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       Book of the Archangels Book 1, p.1
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           L C Walker
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Book of the Archangels Book 1
The Adventures of

  The Taylors

  An Archaeological Family


  Book of the Archangels

  Book 1


  L. C. Walker

  * * * * *


  The Adventures of

  The Taylors

  An Archaeological Family


  Book of the Archangels

  Copyright © 2011 by L. C. Walker

  All rights reserved. Without limiting the rights under copyright reserved above, no part of this publication may be reproduced, stored in or introduced into a retrieval system, or transmitted, in any form, or by any means (electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording, or otherwise) without the prior written permission of both the copyright owner and the above publisher of this book.

  This is a work of fiction. All characters, dates, events, and places in this book are fictional unless otherwise stated. Any resemblance to real people is purely coincidental and should not be used to characterize any person living or dead.

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  To my son and daughter, the adventures we went

  on, when they were growing up, are similar

  to the ones in this book. The difference

  is that we never left the United States.

  Each year our vacation plans were

  different and each trip was as

  exciting as the one before.


  Archaeology is a fantastic and interesting career to be in. When an archaeologist makes a discovery, it not only makes him feel proud of what he has done, but it makes his team feel as if they have accomplished something that no one else has ever done or seen.

  When an archaeologist has a wife who is an archaeologist and their three children are with them all of the time, the discoveries seem even more exciting. The children are as fascinated with a new discovery as the parents are and perhaps even more so. Because of all of the tales their father has told them, the children are full of anticipation.

  Tales of buried treasure, gold mines, the Staff of Moses and secret entrances where things are hidden, are only a few stories their father, Dallas, has told them. Each day, the children explore and look for the things that most children would consider fairy tales. They know, sooner or later, they will discover that the tales are really true and the day of proof is coming nearer and nearer, as each day passes.


  The command was given: "Kill him and his entire family. If anyone tries to help them, kill them also." When the command was given, the forces of evil started their trip to find the prophet of the Last Days and kill him. If he escapes, the demons, who were given the task to kill him, will pay with their own lives.

  The demons knew that the prophet was special, because of what the Book of the Prophets and the Book of The Archangels had predicted. The books told of a prophet that would be born in the Last Days. This prophet would read the Book of the Prophets and see clues that would lead him to the Book of the Archangels. Once he found the Book of the Archangels, everything would change.

  The Devil knew that Dallas Taylor was the prophet of the last days because he asked the Lord. The Lord told the Devil that Dallas Taylor was the end time prophet. The Devil had read the Book of the Prophets two thousand years before and the Book of the Archangels thirty five hundred years before and that is when he knew a prophet would appear in the Last Days. When Dallas was born, the Devil started his search for the prophet.

  The search for Dallas started at the last place the Devil knew his family lived. However, I made finding Dallas and his family almost impossible for the Devil and his demons. Oh, I almost forgot to tell you who I am. My name is Stephael and I am an Archangel. I have one job and that is to protect Dallas Taylor and his family.

  The first thing I did to protect Dallas and his family was to change the time that he was born. The Devil knew that the prophet would be born in the Last Days, so I was given permission from my God, Jehovah, to use whatever means I needed to change things so the Devil would chase after false trails. Chase after false trails is the exact thing that he would do. But, it is inevitable that the Devil would find Dallas and, at that time, my job would become harder than I ever thought.

  The first war started the day Dallas was born and it ended when God spoke the word. The word God spoke was one that He hardly ever used. He put a protective shield around Dallas and his family. This shield is a seal that was placed on Dallas and his entire family, which prevented the Devil and his demons from killing the Taylor family. Oh, that is the reason God told the Devil that the prophet of the Last Days was Dallas. With the protective shield around Dallas and his family, the Devil could not kill any of them. Of course, God did not tell the Devil that tidbit of information.

  Now, let's get back to the war. The war, like I said, started the day Dallas was born. The Devil sent a legion of his best demons to find and kill the end time prophet. If they were successful, he figured the Book of the Archangels would not be found and the things spoken of in the book would not occur.

  The Book of the Prophets spoke about the prophet and the time when he would be born. The Devil knew the birth of the prophet, by the name of the "Care Taker," could occur at any time. He had his demons watching and, when the exact time for his birth was discovered, with the blowing of the trumpet in Heaven, the command from the Devil went out. Kill the prophet and anyone that will try to help save him. Dallas and all children born at that very second were in real peril. The only one that would survive would be the End Time Prophet, Dallas Taylor, better known in Heaven as the Care Taker.

  With that command, the slaughter began. All children in the entire world that were born when the trumpet was sounded, up to thirty seconds after the trumpet, were killed by the legion of demons the Devil had sent to earth. The battle, if you could call it a battle, did not last very long. As a matter of fact, it only lasted for a very short time. The reason the battle did not last long is because new born babies cannot protect themselves; they are totally helpless. When the slaughter was over, the Devil sounded his own trumpet to let everyone know that he had accomplished his goal. He thought he had killed the prophet. However, because of the way I changed things, the prophet was not killed. The Devil gloated over his win and what he thought was a great victory over God. For the first time, he thought he had proven that the Word from God was not fulfilled and that made God out as being a liar. If he was able to prove that God was a liar, it would mean that God and His Word could be changed. One thing that all humans know is that God cannot lie; He is truthful.

  The battle was over, but the war continued on after the Devil discovered that Dallas was not dead. The Devil went on a rage. He started more wars and killed hundreds of thousands of people. His rage would not cease; it would continue until the end of the Tribulation.

  Chapter 1

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