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Against all odds, p.7
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       Against All Odds, p.7

           Kira Adams
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  He smiles back at me, his eyes twinkling. “Thanks for coming tonight.”

  “You know I wouldn’t have missed it. You want to rent a movie tonight?” Although we live together, we haven’t had very much alone time together where we can simply relax and enjoy one another’s company. We’re constantly working or he’s practicing or at rehearsal, it would be nice to not have any responsibilities for one night.

  “Yeah, I heard that new Nicholas Sparks movie is out.”

  “The Best of Me?” I practically squeal. I don’t know any other guy in the world who would willingly watch a chick flick. Avery does it for me. And even though he tries to act tough most of the time, I’ve definitely caught him shedding a tear or two. I think he secretly enjoys them. I wrap my arms around his neck quickly, shoving him against the side of the stairwell up to our apartments. “I don’t deserve you.”

  He grins back at me. “Probably not…but you’re stuck with me.” And then he lowers his lips to mine, leaving me breathless.

  Eight – Renewing the Passion


  You always hear the stories about romance fizzling out after you’ve been with someone for many years…you just hope it will never be you. There has been a shift in my relationship with Austyn and I can’t be naïve enough to believe that I’m the only one who has noticed it. Being together for over five years could be part of the problem…but it could also be the predictability. Coming home to the same routine and settling into it like an old married couple. The passion is still there, but between our two demanding jobs, we are finding it hard to get alone time together more than a couple of days a week. And when you live together…that’s a little depressing.

  When we do have the time together, it’s like one of us is always too tired to fully take advantage of it. If I am being honest with myself, it’s been close to three weeks since we’ve had sex and being a guy, it is definitely taking a toll on me.

  I’ve seen the way guys look at Austyn when we are out together. I know I’m lucky to even be in her presence. Sometimes I wonder why she stays with me as I can’t always see it. But we have a nice life together, a comfortable life…and eventually I do want settle down fully with her and start a family. I’m not planning on making her wait forever until I pop the question—just long enough that I can be positive we aren’t making a mistake.

  She left for work at the butt crack of dawn this morning, and even though I know she will be dead tired after she gets off…I feel as though we need something…a push to get us back on track. So I spent all morning at the florist buying enough roses to suffice and I’ve used all the petals to line a trail from the front doorway all the way to our bedroom and then into our bathroom. I’m so cheesy that I’ve drawn an outline of a heart on our bed in rose petals. I’ve gone as far as to light candles all throughout the house…ones I’m nervous Ornery will knock over, so I’ve locked her in our spare bedroom for now. I have chocolates for Austyn’s sweet tooth and I even picked up a bottle of her favorite merlot. After all of my hard work, if I don’t get lucky tonight, I’m taking the celibate route. Okay, I’m kidding…but seriously, I deserve it.

  I glance at the clock as I anxiously await her arrival from work. Not too much longer now… The smell of the Italian takeout I’ve arranged on the table is making my stomach growl. I wonder if she will buy that I made dinner or if she will instantly be able to call my bluff…probably the latter. Austyn knows me too well.

  Five minutes later I hear the jiggle of the door handle and a gasp as Austyn enters our apartment. “Avery?” she calls out for me. She’s obviously taken notice of the candles and rose petals.

  I quickly grab the bottle of merlot which I’ve been letting air and two wine glasses and make my way toward my girlfriend. “Hey babe, how was your day?”

  Her copper eyes look at me, stunned. “When did you do all of this?”

  I break into a wide grin. “After you left this morning.”

  I set the wine and glasses on the coffee table in the living room and hurriedly help her out of her coat. I hang up both her coat and purse before walking back to greet her. I pull her in tightly to me, kissing her softly on the top of her head. “Do you like?”

  She pulls back with a question playing on her lips. “What’s the occasion?”

  “Nothing really…I just missed you.” I kiss the tip of her nose making her smile.

  “So you really went through all of this trouble for no reason in particular?” She’s fishing. I know she’s been ready for me to pop the question for the past few years, but I already know I am planning to spend the rest of my life with her, so I don’t know what the rush is.

  I nod then release her and walk back over to the wine and begin pouring it into the glasses. I extend out my hand to her so she can take one and watch as she swirls it around in the glass, inhaling lightly. “Merlot?”

  I chuckle. “You and that nose of yours.”

  “I don’t know what to say,” she exclaims softly, glancing around at our illuminated apartment.

  “You could start by saying thank you,” I tease her, taking a sip of my wine.

  “Thank you…seriously. You do not know the week I’ve had.” Oh, but I do. Although we are lacking in alone time together, I still manage to catch her radio slot every morning. Her jackass of a co-worker Heath always seems to get her riled up.

  “You hungry?” I ask, placing my hand on the small of her back and leading her to the dining room.

  “Famished,” she answers, practically salivating when she sees I have her favorite food ready.

  She turns around, her copper eyes locking with mine. “I’m sorry I haven’t had much time for us lately…work has been…”

  I silence her with my finger on her lips. “Let’s not talk about work. For one night, let’s focus on us.”

  Her lips curl into a smile. “Okay. Then let’s eat because I’m starving.” She pecks me quickly on the lips and we dig into the Fettuccini Alfredo and garlic bread.

  After satisfying our rumbling stomachs, we take the bottle of merlot and move into the living room on the couch. We’re on our second glass by now and I am thankful that I picked up two bottles instead of one.

  “I can’t believe you did this…” she murmurs as she sips her wine, still gazing dreamily about the apartment.

  “Me either…I must be whipped or something…” I stick my tongue out at her and then swiftly grab the wine glass out of her hands and set it on the table.

  “What are you doing?” she asks, confused.

  “Turn around,” I order, twirling my finger in a circular motion.

  Normally, Austyn would ask why—but tonight, she accepts my order without hesitation, without knowing my motives. My plan must be working…

  She is wearing an oversized sweater, which hangs off one of her shoulders loosely. I take my hands and slip the other side off her covered shoulder and then begin kneading my fingers into her skin. I can tell she is tensed up from her difficult work week, but she instantly relaxes as I continue to work my magic. As I am still massaging her shoulders and back, I scoot in closer and trace my fingers softly up her neck. I can hear her breath hitch as I do so. My lips instantly go to the spot that just caused her body to stiffen, and I hear her moan out lightly. God, I’ve missed this.

  I continue to trail kisses gently from her exposed shoulder and up her neck before she finally turns around. She grabs my face with her hands and presses her lips firmly to mine. She is running her fingers through the bottom of my hair, pulling my face closer. I want my mouth on hers as much as she wants mine. Our lips continue to press against one another’s until we are both gasping for air. I pull away from her, breathless, and then stand up and extend out my hand for her to take. She takes it without hesitation as I lead her to our bedroom.

  As badly as I want to rip off her clothes right now, I want to see her reaction to what I’ve done with the bedroom and bathroom. She gasps, throwing her hand over her mouth, and I know I’m getting l
ucky tonight. Quickly, she throws me on the bed and then hops right on top of me. It’s as if she’s ravenous for me. She is kissing my neck, my jaw, my lips with so much passion, it’s making it difficult to allow her to stay in control. She rips my shirt over my head and begins trailing kisses down my stomach, and then down my happy trail and I can feel myself getting excited.

  She begins fumbling with my belt, when I remember that this night is about her…not me. Quickly, I shift positions with her and hold her hands above her head as I kiss her passionately, my tongue flicking hers every once in a while. Then I trail my tongue lightly from the bottom of her ear, down her neck, and then down to her chest. I trace my finger along the hemline of her sweater, pulling it away from her body and then move my kisses right along her stomach beneath it. She is squirming underneath me. I lift her sweater over her head and notice that she is wearing a new bra. It is silver and satin, and I wonder when she had time to shop for it. My thoughts are immediately interrupted as I feel her hands again at the button of my jeans. I don’t stop her this time as she undoes it and begins pushing them down my body. I kick them off onto the ground and then climb back on top of her.

  God, she is so unbelievably gorgeous.

  I take a moment to appreciate the goddess which is lying underneath me. I breathe in deeply and then press my lips to hers like my life depends on it. It is a dizzying kiss for the both of us, which leaves her gasping for breath.

  I press my body against hers, enjoying the friction between our clothes. We are rocking back and forth in the rhythmic motion we have perfected over the years. Although the romance has been fizzling, our sex life has always been out of this world. She grips my back tightly, squeezing her fingernails deeply into my skin, which always turns me on.

  Finally, I remove her jeans and move my hand slowly from her thigh up, gripping her skin as I near her inner thigh. She tips her head back and closes her eyes, a smile subtly playing on her lips. Her fingers reach out to my stomach and she traces them seductively right across the hemline of my briefs before eventually letting them slip inside. Soon, her hand is gripping and rubbing my balls together and then swiftly sliding up my shaft. I am having trouble remembering that I am supposed to be pleasuring her and not the other way around. She circles her hand around my dick and begins moving it up and down, up and down, making my breaths come out staggered.

  Two can play this game.

  I reach my fingers underneath her lacy undies and use my hands to spread her thighs open as my fingers slip inside her. One and then two, and soon, we are both pleasuring each other and much too close to an orgasm for my comfort. I rip her underwear off and then drop mine as well so we are both naked. And then I ease myself inside of her.

  God, she feels so good.

  Wet and tight…just the way I like it. She inhales deeply as my dick slips in. I begin to slowly speed up as I know what she wants. She likes it fast and rough. She likes it when I am so deep in her, it’s like our bodies are fused together.

  By the time I am finished with her, we are both going to be seeing stars.

  Nine – He’s an Ex for a Reason


  Because of how demanding our jobs have been recently, Avery and I haven’t had many chances to spend time together, so when he told me he was planning to play at an open mic night, I made it a priority to be there to support him. After his incredible surprise the other night and our mind-blowing sex, it reminded me that we have to be willing to invest more time into us. Our relationship is more important than our jobs because at the end of the day, we want to be happy and financially secure…not just financially secure.

  When we first got together, I used to go out and watch Avery play nearly three times a week. I loved watching him onstage and loved that we shared music as one of our passions. But as we continued dating, Avery put more focus on his career and me than music, putting it on the back burner. I’m happy that he is attempting to make more time for the things that he loves.

  I headed straight to the bar immediately after work, so I haven’t had a chance to change. I glance down at my white blouse and dress pants and shrug knowing there’s nothing I can do about it. As I enter the establishment, it is dimly lit and semi-packed. I glance around trying to find any of our mutual friends. Unfortunately, I don’t see one familiar face tonight, except for Avery, who is seated at a table to the right of the stage.

  A singer-songwriter is up onstage. He is singing an original country song and has a deep twang to his voice. He isn’t half bad.

  I stop by the bar on my way over to Avery; I definitely need a drink. As I am waiting for the bartender to take notice of me, I see a hand slap down on the bar next to me. My eyes shift up and my stomach plummets. It’s amazing that after all these years my body still reacts the same way about him.

  My eyes slide up his athletic body which is currently decked out in dark, ripped, skinny jeans, a graphic tank and a black leather jacket. They continue to slide all the way up past his lip ring and then they land directly on his brown eyes. Bane.

  “Hey,” he greets me without bothering to stare at me directly in the eyes.

  “Hey,” I reply, my cheeks burning up.

  It’s been nearly five years since I’ve seen my ex.

  “I didn’t know you still come here…” he says, and I notice Avery has caught our interaction. I can see his body tense up from his seat. If the bartender would hurry up I could get as far away as possible.

  I nod lightly.

  “Your boyfriend still play here?” He knows Avery’s name, but it’s as if he refuses to acknowledge him that way.

  I nod again.

  Finally the bartender takes notice of the both of us, but addresses Bane first. “What can I get you?”

  It’s not like I was here first or anything…

  “Crown and coke,” he answers then shoots me a look. “What do you want?”

  I look up at him and wave my arms in front of me. “No, don’t, I can get my own.”

  “I know you can, but I want to.” Bane shuts the argument down. “Still a wine girl?”

  I shrug. “Always.”

  He orders a glass of cabernet for me and then reaches into his wallet to pull out some bills to pay.

  “Thanks.” I shift my eyes over to Avery and wave lightly hoping he’s not upset with me. “So, how’s the band doing?” Bane is the lead singer for a widely known local band named The New Wave Holocaust. I met him when I was still in high school and got dragged to a concert by my friend Tiana. Bane and I dated for a couple of years before calling it quits. It turns out I liked him a lot and he simply liked girls in general. Let’s just say he didn’t know the meaning of faithful.

  The bartender hands him the drinks and he holds the wine out to me. “You look good, Austyn.”

  I blush a little, reaching out to grab the glass. “Thank you.”

  “Tell me one thing,” he says, glancing out at Avery and then back to me. “Are you happy?”

  I nod without hesitation. “Yeah, I am.”

  “Good,” he replies, taking a swig of his drink. “You deserve it.”

  “Thanks, Bane. It’s good to see you,” I mumble back as I begin to make my way towards Avery’s judging eyes.

  “What was that all about?” he asks as he fiddles with his guitar, tuning it.

  I shrug, not wanting to make more out of it than it was. “Nothing. Bane bought me a drink. You should be happy, it’s one less drink you’ll have to buy me at the end of the night.”

  Avery breaks out into a slight smile. “Well, when you put it that way…” He grabs my wine glass, tips it toward Bane and takes a sip.

  Bane’s eyes are fixated on my boyfriend.


  * * *

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