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Against all odds, p.5
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       Against All Odds, p.5

           Kira Adams
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  Heath is cracking up and even I find myself smiling.

  “So, that’s not even the worst part. He decides he’s hungry after he’s finished shopping, so he makes the decision by himself that we are going to go get a pizza. We end up at Pizza Hut and he proceeds to order two pizzas without even asking me what I like or nothing. The pizzas were loaded with vegetables I hate and he didn’t even have the decency to ask me if it was okay!”

  I can’t help joining in with Heath’s boisterous laughter. I glance over at DJ Trik and he is grinning from the wild story.

  “Oh no! It gets better…” Jennifer continues.

  “Oh God…and then what?” I ask.

  “Then he drives us back to his apartment where his eleven year old son is waiting. This was the first time I’ve ever met him and he takes me home to his house where his son is? He proceeds to order his son around like a slave driver right in front of me and it was so uncomfortable. He doesn’t even bother introducing me to the son either. Which makes me worry about how many random women he has brought around him.”

  “Oh Jesus!” Heath exclaims animatedly.

  “Oh…it’s not over…” Jennifer warns.

  “You’re making this up!” Heath exclaims. “There’s no way…”

  “Oh no, this is a true story…” she replies. “So then, he decides we should watch a Netflix movie. So he again decides not to bother asking me my preference and subjects me to a horrible B movie!” Her voice is rising in octaves as she continues to tell her story.

  “Sounds like you really picked a winner there,” I joke.

  “Oh, there’s more…”

  As she continues even I am having a hard time believing all of this happened to her in one night.

  “So after he puts on this terrible movie—he falls asleep! On my shoulder. Snoring. And then proceeds to wake himself up a few times by snoring too loudly.”

  We are all in fits of laughter now, even our production staff.

  “When the movie ends, I wake him up to take me home and do you know what he says? ‘Oh, you didn’t drive…did you?’ His house was a twenty five minute drive from mine.”

  After we all get our giggles out, I feel like I can finally breathe. “Yeah, our phones have been ringing off the hook. I don’t know if it’s people wanting to compete with your story or chime in about it, but I’m going to be honest here and say that I don’t think anyone can top that!”

  Jennifer cheers in the background.

  “After that, I feel like you need a night out to forget that loser. Heath, what do you think?” I peek over at him and he raises his eyebrow at me.

  “For once, Austyn, I’d say I have to agree. I think Jennifer won this prize fair and square. Jennifer, stay on the line so we can get your information. I know we have a lot of callers but we need to take a break.”

  * * *

  The BART takes longer than usual to get me home and it’s nearly 7 pm when I finally stroll through the front door of our apartment.

  “Babe?” I call out as I hang my jacket up on the coat rack and close the door behind me.

  Ornery comes running up to me instantly, rubbing up against the bottom of my leg. I scoop her up in my arms and bury my face into her fur. “I missed you.” I kiss her a few times before carrying her with me further into the apartment.

  I make my way into the living room and see Avery sprawled out on the couch, passed out. His laptop is on top of his stomach and it’s obvious he fell asleep while working. A smile pulls at my lips. He looks so peaceful. I don’t want to wake him, but he can’t be too comfortable with the laptop weighing down on him. I put Ornery down on the back of the couch and reach out to move his laptop to the coffee table. The small movement is enough to make him stir and suddenly he is looking at me through sleepy eyes. “Austyn?” he asks.

  “Yeah babe?”

  “What time is it?” He yawns, stretching.

  “Just past seven.” I seat myself on the edge of the cushion, directly in front of him.

  “Oh shit!” His body springs up into a seated position. “Shit, shit, shit!”

  “You missed your deadline…didn’t you?” I guess from his panicked expression.

  He slaps himself on the side of the head. “Yeah, I did.”

  “How much trouble are you going to be in for being late?” I ask.

  He rubs his hands over his tired eyes. “I don’t know. Probably a lot.”

  “I’m sure they’ll understand.” I attempt to soothe him. “You’ve been working so hard, babe. They have to see that. You’ve barely gotten any sleep the past couple of days.”

  He nods halfheartedly.

  “You know what I think?”

  “What?” he questions.

  “I think we need a break from all of this. I think we need a vacation.”

  He runs his hands through his shaggy blond hair. “I know…but I’m swamped with work.”

  I sigh. “Well, how about we at least start planning for one? We haven’t been anywhere exciting since…” I trail off.

  “Thailand,” he finishes for me.

  I nod my head. “It feels so long since we had the opportunity to just up and go.”

  He bobs his head up and down in agreement. “I know.”

  I begin to stand up when he grabs my arm. “Where are you going?”

  “Well…I know you have work to do and I was going to go get changed.”

  His eyes lock with mine, giving me a longing look. “Do you think you could sit out here with me while I finish it up? I miss you.”

  Although it isn’t ideal, I decide to take him up on his offer, like I do most nights. Even though we don’t speak much while he works, it’s still the idea that we are in the same vicinity. “Sure,” I reply, leaning down to give him a quick peck on the lips. “Let me change and grab my book.”

  He grins back at me. “I love you to the moon and back.”

  “I love you to the sun and back.” I smile to myself as I make my way to our bedroom.

  Six – Rash Decisions Are Not Always Bad Decisions


  I slam the door shut excitedly, dropping my laptop bag to the floor softly. “Babe? Are you home?” I call out, walking further into our two-bedroom apartment.

  “In here.” I hear her voice emanate from our bedroom.

  I hurriedly toss off my shoes and make my way to the sound of her voice. I pop my head in and realize she is in the bathroom, not the bedroom. I knock lightly on the door. “Can I come in?”

  “Sure,” she replies as I let myself in.

  Steam greets me as I enter the small bathroom and see my girlfriend inside the bathtub.

  “Hey, how was your day?” she asks. Her head is back with her eyes closed and a satisfied look plastered across her face.

  I inch closer to her. “Let’s get out of here.”

  This captivates her attention immediately as her eyes snap open. “What?”

  “I said...let’s get out of here.” I grin back at her.

  “Where do you want to go?” I can tell she has a million thoughts running through her mind.

  “I don’t know…Thailand, China, India, Panama, you choose…let’s go.”

  Her eyes widen as I continue rattling off the potential destinations. “Babe, what are you talking about?”

  “Let’s go somewhere. I need to get out of here for a little bit.” I haven’t really thought through the logistics…but I’ve checked my bank account and I have enough to support us for at least a couple of weeks away.

  “Right now?” she asks, her mouth hanging open.

  “Yes…right now.” I lower myself down to her level, kneeling.

  “What about school?”

  “Weren’t you bragging the other week about how far ahead you are in all your classes?” I press.

  She seems to contemplate what I am saying. “Are you serious?”

  I nod, my poker face tight.

  “Oh my God!” she squeals, allowing herself to dip undern
eath the water.

  I’m chuckling by the time she rises for air.

  “So?” I ask as I wait for her to choose a destination.

  “Thailand…” she answers and I’m not surprised. Between the two of us, we eat Thai food almost five times a week.

  “I thought you might say that…” I tease, ripping off my shirt.

  “What are you doing?” she asks, eyeing my bare chest.

  “I’m getting in with you,” I reply and begin unbuttoning my jeans.

  “No,” she says firmly. “There’s no hot water left. I’ve been in here for over an hour.

  “In that case…” I lift her out of the water, droplets are landing everywhere. She wraps her naked body around mine and I get hard as I feel all of her. I grip her ass tightly and carry her over to our shower. I turn the knob to get the water going and then continue to remove my briefs while still holding her up. As I climb into the shower, I turn her around so the water is landing on her back.

  She presses her lips to mine eagerly. I kiss her back with the same intensity, running my tongue lightly across her bottom lip until she opens her mouth and allows me in. She sucks and nibbles on my tongue and bottom lip, causing all the blood to rush to my dick.

  She releases her legs from around my waist and I press her up against the back of the shower so hot water is now trailing down my back. I kiss her a couple more times before moving my lips and tongue to the bottom of her earlobe. I can feel my hot breath bouncing off of it as I tease her with my teeth. Her breathing is becoming labored, heavier.

  I hold her arms above her head and move my right hand to her breast. I take one in my hand and tug and grasp it before moving my mouth over to it. I circle the nipple with my tongue before gently moving it back and forth between my teeth. She gasps when I do.

  I release my grip on her hands and they move all over my body at a rapid pace, letting me know how excited she is. She is gripping my back with her fingernails, digging in and trailing them down my back. She cups my ass with her hands and I swear I almost lose it.

  I kick her legs apart with my knee and move my hand lower. Her breaths are becoming staggered. I know she is anticipating what’s to come. I begin massaging her clit softly with my thumb, watching her as her eyes close and her head rolls back. I lick my lips as I drop lower. She sucks in a deep breath and I smile. I know this is her favorite.

  Slowly, I begin kissing her inner thigh, flicking my tongue against her skin. She is already beginning to lean into me. I flick my tongue across her slit and I smile as she shudders against the touch. I continue to slowly tease my way in. She tastes so fucking good. I’m licking, sucking, and savoring every minute my tongue is inside of her. I can tell she is nearly there so I stop suddenly, standing.

  “Hey, no fair!” she whines, her eyes fluttering open.

  I’m stiff as a board and I want some action as well. I grasp my erection in the palm of my hand, slowly moving my hand up and down. “What am I? Chopped liver?”

  She smiles then slaps my hand away, grabbing my dick tightly in her hand. I inhale deeply, reveling in the amazing feeling. She is moving her hand up and down while taking time to fondle my sack. I’ve taught her well. I close my eyes as I enjoy the feeling when suddenly, I feel her hot breath on my dick and then the most amazing feeling in the world takes over me as I realize she has taken me in her mouth. Austyn hates giving head. I’ve been lucky to get the special treatment a couple of times…so when this happens I know she is looking for a way to thank me. After a few minutes, I pull her back up to my level and kiss her again.

  I lift her back up again, gripping her firm ass and turn off the shower. I carry her all the way to our bed before softly dropping her down onto the comforter. She turns over so she is on all fours and I’m pretty sure I pre-ejaculate right there. She is really pulling out all the stops tonight. Doggy style is my favorite position because it feels so damn good when the tip of my dick presses against her inner layer of skin. Austyn normally opts for missionary because it’s one of the only positions that doesn’t put her in physical pain. I’m a little big and she’s a little tight and we make it work. But tonight, I’m salivating just thinking about what is about to transpire.

  “Are you sure?” I ask from behind her, gripping her ass.

  She giggles. “I’m sure.”

  I don’t worry about a condom as she’s been on birth control since we first began dating. I just ease myself into her from behind and nearly cum right there. It takes everything in me to hold back, and instead slam against her backside as fast and rough as humanly possible.

  Austyn never gets off in this position, so I know this is all about me. No more than two minutes later I am convulsing as my body rips me apart in sheer pleasure. I fall to the side of her and attempt to catch my breath. She kisses me quickly then. “So, Thailand?”

  * * *

  It’s been a week since I met Dakota at the coffee house and now, finally, we have managed to find time in both of our schedules to meet up. Because I live in an apartment, a jam session there isn’t exactly ideal so we decide to meet up at Dakota’s house which is about a half an hour ride into the city, but I don’t mind. I’ve been so pumped up since I played with her, I’ve already written a couple of songs I think would be perfect to add female backing vocals to.

  It’s around two thirty in the afternoon when I finally make it to her neighborhood. I couldn’t focus on anything work related today, I was too antsy. Dakota apparently goes to school and her classes have already finished for the day. When I arrive at the red brick house I use the metal door knocker.

  Another female with long brown dreads and a nose ring answers the door. “Can I help you?”

  “Umm, yeah, I’m here to see Dakota,” I reply.

  She rolls her eyes and then steps away from the door, allowing me access inside.

  How polite.

  She must assume I know my way around because when I look back at her, she’s already gone. I shrug and slowly begin making my way through the house. Just as I peek my head around the corner into the hallway, I see Dakota bouncing toward me. “I thought I heard something!” she exclaims, breaking into a wide smile.

  “Yeah,” I say. I follow her back into her bedroom which is at the end of the hall and pretty big. She has a pretty sweet set-up. Her room has quite a bit of natural light with two big windows, her bed, a desk, and then I spot a large black keyboard in the corner. “I thought you said you didn’t play?”

  She shakes her head. “I don’t. I’m trying to teach myself how.”

  I grin back at her. “Sometimes that’s the best way to learn.” I set my guitar case down on her floor and lean down to begin opening it.

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