Creed, p.18
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       Creed, p.18

           Kristen Ashley

  “Do it now,” I breathed.

  His thumb moved away and I couldn’t control the whimper before I felt his lips move over the ass cheek of my right side then up to the small of my back.

  “Oh no,” he whispered against my skin. “Got you tied and arched for me. Little at a time.”

  “I’m ready,” I panted and felt his lips move against the small of my back like he was smiling.

  “Pleased, Sylvie, but when I fuck that, you’re gonna be a whole lot more than ready.”

  Holy shit.

  Something to look forward to.

  My legs quivered.

  His mouth disappeared and not a second later, his cock drove inside again.

  I came instantly and I came hard. Never better. Never bigger. Never.


  I took him through mine, I took him through his and I stayed tied, on my knees, arched with ass tipped back as he pulled out but moved a hand between my legs and toyed with me gently until he was finished with me. Then he positioned under me and I thought he was going to take me with his mouth but his long arms reached up, gently pulled the ties out from under my palms and he released me. With hands to my hips, he slid me down his body. When I was close, one of his hands slid into my hair to pull my face down to his and kiss me.

  When he was done, he shoved my face in the side of his neck.

  “You good?” he asked quietly.


  “How good?”

  “Really fucking good.”

  His arms wrapped tight around me and he gave me a squeeze.

  I pressed closer and brushed my lips against his skin before I whispered there, “Thank you.”

  “Baby, you don’t have to thank me for makin’ you come.” His voice had a smile in it. “My pleasure and I mean that in every way that can mean.”

  I lifted up and looked down at him.

  I was not smiling and his faded when he caught sight of my face.

  “No,” I said softly. “Thank you for making me feel safe then giving that to me. Never, Creed, not once since him did I give over total control to a man. You’re the only one. I didn’t think I could like it. You made me like it. No, fucking love it and want more. So,” I dropped my face closer, “thank you.”

  I watched a wealth of emotions flash through his eyes before his hand pulled me down and he took my mouth again, rolling me, covering me with his body, kissing me long, wet, hard and deep.

  When he broke the kiss, his lips trailed over my cheek to my ear and his voice was hoarse when he promised, “You’re always safe with me.”

  I held him tight. “I know.”

  “I’ll erase him.”

  “You already are.”

  “Make your body sing.”

  “You already do.”

  “I love you, Sylvie.”

  “I love you back, Creed.”

  His head moved, I felt the edge of his teeth run light along my jaw then his lips came back to mine and he locked our eyes.

  “Gonna claim back every inch of you,” he vowed.

  “You already have.”

  “No, I haven’t. But I’m gonna.”

  I smiled against his lips. “Looking forward to that, baby.”

  He smiled back. “I got that. Nearly begged me to fuck your ass.”

  I shrugged under him. “You made it hot.”

  “Oh, it’s hot,” he promised.

  I squirmed under him. He smiled against my mouth again. Then he touched his lips to mine and lifted his head an inch.

  “Need provisions,” he said quietly. “For you to like it, need you slick.”

  He was killing me.

  “Sex shop, first stop tomorrow,” I declared and he threw back his head and burst out laughing.

  I stilled and stared as his laughter shook my body and filled the room with its beauty.

  When he sobered, he grinned down at me then his grin faded and his hand came up to curl around the side of my head.

  “What?” he whispered.

  “I missed you,” I whispered back.

  I watched him close his eyes slowly then his face disappeared in my neck.

  We lay that way awhile before he rolled us to our sides but kept our bodies close.

  When we settled, quietly he told me, “You got shit to think about.”

  “Like what?” I asked.

  “Future shit.”

  Oh fuck.

  “Creed –”

  “Just fucked you again without a condom, baby.”

  Oh fuck!

  “You got pills in your bathroom. You take ‘em?” he asked.

  “Um… sometimes,” I answered and he grinned. “Usually, I’m steady with that and condoms, always. You’ve put me off my game,” I told him and his grin got bigger. “We’re on day two, Creed,” I reminded him gently. “This is good. I like it. I missed you. I love you. I’m happy as all hell to have you back. But we gotta be better with that shit.”

  “Take your pills,” he ordered. “Give me the head’s up when you’re back on track. I like to feel just you.”

  I nodded. I liked that too.

  He kept talking. “Future shit you gotta think about is just that. I’ll lay it out. I want a life with you. A home with you. Kids with you. All we should have had but did not get. Yet. I want you to get to know my kids and build a relationship with them. And, bonus I didn’t expect, I enjoy workin’ with you. You’re good at what you do. You got energy. You believe in the job. You let that emotion make you better at it rather than clouding it and I dig that. I got a business in Phoenix. You got one here. We gotta pick where we’re gonna be. No pressure but I don’t wanna be far away from my kids or put them through the hassle of flyin’ every other weekend to come and see me. But that doesn’t mean we can’t get creative and work something out. That’s enough for now but that’s where I am, what you need to think about. No decisions today, tomorrow, next week. We’ll talk when you’re ready but that’s where I am.”

  “Okay,” I replied.

  “Okay,” he whispered.

  I decided it was time to switch subjects. “What’s your take on today?”

  He rolled to his back but pulled my torso up on his as he did. He looked to the ceiling. I looked at his face.

  “I get the play but I still think you all jumped the gun.” His eyes came to me. “Sebring does the job fueled by emotion. I don’t know where it comes from but he’s got a fire in his belly. He was playin’ it smart with finesse, diggin’ deep, lookin’ to make sure he got all the players. Beatin’ the shit outta Nair until he gave all the names of the clients he planted to work over the girls and promised to get the fuck outta Denver might not solve the problem if Nick or some other fuckwad is in on this with him.”

  I nodded. “Takes care of the immediate problem, though,” I noted.

  “Maybe, maybe not.” His eyes grew sharp on me and when he went on, my body braced. “Torture doesn’t work. Incentives do. Anyone will say anything to stop the pain. We have no idea if he gave us all the names of all the clients he planted. He swears he’s workin’ alone, we can’t trust that either. The only thing we know since we’ve been watchin’ him is that he hasn’t directly approached the girls but Knight’s no further than he was before.”

  “Torture didn’t make you say what they wanted you to say to stop the pain,” I said quietly.

  “Exactly. Torture does not work if you’re usin’ it on a true believer. Until they offered incentives, they got nothing,” he replied, not quietly.

  I pulled in a breath and moved us out of this. I couldn’t deal with this. Not now.

  “We’ve found nothing to even hint that Nair had a partner.”

  “That’s the only thing I feel good about. My gut throughout this entire job said the man worked alone. He got info and he bought talent to do their thing with the girls but this is not a man who inspires loyalty. Knight’s business is fucked. He shouldn’t be doin’ it but before I took this job, I looked into him and got
nothing back but respect. Even know some cops on the DPD who had good words to say, no fuckin’ joke. So, regardless that he does it, I couldn’t sniff out one single enemy, outside Nair.”

  “Knight shouldn’t be doing it?” I asked and my tone made him focus more intently on me.

  “I get you,” he said gently. “And I’ll say, straight up, in my job with the clients I take, I cross a lotta lines so I am far from squeaky clean. But there is no denying what Knight Sebring does outside that club is not okay.”

  “I disagree,” I retorted and his arm around my back gave me a squeeze.

  “I know you do, Sylvie. I know why you do. But now you know that I disagree with you.”

  “Do we have a problem with this?” I asked and he shook his head against the pillows.

  “Nope. Your life, your job, your choices. I fit into that life; I don’t bend it to my will. Same goes for you with me. We got issues along the way, we discuss and maybe agree to disagree. But if I accept you have reasons for making the decisions you make and vice versa, we’ll be cool.”

  That was the right answer so I nodded and my body relaxed.

  His arm gave me another squeeze.

  “Do you know why Knight does it?” he asked.

  “No. He hasn’t shared and I don’t care. He does it. He doesn’t fuck around. He’s committed and, honestly, Creed, this shit rarely happens. So he’s good at what he does, whether you agree with it or not.”

  “Right,” he muttered and I braced again when his eyes went back to intent. “That visit to Serena, baby, before we came home, she wants out. The girls want out, you should help them and so should Knight.”

  “We do,” I told him and continued. “And I will. So will Knight. He’ll pay to make her physically healthy again, the girls will work with her to help her get over what happened or learn to live with it then he’ll work to pave her way in another life. She’ll be okay.”

  His eyes got more intent and his arm tightened so I kept braced when he carried on.

  “Just throwin’ this out there but, the new ones come in, you should counsel them to different ways of goin’ about life.”

  “I thought you accepted I had reasons for making the decisions I make?” I asked.

  “I do. I also told you, we had issues along the way, we discuss them. And a woman finds herself in the position to approach Knight in order to have protection so she can sell her body, Sylvie, he or you should do what you can to show her another way before you take her on. It’s the right thing to do.”

  “Okay, I get you,” I told him. “And, you may not know this but he does that already. I cannot say that he expends a lot of effort and there is no doubt he could make more of one but he doesn’t just set them up. Sometimes they feel there are no other ways.”

  He shook his head and his arm came up, fingers sifting in my hair so he could pull my head closer to his.

  “I had all access, Sylvie, demand that shit when I take a client and Serena was hookin’ to pay for art school. Can you tell me there’s no other way?”

  “She’s twenty-five, Creed. She can also make life choices.”

  “You didn’t answer my question.”


  “Okay,” I gave in. “That was whacked.”

  “Yeah,” he agreed.

  “All the girls don’t have reasons like that, Creed.”

  “Maybe not but sometimes shit in life can make you blind to choices you don’t know that you have. You and Sebring really wanna look after those girls, you help them open their eyes before they sell their bodies. Talk to him about making more of an effort.”

  “You know, you annoy me when you make sense,” I shared and his face lost its intensity when he grinned.

  “Not much I can do about that, baby.” His fingers twisted gently in my hair. “You gonna talk to him?”

  “Yeah,” I muttered.

  “Be convincing,” he ordered.

  I rolled my eyes.

  He kept being bossy.

  “Now kiss me.”


  His brows went up. “No?”

  “I’m not in the mood to kiss.”

  “What are you in the mood for?”

  “I’m in the mood to suck you off.”

  His face got lazy and I got even more in the mood to suck him off.

  “Want my mouth in your cunt while you do that,” he growled.

  “This would not be a hardship,” I muttered.

  “Top or bottom?” he asked.

  “Top,” I answered.

  His hand slid down my back and lightly smacked my ass. “Bathroom. Want you clean when I eat you. Then come back, climb on and give me that pussy.”

  It was then I suspected my face got lazy.

  Then I dropped my head and kissed his throat. Down, I kissed his chest.

  Then I dashed to the bathroom, cleaned up, dashed back, climbed on, gave him my pussy and took his cock.

  Again, it was fabulous.

  Chapter Fourteen


  A warm summer day in Kentucky, seventeen years earlier, Creed is twenty-two, Sylvie is seventeen …

  I was pacing the pier, my tanned, bare feet pounding against the wooden planks. I was dashing my fingers across my wet cheeks when I felt him and I whirled.

  He was jogging through the grass wearing his usual old faded Levi’s and a tee. I could see his beat up pickup through the trees parked up on the lane.

  I took off running down the pier, through the grass and I didn’t stop even as I felt his blue eyes move over me, his face harsh with worry. His arms started to swing wide and he stopped jogging just in time to brace when I hit him going full-tilt.

  Those arms closed tight around me.

  “Sylvie, baby, what the fuck?” he muttered in the top of my hair.

  “Kah… Kah… Kah… Creed,” I blubbered, pressing deep into him, my arms also wrapped around him tight.

  When I didn’t go on, he demanded, “Talk to me. I got your message. Got here as soon as I could. What happened?”

  “Bah… Bah… Bootsie,” I wailed and my body shook with my sobs.

  “Oh fuck,” he murmured.

  “She dah… dah… died!” I bawled.

  His arms got tighter and I felt his lips pressed into the top of my hair as he whispered, “Oh baby.”

  I cried in his arms, mine holding as tight as his held me, my body shaking uncontrollably and I did this for a while.

  Then I arched back, looked in the direction of his face and cried, “She’s the only one in that house I like! Now she’s gone and I’m all alone!” after which I collapsed against him and started bawling again.

  He bent and picked me up. I circled his neck with my arms, shoved my face in his neck and kept right on crying. We both went down and he settled me in his lap, his back against a tree and he stroked mine as I pressed close and kept sobbing. I did this for a while and Creed let me, stroking my back, sometimes my hair, sometimes shifting my hair away from my face but not saying a word and holding me close the whole time.

  My tears subsided to sniffles and whimpers but I didn’t raise my head when I said, “I loved her.”

  “I know you did, Sylvie,” he whispered. “She was a great dog.”

  “I have a whole year before I’m out of that house and I have to spend it all alone.”

  “Hey,” he called gently and I sucked in a trembling breath.

  Then I asked, “What?”

  “Look at me.”

  I straightened a bit in his lap and tilted my head back.

  His hands came to either side of my face, fingers moving, shifting damp tendrils of hair away, wiping away wet, his eyes watching them move before he framed my face and looked deep in my eyes.

  “When has my Sylvie ever been alone?” he asked softly.

  I closed my eyes and my head dropped forward, my forehead hitting his chin.

  He kissed me there then his lips moved against my skin, “You always got me.”

; I nodded, my forehead moving against his chin. “Yeah,” I whispered.

  “Where is she?” he asked.

  I sucked in a shaky breath and pulled back an inch, tipping my head to catch his eyes.

  “I wrapped her in a blanket. She’s at home.”

  “Your Dad and the stepmonster?”

  “He’s golfing then having dinner with his cronies. She’s shopping then drinks with her girls. He said he’d call the vet but they said they couldn’t come until tomorrow.”

  He looked over my shoulder and muttered, “Priceless. Pure Bissenette, his daughter’s dog dies and he’s fuckin’ golfing.”

  “Creed,” I called and he looked back at me.

  “I’ll take you home. Get her. Take you both to my place. You say good-bye and I’ll take care of her.”

  I stared at him.

  God! He was so wonderful. Everything. Everything. He was everything to me.

  “Thank you, Creed,” I whispered.

  “Gotta take care of my girl’s Bootsie,” he whispered back.

  I looked deep into his beautiful, beautiful blue eyes.

  Then I whispered again, “Thank you,” leaned forward and touched my mouth to his.

  On the way back, his hand suddenly slid up into my hair, moving fast, his fingers curved in and my head stopped its retreat.

  His gaze bored into mine. Something about it was hot. So hot, I felt it burning me.

  Mine bored back.

  Then I moved forward and it was only a couple of inches but Creed met me halfway.

  Then his mouth was on mine, mine was on his, his opened, mine followed suit and his tongue slid inside.

  Oh my God.

  Oh my God!

  Creed was kissing me!

  And he tasted as beautiful as he… just… was.

  Suddenly, I was on my back in the grass, Creed’s torso pressing me there, his tongue demanding something I wasn’t sure how to give. I’d necked with guys but not like this. Not like Creed was kissing me but I just let him take what he wanted. As far as I was concerned, he could have anything from me. His big hands moved fast and warm at my sides, every inch of skin on my body started tingling and I pressed up automatically, seeking more, of what I didn’t know.

  Just Creed.

  I just wanted more of Creed.

  He tore his mouth from mine abruptly on a harsh, clipped, “Fuck,” and my arms tightened quickly when it felt like he was going to pull away. His eyes locked on mine. “Let go, Sylvie.”

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