assumed positions as instructors and soon realize this new school holds secrets and hidden dangers of its own. The children quickly learn that the surreal world extends far beyond that which they have encountered in Sanctuary and with each challenge, their powers, especially Jacob’s explode.

  Despite the battles fought and lessons learned, Andrew and Mia are about to face their most surprising discovery. As the family struggles in their new roles, Mia quickly learns that certain demons can truly rip the souls from their victims. Unfortunately, in Mia’s case it was not her essence that Marlena seized, it was the soul of Alexander’s developing twin. Together, Alexander and his twin would have had the power to end the condemnation of those who walk this earth for all eternity and revert vampires back to human form. Unfortunately in sending a returning David back to the depths of hell before securing the souls of those he held to channel forth, Reginald sealed the fate of Alexander’s twin and that of the soul of his brother who even now chooses to stay to protect the child from being used to release the most heinous evil.

  To save them, Mia, Andrew, their family and friends must open the gate to hell on earth and face the truth of who they are and what they are willing to sacrifice to make things right and save those they love. As they face their final encounter, lives are lost, demons are released to heaven’s gates and the final secrets of the ties that bind Mia and Andrew to heaven and hell are revealed.

  Table of Contents


  Chapter One - Embarking On New Endeavors

  Chapter Two - New Lives New School

  Chapter Three - New Hospital New Powers

  Chapter Four - New Friends And New Enemies

  Chapter Five - A Long Night

  Chapter Six - Return To Sanctuary And A New Puzzle

  Chapter Seven - New York On A New Day

  Chapter Eight - Past Events Reveal Certain Truths

  Chapter Nine - Entering Hell

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