Thief of hearts, p.19
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       Thief of Hearts, p.19

           L.H. Cosway
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  I wanted him.

  But I also wanted to throttle him.

  Admittedly though, I wanted him more than I wanted to throttle him.

  And honestly, the way he looked at me made me feel weak. I felt like I was his and it had happened practically against my will. It was like waking up one day with red hair when you’d always been a blonde. You’re at a loss to explain how it happened.

  He let out a gruff breath and dragged a hand through his locks, not looking at me as he spoke. “I feel like I’m not good enough for you sometimes, and seeing that posh prick flirt with you just hammered it home.”

  “Stu, that’s ridiculous. You need to quit thinking that way. You also need to realise that I’m not interested in “posh pricks” like Renfield, I’m interested in you. Only you. And you’re definitely good enough.”

  At this he unclipped both our seatbelts and pulled me to him, deftly dragging me onto his lap just like when we were in his car the other night. Only now we were in a BMW and there was a lot more room.

  “You’re not invisible like you think you are,” he whispered, eyes holding mine intensely. “You’re beautiful. So beautiful. I see you.”

  His fervent words took me off guard. He reached up and pulled off my wig before freeing my hair from the clip beneath. It fell long and heavy around my shoulders. “I see every gorgeous inch of you. Hold still,” he ordered, placing his hand around my neck to keep me from moving. His fingers dug into my throat, making me feel oddly vulnerable. With his other hand he caressed my cheek then tucked a strand of hair behind my ear, the touch reverent. He tipped my chin up so I was looking at him. “And these eyes are my favourite,” he went on, whispering now. “Never hide them, Andrea.”

  My entire body tingled, my skirt hitched so high around my waist that my underwear was exposed. Stu’s breathing was fast, his arousal evident in the hardness that pressed against my inner thigh.

  Again, I wanted him.

  “You’re so infuriating,” I said, but my voice held no anger anymore, only desire.

  “And you’re sexy. Come here.”

  Stu took my chin, pulling my mouth to his for a hard, possessive kiss. My pulse skyrocketed. One half of me wanted to tell him to stop, to let me get back into my seat so he could drive me home. The other half—the half that was winning—wanted his hands all over me. We kissed like two people starved for air. I gripped his shirt, then started undoing it button by button. Once I had enough of them free I slid my hands over his chest, feeling every hard, muscular inch of him.

  His mouth smiled around our kiss. “Gonna let me return the favour, luv?”

  I shivered at the idea of him feeling me like I was feeling him right then. My breasts ached for it. “Yes, touch me. Please.”

  Stu squeezed my hips, running his fingers up my thighs before bringing them to my blouse. He had it open in seconds, and before I knew it he’d unclipped my bra and my breasts were bare.

  “Perfect,” he murmured, moulding them with his hands and pinching my nipples. I grew slick and ready, a delicious friction building between my underwear and his trousers. I moved my hips, rubbing against his hard length a little more aggressively than I intended. In spite of the larger front seat, my backside hit off the dashboard, pressing on a button and causing the radio to come to life. Hounds of Love by The Futureheads blared from the speakers.

  Stu chuckled but he didn’t let me pull away, even though I was a little embarrassed. The song was weirdly appropriate, the volume so loud it was surely going to attract attention, even with all the windows closed. I tried to reach for the buttons to turn it off but Stu pulled me back to him.

  “Leave it,” he growled, like he couldn’t stand the idea of breaking our kiss for even a second. He cupped either side of my face and kissed me with such passion I felt it all the way to my toes. Fast guitar music filled the car as he slid his tongue deep into my mouth, tasting me, claiming me. I trembled, my hands gripping his shoulders now as I continued to rut against him. Stu broke the kiss to stare up at me in awe, his eyes taking all of me in.

  “Christ, look at you.”

  “Stu, I need—”

  He put a finger to my lips. “Hush, I know.”

  After that we were nothing but commands and fevered grabbing.

  His hand gripped my hip, the other massaged my breast.

  “Kiss me.”

  I slid my fingers up and down his length and brought my mouth to his.

  “You’re so hard.”

  He palmed my arse and slid his fingers past the elastic of my underwear.

  “And you’re so wet.”


  “Like this?”


  “Need your mouth, luv.”

  More kissing, tongues, wet heat, friction. I hurried to undo his fly and pull his erection free, feeling his hot silky skin for the first time.

  “Give me . . .”

  “Need to . . .”


  Heaving breathing. Hands fumbling.



  Such lovely pressure. The music continued to blare around us, but I was too lost in him to care. People might be able to see us, still, neither one of us cared. We were need and desire and emotions entangled. His cock slid against my sex and we both moaned simultaneously.




  “I said no, Andrea.”

  I bit my lip. “Please.”

  “I fucking . . . I fucking don’t have . . . Oh God, quit doing that for a second,” he panted and shifted me in his lap, then leaned forward to reach for the glove compartment. I kissed his neck, loving how his skin pebbled beneath my mouth while he rifled through his friend’s stuff, searching for a condom.

  “Terry, you fucking legend,” he swore then came back to me, a small foil packet in his hand. I didn’t stop kissing his neck as he reached between us, vaguely aware of him tearing the packet open with his teeth. Jesus, that was sexy.

  He slid the condom down his length and dragged my mouth away from his neck so he could kiss me properly. His tongue was hard and unrelenting. I lifted my hips so he could position himself beneath me. I gasped and bit his lower lip when his cock nudged inside me the tiniest bit. My eyes were closed but I opened them to find him watching me, soaking me in. His gaze was fierce, wild, his need for me clear as day. He continued to watch me as I lowered, letting him fill me completely.

  I cried out, unable to contain the pleasure of how amazing he felt inside me. The fact that it was still bright out, that we were in the middle of a public park where anyone might happen by felt electric. I didn’t ever think I’d get off on exhibitionism, but with Stu I wanted things I never did before.

  “You’re tight,” he breathed.

  “You’re just big,” I countered, and he chuckled.

  “I’ve never seen you look more beautiful, Andrea,” he said, his voice worshipful as his gaze turned dark, his next words erotically carnal. “Ride me.”

  I didn’t break eye contact as I started to move my hips. Stu plucked one nipple, then the other, sending delicious bolts of pleasure through me. I was so wet, so turned on, that I felt like a different person. Someone wild and free.

  “That’s it, faster, luv, you’re perfect, you feel perfect.”

  Stu’s words spurred me on, and I started to realise he was quite adept at talking dirty. He gripped my hair, winding it around his fist and giving it a little pull. “Do you know how hard I’m gonna fuck you when I get you in my bed?” he whispered.

  My only response was a whimper. He yanked on my hair again, harder this time.

  “I’ll get you on all fours, spread you so fucking wide . . . don’t stop, keep moving, fuck me, Andrea. I’m yours. Jesus, your pussy was made for me. I’m close. Are you close?”

  Sweat pebbled his forehead. I bounced on his lap, speeding my movements, feeling more and more confident the dirtier his words became.
r />   “Bet nobody knows what a dirty little thing you are,” he continued hoarsely, his gaze turning unfocused. “This is all for me, yeah?”

  His tight grip on my hair was the perfect edge to the pleasure of him filling me. The way he devoured me with his gaze made me feel beautiful and sexy and fierce.

  Stu let go of my hair and reached for my clit. “There you are,” he murmured, such tenderness in his eyes. “There you are. Will you come for me, luv? I want to feel you come on my dick. Fuuuck.”

  Stu rubbed circles into my clit, swearing profusely all the while. I knew he was seconds away from coming but he was holding back. He wanted us to peak together. As soon as he knew he had me, his cock twitched and he spilled inside me. My orgasm hit me fast and intense, and I couldn’t remember ever coming so hard. I felt boneless, falling into his arms as tremors encapsulated my body. We were both quiet, only the sounds of the radio and our heavy breathing filling the car.

  Stu ran his hand up and down my back, his touch soothing. As I came down from my sex high, I startled and looked out the windows, scared I’d find some voyeur outside watching us. But there was no one. Stu had picked a wonderfully secluded spot, even if he didn’t predict exactly how far things were going escalate. I mean, neither had I, and I was kind of reeling from the fact that we’d just had sex. It was certainly spontaneous.

  “You okay?” he asked and I nodded, my face buried in the crook of his neck. I never wanted to move. He chuckled. “Gonna take a little nap, are ya?”

  I smiled. “Maybe.”

  “One day I’ll fall sleep inside you, Andrea,” he whispered huskily. “Just not today.”

  His words struck a chord, because really they should’ve terrified me. I barely knew the man, but he was inside me and it was amazing, and I loved the idea that sometime soon he wanted to be that intimate with me. With. Me. My heart felt alive.

  I kissed him once on the collarbone then reached for my bra where it lay on the passenger seat. Stu went about buttoning up his shirt as I did up my blouse. Jamie’s wig had somehow found its way to the back seat. Gently, Stu lifted me off his lap and I climbed onto the passenger seat, fixing my underwear and skirt back into place.

  I couldn’t believe we’d had sex.

  I couldn’t believe we’d had sex in a car, in broad daylight.

  Stu Cross definitely had an unprecedented effect on me. I’d never broken a single rule before I met him, never mind the actual law.

  When we were done fixing ourselves, he cast me a sexy look as he pulled out of the park, biting his lower lip as he murmured, “Look at you. Christ, I could go again.”

  I blushed. “Shut up.”

  “Don’t get shy on me now, luv. You just stole my post-prison virginity cowgirl style.”

  A surprised chuckle escaped me. “I don’t think you were ever a virgin, Stu.”

  “Whatever. You’re sexy, Andrea. You should own it.”

  I blushed and focused my attention out the window. When we arrived at my flat I expected him to stay in the car, but he didn’t. He followed me inside where Alfie was anxiously pacing around the kitchen, like he was waiting to hear whether or not he got the lead role in Joseph.

  “Where have you been? I’ve been calling non-stop. I thought something awful happened.”

  I stepped by him and went to grab a bottle of water from the fridge, knocking half of it back in one long gulp. Who knew car sex could make me so thirsty? Stu took the bottle from me, never breaking eye contact as he tipped it to his own lips and drained the rest.

  I shivered.

  “Wait, did something awful happen?” Alfie questioned, eyeing the two of us in concern. “Andie, what happened to your disguise?”

  Well, crap.


  My pulse raced, my eyes going wide as I fumbled for an explanation. I must’ve looked completely dishevelled. “The, um, the wig was making my scalp itch, so I took it off on the way back. And the contacts made my eyes too dry, so yeah, I took those out as well.”

  “Oh, right. Well, how did the meeting go? Did you pull it off?”

  “Without a hitch,” said Stu, his gaze meeting mine for a second. I wouldn’t exactly say the experience was ‘hitch-free’, especially with how jealous he got when Renfield flirted with me. But I suppose it could be considered successful since the man believed us to be genuine. I almost felt guilty for conning him, but then I remembered all the stolen art he owned. He was hardly innocent.

  My cousin was watching me closely and I could tell he was suspicious. Maybe my cheeks were still flushed, or perhaps I was displaying some other outward sign that I’d just had sex with Stu Cross. I. Just. Had. Sex. With. Stu. Cross. Incredible, exhilarating, spine-tingling sex.

  Thankfully Stu’s phone started ringing and Alfie’s attention was drawn away from me.

  “Trev, how’s it going?” he answered and then listened to his brother speaking on the other end of the line.

  “Oh yeah, sounds good. I’ll be home in a bit. Have to return a motor to Terry Teabag before I head back. Yeah, yeah, okay. See you then.”

  He hung up, sliding the phone back in his pocket. My cousin pursed his lips, and I could tell by his expression that he was amused. He wanted to say something but was holding it back. I frowned at him, kicking his foot with the toe of my shoe.

  “What’s wrong with you?”

  An amused chuckle escaped him. “Oh, come on. Terry Teabag? That’s the most hilarious name I’ve ever heard.” Stu folded his arms and cocked an eyebrow. Alfie shot him a gleeful look. “I’m sorry, but I have to ask. Why do they call him Teabag?”

  Stu’s lips twitched. “Guess.”

  Alfie stroked his chin ponderously. “Hmm. Let me see. Does he always leave the bag in after he makes a cup of tea?”

  Stu shook his head, almost smiling.

  “Oh! I’ve got it. He stole a crate of teabags off the back of a truck one time and gave them away for free to everyone in the neighbourhood.”

  Now Stu chuckled. “Seriously? No.”

  “Wait, wait, I’ll get it eventually. Okay, is it something sexual?”

  “Alfie!” I exclaimed, horrified.

  Stu’s chuckle deepened. “No, you numpty. He doesn’t like teabags. They freak him right out.”

  Alfie frowned. “That’s it?” Stu nodded. “Well, that’s rather disappointing.”

  “Everyone ’round my way has nicknames like that. You’ve got Tall Warren, only five foot one. Chipper Fred, works the local chippy. Tommy the Taxi, drives a taxi. Ballbuster Mick, got in a fight once and literally busted some bloke’s balls.”

  My cousin held on to his stomach he was laughing so hard. “Oh my God, stop, I can’t breathe,” he exclaimed.

  I had to admit, I was giggling myself. That last one was pretty funny. Stu shook his head, obviously not finding it all quite as hilarious as my cousin. His eyes came to me. “Can we talk?”

  I swallowed and gestured to the hallway, leaving Alfie to continue his amused laughter solo. “What is it?” I asked quietly, glancing up at Stu.

  “We’re having a barbecue and a few beers at ours tonight.”


  “You should come.”

  The way his voice dipped on the last word made me tremble slightly. I chewed on my lip and dug my heel into the floor. “Well, um . . . I’m not sure if . . .”

  Stu gripped my upper arm. “Andrea, quit overthinking everything and just agree to have dinner with me and my family. It’s really not that complicated. Please.”

  It was the ‘please’ that had me nodding my head before I could properly weigh the decision. “Well, I suppose I could pop by, but I won’t be able to stay late. I already had to call in sick to work today and I can’t do it again.”

  Now he smiled wickedly. “Don’t worry, I’ll make sure you get to work in the morning.”

  I folded my arms across my chest. “Stu, I’m not staying over.”

  He winked. “We’ll see.”


  “Look, I’ll be back in a while to collect you. Wear something nice,” he said, dipping down to press a quick kiss on my lips and then he was gone. I realised how quiet the flat was once the door slammed shut and fretted over whether or not Alfie had heard us. But then I went inside the kitchen and found him staring out the window, lost in his own head. He blinked when I opened the cupboard to search for a snack.

  “Is Stu gone?” Alfie asked, his expression sober.

  I nodded.

  “You don’t think he was offended by me laughing, do you? I feel like he might think I was mocking where he comes from, their way of life.”

  “He didn’t think that, Alfie. It’s fine.”

  “I just realised after you both left how condescending I came across, but it wasn’t intentional. If anything, I envy him a little.”

  “I thought you were wary of his background.”

  “Well yes, in the beginning I was, but I can see now he doesn’t intend us any ill will. In fact, I kind of like having him around. I feel like if anything bad happens we’ve got a big muscled action hero on our side to swoop in and save the day.”

  I laughed at this, but at the back of my mind I was thrilled that Alfie was thawing towards Stu. I’d never seen him take to a stranger before. Even when I first started dating Mark, Alfie had taken a long time to accept him.

  “And why would you envy him?” I asked, curious.

  Alfie lifted a shoulder. “I suppose I just would’ve preferred a deprived upbringing to what I had. At least he had his brothers. They could support one another.”

  I gave his shoulder a small squeeze. “If you hadn’t had the upbringing you did, then you wouldn’t be who you are today, and I quite like who you are, Alfie.”

  He sniffed and nodded, then without another word disappeared inside his bedroom. When he was gone my nerves returned, remembering I’d agreed to go to Stu’s house for dinner. Trying not to fret on it, I took a shower and put on my nicest pair of jeans, alongside a silk camisole and a light cream cardigan.

  I was sitting by my laptop, checking some lessons for work the next day and letting my hair air dry when a knock sounded at the door. I knew it had to be Stu, but I just hadn’t expected him back so early.

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