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Against all odds, p.13
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       Against All Odds, p.13

           Kira Adams
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  “Like what?”

  “Like whatever I am saying is so hard to believe. Do you really not see your beauty?”

  My heart dips into my stomach. I don’t know how to reply so I get up and put some distance between us. “I don’t know,” I say softly, my back turned to him. “I guess I just don’t see it.”

  I swear I hear him choke from behind me. “What did they do to you?” he asks gently, concern ringing out in his voice. I hear movement behind me and then feel his hand on my lower back. He begins leading me toward the bathroom.

  “Where are we going?” I ask.

  He takes my wine glass out of my hand and puts it on the bathroom counter. Then he flips on the switch quickly and stands behind me facing the mirror.

  “What are we doing?” I ask his reflection.

  His arms quickly encircle my body and I feel his chin rest on my shoulder. “What do you see?”

  I swallow before speaking. “I see a handsome man with his arms around me.”

  He shakes his head no. “What do you see when you look in the mirror?”

  I stare at my reflection. I have short brown hair, hazel eyes, and arched eyebrows. I am wearing a t-shirt and jeans. Nothing fancy to see here. “I see me.”

  He sighs loudly, spinning me away from the mirror so we are now facing each other.

  “Do you want to know what I see when I look at you?”

  I nod curiously.

  “I see a girl who was broken by assholes and who doesn’t know how incredible she is. I see an amazing friend, a loving daughter, and a genuine girlfriend. I see how big your heart is, how knowledgeable you are, and how much you deserve out of this life. You are a beautiful person, Austyn. You are selfless and funny, caring and passionate. You can have anything your heart desires—you just have to believe in yourself.” It’s the nicest thing anyone has ever said to me. My lips are on his before I even know he’s finished. I can’t help it.

  I throw my arms around his neck and pull him in tighter, deepening our kiss. He moans a little in my mouth and I continue to take advantage of his mouth with mine. Our tongues wrestle one another before I grip his bottom lip between my teeth and lightly bite it. His hands are running wild over my body. They rub over my shoulders, down my torso and even come around so he is gripping my ass.

  He picks me up quickly, cupping my ass and sets me onto the countertop in front of us. We continue kissing heavily as his hands run through my hair and gently over my chin. This is it, I can feel it. The tension is escalating at a rapid pace. He pulls my t-shirt over my head and I am left in my nude bra. His lips move to my neck and over my collarbone, gently trailing kisses across the exposed skin.

  I reach out and begin tugging his shirt up. He lifts his arms up to help make it easier and I throw his white t-shirt to the ground. I run my hands over his defined chest, savoring each and every touch. Avery definitely stays in shape and his body is making me hot. He picks me up again, his hands cupping my ass and he carries me to my bed. It’s a twin-sized bed and not ideal, but it will have to do.

  Gently, he lays me down on my comforter, and then he slowly begins trailing kisses from my belly button, up my chest, and eventually making it to my neck and lips. I am breathing heavily from how excited his touch is making me. His hands fall to the button of my jeans and he pauses. It nearly drives me insane. “Are you okay with this?” he asks. It makes me want him even more. The fact that he is a gentleman makes me want to rip all of his clothes off. I’m dying to know what he will feel like inside of me. The inside of my thighs are burning with desire.

  I nod breathlessly. He doesn’t wait a minute longer as he begins unbuttoning my jeans and slowly pulling them off and away from my body. I am left in my bra and underwear and he takes a minute to savor me with an intense stare. “God you are so fucking beautiful,” he says as I blush underneath him.

  I pull him into me and kiss him. His hands trail my body again, but his fingertips are sending electric volts shooting through me. I’ve never felt anything like it. He kisses my shoulder right where my bra strap lay and then he slips a finger underneath it, pulling the strap away from my body and down my arm. Then he does the same thing with the other side. He begins to kiss the top of my breasts, his hot breath on my skin leaving me squirming.

  He reaches behind my back and without much effort unhooks my bra. Then he slowly takes it off me, his eyes burning into my breasts as he tosses it aside. Gently and with care, he trails his tongue in a circular motion around my nipple. I tip my head into my mattress, closing my eyes. I can feel him fondling both of my breasts, giving attention to each one equally.

  I can feel my excitement level building as I suddenly feel his hand between my legs. He is running it alongside my inner thigh. I lift my head up so I can get a good view of what he is about to do. He bites his bottom lip, locking eyes with me, and then begins rubbing his thumb over the outside of my underwear. I can feel the wetness that seeps through my underwear and onto his finger.

  After he hears my breathing deepen, he grabs the sides of my underwear and slides it down my legs and off my body. And then I feel his fingers back where they just were, but now the barrier is gone. He slips one of his fingers in slowly and I press my butt further down into the mattress. He speeds up the movement inside of me and then slips in another finger, and I can’t help the moan that escapes my lips.

  “You are so fucking beautiful,” he says. “Open your eyes.”

  I have my eyes closed and my arm resting across my face. When I don’t make any sudden movements, I feel him pull my arm away from my face and his hand cupping my chin. “Open your eyes, Austyn.”

  His movements inside of me have ceased, so I do as I am told. I open my eyes to meet his piercing stare. “What?” I ask.

  “I want you here with me. I want to experience this with you.” He is referring to what is about to happen, and he is asking me in his own way to keep my eyes trained on him. It’s going to be difficult because whenever he touches me it feels like ecstasy, but I will do anything at this point to get him to continue. With two fingers still deep inside me he begins moving them like he is motioning for someone to come closer. At the same time, he continues to trace his thumb in a circular motion over my clit. I can feel the wave building up inside of me.

  “I want you to come for me, Austyn,” he whispers seductively in my ear, sensing that I am close. Then he begins trailing his tongue down the length of my neck and it sends me over the edge. I feel wave after wave of pleasure ride through me and he doesn’t remove his fingers until I am spent, breathing heavily.

  He proceeds to stand up and remove his own shorts. Dropping them to the floor along with his briefs. His erection springs up, and I am surprised by how big he looks. I’ve only been with a couple of people and none of them were anything spectacular. Avery looks the most well-endowed out of all of them. I watch as he reaches into the pockets of his shorts and pulls out a condom, opening it and then sliding it over his length.

  I scoot up the bed further so I am against the headboard to allow for as much room as possible and then watch him lower himself between my legs. I feel the head of his dick press against me, and then I feel the familiar burning sensation as he slowly and gently eases himself inside. He sucks in his breath, feeling every sensation as I am. He continues pressing in deeper and then pulling out slightly, pressing in deeper and pulling out slightly as I move with him, increasing our friction. I can tell he is ready to burst, but he holds it back. It isn’t hard to guess because he is trying to get me off once more. He speeds up slightly and it’s as if he’s hit the jackpot. My breathing becomes heavier as I grip his shoulders, digging my short nails into his skin. He continues at the faster speed until another orgasm rips me apart, and I ride each wave of pleasure as I gasp for breath. He stops moving, allowing my body to calm down before he slowly returns back to his previous rhythm. It isn’t more than a couple of minutes before he is breathing deeply, his head buried into my shoulder as he attempts to ca
tch his breath.

  He rolls out of me and we both lay on the bed, barely fitting side by side, staring at the ceiling.

  I am blown away. We glance at each other, and I can tell he is as well. We are both fighting to catch our breath. I can see sweat beads forming on his forehead.

  “That was…” he begins, but I interrupt him.

  “Fucking Heaven.”

  He breaks out into a wide grin. “You are incredible.”

  I can’t help but blush.

  I don’t know how it’s even possible but I can feel the burning between my legs once again. I’m not even sure Avery will be able to go again, but I can’t help it. “How many more condoms do you have?”

  His eyes widen. “A couple, why?”

  “Ready for round two?”

  Nineteen – Finding Our Way Back to One Another

  Avery – 1 Year Later

  I took two steps today! On my own…no help, well, except for my cane. It feels like I’ve been waiting forever to make such a breakthrough. Austyn got me on camera and uploaded it to Facebook already. I should really discourage her from tracking each of my progresses…but honestly, it fuels me. Especially when I see how many people I have in my corner.

  As much as I would love to have the time back that I missed…I wouldn’t change a thing from this past year because it made me a stronger person with each obstacle I overcame. They almost lost hope for me, and I defied the odds. Pretty fucking cool if you ask me.

  I’m finally back home with Austyn like I’ve been wanting for the longest time. She’s taken a leave of absence from her job and has been helping me with the everyday tasks of cooking, cleaning, and bathing. Some days I feel horrible for putting her in such a position that she has to put her career on hold…and then other days I am so thankful for her presence. There’s no one else in the world that would be willing to take care of me night and day like she does, other than my parents. It’s honestly true love.

  I know it couldn’t have been easy on her…after my accident. Especially during those months when no one really knew what was going to happen to me. In a way, I’m surprised she stuck around. I’m surprised she was strong enough to stay. I know if the roles were reversed, I probably wouldn’t have handled it as delicately as she did. I know I don’t deserve her, but I pray every day that she continues to stick it out. I know without a shadow of a doubt that I want to be with her for the rest of my life. I want to start a family with her. I was never ready for any of that before…but so much has changed in such a short amount of time. I don’t want to go another day without her.

  Ornery has been on my lap basically since the first moment I arrived back home. It’s funny how our bond was so deep before and now it’s basically unbreakable. I had forgotten how much love I have for that stupid cat. Because of the amount of downtime I have now, I’ve been trying to get back into my passion: web designing. I’ve been doing it for so long, a lot of it came back naturally, but my short term memory is still kicking my ass and I have forgotten how to do a lot of simple things. Thank God for Google.

  It may be selfish of me…but I love the time I get to spend at home with Austyn. Before my accident, we were always on the go. Both of our jobs demanded most of our time. We were always trying to find out how to make time for one another. But now, I see her when I wake up all the way to the time we go to bed. She’s probably sick of me by now, but I’m happy to be making up for the time I was in a coma.

  I can hear the shower running and I wheel myself to the bathroom. The door is slightly cracked and steam is seeping out. I push my way through the door and into the middle of the bathroom. Our shower is encased in glass, so I can see everything albeit the steam.

  “Avery?” Austyn asks, rubbing water from her eyes. “Are you okay? Do you need something?”

  “I’m fine,” I reply as my eyes rake over her wet, naked body. I’ve missed being able to admire her.

  “What are you doing?” she asks as she washes shampoo out of her hair.

  “I’m just enjoying the view,” I say. I’m taking in every curve of her body, every line.

  She smiles and then begins rubbing her hands sensually over her body. Over her breasts and then down her stomach. The sight is making me hard.

  I swoop Ornery into my arms and place her on the floor. I hear her meow in protest, but the weight of her body against my dick was just creating more tension.

  Austyn and I have definitely enjoyed one another’s company on quite a few occasions since I’ve been home, but not as much as either of us would like.

  She moves her hand between her legs, and I inch closer to get a better look. I watch as she sticks a finger in and throws her other hand against the glass to steady herself. This girl is going to drive me crazy. I close my eyes for a brief moment and then hear the water turn off.

  I snap my eyes back open and notice my naked girlfriend is walking towards me, dripping wet. I can feel my boner pressing up against my jeans. She kisses me passionately, taking my lower lip and biting it softly as she breaks the kiss.

  She moves her lips to my ear and begins teasing me with her hot breath, tongue, and a slew of kisses and nibbles. As she continues to tease me, I feel her hands at the buckle of my pants. She undoes it and then pulls my length out from behind my briefs, grabbing it firmly with one of her hands. I gasp out in surprise which makes her smile.

  She begins moving her hand up and down in succession building up speed. Her thumb keeps lightly touching the tip of my dick, and I swear I’m about to explode. And then something happens, I’m not expecting…I feel her hot breath and then a sensation I’m not too familiar with as it’s only happened a few times since we’ve been together. Her tongue is trailing my length all the way from my shaft to my balls and then back again. I’m taking deep breaths as I feel myself growing closer by the second.

  Holy mother of God.

  There is absolutely no better feeling in the world than when she wraps her entire mouth over my dick and begins sucking and licking. “Austyn,” I say in a shaky breath.

  She looks up at me smiling.

  “I’m…I’m close.”

  She continues moving her hands up and down my dick faster as her mouth follows the same movements. Austyn hates giving head. I wonder why she gives in today. I can barely think of anything else as I feel a spout of ecstasy take over my body and I tremor from it.

  I am breathing heavily when I realize that she swallowed. She’s never done that for me before.

  She stands up and kisses me firmly, allowing me to taste myself.

  “What the hell was that for?” I finally find the words I’ve been looking for.

  “It was me saying thank you,” she replies as she begins washing her hands.

  “Thank you? For what?”

  She turns off the faucet and dries off her hands. “For coming back to me. For waking up. For everything.”

  It’s been four months since I’ve been back home and every day is better than the next. Austyn seems to be full of surprises. I grab her hands and pull her toward me. She takes a seat on my lap, throwing her arms around my neck. “Do you even realize how much I fucking love you?”

  “To the moon and back,” Austyn says my familiar saying.

  “And so much more…” I trail off as I smother her in kisses. There was a time she didn’t know if I was ever going to wake up. There was a time everyone doubted the probability of my future. I feel like the luckiest man on the planet. I’m still alive and I got the girl. I’ve always had the girl…but now, I know she is the woman I am going to marry. She is perfect in every way.

  I am going to get down on one knee someday and ask her properly. But I want to make sure I am as self-sufficient as I can be before that moment. I don’t want Austyn to have to put her goals and dreams on hold forever for me. I want to be a contributing member in our relationship. We’ve already been through hell and back together and we’re stronger than ever. I can’t wait to see what our future holds.

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